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Privatisation of Government Land: Ways of Skinning the Cat

A Kadir Jasin

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THERE are many ways to skin a cat, so goes an English saying. Since a fair number of today’s political bigwigs are English educated, some spending many years in England, I believe they know its meaning.

I believe that the cat refers not to our lovable tabbies at home but to the big cats that the colonials loved to hunt – the tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs and jaguars.

So when the government granted the privatisation of a 223.33-acre military land in Bukit Raja, Selangor, to a little-known private company, Awan Megah Sdn Bhd, which belongs to the Selangor Wanita Umno chief, Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah, turned into a mischief, it appears that it had not skinned the cat the right way.

And its silence on the vicious allegations that the family of the Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, was involved with carpet dealer, Deepak Jaikishan, is deafening.

The spat between the Umno bigwig and Jaikishan, who claimed ownership of the land, saw the ghost of murdered Altantuya Shaariibuu and the second statutory declaration by the mysterious PI Bala being brought to live just as the General Election is around the corner.

In the process, carpet trader sued his business partner Raja Ropiaah (which he recently claimed had been withdrawn) and published an online book about the deal in which dragged members of Mohd Najib’s immediate family into the cesspool -- something that the opposition loves to embrace and the Barisan Nasional could not afford as the GE looms.

The sad thing is, the iconic Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT) had been dragged in as well or, more appropriately, had been used to solve the problem of the smelly carcass of the badly skinned big cat.

Its property development arm, Boustead Holdings Berhad, had stepped in to buy the land and the concession that goes with it for a combined price tag of RM160 million.

I would not dare claim to know much about land appropriation and property development. But when I was briefly involved (as a junior partner) in the Management Buyout (MBO) of the New Straits Times Press Berhad (NSTP) and Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (TV3) back in the early 1990s, we were involved in the privatisation of the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station land that is today known as KL Sentral via the Bursa Malaysia-listed property developer, the Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad. Today, MRCB is owned by the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and KL Sentral has become the showpiece of urban renewal. (I left NSTP and severed all relationship with MRCB/NSTP/TV3 groups in 2000).

Better Ways Of Privatising Government Land

There are certainly other better ways of privatising the Bukit Raja land and, for that matter, all military and government-owned landed properties. I have seen companies offering better terms for military land. For instance, from the outset they roped in the LTAT by forming or proposing to form joint venture companies in which the LTAT is the majority shareholder. The private sector companies that made these proposals are reputable Bursa Malaysia-listed companies.

In one case that I came across, a Bursa Malaysia-listed property developer proposed to acquire a piece of Ministry of Defence land and replace it with a piece of land of equal size elsewhere and build on it whatever is required by Mindef.

It also pledged to build a military enclave on the privatised site whereby serving and retired military personnel would be offered special discounts to buy houses and apartments.

But they were not always successful. People linked to political parties or have access to the inner circles were more likely to receive the privatisation and they would then sell the projects to developers for quick profits.

In the case of the Bukit Raja land, it was sold to Boustead. If indeed Boustead had been eyeing the land since 2005, as it was reported telling Bursa Malaysia, it should have made the bid itself instead of buying it from a vendor.

The moral of the story is, you either skin the big cat well or you will get scratched. In the worse case scenario, the dying cat may bite off your head.

The Manik Koran Peddlers

This brings back memories of the time past when we had less conspicuous sleigh-of-hand traders, who, we in the north of the Peninsula, called tukang silap mata.

They were usually Hindu Indians who claimed to have special powers stored in their tangkal (amulets). The Malay peddlers, on the other hand, had azimat. Many unwary, gullible and greedy people lost fortunes to them.

Then there were the Manik Koran traders. They were usually middle aged Pakistani men who peddled trinkets and Koran on bicycles in villages and small towns.

The unique combination of trinkets (manik) and Koran gave them the title Manik Koran traders. Some also sold carpets and prayer mats.

Having left their wives in Punjab or Sind in Pakistan, one could not blame these Manik Koran traders if they were sometimes randy. Many village women fell for their charm, fair complexion and generosity.

Some went on to marry local women and settled down permanently in Malaya, but were still referred to as “kling” (from the ancient Hindu Empire of Kalinga). Hence we had a Pakistani shopkeeper we called kling Ibrahim in our village.

Further back into time, the Malacca Empire fell to the Portuguese in 1511 when an Indian aide of the Sultan, Kitol, betrayed his boss by siding with the attackers.



Unknown said...

Aslkum Dakj

Oleh kerana pemerintah zalim UMNOBN dah terlalu lama berkuasa mereka sudah berkelakuan spt dalam zaman fiudal.

Tak ada lagi yg selamat kalau dalam tangan UMNOBN.

Kuasa ambil tanah rakyat secara paksa hanya dibolekan okeh Kanun Tanah Negara demi kepentingan awam. Tapi bagi lanun2 UMNOBN definasi awam tu termasuk lah tanah rakyat yg dirampas dan akhirnya dijual pd kroni . Yg paling kaya ialah toke yg majukan tanah. Yg selesa tapi tak kaya sangat ialah org spt Raja R ketua wanita UMNO Selangor. Yg rugi tentulah rakyat Selangor.yg majoritinya Melayu.

Saya masih ingat beberapa tahun lalu CEO SIME DARBY sendiri secara openly meminta agar kerajaan Melaka berhenti mengambil secara paksa tanah kepunyaan SIME DARBY di Melaka.

Oleh kerana negara di bawah UMNOBN semakin menjurus kpd sistem fiudal maka jangan terkejut jika keselamatan harta benda termasuk anak perempuan dan isteri kita pun belum tentu terjamin.

Dengan rosaknya kewibawaan cabang kerajaan yg sepatutnya menjadi tempat rakyat bergantung harap spt polis, tentera, hakim, pendawa, malah raja maka cakap penguasa UMNOBN akan jadi undang2 yg tak berani dibantah.

ab said...

Salam dato,

Ministry of Defense and LTAT should at least inform the public on the present ownership of the said land...a very simple and uncomplicated action.

Yang senator tu pulak kat mana `sangkut' nama dia dalam land title ni..kalau nama dia pernah ada sebagai `ownership'TERTULIS kat gran tanah tu baru LA HARU BIRU Putrajaya!..tetapi setakat ini tidak ada buktinya lagi.

Saya fikir senator ni `tukang rekomen' atau `orang tengah' sahaja
barangkali, a`second job' kut ni,

MAKLUMLAH, gaji dan elaun senator berapa saja, mungkin tidak cukup untuk saraan hidup yang sangat tinggi sekarang ini,terutamanya dilembah kelang, kalau dia ada `third job' pun saya tidak terkejut pun.

Asal JANGAN CONJOB udah laa.

RM160 juta tu banyak la pada saya, kalau 1 juta pun dah terlalu banyak untuk saya,kalu saya kira manually, tak tau la berapa hari baru selesai,dan mesti silap berterabur!...lagi la saya tak sanggup pikiaq macam mana nak kira 160 juta tu manually, berapa beg kena ada kalau duit 100, kalau duit 50 lagi banyak,kalau duit 10 dan 5 lagi laa banyak!.

Ada ka mana mana bank kat malaysia
yang bolih bayar `in cash' kalau nak `withdraw, duit banyak macam tu?

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

langitbiru said...

Assalamualaikum Dato'

SANGAT terkejut saya Dato' ulas scandals Deepakgate!!!

RAMAI LA nanti akan MELOMPAT SAKAN, macam posting Ekonomi Melayu kelas 3.

AKAN ADA LAH nanti 'ustaz' UMNO baca hadis dan quran, bila orang fasiq bawa berita, selidik dahulu!!!!!

FITNAH, tiada lain baginya, fitnah fitnah fitnah, KALAU melibatkan 'kucing besar' UMNO!!!!

Lat Juno said...

Assalamualaikum Dato' dgn izin.

Dato',currently I have 3 cats. All male. Guvi, Sitam and Uning.All my compassionate friends. They like Friskies and Whiskas. Dry types. Unfortunately all are Thailand's products.

Guvi likes Uning as 'girlfriend'. They support LGBT. They are animals so ok with me.BUT NOT MUSLIM.

Today there is a big cat news in many newspapers.That cat is from Serambi Mekah. Unbelieveable.

I personally call it 'balak4k'.

Dato', is it true that this cat has been 'skinned wrongly' by Kerajaan Kelantan ? 4k hactares = 10,000 acres...a lot.

Salam hormat.

Basri Bin Hj Omar said...

Salam Dato!

Tk paparan ni....cuma nak komen ttg Penjual Manik Koran....dulu 1958/1959 di Kg kami di Merbok selalu gang Manik Koran dok mai juai Buku Agama/Manik Koran...berasal dari Pakistan. Satu Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa!

Buah Kerdas said...

One after another, UMNO's hidden malpractices surface, figuratively with stench of carcass. NFC / condomonioum (RM250 mil) and now Awan Megah / LTAT (RM160 mil) are scandals involving the Wanita wing; those yet to surface involving the men must be substantially higher. And all these happen with UMNO/BN already lost their 2/3 majority in GE12. It seems that they don't learn and they can't change. Malpractice, cronyism, nepotism and graft are so entrenched in UMNO/BN. I don't think they deserve another term.

Lahuma said...


Demekianlah berakhirnya sebuah filem Melayu yang berjudul RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN yang di bintangi pelakon-pelakon hebat dan tersohor negara.

Ramai penonton yang hiba menonton filem yang amat menyayat hati ini.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

Assalamulaikum, we are sometimes confused by what was happening how his standard strangers carpet seller can capture great business from the carpet to the peculiar properties and realize the consequences of his or her residence for the ruler surprised us this Pygmy people. But the value of Rm 160 million of us are very big and very big, but maybe for the leaders on a variety of feeding it small white beans only. Perhaps for us the value of Rm 1 so great but for people they do not want to land so hard out tears of blood have not been able because of course already in songlap by the ferocious crocodiles. Kick starter vices and also triggers scrambling among political dealers to create unwarranted misunderstanding among the people of the story he is simple political vices of lust and greed to want to sweep all clean. OK DATO NAK IS ONLY MY COMMENTS MY JOB IS READY TO GO FACTORY WORK CAN NOT BE ACCURATE TIME-fry fry NAK IF NAK WHAT MORE LAND TAKE IT AWAY THANK YOU ONCE LA DATO.

Unknown said...

dato la sorry my language is not good this school I did not even last 6 degrees of how language well but I knew assess damage from the hands of the politicians to state in no mood calm but we pray that Allah will help us. 13th General Elections approaching clever-clever selection of the candidate to be elected representatives were not disappointed this time we change only comes to 5 years so do not waste this opportunity. TQ

Hayamwurok said...

Salam Dato',

Nampak pada saya tampalan dato' makin hari makin berani. Tak risau ke nanti teman-teman lama yang masih dalam BN akan terasa hati maklumlah dulu tak macam ni. Kenapa agaknya sehingga jadi begini

Saya setuju sangat dengan buah kerdas. I told many of my friends that after 2008 UMNO/BN still do not learned and keep continuing their habits... really a bad habits of skinning rakyat's properties. Kita dah meluat..

Unknown said...

dato.. sadly our country has stillpractising Torren system in our land administration where any transfer to bona fide purchaser for value , obtained IMMEDIATE INDEFEASIBILITY TITLE... sometimes with forged document , they get the land like then case of Adorna . I wish that the next govt will abolish the principles of Mirror and Curtain to our land administration so that the misuse of power by the bigcat, using forgery documents and long process of conversion can be solve equally and well justified..


Mantinns said...

Ok kita sambung cerita orang Pakistan.

Sekarang orang Pakistan banyak buka kedai jual baju perempuan di sini. Harga murah . Design cantik dan ada kualiti. Susahlah pekedai Melayu bersaing dengan peniaga Pakistan ini. Dahulu orang Kampuchia monopoli perniagaan kain.

Cerita 2. Saya pernah berbual dengan seorang Pakistan yang menjadi jaga di sekolah anak saya. Saya tanya berapa lama dia di sini. Dia beritahu sudah dua tahun. Mula-mula dia sampai di Sabah. Saya tanya bila dia akan balik. Tetiba dia marah. Dia kata SAYA WARGA NEGARA SINI WOO.

Unknown said...

Assalamulaikum dato, If we talk sincerely who they are and who we originally had the characters pronounce the real fight against him not only wanted to know that what they make of it is up to people far beyond the confines of left when it just about to close to vote see the face in public. Such characters are political actors in the country we are like no nose because there is no sense of shame. If you follow what say kick his meaning bomb is a difficult cluster bombs stopped going to his destruction .... but all the kick would destroy the intended person behind his or her own to be destroyed only time that determines its ... then we have the same look and the same eyes we see who's right. OK dato good night.

Lahuma said...


Sudah tiba masa dan saatnya Lagu Anak Kecil main api ditukar kepada Orang Besar Melayu Main Api.

Rupanya EXCO Perempuan pun makin kalut dengan buat harta,

Bantuan pada rakyat RM 500 gah satu dunia.

Bila pemimpin dapat habuan senyap sepi.

Media punyalah ulang cerita RM 500 setiap hari.Yang Pemimpin sapu kiri kanan di sembunyikan.

Jangan marah rakyat sudahlah.

Inilah pemimpin ULAQ AYAQ orang Kedah kata.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

Venomous snakes and everyone was afraid of him. So now this one who sold the carpet snake or its associated persons so use our common sense yes. Regular snake snake but we humans must have the brain power to make a comparison that we do not sink in the ocean inland after we would be safe from a dangerous snake then stay away from people like Carpetman, TQ DATO.

Mantinns said...

Saya memang tak faham maksud skinning the cat. Kalau diterjemah secara hurufiah mungkin bermaksud melapah kucing. Apa hal pulak dengan melapah kucing ni. Saya faham bahasa Inggeris. Saya pun baca BBC. Saya pun baca NYTimes. Tetapi apabila ungkapan datang dengan budaya yang jadi kita sukar untuk faham. Saya tidak kisah sangat kalau tidak faham budaya Inggeris kerana saya tidak tinggal dalam masyarakatnya. Saya tidak dapat terima orang yang tidak memahami sesuatu budaya walaupun berkurun bersama masyarakat itu.

Sekarang kita boleh tulis bahasa Inggeris dengan terjemahan Yahoo atau Google tapi janggallah ayat-ayat cintanya.

awangbatuburok said...

Salam sejahtera Datuk,

Lidah dan jari jemari sudah menjadi kelu tidak berdaya untuk memberi reaksi diatas segala kebejatan dan kebobrokan yang dilakukan oleh UBN; diluar jangkauan pemikiran manusia yang berakal dan tahu apa itu halal dan haram, apa itu kemanusian dan apa itu kewasyaitaniah.

Kalau wang pampasan mangsa perang -buruh binaan landasan maut Perang Dunia ke-2 juga tidak dapat dikesan (dilesapkan???) apa lagi yang mampu kita perkatakan?

Agak ini lah yang di maksudkan nilai-nilai budaya "syaitan yang di kenali"...wallahualam.


1. Maaf cakaplah kalau saya kata, boleh jadi banyak perkara dan hal telah berubah di Sri Perdana.

2. Itu pun setakat pemerintahan (Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi kerana kali terakhir saya masuk kediaman Perdana Menteri itu adalah pada 20 Okt 2005 bagi menziarah jenayah Allahyarhamah (Datin Seri) Endon.

3. Masa itu pun saya sudah berasa terkejut kerana banyak dan besarnya perubahan fizikal bangunan itu sejak (Tun) Dr Mahathir keluar pada penghujung 2003.

4. Saya sesat masuk ikut pintu belakang sebab satu tingkat telah dirobohkan dan dibina semula. Tak hairamlah belanja perbaiki dan ubah suai kediaman PM begitu mahal - berbelas-belas juta.

5. Sejak itu, saya tak tahu apa lagi yang diubah suai, dipinda dan diganti atau siapa yang bebas keluar masuk.

6. Cuma saya harap, para pembesar kita janganlah boros belanja hasil negara dan duit pembayar cukai untuk kesenangan diri dan anak-pinak mereka. Hidup biarlah berpada-pada takut rakyat mengamuk masa pilihan raya. Wallahualam.

Terima kasih.

Unknown said...

SALAM DATO. Ada pesanan untuk kita sebagai orang islam JANGAN LA KITA SUKA MEMBAZIR SESUNGGUHNYA YANG SUKA MEMBAZIR ITU ADALAH SAUDARA KEPADA SYAITAN maka dapatlah jawapan nya disini dan maka tak salah la apa yang dikata oleh TUN Dr MAHATHIR lebih baik kawan/pilih syaitan yang dikenali dari pilih malaikat yang tak dikenali itu ungkapan dari mulut TUN Dr MAHATHIR sendiri maka kita sebagai orang islam sepatutnya srius dengan kata2 tersebut.Kalau kita boleh berfikir sudah pasti kita dapat menilai mengapa terlalu banyak pembaziran ini disebabkan kerakusan para sang penguasa merobek khazanah seperti hak mutlak mereka dan akhir nya rugi berpanjangan tanpa ada segan silu dari mereka. Penggunaan nya seperti tidak terkawal kalau kau kawan aku sahabat aku nah ambik jika rugi aku bagi lagi jika terus rugi aku lupuskan hutang kau habis cerita....tapi para pelajar yang berhutang tiada kemampuan nak bayar balik diberi nya ayat power kalau kau tak bayar negara bankraf la itu bahagian hak rakyat tapi hak depa sapu sahaja jangan bimbang aku cover...sampai bila perkara ini akan berlaku hanya ALLAH sahaja yang maha tahu...wassalam.

K T said...

Betul, Dato', berpada-padalah wahai para pembesar negara dalam rakyat marhaen berhempas pulas cari makan. Dua-dua belah pagar nampaknya dua kali lima je... Ambil sikit-sikit cukuplah, kalau dah nak sangat, taulah awak tu bukan malaikat, tapi berpada-padalah jangan sampai nampak sangat...

K T said...

Betul, Dato'. Berpada-padalah kalau nak ambil pun, taulah awak tu bukan malaikat. Tapi kalau dah selalu dan banyak, benci orang!

Mantinns said...

Maksudnya jenazah tu bukan jenayah

sy said...

salam hormat Dato'

its seems difficult to see the good intention/ideas of earlier leader kept alive, giving fruits of good result to rakyat until now ,after 55 years rakyat took control of their own country.

pre merdeka generation through number of groupings had their struggle in various means. with blood ,sweat , tears and soul they had done their part fully. far less bloodshed maybe as compared to some other country.

question is what are the tools & ways to keep healthy value & spirit to afloat in rakyat mind and heart for our lovely multiracial land? every single rakyat heart & mind need to be fed with right value. if not the country would go off quite far towards damaging zone. as exacly as current condition she is now experiencing.

I think its due to lack of good value in each person, community, leader including couples of ruler. ambience of good value eventually depleted and replaced with bad one , somewhere along the journey. good intention changed to power & money struggle until reached to bad ugly beyond moral limit .

with new media, hope rural malay new generation especially will make much more reasonable judgement in their life. be more familiar and knowledeagble with the trick and game exist often played by bad guy in daily life or in politics. sy
also belong to this generation.lot more to learn.

and if next group of leader has comparatively better value and good tools and ways to mantain to enriching people with the values, that would be great.

for now altenative group seems better a few notches but also need lot to do on values. bn especially individual in umno should realise its failure and revive & reform is not an option. sy believe we will see new generation of stronger , healthier value and mind people of malaysia in years to come.

great nation built by great people-sy



[pls forgive sy's english]

Tinta Hitam said...


Cerita cerita rembat berwatakkan spt Raja Ropiah ni dah selalu saya dgr..Cuma yg sensainya cerita ini ialah kita dpt 1st hand story dari business partner perompak harta rakyat ini.Jadi lbh kuat ceritanya..

Kita semua tak sedar permainan pembesar pembesar UMNO didlm kes ini.Saya rasa yg makan bkn sorang.JIka tidak takkan lah UMNO tergesa gesa suruh Boustead beli AstaCanggih..

Masa utk menukar kerajaan..Sila dtg ke Perhimpunan Rakyat 112 Sabtu ini

Saji said...

Salam Dakj

Kalau ikut Islam tanah 223.33 ekar milik angkatan tentera di Bukit Raja itu dilelong untuk mendapatkan harga yang tinggi, berdasarkan satu kisah Nabi Muhamad SAW yang membuat lelongan awam sebuah cawan dan pelana kuda milik pakir miskin seperti yang saya bincangkan dulu.

Begitu juga projek kerajaan yang diswastakan.


Saji said...

Salam Dakj

Kalau ikut Islam tanah 223.33 ekar milik angkatan tentera di Bukit Raja itu dilelong untuk mendapatkan harga yang tinggi, berdasarkan satu kisah Nabi Muhamad SAW yang membuat lelongan awam sebuah cawan dan pelana kuda milik pakir miskin seperti yang saya bincangkan dulu.

Begitu juga projek kerajaan yang diswastakan.

...SAJI said...

Y.Bhg Dato'@ Bila pokok kayu besar dah kering layu,menunggu hari nak tumbang maka amat sangat bahaya kalau nak tumpang berteduh.

2. Bila dah tumbang, kura-kura pun boleh merangkak naik.

3. Bagitulah agaknya nasib Kerajaan BN sekarang. Ramai yang dok dapat faidah dulu mula dok lari lintang pukang. Sanggup kritik berjela-jela.

4. Kita pakat tunggu sajalah.Bukan lama lagi, kurang dari 4 bulan. Kalau menang BN,kura-kura tu akan cari jalan lain. Jalan pintas untuk ke kubang, berendam sepuas-puasnya.


Lat Juno said...

Assalamualaikum Dato' dgn. izin,

Tinta Hitam ajak orang ramai ke perhimpunan rakyat Sabtu ni ?

Untuk apa ?

Malaysia negara demokrasi.Mengundi hak semua rakyat.Undilah sesiapa yang disukai.

Mengajak orang lain membuat sesuatu yang TIDAK PERLU,pergi ke perhimpunan Shamsidar,perlu ditentang habis-habisan.

Jangan layan.

Salam hormat.

TOOLBOX said...


Bagaimana mentor begitulah menteenya. Cuma mentor upaya juga menepis, menyinsing lengan baju, menafi kata tidak tahu menahu walaupun tinggal sebumbung, makan semeja, tidur sekatil. Mentee hanya terus diam membisu, yang pasti tentu besar kabel yang dia miliki. Tidak mengejutkan jika sedikit masa lagi mentee akan lari duduk bermusafir di negara atas angin sama seperti kawan baik mantan Menteri Pertahanan!

Baru-baru ini hanya Menteri Pertahanan yang ada sedikit menjawab; itu pun cuma beritahu Puspahanas dijangkakan siap menjelang pertengahan 2015; dengan tambahan masa empat tahun. Saya rasa ayat yang sesuai adalah pada tahun 2015 in-sya Allah syarikat lain pula akan dilantik untuk siapkan Puspahanas!

Kalaulah aset, kenderaan, senjata, pakaian seragam dan lain-lain milik ATM boleh berkata-kata, nescaya panjang berjela-jela hikayat sedih yang akan diselampit dan disurahkan tentang cacat-cela, kudis dan pekung perolehan di kementerian berkenaan.

Tadi saya membaca mengenai perkembangan saham FGV serta jumlah taksiran kerugian yang ditanggung oleh KWSP dan KWAP kerana membeli saham tersebut. Sedikit sebanyak apa yang Datuk pernah tulis tentang Felda walaupun ianya bukan secara lansung beberapa bulan dahulu ada betulnya.


Unknown said...

SALAM DATO YANG DIHORMATI, Esok saya pilih duduk rumah rehat bersama isteri kerana penat kerja seminggu pagi petang malam cari duit untuk hidup dikota shah alam yang serba serbi nya kena beli tiada yang free cuma al-hamdulillah air tak payah bayar kerajaan negeri dah bayarkan terima kasih kerajaan negeri kerana melaksanakan tanggungjawab nya kepada rakyat tapi maaf la esok saya memilih untuk merehatkan badan dan fikiran...agak2 dato kemana ia esok?... Senang2 sang ketua wanita dapat tanah lalu jual juta-juta dan rakyat kena AUTA buta-buta namun orang macam ini la yang menyalak bagai anjing bukit pembela melayu sejati tanpa segan silu menjerit didewan yang mulia bernama PWTC hakikat ini ahli2 parti kena terima apa yang sudah terjadi tepuk tangan bilang jari bergegar seluruh dewan tapi bila sudah keluar jari itu juga yang membalun khazanah rakyat,

Sana sini kena tipu digegar oleh penjual karpet dengan bangga berkata kalau diberi peluang dia mahu beli tanah itu kerana dia boleh jual balik Rm 400juta senyum melereka wajah nya tapi pihak rakyat sedia ambil tahu tak hal itu.....pekiaq la jangan dok telan ayaq sahaja..Bila membaca rasa marah pun ada geram pun ada tapi apa nak buat aku hanya semut merah sahaja kalau dia tak nampak boleh la aku gigit ini tak boleh sebab banyak sangat kaki ampu nya..silap2 aku kena terajang pulak dengan dia...ok dato cukup dulu jumpa lagi..wassalam..

langitbiru said...

Asalamualaikum Dato'

Cerita bab rumah dan ubahsuai rumah. Seorang sahabat saya khabarkan kepada saya sebuah banglo besar di pinggir kota. Katanya "below market price"!

Rumah tersebut baru saja siap,semua original. Maka saya bertanya mengapa baru siap mahu dijual "below market price"?

Diringkaskan cerita, suaminya baru meninggal, si isteri tak mampu nak bayar. Rumah sangat besar, jutaan harganya, bertungkus lumus si suami, akhirnya tak sempat merasai nikmatnya.

Begitulah kita Dato', akhir zaman, manusia sangat cintakan rumah besar, TAPI MELUPAI KUBUR yang semakin dekat, semakin hampir.

Unknown said...

Sang langit biru, Rumah besar dikejar rumah sempit ditinggalkan tapi kahir nya kita dan semua yang pasti akan dihantar kesana juga....Duit boleh ditambah rumah boleh ditambah kereta boleh ditukar nak tanah boleh tipu sini tipu sana yang pasti UMUR tidak akan bertambah jika masa berlalu dengan sia2 itu la yang kita dapat jika sebaliknya AL-HAMDULILLAH itu la hakikat yang kita kena terima. SELAMAT BEREHAT KITA...WASSALAM..

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