Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anwar: Exorcising The Ghost of His Umno Past

A Kadir Jasin

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SHOULD we be curious that Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s deputy president, Mohd Azmin Ali, is so worried about the so-called attempts to implicate his boss, (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim, in the Sabah immigrant issue or is there something more than meets the eye?

After all, the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) had just started its work.

Or is there something intimate that he knows about Anwar’s alleged involvement in the Sabah’s immigrant issue that many young Malaysians are not aware of?

Older Malaysians who know Anwar from his student days may be less surprised about his many political and social involvements and the evolution that he went through before, during and after his Umno days.

Azmin had alleged that the PKR had received information about a plot to implicate Anwar in the on-going inquiry.

The Malaysiakini news portal quoted him as saying: “[And] I also received information (the) ultimate goal will relate to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim also.
“All the problems in this country is burdened on the de-facto leader and we also expect (this).”

I would not dare advise Anwar and Azmin, although I knew both of them well during the years that they were the power duo in the Barisan Nasional administration, to acknowledge that they were responsible for some of the key decisions that took place during that period or, at the very least, admit that they were fait accompli.

I Know They know What I Know

I was there for all of the 16 years that Anwar was the crown prince of Umno and Azmin, as his principle private secretary, was the envy of many ambitious civil servants and political operators. The braver ones called him names and the gung-ho ones mishandled him. I salute him for his undying loyalty to his boss.

In the case of Sabah politics, in which the immigrants play a major socio-economic and political role, Anwar was for many years its key handler. Because he was one of the most trusted and ambitious allies of then Prime Minister, (Tun) Dr Mahathir ‘the Wizard’ Mohamad , he got to handle not only Sabah politics but also money that went with it – government as well as party money.

Being the young leader most closely identified with Dr Mahathir, Anwar was in the thick of all things important and strategic – things that earned him juicy political dividends. Let us not pretend.

Since Anwar continues the dream of becoming Malaysia’s Prime Minister and has the best shot at it in the coming general election, and Azmin surely would not want to be left far behind, perhaps it is time for them to face the ghost of their Umno and BN past. What is so terribly wrong about it?

Anwar would not be where he is today had he remained an Abim leader or opted to join Pas as some of his Abim’s contemporaries did. For good or evil, the 16 years that he was in Umno, he gained premium political branding so much so he is today able to sell it to Pas and the DAP.

Immigrant Issue Is As Old As the Country

Let us be brave and frank. In a way or another, we are all implicated in all issues pertaining to immigration and citizenship. So we should not politicise the work of the RCI for short-term political gains, more so if we are interested to solve the issue once and for all.

I remember discussing the issue of Filipino immigrants in Sabah back in 1981 with then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, (Tun) Musa Hitam, while flying with him in a government jet from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu and back.

Even then, the influx of Muslim Filipinos into Sabah was not a new thing. It started long before that. When North Borneo became Sabah and joined Malaysia in 1963, the Filipinos were already free to come and go. Like Malaya during the British time, this was not an issue. And like the immigrant Chinese and Indians who were given Malayan Citizenship in 1957, many Filipinos settled down and gained citizenship when Sabah became part of Malaysia.

The fact that they are Muslims appears to be an issue with some people. That they are useful to the non-Bumiputera controlled economy has never been an issue. Perhaps Chinese traders in the state should be asked if they want the Filipinos to be stripped of their Malaysian citizenship and booted out.

Let us also not forget about the region’s geo-politics during the time Malaysia was born and the fact that before the arrival of the European colonizers, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Southern Thailand were one common geographical region called Nusantara, also referred to as the Malay World.

People living in this region were free to move from one part to another. There wasn’t the notion of boundaries. It was only when the European powers divided up the region for their selfish interest that boundaries were created.

Even then, immigrants as far away as China and India were free to come and go, although most decided to stay on and were offered citizenship of the new South East Asian nations.

It is also interesting that the issue of the Filipino immigrants in Sabah should reach the crescendo at the time when the Christians are demanding that they be allowed to use the term “Allah” in their Malay language Bible in the Peninsula and also the time when the Malays and Muslims are perceived be divided and weak.

Back to the power duo, it is time for them to stop giving a partisan twist to the Filipino immigrant issue and to other issues like it, and to stare their Umno and government past in the face. They may not be able to exorcise the ghost of their Umno past, but they may at least be able to sleep more peacefully. Wallahualam.


Rabbit said...

Wonder if RCI would call Anwar to testify.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Saya nak tanya kenapa UMNOBN setakat berani tubuh RCI untuk Sabah saja. Tak cukup lagi ke mereka buang duit rakyat dgn pelbagai RCI.

Saya mau RCI untuk Semenanjung.

Saya jugak nak RCI bagaimana sundal2 dari Cina boleh datang atas tiket pelancung tapi tak balik2.

Begitu jugak dgn beribu2 pelancung India.

Dan orang Afrika yg edar dadah tapi pegang visa pelajar.

Apa hal pulak pantai kita yg dgn senang bocor dgn berjuta mat Indon dan ratus ribu mat Bangla.

Kawan saya yg dah kaya raya marah Anuar sebab tak dpt projek. Dakj sejak dulu tak ngam dgn Anuar kenapa ye?

Kalau Melayu Islam Malaysia tak tolong orang IslamFilipina dan Melayu Islam selatan Thailand siapa lagi?

Sayang sejak Mahadir dah leka dgn pengswastaan dan berkawan rapat dgn pengusaha bukan Melayu bawah dasar Malaysia Incorpororated maka dasar menolong saudara Islam di Filipina dan Selatan Thailand terkubur. Dasar yg diteruskan hingga sekarang.

Mana nungkin nak tolong saudara Islam luar, Melayu Malaysia pun dibiarkan setengah mati.

Umar Preacher said...

Thank you. Finally an article that trully reflect what I had in mind all this while but don't have the skill and expertise to write. Terima kasih Bro.

Trying to be smart said...

I think Kadir missed the point. The issue here is not whether a paticular group of the populace should not be given citizenship on the ground that they had been in Sabah since time immemorial. The issue here is that their numbers have been used fradulently by the governing party to win elections.Certainly,this is a political issue of the firsft order - for is it not that all elections are contested on strict ground rules of eligibility to vote based on citizenship? Much like in a game of football,a winning team would not be accepted as legitimate if it won the match on fowls and on bribes perpetrated by the referee.

Mantinns said...

Tahniah kepada Suruhanjaya Siasatan DiRaja kerana telah menjalankan tugas. Beberapa saksi telah dipanggil untuk memberi keterangan. Kali ini kita lihat saksi pada tahun 80 an. Kita juga teruja. Untuk mendengar keterangan saksi saksi yang lebih lewat.


mohd paizal said...

sebab tu lah aku cakap dua2 parti dah lebih kurang sama je.....cuma kali ni kita bagi pulak kat pembakang memerintah...tengok camna...kalau tak ok kita pangkah bn balik.....apa masaalahnye....selangor pkr memerintah...aku macam ni jugak....

Mat keluang said...

What was Anwar role in Sabah politik,I dont think he is involve in the issue of new ic to Filifino and Indonesian.That was the work of Home Affir ministery under Mahathir and Megat Junid.
Megat also involved in 1984 to topple PBS after they win the election.

ab said...

Salam dato,

Baguih punya tajuk. Cerita seram!.

Masuk UMNO dulu tak pikiaq ka ada hantu ka tak?

Lepas dikeluaqkan UMNO, hantu ligan depa ka atau depa ligan hantu ?

Kalau hantu tu hantu UMNO, pasai apa nak takut,depa dah bebas dah are ghost free lah.

KECUALILAH kalau depa tu `bela' hantu hantu tu dan dah jadi bos hantu tu...

La ni dato hantu dah tak minat nak
kacau dan ligan orang melayu dah ...sebab ramai dah lagi teruk dari hantu, dah `graduated' dah,tak payah dok di`sampuh' lagi dah..hantu pun dah tak minat kat orang melayu dah laa!.

PADAN MUKA depa.Inikalilah.

Let we see ghostmaster lawan

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Kampong man said...

Salam Datuk,

I am least concern on whatever happen to DSAI.He is no PM material for the moral issues, for hijacking Bersih, for promoting streets rallies ala Arab Spring as a new culture in the country.

It has become obvious that his PKR party will be doomed in this PRU 13.DSAI has created more problems than solving problems for the country.Too bad PR lack credible leaders.Being his good neighbour once I wish him luck but I will never support this man and his PKR party for many obvious reasons.PKR has no PERJUANGAN except to put DSAI as PM nothing else.No, sorry.

As for Sabah it will still be BN without doubt and course Sarawak too.Since when was these two states were dominated by the opposition ?.Hope the RCI will finally come up with a report on the truth.We need to know what actually happen.Isn'this another TRANSFORMSTION ?.Thank you.

abdullahngah said...

Saya setuju sangat memberi kerakyatan kepada orang islam Filifina atas membela sesama islam yang menghadapi masalah besar.

Tapi membela untuk kepentingan umno. Jika tidak tiadalah pembelaan itu.

Seperkara lagi, ada juga yang dijual I/C hatta wang peribadi mereka yang terbabit.

Malang sungguh tabiat para pemimpin yang bernama Islam melayu ini.

Unknown said...

RCI hanya model perbicaraan apakah bidang kuasa nya kita pun tak tahu selepas perbicaraan ada rumusan tapi kepada yang terlibat apakah hukuman nya ini yang menjadi tanda tanya kepada rakyat kalau setekat tubuh dan panggil orang itu orang ini jadi saksi selepas rumusan habis bicara tapi keputusan nya senyap sahaja. Penubuhan RCI mesti ada kuasa membuat keputusan kalau tidak lebih baik tak payah buat buang masa sahaja dan buang duit rakyat. Itu pendapat saya dari orang yang tak bijak macam DATO....WASSALAM.

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

The Wizard N Silvio Burlesconi
(uriah heep was a rock group)

Why don't we listen
to the voices in our hearts

REITS large
is a work of forgery
syariah compliant by the kuffars

while in borneo the white rajahs roam
these two little crooks in styrofoam
and busted umno members they were
in the ticks and tins?!!!
damage done to the bank laffin
the non malays owns affin

it is the choloroform gas
an atheist anesthetist
and a kamal atatuk on the table
that is okay - the wizard can claim
as ronald reagan did - i can't remember

the ghost of altantuya intercourses
sang uriah heep
"the Wizard of a thousand kings",

why don't we listen
to the voices in our hearts
we did and surah bani isra'il
rang in st peter's square

melayu itu dagang
and merlin is dead
i am a muslim

langitbiru said...

mahadey oh mahadey

saya fikir kalau ditulis tajuk "Mahadey:Exorcising The Ghost of His PM Past", mungkin lebih tepat.

Dah berbulan-bulan, habih bulan masuk tahun, ADUN2 dan MP2 dari Sabah baik dari BN mahupun dari bukan BN, dok desak buat RCI Sabah:Pendatang Asing. Patutla Najib dan UMNO sangat-sangat reluctant nak tubuh RCI.

Sekarang, siapa terlondeh, siapa tertelanjang?


Itu isunya mahadey!!!!!

TUP-TUP-TUP mahadey "salahkan" Tunku.

Samada mahadey dah lupa sejarah, atau lagi-lagi nak tipu hidup-hidup rakyat yang celik sejarah!

BEGITULAH roda hidup, ketika di atas, lupa. Bila tiba giliran turun bawah, meraba-raba cari tempat bergantung.


Pakistani jadi Melayu
Bangladeshi jadi Melayu
India jadi Melayu
Indon Sulawesi jadi Melayu
Filipino jadi Melayu
Moro jadi Melayu





respek saya tinggi kpd mu jatuh berkecai jadi debu!!!!

Mantinns said...

Kebetulan posting Datuk tentang hantu menghantui ini terjadi di dua tempat. Pertama di tempat kita seperti tampalan Datuk dan kedua di Mesir. Kedua duanya mengenai tindak tanduk mereka masa lepas.

Selepas berkuasa Presiden Morsi memerlukan bantuan AS untuk membangunkan pertahanan Mesir. Bantuan ketenteraan yang diterima dari AS semenjak zaman Mubarak perlu diteruskan untuk pertahanan Mesir. Salah satu syarat untuk mendapat bantuan AS ada tentang kestabilan Timur Tengah dan juga mesti mempunyai hubangan yang baik dengan Israel. Apa yang menghantui Morsi sekarang ialah ucapannya yang berapi api mengutuk Israel sebelum menjadi presiden. Kita ingin melihat bagaimana Morsi dapat mengatasi hantu ini.

Kita juga ingin melihat apakah tindakan DS Anwar dalam kes kerakyatan Sabah, jika benar benar beliau terlibat.

Apa pun mesti menarik. Politik bukan semudah permaian dam haji yang hanya boleh bergerak ke hadapan. Politik ialah permainan catur yang boleh bergerak ke hadapan, ke belakang, ke kiri dan ke kanan.


Buah Kerdas said...

Sabah immigrant issue, especially that related to awarding citizenship to Filipinos for the purpose of allowing them to participate in the GE, is a thrilling one.

Sabahans, especially the Kadazans, are NOT happy with the influx of illegal immigrants in the state. To the Kadazans, the muslim Filipinos are robbing their every rights as the indigebous people of Sabah.

If the findings from the RCI inflicate the Federal govt with the citizenship awarding practice, this will certainly consolidate the anti-"Kuala Lumpur" sentiment among Sabahans and surely, UMNO will lose votes because of it.

PKR will lose the votes as well. Anwar Ibrahim was UMNO's strong hand in the 1980s; the PKR's de facto leader will be perceived as the person who was instrumental in the process.

Sabah's illegal immigrant issue is a part of BERSIH struggle. The findings from the royal inquiry may be used cleverly to benefit the ruling govt or PR alike.

x-umno said...

"Complacency brings down empires". Be it political, economic or both. UMNO has been complacent since independence because of its monopoly. We never know the exact numbers of immigrants who were offered citizenship. So far, from Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) and Tun M mouth, the numbers is almost 2 million! Excluding of course their children and grandchildren.

UMNO premises is give them citizenship, they will forever grateful. Actuated by gratitude, they will vote BN.

Abe lincoln is a republican. He free slavery in America.
Blacks of all people, by UMNO premises should vote for Republican. Alas, they vote Obama from Democratic Party!

And now, we have Malay voters who despised UMNO for its complacency. Additionally we have voters from immigrant descendants who in some part of this country would never even consider a Malay candidate.

I truly wish the citizens would had some sense of decency left and vote for PR to break BN monopoly and hopefully cling to some dignity.

awangbatuburok said...

Salam Sejahtera,

Persoalan pendatang asing dan anugerah kerakyatan adalah merupakan persoalan biasa di kebanyakan negara.
Ianya merupakan persoalan sosio-ekonomi serantau yang perlu ditangani secara telus dan berasaskan kapada undang-undang yang berdaulat.

Permasaalahan yang berlaku diMalaysia ialah manipulasi anugerah kewarganegaraan untuk kepentingan memenangi pilihanraya bukan untuk menangani persoalan sosio-ekonomi serantau yang boleh mengakibatkan umat islam tersepit "menang jadi arang kalah jadi abu"


raja2u said...

YBhg Dato' dan Pembahas yang saya hormati. Inilah akibatnya apabila kita rasa kitalah yang berkuasa tiada siapa yang dapat mencabar kedudukan kita.Akibat terlalu banyak fitnah memfitnah dan dengan itu sekarang perlu bersilat untuk mempertahankan diri yang akhirnya menjadi tenggelam punca dimana semua dibuat tidak kena.Apa yang berlaku sekarang adalah kerana setengah kita melanggar perintah Allah supaya tidak berbalah sesama kita dan mengaibkan saudara se Islam. Benarlah ingatan Allah bahawa jika kita terlibat dalam urusan fitnah kita akan hancur. Alangkah cantiknya jika kita amalkan jika kita tiada perkara yang baik hendak diperkatakan kita diam.Sekarang bukan reputasi seseorang saja terlibat tetapi juga keseluruhan organisasi,

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain,
Pencetus Strategik Vision,
Petaling Jaya.

doncin cai said...


haaaa.. bukan ke udah keluo ayat macam saya kata sebelum ini... yang dasyatnya dari mereka yang merupakan pengunjung di sini...
maksud saya, @ mohd paizal...
"...aku macam ini juga..."

merujuk kepada kenyataan budak bank islam yang gatal mulut itu hari....jangan terlalu ghairah untuk yang ber ia ia nak jadi kerajaan dan jangan terlalu takut kehilangan kuasa memerintah kepada kerajan sedia ada...

Nurul Anis Suraya said...

sikit pun xsentuh mahathir,why

Profesor Pencen, Bangi said...

Salaam Datuk Yang Mulia, lama tidak kunjung, Maklumlah pada usia lanjut begini, keadaan kadang kala tidak menijinkan. Lagipun, sebagai warganegara Malaysia asal pendatang, sekali sekali perlu juga pulang menjenguk keluarga di desa asal.

Berkenaan Malaysia memberi kewarganegaraan kepada imigran, terutama imigran Muslim, saya amat sokong. Malaysia bagi saya adalah negara Islam contoh. Allah berikan kemakmuran dan keamanan kapada Malaysia dan karenanya ramai orang dari negera miskin umpama Indonesia, China, India, Filipina, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar dan sejauh Afrika datang mencari rejeki, Alhamdulillah.

Yang Muslim mereka tunaikan solat dan mereka bertaburan di muka bumi Allah ini mencari rejeki dan kejayaan sampailah ke bumi Malaysia dan di Malaysia pula ada pelbagai bangsa ciptaan Allah yang Allah perintahkan agar kita berkenal kenalan dan berbaik-baik.

Isu imigran Muslim Filipina Sabah tiba-tiba menjadi persoalan besar karena kita lupa perintah Allah dan karena ada orang anti Muslim di Malaysia yang berasa terancam dengan penganugerahan kerakyatan kapada imigran Muslim.

Mengapa tidak mereka persoalkan dan minta dibentuk RCI untuk kaji puluhan ribu pelajar/pelancur Tiongkok yang hilang di Malaysia setelah masuk sebagai pelancong dan penuntut atau Muslim Rohinya yang lari daripada kekejaman pemerintah Buddha di Burma?

Ini adalah politik anti-Islam yang menjadi makin kuat dan ketara karena pemimpin Muslim Malaysia dalam Umno, Pas dan PKR tampak kebuluran sokongan minoriti bukan Muslim sehingga takut mempertahankan kebajikan Muslim. MasyaAllah.

Profesor Pencen, Bangi

Unknown said...

Salam dato dan pembahas yang dihormati semua, HANTU tetap HANTU sama ada siang atau malam mereka mencari peluang dan kesempatan peluang apa pembahas sudah tentu mempunyai tafsiran sendiri,

Kewarganegaraan adalah hak mutlak rakyat malaysia selepas mardeka dengan peraturan nya dan juga apa yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan negara malaysia dan kerajaan yang menguruskan sama ada penguatkuasaan.

Saya rasakan dato juga bias kepada DSAI dengan tajuk yang dikemukan ada dato sebut pengelibatan TUN Dr MAHATHIR dan juga kuncu2 nya dalam hal pemberian kewarganegaraan kepada golongan pendatang ini,

Dalam perbicaraan tersebut jelas apa yang dilakukan oleh orang2 JPN dan juga kumpulan2 tertentu yang melakukan kerja2 tersebut bagi menentukan arah tuju politik semata-mata bukan asas kepada tanggungjawab kepada negara atau pun kepada sosio ekonomi negara.

Sebagai rakyat kita sepatutnya memantau tingkah laku orang2 politik yang berselidung sebagai penjawat awam itu istilah mereka yang popular jika melakukan sesuatu yang terkeluar dari norma2 kehidupan negara.

Apa yang dilakukan adalah kontrak sosial bermasyarakat selepas mardeka jadi tak sama apa yang dilakukan oleh TDM...Biar la masa menentukan nya...TK DATO WASSALAM..

Unknown said...

Salam dato dan pembahas yang dihormati semua, HANTU tetap HANTU sama ada siang atau malam mereka mencari peluang dan kesempatan peluang apa pembahas sudah tentu mempunyai tafsiran sendiri,

Kewarganegaraan adalah hak mutlak rakyat malaysia selepas mardeka dengan peraturan nya dan juga apa yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan negara malaysia dan kerajaan yang menguruskan sama ada penguatkuasaan.

Saya rasakan dato juga bias kepada DSAI dengan tajuk yang dikemukan ada dato sebut pengelibatan TUN Dr MAHATHIR dan juga kuncu2 nya dalam hal pemberian kewarganegaraan kepada golongan pendatang ini,

Dalam perbicaraan tersebut jelas apa yang dilakukan oleh orang2 JPN dan juga kumpulan2 tertentu yang melakukan kerja2 tersebut bagi menentukan arah tuju politik semata-mata bukan asas kepada tanggungjawab kepada negara atau pun kepada sosio ekonomi negara.

Sebagai rakyat kita sepatutnya memantau tingkah laku orang2 politik yang berselidung sebagai penjawat awam itu istilah mereka yang popular jika melakukan sesuatu yang terkeluar dari norma2 kehidupan negara.

Apa yang dilakukan adalah kontrak sosial bermasyarakat selepas mardeka jadi tak sama apa yang dilakukan oleh TDM...Biar la masa menentukan nya...TK DATO WASSALAM..

Mat Tunjang Enterprise said...

Terima kasihlah kepada semua
Kepada Mat Tunjang dok ingat juga
Tapi janganlah dok gundah gulana
Pasai Tok Kadir pun berpantun juga.

Macan tu lah adat manusia
Ada masa ilham tak ada
Dalam kepala macam-macam terpa
Pasai ekonomi tak berapa ceria.

Alhamdulillah Mat ucap syukur
Kalau rajin kita tak menganggur
Cari makan di barat dan timur
Rezeki halal Allah tetap tabur.

La ni politik Mat kurang suka
Hulu hilir depa dok jaja
Tabor janji merata-rata
Janji lama belum dikota.

Pasai kafir nak guna Allah
Mat kata kita jangan mengalah
Ini hanyalah tipu helah
Kepada Islam mereka menyampah.

Depa jadi warganegara tak apa
Bukan sikit sampai berjuta
Bila kita bagi kat Islam Filipina
Depa ungkit satu dunia.

Macam kata Profesor tua
Islam lemah yang jadi punca
Pemimpin Islam gila kuasa
Mariuh Islam sanggup dijaja.

Marilah kita orang melayu
Islam Bumiputera bersatu padu
Pertahan agama Allah yang satu
Tiada bandingan tiada sekutu.

Nyahkan pemimpin mabuk kuasa
Sampai sanggup ke tepi agama
Kita bersatu sebagai bangsa
Kita pertahan Allah yang Esa.

Mat mohon berundur dulu
Nak kena pi Pengkalan Hulu
Nak cari boroh Siam dan Melayu
Kerja di bendang banyak dok tunggu.


selalunya orang2 yang dikatakan cerdik 'membunuh ' diri sendiri............contoh dalam al-quran cukup memberikan kita kepahaman tentang manusia2 sebegini...........kejayaan sebenarnya adalah atas iman dan orang2 yang beriman dan bertaqwa saja mendapat kejayan dunia dan akhirat........apakah sangat nak banggakan dengan dunia,ia singkat dan sekejap saja dan ia adalah najis@ bangkai........SHIT

Ahmad A Talib said...

Sdra Scribe,

Thank you for giving this perspective. Many or us may not know about this aspect of the now highly-debated issue. We should want for the RCI's findings and the manner in which it goes about in handling the issue.

pahis manis (I'm back)

langitbiru said...

Assalamualaikum Dato'

Muka depan surat khabar propaganda UMNO lapor Najib tawar 7 perkara kepada rakyat KELANTAN.




sepat said...

sayang sangat kat mahadhir,projek bekas PM kita

A.Z said...

Dato' Kadir

Pada pandangan orang terpelajar dan dah masak dengan putar belit politik isu pemberian kerakyatan ni perbincangan akademik sebab apa jadi pun takkan ada yang disabitkan dengan kesalahan jenayah.

Malah Tun Dr. Mahathir pun berjaya mengubah topik utama RCI dari mencari "culprit" pecah amanah kepada persoalan akademik atau "legality" perbuatan tersebut.

Tapi bagi orang Sabah yang terpaksa berhadapan dengan masalah jenayah berpunca dari kebanjiran pendatang asing, kehilangan sumber-sumber ekonomi tempatan, malahan hak untuk memilih kerajaan yang sah juga telah dilupuskan atau lebih tepat "eroded" dengan pemberian kerakyatan yang mungkin tidak sah dari segi undang-undang ini,persoalannya bukan masalah akademik tapi isu "bread and butter" dan angkara siapa kepayahan kami sekarang ini!

Sama dengan isu-isu lain yang kerajaan BN hadapi, strategi utama pembelaan ialah mengalih pandangan atau lebih tepat "misdirection of public perception".

Bak kata Abraham Lincoln " You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time".

semuaok said...

abdullahngah said...

Saya setuju sangat memberi kerakyatan kepada orang islam Filifina atas membela sesama islam yang menghadapi masalah besar.


Hal ini bukan hal remeh. Kalau agama adalah sebab PATI dijadikan Melayu, macam mana jika lebih ramai lagi dibawa masuk dan mereka ini kemudian berhijrah ke semenanjung ?.

Orang orang ini akan lambat laun bersaing dengan Melayu tulin untuk segala gala kemudahan yang disediakan oleh kerajaan untuk tujuan Melayu tulin dari baka praMerdeka . Agaknya siapa akan menang dalam persaingan ini ?.

Lihat dengan sendiri, macam mana PATI Indonesia berkerja berbanding dengan orang tempatan dan anda akan dapat gambaran siapa yang lebih berkemapuan untuk membolos apa yang ditawarkan.

Lahuma said...


Hantu dan manusia.
Semua manusia percaya hantu.
Melayu pun kuat caya dgn hantu.

Isu RCI Sabah ini cerita lama yang diberi nafas baru.

Demekianlah kerana faktor dendam membara angkara gila undi dan gila kuasa segala nya dikira tak betul.

Bab politik ini tak ada satu pun pehak lawan yang betul.Selalu bengkok.Ini perangai paling hantu orang Melayu.

Habislah terlondeh baik buruk Melayu.Walaupuh niat betul dan baik demi seagama dan serantau kerana nak bagi padan muka Melayu sendiri semuanya tak betul.

Kita suka menolong manusia seberang laut kerana dapat nama drp nak tolong seagama yang perlu pertolongan dan penyeleaian kerana kezakiman sesama manusia.

Kenapa kita juga mudah ikut rentak musuh Islam yang begitu tidak suka dengan cara Islam kita.Islam bukan nama politik sahaja.Bukan tak faham saja buat tak faham kerana berlainan baju politik.

Sebenarnya hantu sudah pun bertapak kuat dalam politik Melayu.Hantu ini lah yang memecah belahkan kita.

Sebab itu kita pilih calon drp politik.Kalau pun parti nama saja baik tapi kalau calon pun ULAQ AYAK
Melayu tetap rosak macam hari ini.Islam/Melayu rosak bukan kerana parti sebaliknya kerana pemimpin kelam kabut.

Pilih calon lebih mustahak.Parti tak penting.

Terima kasih.

Mantinns said...

Mat Tunjang mai dah. Penglipur lara kita. Pi mana lama tak mai Tok Mat.

Mustapha Ong said...

As'kum..Brother AKJ

As I am aging into 70 in a few months time along my path of glory in service to the nation, I rekindled my thoughts as a patriotic and dedicated ex SCS in the Diplomatic & Administrative Service (MFA)as well as the Ministry of Health and Askar Wataniah in the early 60s.

All these past 42 years of my service and political involvement with the BN government from the days of Alliance to now known as Barisan Nasional, I have never severed my personal or official relationship with my bosses, government and party (UMNO/BN).

Based on my blogging thoughts which I had vowed to hold tightly into my chest as per sworn statement of oath in office, I have disciplined myself (to reveal or not to reveal) certain secrets, either FOR YOUR EYES ONLY OR STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. On the surface of the iceberg, the Sabah Citizenship issue, although legally executed under the provision of the Federal Constitution as expressed by Tun Mahathir, I still maintained there a few of us who are senior enough to keep some vital P&C materials pertaining to the issue being investigated by RCI. I certainly support the RCI and some people in Sabah and Kuala Lumpur should be held responsible and accountable to the issue now raised in public. Our late friend Megat Junid who had left us could never be recalled to testify! Dead men do not speak our language....aiyo2

Certainly, all my friends and political foes in the social media, be it from print to electronic will agree that I actually keep a lot of secrets while serving my bosses in Malaysia or on diplomatic assignments overseas. My posting in Washington was indeed very challenging as there were so many secrets that I had uncomfortably kept within my chest until the Anwar saga broke wild in the late 1998.

In June, I had received my sudden posting order to recall me back to KL before the Commonwealth Games by one very senior Wismaputra Officer in charge of management who had adored the then DPM/Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim. Obviously, I knew a lot too much about Anwar's scheme of things with the US CIA and Secret Service through my dossier in the Pentagon.

The Pentagon had trailed my assignments to Saigon (1971), Islamabad (1975), Warsaw (1981) and Brazil (1990) and finally Washington DC. My uncle in Saigon used to be best of golfing "kakis" with the CIA bosses operating in Saigon, Burma , Laos and Kamboja from the 60s until the fall of South Vietnam in 1974. I believe Tan Sri Sabaruddin Chik still remembers him as Robert.

On the surface of things that had happened in my life and career as a diplomat, I believe my stories could be a "best seller",more so the alleged juicy episodes of Anwar Ibrahim. As your column had specifically mentioned Azmin, who was nobody when his most learned boss with the Education Minister in the late 70s and early 80s. (Azmin was only a Assistant Private Secretary to Anwar but ear and eyes to Anwar, his "beloved boss until today"). Unfortunately, that to me is blind loyalty but with excellent financial rewards and benefits.

The rest is history but Mustapha Ong is still not talking on some of the intrinsic episodes. However, if I do write my next story on Anwar Ibrahim, the title will be "The Fourth Face of Anwar Ibrahim".

MGR said...

1. It must have been hard for you to pen this piece, knowing how careful you have been about Pak Sheikh since you left the NSTP in 2000 after refusing to purge the alleged AI's sympathizers from NSTP and TV3. You stood up to Dr M, Daim and Umno. You paid the price.

2. As a member of the Pak Wan's group I saw you regularly at Pak Wan's old house in Jalan Maarof where we discussed strategies and psywar to promote Anwar. I was told you were among the original editors to promote AI as Umno Youth leader to Tun Dr M together with Ahmad Sebi, Rejal Arbee and Ahmad Mustapha and a few others but were overtaken by Nazri and Johan Jaafar when AI became DPM. You were sidelined and even lost Daim's support when Daim became close to AI.

3. Of that group that met at Pak Wan's house, you were seen as Dr M's hardcore, but even that did not save you from Umno wrath for refusing to purge AI's sympathizers. But you are also very sparing in your criticism of AI. Why? Because to benefited from his time in the government or because you know too?

4. AI that I know would never ever own up to what he did, not in his private life nor in his official capacities. We came a very long way, starting with MCKK to UM and youth movement (Not Abim) and I know enough about him. Also he will be doomed and will be rejected by Pakatan Rakyat if he owns up to his Umno past as you put it because he was very deep in it.

5. But you are not alone in being the prisoner of time past Datuk. Many in the private sector and the universities carry the same burden for falling pray of AI's charm and Dr M's undying support for him. But I know many of his former disciples in the varsities are quietly speaking up.


Lahuma said...


Mana ada Melayu tulin.
Mana ada lagi Melayu tulin hari ini.
Kita tak perlu bangga sangatlah dengan Melayu tulin.
Faham sajalah.

Yang ada kini jenis Melayu.

Melayu mamak.
Melayu jawa
Melayu aceh.
Melayu pakistan
Melayu siam
Melayu bugis
MelaYU cina
Melayu belanda
Melayu mat salleh.
Melayu iran
Melayu arab
Melayu kemboja
Melayu moro
Macam-macam Melayu.

Melayu tulin susah nak cari,
Tak payah angkat ekor sangat lah hal Melayun tulin.

Yang penting bersatu ikut cara Islam.Bukan cakap macam tin kosong dalam ada najis.

Politik Melayulah yang menjadi perosak Melayu.

Perosak Melayu ialah asakar upahan politik Melayu sendiri.

Terima kasih.


1. Yes Sdr MGR, those were the days. We were as happy as clams and were committed to the "perjuangan." But our struggle it was hijacked by some unsavory "outsiders" who glued themselves to Anwar. Today, some of them are Anwar's worse enemies and nightmares.

2. Yes I remember the long evening sessions we had at Dr Wan Ismail's Jalan Maarof house.

3. Some of us called him "ayahanda" and he is an expert in psychological warfare.

4. The were Lt Sudirman and Abdul Rahim King. There were many professors and associate professors, and up and coming media operators, lawyers and speech writers.

5. As for the comment by Sdr Mustapha Ong, I am aware of the CIA, the State Department and the US secret service in general are interested not just in Amwar but world leaders in general. Spying and manipulating are their business.

6. Soon after Anwar was released from jail, a psychology professor, who claimed to me that he was working for US State Department, came to Kuala Lumpur to update Anwar's psychological profile. He met a couple of journalists including myself.

7. This is nothing new nor was it surprising. The US wants to know who it is dealing with and the CIA is today the only surviving global spy agency.

Thank you.

awangbatuburok said...

Salam perjuangan Datuk,

Memandangkan teori RAHMAN akan berakhir tidak lama lagi, mari lah kita kemukakan teori dan gagasan baru untuk Malaysia Baru dan Merdeka Rakyat menjelang PRU13 nanti.

Teori baru ini kita namakan AMANAH.

Buah Kerdas said...

Anwar faham dan ramai dari kalangan kita pun faham bahawa penubuhan RCI kes mewarganegarakan pendatang di Sabah adalah usaha UMNOBN untuk pekenakan Anwar dan juga untuk jaja imej kononya kerajaan UMNOBN telus dan mereka layan tuntutan BERSIH. Budak sekolah menengah pun boleh faham permainan ini.

Memberikan taraf warganegara kepada pendatang dan sekali gus membolehkan mereka mengambil bahagian dalam PRU adalah satu jenayah yan tak mungkin terampunkan walaupun pelakunya bertaubat nasuha. Berjuta pengundi tulin yang yang ditipu melalui proses ini akan menuntut hak mereka di Mahkamah Allah nanti. Hanya manusia yang tidak beriman sahaja yang sanggup melakukan dosa jenis ini. Kalau Anwar memang terlibat dulu, maka dia pun termasuk dalam golongan ini; mana mungkin jutaan pengundi yang ditipu boleh memaafkannya, terlebih pula ramai juga yang dah jadi arwah.

Ada juga yang membenarkan tindakan keji itu atas alasan membantu sesama Islam. Kalau kera boleh tertawa nescaya semua kera akan tertawa dengan pembenaran sebegini.

Hari ini, mahu tidak mahu, kita hidup dalam negara yang mempunyai sempadan politik, hampir sama seperti kita hidup dalam rumah yang ada tembok dan batasan hakmilik. Sedangkan membawa masuk keluarga adik beradik dalam satu rumah boleh membawa pergaduhan inikan pula membawa masuk kelompok manusia berlainan adat dan budaya kedalam satu negara. Memang Islam adalah agama yang selamat tetapi manusia yang mengaku Islam itulah yang bermasalah. Sejarah kerajaan Bani Umaiyyah yang berumur 90 tahun itu pun penuh dengan episod pertumpahan darah, inikan pula kita. Pendokong kerajaan Umayyah adalah para sahabat, tabiin dan tabiin tabiin, kita ni Islam tahap mana? Di Iraq hari ini masih berlaku pembunuhan sesama Islam (Sunni, Syiah, Kurdi) kadang-kadang pembunuhan berlaku atas dasar seseorang itu bernama Umar. This is the ugly face of politics (an art of possible, some would say).

samurai melayu said...


Tahniah Sdr. Mustapha Ong dan Sdr.MGR yang kami muliakan kerana tidak 'bercerita' perkara yang patut dirahsiakan.


Hanya 'mereka2' yang dipertanggung jawab ketika itu tahu tentang 'perkara' yang sebenarnya.

Biarlah Rahsia.. kata CT dalam lagunya.

Ps. Samuraimelayu still sits on the dock of the bay planning another visit to the South Island, New Zealand. Enchanting...calm and peaceful!
Queenstown wuold be a nice place to retire..Insyaallah.

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

SdrMustapha Ong

Mungkin sdr terlepas pandang bahawa hanya pd zaman Anuar jadi menteri kewangan bahawa ramai Melayu mendapat laba dari agihan peruntukan saham secara telus dan lebih adil.

Kalau zaman sebelum Anuar hanya kroni menteri kewangan dan menteri perdagangan antarabangsa yg diagih saham secara misteri akan tetapi pd zaman Anuar taulah rakyat Melayu siapa sebenarnya perompak peruntukan saham Melayu.

Sejak itu merah padamlah muka 2 menteri berkenaan dan tak hairanlah kalau mereka berdua termasuk puak yg sangat anti Anuar.

Bukankah Datuk Mustapha Muhamad jugak pernah menjadi pegawai dan setiausaha politik menteri berkenaan yg terkenal hanya memberi peruntukan pd kroni dan kakitangan beliau sahaja.

Jadi untuk berlaku adil kan lebih baik dan jelas jika sdr Mustapha Ong jangan berpusing2 terhadap kemungkinan habuan kewangan yg diperolehi Azmin dgn mengemukan buktinya sekali.

Memang ada beberapa org yg rapat atau mebngaku rapat dgn Anuar akhirnya menghentam Anuar, kononnya kerana kesalahan Anuar tapi saya lebih yakin sebab sebenar ialah kerana mereka tak dpt layanan istimewa dari Anuar hingga tidak berjaya mendapat projek yg diharap.

Ada pulak pegawai atau bekas pegawai kerajaan mungkin tak termasuk Mustapha Ong yg asyik terharap dan mengharap habuan atau projek konon kerana hubungan rapat mereka dgn org politik.

Kalau tidak bagaimana sdr menjelaskan ada pegawai atau bekas pegawai kerajaan jadi kaya raya kalau bukan kerana mereka bertolong tolongan dgn ahli politik yg korup.

Tak mungkin sdr Mustapha Ong hidup biasa2 saja. Mungkin saya silap. Maaf ye

Lahuma said...


Kita jangan tengok Sabah saja.
Pengundi yang ulang alik langkah semapadan Malaysia /Siam apa hal.
Dua KP pula itu.
Yang ini kena wujud juga suruhanjaya.
Lagi kalut nampak kes Melayu ini.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

Salam dato, Pagi2 sahaja nak mengomel kat dato pasal hantu.....kalau kat kilang aku selalu cakap jangan jadi HANTU la atau lebih kurang nya jadi BARUA kepada majikan atau kepada boss....tapi beri kewarganegaraan secara sembunyi-sembunyi ini bukan lagi HANTU dato tapi ini sudah kira IBLIS.

Tapi dato takut nak sentuh TUN MAHATHIR mungkin beliau adalah idola dato setekat ini yang dikenal pasti tempat operasi pemberian sudah didedah tapi rakyat malaysia masih senyap lagi.

Baru2 ini saya naik teksi dari PWTC ke jalan pinang saya tanya pak cik tinggal dimana dia jawab gombak sudah tinggal 20 tahun kerana telo nya bahasa indon saya tanya orang indon ke dia jawab ya bener pak saya orang indon saya tanya macam mana dapat permit individu ini yang sepatut nya untuk rakyat malaysia...dia jawab mudah saya sudah jadi warganegara malaysia maka apa yang rakyat malaysia dapat saya pun dapat juga sudah pasti dia pengundi malaysia...begitulah apa yang berlaku dinegara kita ini. SEKIAN DATO...

Unknown said...

SALAM DATO, Ada orang kata apa salah nya bagi kerakyatan keatas orang2 islam untuk jadi rakyat malaysia apakah dato setuju ke?......kita boleh tengok bangladesh yang ada kat sini majoroti nya islam orang piliphina juga yang islam macam mana perangai mereka sikap mereka tidak melambangkan islam langsung...sekian dato kerja kilang ni tak boleh rehat lama2 nak sambung kerja lagi...

langitbiru said...

Assamualaikum dato’

Seorang dua rakan taulan Dato’ dan pembahas nampaknya berahsia dan ada rahsia. Tak apalah, rahsiakanlah selagi boleh bahu memikul bebannya, biar pecah diperut jangan pecah dimulut bidalan Melayu katakan.

CUMA, lazimnya di kalangan Melayu, perkara rahsia dirahsiakan selalunya perkara yang tidak baik. Atau dari sisi pandang Agama, perkara yang berdosa.

ALLAH SWT maha mengetahui segala sesuatu. Banyak sejarah, perkara rahsia tersingkap dengan sendirinya atas kehendakNya.

JADI, kalau ada yang nak berahsia sampai ke liang lahad, teruskan.

Kalau perkara baik Alhamdulillah, kalau perkara tak baik dan berdosa, Maha Pendakwaraya Alam Barzakh, siap siaga menyoal yang jawapannya dah diketahui mereka.

langitbiru said...


Nak jawab soalan ni, kena imbas pemilihan Presiden 1987, Mahathir lawan Ku Li. Keputusan muktamad yang diumumkan Mahathir menang majoriti undi 41.



Siapa ‘bunuh’ UMNO46 sampai mati tak berkubur? Seorang yang GILA KUASA. Demi kelangsungan kuasa Presiden UMNO @ Perdana Menteri, itulah jadinya. MAKA yang ‘bunuh’ UMNO46 adalah orang UMNO46 sendiri, BUKAN ORANG PAS.


Dah jadi haram lalu mati mana boleh hidup kembali.

DI WUJUDKAN PARTI BARU, diambil sedikit nama UMNO ditambah dihujungnya BARU. JADI UMNO-BARU.

Lebih tepat, UMNO-MAHATHIR.

Mahathir pengasasnya, Mahathir Presidennya. UMNO-MAHATHIR namanya.

Sekian lama berlalu, Mahathir ‘tak suka’ perkataan BARU, dibuangnya perkataan BARU. Semua boleh bagi Sang Presiden, Sang Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Di atas mukabumi ini, dalam ramai-ramai Perdana Menteri di dunia, Perdana Menteri Malaysia lah yang paling berkuasa.

Hari kebelakangan ini, bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang paling lama, DIHANTUI OLEH RCI. Entah dia boleh tidur lena atau tidak, hanya bininya yang tahu!

TAPI kata sinisnya, TUNKU lebih dasyat kerana bagi kerakyatan 1 juta lebih kepada pendatang.

Mungkin dia sudah lupa kerana factor usia, bahawasanya parti asal beliau UMNO46 tubuh Parti perikatan dengan kaum-kaum pendatang.



Kita tak tahu, kena Tanya mereka lah. CUMA, Kalau saya jadi mereka, saya tersinggung amat sangat.

Kalau mereka seperti yang saya rasa, tersinggung amat sangat, mahukah mereka pangkah bagi undi kepada calun-calun UMNO-MAHATHIR dalam PRU 13 akan datang?

NAMPAK GAYA umur UMNO-MAHATHIR dah semakin pendek, mungkin dah nyawa-nyawa ikan.

KEGELISAHAN mereka tadi makin bertambah dek kerana Mahathir sangat rapat dengan Brahim Ali, Presiden Melayu PERKASA. Bukan rahsia bagi mereka, Mahathir selalu naik pentas PERKASA. Terkini di UiTM Permatang Pauh.

GELISAH mereka bertambah-tambah sebab Brahim nak bakar KITAB INJIL BAHASA MELAYU. Bukan saja mereka GELISAH, saya pun rasa SANGAT GELISAH.

Bertambah GELISAH mereka sebab mereka dok tengok MAHATHIR langsung tak gelisah, buat pekak badak saja,

Bertambah GELISAH mereka sebab Presiden Parti UMNO-MAHATHIR, Najib pun buat pekak badak saja bahkan pertahankan Mahathir isu RCI-SABAH.


Maka diringkaskan, tindak tanduk Mahathir yang mahu pertahankan dirinya SENDIRI, bakal ‘mencabut’ nyawa Parti Kesayangannya , Parti UMNO-MAHATHIR.

Maka diringkaskan, tindak tanduk Mahathir bersekongkol dengan Brahim Ali, bakal membakar suasana aman berbagai kaum, menjadi regang dan panas, bakal memendekkan lagi ‘nyawa’ UMNO-MAHATHIR

Maka diringkaskan, tindak tanduk Mahathir yang lebih ‘rakus’ dari suara Presiden Parti UMNO-MAHATHIR, bakal memendekkan lagi nyawa UMNO-MAHATHIR.

DAN diringkaskan tindak tanduk Presiden UMNO-MAHATHIR yang pekak badak saja dengan tindak tanduk Mahathir-Brahim Ali, bakal memendekkan nyawa UMNO-MAHATHIR.




Saji said...

Sdr langitbiru

"DI WUJUDKAN PARTI BARU, diambil sedikit nama UMNO ditambah dihujungnya BARU. JADI UMNO-BARU.

Lebih tepat, UMNO-MAHATHIR.

Mahathir pengasasnya, Mahathir Presidennya. UMNO-MAHATHIR namanya.

Sekian lama berlalu, Mahathir ‘tak suka’ perkataan BARU, dibuangnya perkataan BARU. Semua boleh bagi Sang Presiden, Sang Perdana Menteri Malaysia."

Patutnya NEO-UMNO. Maksud saya, kalau orang Melayu UMNO dah tak suka perkataan bahasa ibodanya 'BARU' bukan terus membungnya, tetapi gantikannya dengan perkataan asing NEO.

Unknown said...

SALAM DATO selamat menyambut maulidur RASUL. Hantu tetap hantu tapi siapa hantu ya dato...mungkin ke dato pun hantu juga atau saya dan yang lain2 pun hantu juga. Hari2 bila kita baca akhbar UMNO juara PR pengkhianat rakyat tapi bila kita teliti dari keterangan orang2 JPN baru kita tahu orang yang dipuja-puja pembawa perubahan rakyat rupa nya khianat kepada rela menjadi hantu kerana kuasa...sekian dato kerja kilang orang lain PUBLIC HOLIDAY teman kena kerja juga...wassalam.

doncin cai said...

@ MGR & @ Mustapa Ong

..saya merindui dan amat ternanti nanti kisah kisah begini....
ramai budak budak baru yang memuja pak sheikh..
tahniah @DAKJ kerana menyiarkan komen komen dan mengulasnya


raja2u said...

YBhg Dato' dan Pembahas yang saya hormati.Saya lihat ada diantara kita sudah bercelaru hingga membuat kenyataan yang akan menjejas UMNO sebagai sebuah organisasi dan bukan kelemahan beberapa pemimpin/ahli tertentu. PDRM sebagai pasukan keselamatan professional bolehlah mengadakan perhubungan dengan CIA dan lain-lain badan perisekan bagi menjaga keselamatan negara dari ancaman pihak luar tetapi membayangkan pemimpin parti mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan agensi perisekan luar negara tidak memberi gambaran yang baik kerana takut dituduh sebagai menjual rahsia negara kepada pihak asing.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain,
Pencetus Strategik Vision,
Petaling Jaya

MGR said...

1. Assalamualaikum Datuk. Thank for for printing and responding to my comment. It brought back many good and bad memories and refreshed my mind with some happiness and regret as I sat in the Surau waiting for the Azan. Indeed we have come along way and age is taking toll on our memory.

2. So we cant blame young people and people not close to Pak Sheikh that they saw only good things in him. Also the incident happened many years ago when these young people were still children and babies. We are also to be blamed because we keep quiet about what we know because like Datuk said we are also fait accompli.

3. Even we had forgotten some of the points and people involved. So, I think it is not Lt Sudirman but Capt Sudirman. Rahim King is not easy to forget. So we all remember him.

4. Now I also remember Idris Jusi, Mohd Nor Manuti, Sidik Baba and Kamaruddin Md Nor. They were from the Abim side. Also talked about ugama and addin. Dato' Ghazi Haji Ramli who was famous for his theories, statistics and charts. He was very good at computer.

5. On the side of our meetings we had a Chinese Muslim lawyer whose name if I am not mistaken is Faiz and speechwriter by the name of Abdul Rahman ADNAN. Even at that time Faiz was influential and he later advised AI on the handling of Surat Layang Umi Hufilda.

6. We also had Allahyarham Dato' Syed Ibrahim, Dato' Zek, Pol Sec to Tun Daim and a young Kedah businessman and a friend of Othman Aroff by the name of Izhar. Tan Sri Megat Jonid was not a member but his name was always mention because he was very influntial with Tun Dr Mahathir. Megat was also very close to Pak Sheikh.

7. Later, when AI became Finance Minister and after that DPM, the Pak Wan group became less important and finally stopped meeting. AI had a new set of advisers, operators and good time friends who were younger and less Umno. People like your good friends Nazri and Johan became very powerful.

8. As such, I am not surprised that young people today are committed and are in awe of AI because when we were younger, we were also fooled by his charm. Being jahil, we were impressed with AI's Islamic credentials. So we allowed him to lead us up the garden path. That was our Pak Sheikh.


Lahuma said...


Salam Maulidur Rasul
Begitu banyak program sempena sambutan Maulidur Rasul.

UMNO pun buat.
PAS pun buat.
PKR pun buat.

Kerajaan Pusat pun buat.
Kerajaan Negeri pun buat.
Agensi kerajaan pun buat.
Swasta pun buat.
Masjid pun buat.
Surau pun buat.
Kampung pun buat.
Taman pun buat
Individu pun buat.
Sekolah pun buat.
IPTA/S pun buat.
Tadika Kemas pun buat.
Taski Pas pun buat.

Pendek kata semua pakat-pakat pulun buat.Takut ketinggaln.


Melayu Islam masih celaru.
Kerana gila kuasa.
Pi mai Pi mai tang tu.
Masuk angin keluar asap.
Tin kosong.

Macam air didaun keladi.
Betul lah Dato kata HANTU.

Ini siapa punya angkara.
Siapa batu api.
Rakyat Melayu jadi huru hara.

Kesianlah umat Melayu/Islam.
Bila Melayu/Islam nak satu hati.
Pakat-pakat lah nikmati kuasa.

Bila nak insaf.Melayu/Islam dalam rugi-rugi.

Sebab itu PRU 13 jangan kira parti.Kira faktor calon.Mana calon terbaik kita kena beri undi.
Parti Melyau/Islam sudah mengarut.
Ramai tukang karut.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

SALAM DATO. Tengah malam berceloteh suka2 geram pun ada marah pun ada kenapa semuanya ada perasaan kita meluat-luap melihat kepada keadaan masa kini.

Hantu akan cari mangsa kalau hantu raya yang popular kat kedah la...itu sebab kat sana ada bukit raya bila pilihanraya dari tahun 1999 yang jadi isu pengundi hantu bila nak selesai masaalah ini mungkin SPR tidur kot sampai tak dengar isu ini atau saja2 buat2 bodoh jer.

Kita sudah sampai zaman globalisai zaman tanpa sempadan maklumat dihujung jari kita klik sahaja akan sampai la maklumat apakah semudah itu pasti nya tidak semudah yang dikata tak semudah yang di ingat begitu la.

Rakyat perlu sedar ini negara kita tanah tumpah nya darah kita disini la kita lahir dan di sini kita akan berakhir kalau ikut isu masih ada tanah kah untuk rakyat masih ada tempatkah untuk kita yang lemah ini masih ada ruang untuk bernafaskah bagi kita....harap2 kita boleh berfikir selagi mana ALLAH masih sayangkan kita lagi...wassalam.

Unknown said...

Aslk um Dakj

Nampak gayanya tektik nak kena Anuar melalui SCI SABAH gagal.

Orangl lama macam MGR Dan MUSTAPHA ONG alang2 beri gambaran ada info psl Anuar tunggu apa lagi.

Jangan jadi macam NALLA tukang fitnah dah pun
kalah di mahkamah.

Adakah budak2 sentIasa kalah ilmu? Listten 10x

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

The Fallen From MCKK
(viviane ninianne for a daughter)

skyfall: regret is unprofessional

even if permatang pauh is exorcised
of the ghost of his umno past;
he still has umno lama breathing down his neck in vengence mood
to answer to

why should mahathir complain
when najib is more popular in mid-east
and a tokong hidup in tanjung
let the devil runs free
and never to raise again
the fallen

Mustapha Ong said...

Saudara2 pembahas yang saya hormati,

Semua orang buat kesilapan dalan fitrah perjalanan kita. Sebagai manusia yang zahir, kita bertaubat dan bertawakal apa juga kita lakukan yang akan menyakitkan hati dan jiwa orang lain.

Semasa Anwar jadi DPM dan Menteri Kewangan dan bukti nya ramai kuncu2 beliau dapat dikayakan dengan sekelip mata, tetapi "duit panas" ini tak berkat dan ramai pada akhir nya jadi bankrupt dan lari keluar negeri.Sekarang ramai juga sudah kembali untuk mencuba nasib mereka dibawah kuasa Najib tetapi akan tetap disingkirkan selepas PRU13. Mereka lah penyokong kuat Anwar dengan harapan semago Anwar jadi PM dan mereka akan selamat daripada tindakan undang2. Ramai seperti Kadir Sheikh Fadzil dan lain2 lol. Cuba rengon yang benar dan bukan dengan ego dan sokong dengan secara membuta!


Sdr Din Melaka, antara lain, berkata: "Jangan jadi macam NALLA tukang fitnah dah pun
kalah di mahkamah."

1. Saya dan rakan-rakan yang pernah menjadi penyokong Anwar ada bertanya dan memberi nasihat kepada beliau mengenai persahabatannya dengan Nallakarupan. Anwar kata, Nalla rakan bermain badminton.

2. Sekarang Nalla jadi musuh Anwar dan kawan baik Mohd Najib.

3. Saya pun ada kawan. Bukan semua baik. Yang tipu duit pun ada. Sebab itulah macam saya tulis baru-baru ini, salah pilih kawan, hidup tak keruan. Tak kiralah Nalla atau peniaga permaidani! Wallahualam.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

It is apparent the glitch and ignorance of Brother Anwar bin Ibrahim, he continues to talk about the fault of our economic imbalance. The agitation goes on. He argues that the phenomena entailing the gab between of richness and poorness are deepening and all its because of corruption in the Government. Corruption of generalization and of no definition is at work is perceived by the majority.

So, the phenomena of Anwar's constructed perception is that the haves are corrupted and haves-not are not . He negates that corruption is the work of individuals. He ignores the laws against corruption exist and intact. Those guilty of corruption and abused of power will be doubted with and let the laws take it causes are no concerned of his. For Anwar who was prisoned for abused of power due to corruption is no an authoritative at hands.

In turn, It is his own cognition that it is so of ignorance by taking corruption issue to its stance. Taking that as a political escapism, he in turn blames the Barisan National Administrator. He brushes in that the Government is inefficient due to corruption. He coins to think that the causes of pitfalls in the socio-economic development be blamed. As a result he has, in addition, to sort straining our racial harmony further without considering and acknowledging that the intricate meza of sensitiveness in our multiracial landscape which has already been fragmented. He calls it in the name of justice and democracy.

The ethnic groups are severely divided, what is not recognized, that has involved further fragmentation was the result of his leadership behaviors , the behaviors of ignorance of each other economic culture are prevailing front line of his political propaganda is at best.

However, it does not deter the Barisan National Administration to develop the Nation despite the ethnic egocentrism is abounded. As a responsible Administration, it is determined that democratic practices and disciplines occurred despite Anwar's wild allegation. Barisan National has made its countless effect with its fullest commitment and agenda positively for Nation buildings. The achievement is superb . The art of managing its economy well, it went through three majors world's economic slumps and social hiccups, it has brought out our economy to shape for further progress.

A society which expresses the spirit of 1 Malaysia is responsively in realization. The sustainability of its economy and the peoples' well being are being felt and overwhelmingly appreciated. The feeling of Nation's economic progress has continuously and clearly understood by the people that the socio-economic is furthering for betterment. The foundation for peace and harmony rock in as the Nation's fundamental philosophy and cannot be traded for political self interest is principally noted by reception of the majority Malaysian.

Goodby PR, it all about your Prime Minister in waiting. People are irritated by Anwar's sense of justice which score for hypocritical divine manner portraying himself as the Caliphate of PKR was astonishing. Continue........

Unknown said...


In his campaigning trails, he pitched high notes at Arabic words. He quoted Quranic verses confidently and interpreting selected Haddis duplicated for his saintly and holy being, it was indeed brilliant explication with touch of easy humor swearing at Umno and Najib. 

He thinks he has succeeded with much persuasiveness. Anwar's subtlety slotted in his slanderous soliciting in castrating Unmo. A very well routine and   orchestrated speech for his crowd that defined him the charismatic leader by which characteristics of Sukarno, Mahatma Gandhi or even Hitler by his congregation. Anwar a  miraculous orator with an astounding personalities were ascertained and loved by his congregation responded by thunderous-blinded applause.

But for many, they enjoyed the tones of his speech, the groovy rhythm and its dynamic amplified in his dissenting speech. More than that, they entertained his opinion hilariously by series of flashback pictured from  the Blue video entitled, "It looks like me but it is not me." 

More flashbacks came to picture in their mental spectrogram. In the end, they knew that they were into a stimulating trance of mental masturbation about to 'catch a clean' situation. What has come to realize, what has Anwar done to them? With upmost certainty in their flashbacks, they knew that Anwar is a prodigious womanizer who disrespected taboo, who loves copulation with a member of the same sex boundlessly and a just plain lair to himself by inception. The Prime Minister of this sought is no for a leader to lead this Nation

Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Sdr roker jb tulis panjang lebar tapi kosong . Cuma ada skrip biasa dengar dari penulis upahan yg tidak ada fakta.

Saya mengharap org yg pandai tulis dalam bahasa inggeris akan berhujah dan bermaruah tinggi macam orang Inggeris.

Apa kata roker jb cadang bosnya debat dgn Anuar live. Debat guna Bahasa Inggeris pun tak pe.

Kalau roker jb bukan pondan cuba ulangi Anuar kaki betina secara terangan. Ada berani?

Orang Mesjid Tanah said...

Din Melaka lack tact.I saw lot of truth and depth in what jb rocker wrote.Anuar is never destined to be our leader let alone our PM in this peaceful land.His support for the free usage of kalimah Allah to non Muslims contradict the Fatwa Kebangsaan and Pas Shura stands on same.

PKR will be doomed in this coming PRU 13 in my view.Thsnk you

Rawa Lanun-Bahasa said...

I C Ded Elifant
(yang mana satu nak percaya)

...There’s nothing that mankind can do to prevent the storm. But humanity can prepare. NASA is sending warnings to airlines, power companies, and wireless companies about the possible impact on their operations. Back in 2005, a minor solar storm forced United Airlines to reroute 26 commercial flights, at a cost of $100,000 each in fuel costs, due to the impact on navigation systems. The aircraft were forced to fly non-polar routes to ensure their radio systems would not black out...

Read more:

di masa pilihan raya kemuncak?
potong stim...susah nak percaya
pacemaker pun padam

sedih gajah comel tajam ingatan
bagaimana nanti dengan beruang panda

solar storm perfect storm

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