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"Malay-Only Government" Is Retrogressive

A Kadir Jasin
بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

PREAMBLE: Views expressed herein are entirely mine. I am writing in my personal capacity as a blogger. It has nothing to do with whatever position I may hold.

A simple meeting but sets the tongue wagging
PARDON me for saying from the outset that any idea about a Malay- or Bumiputera-only government is bad. It’s retrogressive and against the ideals of Malaysia Baru (New Malaysia).

As such I had not given much thought to the media frenzy about a new coalition of Malay-Bumiputera parties supposedly coalescing around the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

This was not until a highly educated and successful young Malay man asked me, over a cup of teh tarik in Petaling Jaya recently, the question:

“Are we going to have a Malay-only government, Datuk?”

I don’t know how and when this idea cropped up. But if I’m not mistaken, it came about when a picture of Prime Minister, his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, Pas President, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, the Pas Menteri Besar of Terengganu, Datuk Seri Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar, and Dr Mahathir’s stalwart, Datuk Khairuddin Abu Hassan, having tea made its round in the media.

But that should not be a big deal. Dr Mahathir met all manner of people – friends and foes. He met Abdul Hadi several times before.

The meeting with Abdul Hadi was followed soon after by reports that the Umno Supreme Council had given an exclusive mandate to its President, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, to hold talks with Dr Mahathir.

The reports, among other things, allegedly quoted the OKT (the accused person) Ahmad Zahid as saying something to the effect that Umno had no choice but work with Dr Mahathir since Pas had done so.

But when I mentioned this to the Prime Minister sometime later, he quipped: “Dia (Ahmad Zahid) ada sokongan ka?” (Has Ahmad Zahid had the support?)

Since then, Umno has been hit by a crisis of sorts. Several members of its ruling council, the Majlis Tertinggi, had opposed the idea and said Ahmad Zahid was not the right person to be engaging in any talk with Dr Mahathir.

It pits Ahmad Zahid’s supporters against the diehards of former Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, and those who are independent of the two.

Ahmad Zahid is facing more than 30 charges for accepting bribes amounting to over RM40 million from an Umno-linked company and for pocketing money meant for charity.

In that sense, Ahmad Zahid isn’t the best person to be leading any multi-party negotiation and it would be odd for the Prime Minister to be talking serious politics with an OKT.

In the latest development, a member of the council, Datuk Lokman Adam who is known in the social media as “Lobak Man” (Carrot Man), had been sacked from the party for calling Ahmad Zahid traitor.

Lokman is a self-proclaimed supporter of the former Prime Minister and OKT, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak. He believes that Najib would be found innocent, exonerated and return to lead the country.

Malay Only?

For now, the so-called “Pakatan Nasional” (National Alliance) is nothing more than wild talks and social media feedstock. It is supposed to draw support from elements in Bersatu (the Prime Minister’s party), Umno, Pas, among the PKR rebels and Bumiputera parties from Sabah and Sarawak.

There a deafening silence about the position of the DAP, the biggest non-Bumiputera majority party in the PH government. Also not being spoken about is Amanah, another coalition party of PH. The latter is a sworn enemy of Pas.

But basing on the narratives of both Umno and Pas, the DAP seems to have no place in the alliance. That means there will be no meaningful non-Bumiputera representation.

Given its obvious Malay/Muslim-centric, the alliance, if ever it materializes, is not likely to get the automatic support of the Bumiputera parties in Sabah and Sarawak, bearing in mind that the majority of Bumiputeras in the two Borneo states are not Muslims.

Both Umno and Pas have taken to demonizing the DAP as anti-Malay and anti-Islam in their attempts to undermine the PH Government and to rally the support of the Malays and Muslims.

I have never bought into the mantra that the Malays and Muslims are threatened under then PH. Instead, the Malays and Muslims became weak and tainted because of the corruption of the former Umno-led Government.

Many of its leaders are being tried and many more are likely to be investigated. They need diversion and are lying to the people that they are poised to make a comeback. This is their way of trying to forget the haunting thoughts of going to jail.

Having said that, I will, however, not discount the possibility of the existence of a second window to the proposition, i.e the transfer of power from Dr Mahathir to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Thank you.


Manan Razali said...

Pas and Umno clowns are bankrupt of morals and constructive ideas. They have nothing better to do than to stir shit with great fanciful hope that they can break-up PH. I can bet on my last Ringgit that Tun Mahathir will never sell out PH and betray the rakyat. And I wish the Malays will stop entertaining and give any attention to all the shit that Umno and Pas is trying to throw to us. Jangan layan diorang ni..

kusufian write said...

UMPAS will just grab anything to survive, to be seen, to be heard, to remain salient n relevant. By Elections Won only temporary offset. MM not worry..
We had never tried the idea. Why NOT? MM always had soft heart for the non Malay..

wansee c said...

Since the self-proclaimed so-called PM-in-waiting has repeatedly been trumpeting that he has got the number and the power transition written done-deal-agreement, he might as well put forward a motion of no confidence vote against Tun in the august House this coming March, instead of letting PAS doing the weird vote of confidence to support Tun. What a joke, the opposition is siding with Tun while PH people are trying hard to oust their own #1 leader. It seems like Malaysian politics has gone ever insane and turned topsy-turvy, really something unheard of, anywhere in the planet. Shame on the PH MPs and more shame on those in Tun's Cabinet. Now, where are the untouchable master's untamed and uncouth howling dogs from land and barking seals from sea, they are actually everywhere, demanding days and nights since September 2018, for the ultimate throne at the master's behest. All the 'baling batu sembunyikan tangan' ulterior motives he has done thus far, have now backfired altogether, leaving him no chance of retracting and rekindling. Ample of opportunities and spaces have been given him to shine and prove his worth, but all were dissipated and dashed at his own hands due to his pompous and anxious old habit die hard characters. So true and indeed, not a PM material at all however you want to evaluate him. Directionless, unprincipled and self-important, to be precise. Still, wondering who is keeping his mysterious Omega watch all these years? So, Tok Kadir, I suggest, never mind the last paragraph unless you delete the word NOT in the line. Then, it makes sense. Sokong Tun satu penggal penuh!!

Zaharuddin Abdullah said...

It must be the New Mercedes that made Pas wants to join the Federal Government.

Law and justice said...

we salute the heroes of Malaysia.
As reported by the MM, the late senior deputy public prosecutor, Datuk Kevin Anthony Morais, was honoured posthumously tonight for his efforts in fighting corruption by the Perdana International Anti-Corruption Champion Foundation (PIACCF)

Speaking at the foundation’s inauguration, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Morais was one of two recipients of the Perdana International Anti-Corruption Champion 2020 Award.

“We are here to tell the world that all the anti-corruption officers who had paid heavy prices in the course of their duty are our champions and our heroes,” he said in his speech.

Dr Mahathir said the price was often the lives of such individuals.

“We know that combatting and exposing corruption are very dangerous and the world have witnessed many of those who attempted to do so.

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of former attorney general Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, former Bank Negara Malaysia governor Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, and former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull in exposing the 1MDB scandal,” he said.

The prime minister credited their efforts as contributing to the turning point of Malaysia’s political direction and sparked an awakening among Malaysians.

“Their collective courage and determination brought a kleptocratic regime to its feet, in an unprecedented show of people’s power,” Dr Mahathir said.

This is what the rakyat wants, honour the country's true heroes and heroines.

Lateefa recently appointed as the MACC Chief Commissioner belongs to this group, her courage in performing her duties and restoring the shine and honour to the whole MACC organisation has done wonders in getting the rakyat back to support the current govt. The impetus after GE14 was started by the former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull.
The hidden and valiant efforts by former MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed to unmask the criminals robbing the country prior to GE14 add honour to MACC too.

Indeed, add the current AG Tommy Thomas to this elite group.

WE do not want some half past six people to get this award, just because of political ties, cable pulls, cronyism, nepotism, manipulators, etc.
Keep this Perdana International Anti-Corruption Champion Foundation (PIACCF) clean and the govt will come through sparkling and bright.

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ A Kadir Jasin

Nama penyakit Wuhan virus tu telah dinamakan sebagai COVID-19 semalam. Jadi saya rasa sedikit terkilan lah sebab nama cadangan saya HCoV WH2019 tidak diterima WHO. Cadangan dari negara miskin siapa nak terima kan.

Kedua, Hj Hadi dan UMNO mencadangkan “Malay dominant government” bukannya “Malay only government”. Tak baik menyebarkan benda yg salah la Dato’. Lagipun, bukannya BN yg tendang keluar parti2 bukan Melayu macam GERAKAN, PPP, SAPP dan sebagainya, tapi mereka yg berlagak nak keluar sendiri. Akhirnya pupus sendiri sedikit demi sedikit. MCA pun dulu nak keluar BN tapi nasaib baik presidennya fikir panjang dan tak jadi. Kalau tak pupus jugalah nampaknya.

Ketiga, sebagai ahli UMNO, saya malu tengok pemimpin2 terdahulu yg tamak haloba dan bersengkokol dgn Najib. Terakhir ni, Menteri Agama pun cuba nak tegakkan benang basah. Ingatke bila ada kekuatan ilmu agama di dada, akan cuba menegakkan kebenaran, rupanya 2X5 je. Dapat pen bertatah permata terus senyap. Tak guna punya Menteri Agama. Sekurang-kurangya beritahulah ke Najib kata duit tu tak bolehlah masuk ke akaun sendiri dan kena declare lah ke cabinet supaya tak menimbulkan fitnah. Ini senyap je. Beliau sepatutnya letak jawatanlah macam Tan Sri Muhyiddin tu. Aduh !!!!! Malu Islam jadinya dapat Menteri agama macam ni.

Akhir kata, Alhamdulillah, pemimpin2 kuncu2 Najib dah dibuang sedikit demi sedikit oleh UMNO. Dimulai dengan Lokman Adam. Nanti, bila Najib didapati bersalah nanti, Najib pulalah akan ditendang keluar. Begitu jugalah dgn Zahid sekarang. Diikuti Ku Nan dan seterusnya, Cuma UMNO hanya menghukum orang selepas keputusan mahkamah.. Tak lama lagi UMNO akan menjadi parti suci semulalah seperti debu, tiada masalah korup, tiada masalah semburit, tiada masalah china doll dan tiada masalah merogol amah. Sekian TQ.

wansee c said...

Who cares whether or not Pas is allowed to table a motion of confidence vote for Tun, or, how true the alleged SD supporting Tun is and including the nonsensical Pakatan Nasional that chance to cause some hoo-haa in the public, and perhaps more shenanigans await to take place any moment now. Who really cares? Nobody except a very 'special' individual who, I believe, from now onward until all the dust settles, is suffering from sleepless nights with bulging eyes and be a bundle of nerves. For more than 18 months, he and his gang have created so much noises at the background, drooling over and hollering for the throne to die for. Instead of turning hand to help rebuild the nation, what he did was totally opposite, shooing away potential investors implicitly. However, this time around, the table has turned, let others play him some mischief or maybe a real game. Well, he has initiated the play and the rest just responds and plays on. What comes around goes around, can't wait to fast forward to the final episode.

Law and justice said...

in these perilous times, economic outlook global and national, covid-19 and its effects on global and national and a host of other ills, we need the steady and audacious hand of a wise, pragmatic and wily leader who understands the twists and turns of politics and steer us to safe passage.
While the authorities are already dealing with the shenanigans of the former couple who are being tried in court and who seem to be attempting to delay, postpone and invalidate their cases, to impose their will on the patience of the court, judiciary, and the rakyat, the leadership of the country should remain in the safe mentorship of Tun M until the light of day shines through.

Anyone can want something very badly that is ok, but having the courage and wits to deal with major and minor crises have yet to be tested.

The rakyat has no objection to Tun completing the 5 year term and looks forward to this, as long as he sees himself fit and capable of carrying out the onerous responsibilities, and if his cabinet is not up to the mark, then change the members, as he did with the former MOE.
The primary condition is that he does not play footsie with UMNO and PAS as these are so anathema to the rakyat. Uphold the faith of your partners in PH.

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