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Transition: The "Otais" Could Be Repeating Past Mistakes


A Kadir Jasin


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

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Briefing the foreign diplomats on current issues
UNDERSTANDABLY, after having lived next door to Alice for almost 62 years, many felt a sense of disquiet when she left or, to be brutal about it, was booted out on May 9, 2018.

This was what I told foreign diplomats at Wisma Putra during a briefing session on the economy, politics and institutional reforms a few days ago.

But almost two years have passed. The skeletons she left hanging in her cupboards had mostly been discovered. She is facing the judge and the cleansing process is continuing.

We no longer live in fear of her dictatorial and kleptocratic ways. Freedom is flourishing, democratic boundaries are being expanded and the glass ceiling is being broken through.

The Malaysians did what they previously thought was impossible. Using the ballot boxes, they threw out the Barisan Nasional (BN).

Now we are institutionalizing these changes so that the monsters we banished to the dreadful “Laut Khalzum” (the Sea of Khalzum) would never be able to make a comeback.

We effected the change of government in less than one day. We voted starting at 8am and by late evening it was clear that the BN had been defeated. Not a drop of blood was shed.

But rehabilitating the systems and institutions wrecked by the Kleptocratic BN government would take longer.

This is where a combination of altruism, wisdom and knowledge is needed. 

Many of the things the PH is doing today is not to its own advantage. The freedom it gives the people is being used by irresponsible elements in the society to spread hatred and fake news. 

To stop freedom from being perverted, the government must come down hard on the spread of fake news and communal hatreds in the social media. 

Threat Within

Now some people are threatening to take to the street to hasten the transfer of power from the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, to his anointed successor, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

They are the street people – the so-called “otai” of the Reformasi who are mostly from the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), a key member of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition.

These veterans first took to the street in late 1998 in support of Anwar who was sacked from the Cabinet and Umno for alleged sexual impropriety.

When Anwar was jailed for abuse of power and sodomy, the street protest morphed into a political movement known as Reformasi with the PKR as its vehicle. The court later reversed Anwar's sodomy sentence.

It succeeded in rallying the fractured oppositions but failed to unseat BN in four general elections. Lo and behold, in their fifth attempt under the leadership of their once sworn enemy, Dr Mahathir, they won.

Anwar, who received royal pardon soon after the PH victory, had said recently that he has been waiting for 20 years (to become Prime Minister) and he is not in a hurry.

But some of his “otais” apparently do not share his stand. They want him to be the numero uno by May – the second anniversary of the PH victory.

Perils of Forgetting History

History is always a good guide. It may be useful to re-screen the drama of 1997/98 plus the unseen cuts and to read the original script, beginning with the Ummi Hafilda letter of 1997.

I don’t think all the “otais” were in the gallery watching the Mahathir-Anwar drama unfolded. For most of them, their story of Brother Anwar started only at the Dataran Merdeka after he was sacked.

But history is older than that and is much more complicated than the shouts of “reformasi, refomasi, reformasi” and taking over city streets.

Dr Mahathir and Anwar know each other better than most “otais”. He did more than anybody else to make Anwar the politician that he is today.

As for changing the Prime Minister mid-term, it’s nothing new. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra was forced to hand over the baton to late Tun Abdul Razak a year after winning the 1969 General Election.

Late Tun Hussein Onn handed over power to Dr Mahathir some three years into the parliamentary term.

Dr Mahathir passed the baton to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi four years after the 1999 GE and Abdullah, in turn, handed power to Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak a year after winning the 2008 GE.

Even the composition of the government itself has never been as rigid as most people think. Coalition governments were formed in many states soon after the 1969 GE and the riots that followed.

This morphed into a new coalition – the Barisan Nasional – just before the 1974 GE with the participation of Pas, the Gerakan and several other states and national parties.

Hussein sacked Pas from the BN in 1977 following the crisis in Kelantan. Since then Pas had been involved in a series of unsuccessful marriages with a myriads of opposition parties. It is now collaborating with Umno in the so-called “Muafakat Nasional”.

Therefore, the talks that some Pas and Umno Members of the Dewan Rakyat are willing to support the case for Dr Mahathir to continue as Prime Minister beyond this year is worth watching.

Mahathir had repeatedly said he would keep his promise and hand over power to Anwar after the November APEC Summit which Malaysia is hosting.

So, we may see the democratic envelope being expanded and the parliamentary rights and privileges employed in determining Dr Mahathir’s term as Prime Minister and Anwar's ascent to the coveted seat.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.


Wizard said...

To otai.. ok boomer. You need the reformation

Law and justice said...
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Law and justice said...
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Law and justice said...

Why I long to sack some judges, as Mahathir once did - Malaysiakini's headline of article written by Mariam Mokhtar.

The readers' comments are evidence of a huge groundswell of the rakyat's support for the article, and dissatisfaction and disgust on the conduct of the defendants' lawyers. Are these lawyers above the law?

wansee c said...

Hidup Tun! No time-frame is set. So stay as long as you are still breathing. Let the convicted sodomite continue to dream on and on... An incompetent yet cocky opportunist brings nothing but shame to our beloved country if he were to be seated at the top post of a Muslim majority nation. Much to my anticipation to see if those of his howling dogs, barking seals and now his cawing crows dare to create yet another infamous chaos in the street to demand for the throne. Before doing so, they should ask their "me me only me the PM8" master to reflect and look into the mirror and come clean about all his past moral misconducts and abuse of power. I wonder, how does he train his mouth to not say everything his brain thinks the right things? Does he understand that those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from public purse? So, where exactly is the signed done-deal-agreement that Tun must vacate the seat after 2 years? Imagine, he who can't even handle a handful of people in his own political party, let alone the whole nation of 32 millions. Does he think Tun will relinquish the post to him just because of the so-called written agreement without considering any A-Z consequences? History tells no lies. Back then, leading the crowd and chanting "undur Mahathir" was never an act of bravery but cowardice. Only a loser would opt for a short-cut like that to gain instant sympathy and support. What a pity to have a politician of that low quality to still exist, and now, chance to bounce back to the top to retrieve the loss he missed 2 decades ago. That will never happen, I believe, as Tun is an no nonsense morally right great human. He knows what and who is best for the nation.

Law and justice said...
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OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ A Kadir Jasin

Syabas diucapkan kpd BERSATU yg baru nampak berani sikit melawan DAP dan PKR. Tun Mahathir masih menjadi PM Malaysia. Kempunanlah otai-otai reformasi. Kesian mereka ni. Dari muda sampai ke tua tak dapat-dapat hidayah. Mempunyai hati tapi tak nak memahami, mempunyai mata tetapi buta dan mempunyai telinga tapi tak nak mendengar dengannya.

Kedua, saya rasa Tun Mahathir patut pecat je AG baru ni. Itupun kalau Tun ada perasaan malu lagi ke seluruh rakyat Malaysia lah. Dulu Tun amat marah ke Apandi Ali sebab gugurkan kes Najib, siap menangis-nangis lagi, buat muka sedih. Tun kata dulu, biarlah hakim yg tentukan betul ke salah, bukan AG. Jadi sekarang, apa bezanya Tommy Thomas yg gugurkan kes LTTE ni sedangkan Tan Sri Muhyiddin kata LTTE ni masih lagi dikategorikan pengganas. At least, biarlah hakim yg menentukan bukannya AG. Saya nak tengok macam mana, samada Tun berprinsip orangnya atau 2X5 je dengan Najib. Anak borek bapak rintik.

Ketiga, Ezam dan kotak-kotaknya. Dulu menjaja seluruh Malayisa dengan kotak-kotaknya. Sampai sekarang tak jumpa lagi ke kotak-kotaknya itu. Alih-alih kata Tun dikatator semula dan sokong Anwar pulak. Nampak tak Dato’. Sudahlah Ezam. Baiklah bertaubat, minta maaf dengan seluruh rakyat Malaysia dulu la lagi baik. Dia ni sama je macam Fuziah dan Lynas. Dah macam mana nak jadi pemimpin, perangai macam ni dari muda sampai ke tua.

Akhir kata, syabas diucapkan kpd BERSATU yg barulah Nampak ada tokoh memperjuangkan Melayu. Sekali lagi, Syabas! Syabas!!. Pemimpin macam nilah orang Melayu nak. Sekian TQ.

Law and justice said...
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herman adnan said...

"We effected the change of government in less than one day. We voted starting at 8am and by late evening it was clear that the BN had been defeated. Not a drop of blood was shed."


Berkenaan otai reformasi, I beg to differ with Your Piece.
Saya tetap berpandangan Tun M should go by May 9 2020

Still, Kita meraikan Perbezaan buah fikiran masing-masing, TANPA KOMPROMI
Hasil Kerja di Lapangan dan bawah tanah yang saya lakukan attentively on multiple Pemalar dan Pembolehubah, saya cukup Yakin dan Parcaya the PRICELESS silent majority adalah bersama DSAI

banggoi petai said...

Mabuk ketum ke tadi ?

TJ said...

U got your wish earlier, tun resigned 24 feb 2020, happy?

wansee c said...

Feeling so good to see PH pushing up daisies, only 2 months shy of its 2nd anniversary. Together with the deceased, gone, the designated PM-in-waiting, the done-deal power transition, presidential council and everything in regard to the short-lived PH. The best part is saving our ears burning from the annoying howling, barking and cawing for more than 550 days and nights. Well, starting from tomorrow, Tun, at the age of 94, conquers the whole Putrajaya, alone peace and quiet, paving the nation forward, dumping all the disgraceful and arrogant ex-component party partners behind, in shock. Shame on all of them to even have the guts and face to beg Tun not to go, at this critical juncture. These are the opportunists and fake and dishonest politicians that absolutely no match to the qualities of Tun. Before this, hints had been shown, yet, none of them saw the writing on the wall. Rubbish PH as its main agenda was crystal clear to just hoist a sodomite to the throne and be their puppet leader. As for now, it is no use crying over spilt milk. Hidup Tun! Our PM8!

OKJ said...

Salam Dato’ Kadir

Salam takziah diucapkan kpd Dato’ Kadir kerana kerajaan PH telah tumbang, Tun telah meletak jawatan dan semua jawatan menteri juga diarah dilucutkan. Sifat tamak haloba sesetengah pemimpin PH akhirnya merugikan diri sendiri. Bak kata pepatah bagai anjing dan bayang-bayang.

Saya rasa saya boleh baca kenapa Tun menangis teresak-esak meletakkan jawatan sebagai PM. Persepsinya nampak macam Tun tak boleh mengkianati perjuangan PH. Hehehe !!!!!!!!. Hanya jauhari mengenal manikam. Tapi saya tak akan ceritakannya di sini. Biarlah rahsia kata Siti penyanyi tu.

Sekarang, semua orang nakkan Tun jadi PM lagi tapi dah tak boleh dah. Sebagai PM, Tun mesti ada kuasa dan disegani. Ini dengan team sendiri pun Tun kena belasah. Tun telah tidak lagi dihormati masa meeting Jumaat lalu, Tun sendiri tak boleh kawal AG yg buat keputusan melulu, isu Zakir Naik pun Tun tak dapat pertahankan, isu tulsian jawi dan PPMSI serta beberapa contoh lagi, menjadikan tun dah tak layak menjadi PM. Sebab saya tau prinsip Tun bukan seorang puppet la…….

Ketiga, jalan terbaik bagi saya ialah parlimen dibubarkan. Tapi inilah yg ditakuti sangat oleh PH sebenarnya. Orang Melayu amat menghormati Tun, menang PRU14 pun sebab Tun, alih-alih Tun sendiri dihentamnya. Dengan tergurisnya hati dan perasaan orang Melayu, agak-agak PH boleh menang lagi ke PRU akan datang??. Sebab itulah DAP dan Amanah baru rasa takut dan kecut perut dan tak semena-mena mencalonkan Tun sebagai PM balik. Haiya !!!!!! sudah lepas cakap mau Tarik balik ka maa !!!!!!!! Sebab itu surah Al Mumtahanah ayat 1 ada berpesan kepada kita semua had hubungan orang beriman dan kafir. Bukan saya pandai-pandai kata ye, ini Al Quran yg kata.

Banyak lagi saya nak cakap tapi sampai disini dulu. Harap Dato’ ulas sikit isu terbaru dan sensasi ni. Cuma Dato’ kena ulas sebagai wartawan la, professional, neutral, tiada emosi. OK….. Kita boleh discuss lebih panjang lebar lagi nanti. Sekian TQ.

Haldeli said...

Salam Dato' Kadir

Syukur pada Allah selamat Malaysia bersama warga Melayunya dari dikawal oleh kaum pendatang (umumnya orang bukan islam) dalam pemerentahan negara ini.

Denagan kehendak Allah maka Tun M telah terlepas dari cengkaman parti-parti politik apabila perlantikannya sebagai PM INTERIM DILANTIK OLEH YDP AGONG SENDIRI. Dengan ini maka terzahirlah kuasa Raja Agong dalam pemerintahan negara. Pada Akhir Zaman ini adakah Tuhan hendak menjuruskan Malaysia kepada pemerentahan berasaskan undang-undang islam?

Negara sekarang difahami mengalami ekonomi yang meruncing akibat kesan dari perlakuan penyelewengan PM 6 yang telah disingkirkan. Kabarnya penyelewengan dalam usaha untuk merampas harta/ Fund pinjaman yang sediakan oleh seorang islam rakyat warga Malaysia yang dilaporkan dalam laporan oleh Neil Keenan seperti dicapaian berikut:- 2/

Difahamkan bahawa dalam laporan Neil Keenan itu, pemilik harta yang cuba diseleweng dan dirampas itu bernama Ablen Ibram Hamid. Difahamkan bahawa harta tersebut diberi pinjam kepada 74 buah negara di dunia termasuk Malaysia.

Khabarnya juga YAB Tun mengenali Ablen Ibram Hamid. Adalah disaran supaya YAB Tun mengambil peluang ini untuk berunding dan dapatkan bantuan dari Ablen Ibram Hamid ini.

Adalah diyakini bahawa harta yang dimilik Ablen Ibram Hamid ini adalah harta orang islam yang diamanhkan pengurusannya kepadanya. Oleh itu jika Melayu hendak memerentah cara islam di Malaysia ini eloklah dapatkan bantuan dari pemilik harta ini. Jangan pula cuba nak rampas harta tersebut seperti mana yang cuba dilakukan oleh DS Najib dulu. Dibimbangi jika ini dilakukan Allah akan turunkan bala kepada bukan saja negara malah kepada seluruh raja-raja kerana melakukan kemungkaran. Allah Maha Pengampun, jika telah melakukan kesalahan cepat-cepatlah bertaubat

Diharapkan Dato' dapat sampaikan pada YAB Tun (sebenarnya perkara ini telah sampaikan secara terus oleh Ablen Ibram Hamid kepada Tun, YB Mukhriz, YB Shafee Apdal, YB Muhyidin Yasin dan Datuk Khairuddin Abu Hassan sebelum DSNajib dijatuhkan).

Moga perancangan Allah pada Akhir Zaman terlaksana.

Allahu aklam. Maaf.

herman adnan said...

Banggoi petai minum tidur berapa tong?

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