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Beware of Rabid Dogs

A Kadir Jasin

سْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

UPDATE, OCT 19 - Don’t just bark like rabid dogs, sue! More reasons for Mohd Najib and his lawyers to sue Wall Street Journal. Latest report by WSJ:

“In early 2013 at the glitzy World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Malaysia’s prime minister approached the country’s longtime financial adviser Goldman Sachs with an urgent assignment.

“A government investment fund the prime minister oversaw wanted Goldman to help it raise $3 billion quickly and quietly, according to people close to the bank.

“The fund, 1Malaysia Development Bhd., or 1MDB, was Prime Minister Najib Razak’s signature initiative, envisioned as helping transform Malaysia into a modern Muslim democracy fueled by new industries. It burnished his credentials as a new type of liberal, Western-friendly leader, embraced by the U.S. as a counterbalance to China.” (More here).

THE NORTHERN states of the Peninsula have been affected by an outbreak of rabies. Some 1,000 dogs had been exterminated and several persons were reported to have been bitten.

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We thought we had eradicated rabies. Maybe we had but like malaria and polio, the dreaded disease appears to be making a comeback. That’s the price we have to pay for being negligent.

If you’re bitten by a dog, including “anjing persepit” (a trapped dog), and have the following symptoms - fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, agitation, anxiety, confusion, hyperactivity, difficulty swallowing, excessive salivation fear of water (hydrophobia) because of the difficulty in swallowing, hallucinations, insomnia and partial paralysis – you could have contracted rabies.

Please immediately get yourself to a hospital. Mantra, jampi and pooja are not known to cure this dreaded disease.

A rabid dog salivate excessively
But if you have not been bitten by a dog but experiences headache, anxiety and confusion, your affliction could have been caused by the extraordinary events now taking place in the country.

If your headache, anxiety and confusion continue for a long time and are not relieved by Panadol, please make a visit to your doctor.

If you nauseate, vomit and feel agitated, that could be due to being forced to watch TV3 news when you call on your friend who is a rabid supporter of Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Matti­mung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

[Rabid in that sense is defined as “having or proceeding from an extreme or fanatical support of or belief in something”.]

But if you continue to nauseate, vomit and feel agitated after having a good cup of teh tarik and posted a stinging critique of TV3 on Facebook, please pay a visit to your doctor.

If you are a critic of Prime Minister and you have hallucinations, insomnia and partial paralysis after reading the mainstream media reports about 1MDB and the “tindak-tanduk” of the new Attorney General, (Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali), just take two Panadol tablets and a two-hour power nap.

But if your hallucinations, insomnia and partial paralysis persist, please pay a visit to your doctor.

When I was growing up in the kampung in Kedah in the 1950’s and 60’s, rabies was very common. We called it “penyakit anjing gila” (mad dog disease) and associated it with excessive salivation and fear of water (hydrophobia).

If you’ve not been bitten by a dog and have not seen the most voluptuous “tante” from the Minangkabau highlands of Sumatra but you salivate excessively, please pay a visit to your doctor.

She should cause any healthy man to salivate
On the other hand, if you have seen the most voluptuous “tante” from Minangkabau but you do not salivate excessively, please also pay a visit to your doctor. You could be experiencing impotency brought about by a “koro” curse.

Remembering My Uncle’s Dogs

Excessive discussion about dogs and rabies brings back memories of my teenage years when I would make trips to my auntie’s house in Selama, Perak during the durian season.

Her husband, Haji Abdul Wahab was the patriarch of a large Rawa clan. He was well respected because he owned a large durian orchard and many acres of rubber plantation. He was religious and because of his wealth he performed the Haj at a reasonably young age.

He kept several dogs to guard his farm from wild boars and his domestic animals from tigers, thieves and possibly communist terrorists.

Because Haji Abdul Wahab was well respected, his dogs too enjoyed the respect of his neighbours. Nobody would dare to venture into his property without first calling out his name and they would not dare taunt his dogs.

Blessed are the dogs whose owners are respected and revered!

Those days, the Malays did not show off their piety. They were not judgmental. Those with dusun, huma and kebun kept dogs. Dogs were “najis” (dirty) but they made no big issue about it. Of course they didn’t go crazy wanting to hug dogs.

They kept dogs for a purpose. There wasn’t such a thing as a lap dog. And a dog knew its place. A respectable dog earned its keep by driving away wild boars, tigers and thieves. It did not wag its tail and stick out its tongue to beg for handouts.

The Arabs keep dogs too. The best-known Arab canine breed is the saluki. They were superb desert hunters.
An Arab gentleman with his salukis and falcon
An Arab proverb says: “He is a gentleman. He grew up with the saluki”.

POST-SCRIPT: Since no debater raised any question about the Javanese wisdom I quoted in the last posting, I assume that there are no Javanese debaters in this blog or, if there are, they do not know Javanese. For the record, “gemrincinging ringgit” means money, gebyaring wentis kuning (women) and klubuking iwak ono kedung (power). According to this old Javanese wisdon, money, women and power are the causes of the undoing of powerful men.



Unknown said...

Wadah berlimpah isi. Ringan berjenaka dalam berat kecewa. Tajam menghiris berlapik manis. Imbangan tersirat dalam tersurat. Oldtimer tetap oldtimer.
We need more of this. Very deep. 5 stars.

JohorMali said...

I have always imagine voluptious as anything between the neck and the waist of any tante.

Being a descendant of the tribe you mention, there are many sweet and pretty tantes on the highlands of Bkt Tinggi or the lowlands of Padang and Pariaman.

Petite or voluptious ,it is more of mind over matter.

Saja saja... said...
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Saja saja... said...
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Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam...

Aku dudu wong tchokwo,
Mungkin wong melayu ngomong
Seng becatno mennungso ono telu perkaro:
1. Dunyo (harto)
2. Perempuan,
3. Pangkat (takhta).

Sepuro ne....


Bongek said...


Salah satu sifat dan karekter orang lelaki minang adalah merantau dan mengamalkan konsep " sirih pulang kegagang pinang pulang ke tampuk". Orang tua akan berpesan kepada anak muda yang nak merantau seperti berikut:

Jangan sesekali meninggakan solat....kecuali TERLUPO...
Jangan sesekali megambil rasuah...kecuali TERPAKSO...
Jangan sesekali mengacau anak dara atau bini orang...kecuali SUKO SAMO SUKO...

Sorry la Dato...melawak jer ni...bab jawa tu tak boleh komen sebab tak tau...have a good weekend Dato.


1. Thank you to all debaters and readers. Sdr Daniel Noor, apologies for not being able to publish your comment.

2. It's alright to refer to the PM as Bugis. He publicly acknowledged that he is a Bugis, but your "nama jolokan" for the Dewan Rakyat Speaker and the AG are a bit rude.

3. Please resend minus those "gelaran". You don't have to love these people, but I would like to keep some semblance of sanity in this blog although I know madness is everywhere.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.


1. Terima kasih pembahas Bongek atas cerita kebijaksanaan (wisdom) orang Minang apabila merantau dan kepada pembahas Aku kerana ngomong Jawo?

2. Mengenai perantauan orang Bugis, saya menemui kebijaksanaan berikut: "Dalam merantau, orang Bugis-Makassar punya tiga modal, biasa disebut tiga ujung atau dalam bahasa Makassar: tallu cappa'.

i. Ujung pertama adalah lidah. Orang Bugis-Makassar pandai berbicara, kepandaian berbicara itu membuatnya mampu beradaptasi di daerah perantauan.

ii. Ujung kedua adalah kemaluan. Orang Bugis-Makassar akan menikahi gadis di perantauan yang dicintainya. Sebut saja Muhammad Nazaruddin Karaeng Agang Je'ne atau Karaeng Aji, yang ketika merantau ke Malaysia, dia menikahi gadis yang dicintainya di sana kemudian melahirkan generasi-generasi yang membangun Malaysia, yaitu Tun Abdul Razak dan anaknya, perdana Menteri Malaysia saat ini, Dr. Muhammad Nadjib bin Tun Abdul Razak.

iii. Ujung ketiga adalah ujung badik. Badik adalah keberanian dan kewibawaan bagi orang Bugis-Makassar. Berani melawan jika kehormatannya diganggu. Tentu saja berani menjaga kehormatan dalam arti positif, bukan untuk sok jago, karena orang yang sok jago adalah orang yang 'tak punya wibawa sama sekali."


Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.


Malindo said...

Dalam DAKJ.Mungkin kerana terlalu lama tinggal(Residing)di Indonesia hingga kini dan beristrikan wanita cantik,sopan dan beragama ti ggi asal Sumatera Selatan(tapi bukan asal Padang).Ini penemuan(finding)saya di lapangan yg saya tidak merujuk pada tulisan2 di google.Orang Bugis tak sehebat mana(kecualilah zaman dulu,mereka pelaut dan merentas Samudra).Di kampong istri saya mereka(bugis yg merantau)hanya jadi nelayan.Di Jakarta sebahagian mereka masih menabik dada 'Aku Daeng'dan 3 org bugis hanya jadi supir saya.YTH Bpk Yusuf Kalla,ya..beliau Wapres yg berulang ulang jadi Wapres.Tapi beliau hebat dlm business dan berpolitik dan tahu memposisikan diri beliau dlm politik.Dan paling enak sop konro dari Mekasar,tapi saya tak pasti samada itu makanan asli orang bugis.Tapi seorang 'bugis'di Tanahair tetap menabik dada 'Aku bugis Pahlawan tersohor'sama saperti sahabat baik saya sering kata 'Saya Daeng'Dan saya juga ramai sahabat2 yg berdarah bugis.Bila bicara bersopan dan beradab laksana pahlawan dulu yg berwibawa.Jemputlah Jakarta makan Sop Konro yg enak.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Tok .. Tinggi bahasa Tok terasa sampai ke tulang sum sum

Saya saya dan taat kepada Najib ni sebab kehabatan yang MAMPU menidakan kuasa yang Ada pada UMNO itu sendri..timbalan president naib president Di beri tugas Di luar kerajaan...worlds class
Te burn x KPPA.. Sedaih je Tok...
For me Najib is the most cool Columbus jiwa Nya tenang dan aman damai... Lagi depa dok mengata lagi tu segak segala..

Ya Allah kuatkan Najib razak dengan ruhul qudus.. Moga malaysia ku bahagia

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Dato.

My apology if my comment were a little too overboard.

I could not help it as these two people, the AG and the Dewan Speaker are making the Rakyat look stupid with their statements and decisions. In actual fact they making themselves stupid. I am very sure their family members are embarassed with their fathers' statements.

As a matter of fact not one of the UMNO cabinet members including the BB Chairman seems to be intelligent or matured with their politiking.

adion said...

Najib boleh.menipu 3 juta ahli umno tetapi dia tidak mampu membohongi 30 juta rakyat Malaysia

Unknown said...

Datuk, antara tabiat anjing ialah sedaya upaya menunjukkan kesetiaan kepada tuannya. Maka kalau kita lalu depan rumah tuannya pun dia menyalak bagai langit nak runtuh. Padahal tuannya bukanlah menyuruh menyalak kepada siapa sahaja yang tidak berkenaan. Tetapi kerana hendak menunjukkan setia dan menjadi pelindung kepada tuan rumah, ia akan menyalak tentang apa sahaja, bukan sekadar kawaq masuk ke dalam kawasan rumah tuan.

Sebenarnya sifat anjing juga bukanlah setia sangat kepada tuannya. Di kampung saya dulu kalau orang kaya bela anjing nak jaga rumah tetapi rumah dia dibolos kawaq kerana mereka berbaik baik dulu dengan anjingnya. Caranya dengan memberi telor ayam, atau daging berulang kali. Masuk kali kelima, anjing sudah kenal dengan orang yang berbuat baik lebih daripada tuannya.

Apabila terbau tubuh kawaq yang baik dengannya, anjing yang garang sudah tidak menyalak lagi. Malah dikodek-kodek ekornya tanda kemesraan. Sudah tidak setia kerana kawaq memberi rasuah supaya tutup mulut. Budi baik dibalas baik. Maka kawaq tadi bolehlah sapu apa sahaja yang berkenan kerana tuan rumah mempunyai anjing yang tidak ada integriti, terima rasuah daging mentah daripada kawaq.

Maka saya pun membuat kesimpulan bahawa anjing-anjing yang kuat menyalak itu sebenarnya kerana belum bertemu dengan orang yang boleh memberikan makanan yang lebih sedap daripada tuannya. Anjing akan derhaka atau belot kalau orang jahat tahu kelemahan anjing. Lagi pun orang tua-tua ada berpesan anjing yang kuat menyalak tak ada masa untuk kerkah orang. Nampak bayang pun menyalak macam nampak hantu.

samurai melayu said...



Sdr JohorMali, kalau nak tahu cantiek nyo jando.. carai tigo kali.

Sdr Aku, kami suka Wong Solo restoran ikan bakar diMedan.

Sdr Bongek, tuan terlupa pesanan yg ke empat..
' Jangan sesekali melompang orang kecuali dah gilo"...teringek den kek IGP yg mengaku orang Minang Melaka..hehehe

Semoga sdr AKJ sekeluarga sihat sejahtera dan dilindungi Allah Swt Yang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang.

Ps. Sdr Daniel Noor, perhaps calling those two D.U.M.B would be OK (Deranged, Useless, Mental Blockhead)... wallahualam

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

"If you’ve not been bitten by a dog and have not seen the most voluptuous “tante” from the Minangkabau highlands of Sumatra but you salivate excessively, please pay a visit to your doctor."

I was fortunate enough to glimpse this most voluptuous Minangkabau “tante”:

The effect was so powerful, that I bypassed the salivation phase completely, and was taken straight to hospital. The doctor has given me sleeping pills due to flashbacks and hence difficulty sleeping.

The moral is that Minangkabau tante should be taken in smaller doses.

Thank you.

Zalman A said...

If we are talking about contagious diseases, then we have to mention "Money".

Because of this, Cabinet ministers and KBU are rendered pekak, bisu, buta, even though they are fully aware that great crimes and injustice are being done to the Malaysian public.

All traces of conscience and morality have been killed by "Money".

They are working now only for their own pockets.

Many of these people claim to be Muslims.

red said...

salam dato

who is this pengampu zainal abidin awang kechik....oh ya...that guy who bought that kapal terbang tu...of course lah dia pertahankan najib...amacam zainal....dapat project baru many millions now...if you're getting projects form the not is rakyat money tau....

Saja saja... said...
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joe black said...


Maybe we should move from Rabid Dogs to Rabid People...

A particularly satisfying scene this week occurred when a lout claiming to be of Royal Descent seeks to attack Saifuddin, the Hero for Global Moderation by Calling him Names.

Apart from innate stupidity, the lout's error lay in making his attack personal. People do this all the time - on figures public and private - because it is the first and easiest mode of attack that comes to mind. It transports one back to the school yard, where everyone one disliked was a "fatty"or "dummy" (says a lot about what this person was like when he was in school).

Another "Reputable" Sort claiming to be a Person of Integrity (He is after all a Chairman of the Ruling Party's disciplinary Board?) Spewed Anger at Mr Saifuddin for no other reason than deciding to move on....THis does no more long-lasting damage than an invective shouted by a drunk from a moving car. Yes but.. the damage it does is wholly to the drunk.

If one really wants to bring someone low, attach his or her ideas or opinions and not the person. Do it coldly and without a hem of passion showing. Also, be honest with one's criticism: do not distort the attakee's meaning by elliptical quotations or by false selection.

One must remember that in an attack, the attacker is no less on display than the attackee (And Yes, this also applies to The Honourable AG).

And it Creates a False Sense of Accomplishment. Friends and Bosses of the Attacker will always rush to congratulate him on the meanness of his Attack, because they get a two-fer. The enemy has been belittled and a friend and minion has looked like a Jackass doing it!

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

Bab pasal anjing ini, ada pepatah orang putih kata “dog is man best friend” atau maknanya, anjing adalah kawan manusia yang paling baik.

Anjing tidak bersangka buruk pada tuannya, tidak kira tuannya adalah orang baik, atau penyamun nombor satu, akan sayang dengan tuannya, kalau diberikan makan mimum dan tempat tinggal.

Pernah saya tinggal diluar negara. Saya kerap berjogging di perumahan tempat tinggal mat salleh. Mat Salleh sangat sayang pada anjingnya. Diberikan makan yang cukup khasiat dan juga di bawa keluar berjalan untuk “exercise”.

Saya tengok, anjing mat salleh ada beradab sikit. Kalau saya berjogging atau berjalan di depan rumah, anjing akan perhatikan sahaja, mata terkebil-kebil tetapi tak bersuara.

Kalau di Kuala Lumpur, kalau berjalan di depan rumah yang ada anjing, anjing akan buat bising depan pintu bagi warning dan melompat-lompat terutamanya kalau tuannya ada di dalam rumah. Agaknya untuk beritahu tuannya yang dia buat kerja.

Manic Manic said...

Datuk, excellent thought "provoking" article where you draw comparisons and similarities and the nature of ailments according to the source of the sickness!
Haven't come across this for a long time, although we can get our anxieties and concerns de-stressed or stressed also in OSTB's blogs. He's another gentleman who tells it as it is, inducing one at times to maniacal "madness" and laughter at the very disastrous state of things in and outside the country today.
Latest Merdeka centre survey bears out what's been happening, support for the leader and govt has fallen to just 30%, and this is definitely not acceptable for the ruling party.

Saja saja... said...
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Mat Bakar said...

Sallam Dato'

Bercakap fasal anjing memang sesuatu yang jarang baik diperkatakan oleh orang melayu kita, munkin secara realitinya anjing adalah najis disisi Islam walau pun hakikatnya anjing adalah binatang unik, setia dan berdisiplin tinggi jika dilatih dan diasuh dengan betul, malah boleh menjadi asset terbaik bagi organisasi seperti polis (K9) Kastam malahan angkatan tentera.

Tercatat dalam sejarah pertempuran no. 9 terup Z Skuadron 21 Rejimen Gerakahas pada 19hb April 1974 di hutan simpan Ulu Kinta Perak semasa "Op Gonzales". Seekor anjing perang dari Pusat Latihan Tentera Darat PULADA bernama "Ben" baka Labrador yang dikendalikan oleh Sjn Chandan a/k Gaing. Ben adalah anjing pengesan ketika itu sedang mengesan segerombolan PGK (pasukan Gerila Komunis) Ben telah memberi amaran tentang kehadiran musuh kepada terup no. 9 pimpinana Lt Zainal Abidin (bersara Mejar) sebelum terup memasuki "killing Zone" namun musuh tiada pilihan terus menghujani terup tersebut namun kerana sudah bersedia, tiada kemalangan jiwa dialami oleh terup ini malahan sempat menyerang kedudukan musuh dan membunuh 3 anggota PGK. Walau bagaimana pun Ben telah terkorban oleh tembakan musuh, dalam keadaan nazak Ben sempat merangkak mencari pengendalinya dan menghulur tangannya sebelum mati. Begitulah tingginya disiplin seekor anjing yang dilatih dan diasuh dengan baik hingga menjadi penyelamat kepada manusia. Pertempuran ini menghasilkan 2 PGB (Pingat Gagah Berani) kepada Tpr Ali dan Kpl Zaki dan Lt Zainal Abidin pingat (Kepujian Perutusan Keberanian)KPK.

Adakah sesiapa dari kalangan pembahas kita mengetahui adakah anjing digunakan semasa pencarian anak anak orang asli yang hilang di Gua Musang, Kelantan ? Deria bau seekor anjing boleh membantu pasukan pencari jika diatur gerak dengan cepat.

Walau apa pun ambillah iktibar dari kisah anjing dengan baying-bayangnya dan janganlah jadi anjing yang biasa makan tahi kalau tak makan pun akan dihidu juga.


Do not go Zeti said...

Dato, is it true one of the rumours milling about is that Zeti will resign next week?
Why should she? She's already on the right path, the rulers and us commoners listen to and trust her, and she has a holy trust to protect the public from the evil ones who try to attack her.
Right will always triumph, and she owes it to her family, and the rakyat to bring us out of the darkness. The force be with you Zeti.

Zalman A said...

Salam Datuk,

I am most intrigued to see how this will turn out.

I would advise these gentlemen to go the Perak route, as the powers above are also not pleased with the direction of our nation.

It is most depressing to think that the huge damage to Malaysia that has been inflicted by the pendekar Bugis, has taken a mere six years to inflict.

There are rumours (which I do not believe) that TS Zeti will resign soon.

I hope she stays till April, and I hope she is fully vocal.

It appears the current govt has brushed aside the royal statement on 1MDB.

That was unwise.

Saja saja... said...
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berasiam said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ

Dulu2 selalu juga dikisahkan tentang manusia berkepala anjing. Kononnya akibat salah tuntut ilmu atau melanggar pantang larang. Walaupun kisahnya masyhur namun belum pernah sekalipun makhluk yang diceritakan itu ditangkap sama ada hidup atau mati. Yang pasti, penyakit anjing gila yang kembali mewabak di beberapa negeri di utara sekarang tidak berkaitan dengan kisah manusia berkepala anjing. Tapi sebab munculnya mungkin sama iaitu ada pantang larang yang dilanggar. Penyakit yang sepatutnya telah terhapus dari negara kita itu kembali muncul kerana kita tidak menanggapi pantang larang dengan baik. Bagi yang berkuasa, pantang larangnya lebih banyak daripada yang tidak berkuasa. Budi bahasa orang yang berkuasa perlu lebih halus. Bila yang berkuasa menuturkan bahasa yang kasar seperti bangsat, bangang dan sebagainya, larangan pantang telah dilanggar maka terhakislah wibawanya. Yang tinggal hanyalah kuasa. Tidak mengejutkan bila kajian menunjukkan sokongan kaumnya sendiri telah menurun hingga kurang sepertiga. Kuasa tanpa wibawa atau pengaruh mencetuskan derita kepada semua. Sampaikan anjing pun menjadi gila....


1. It would be irresponsible for TS Zeti to go now.

2. It is an act betrayal if she is sacked or pressured to go.

3. She goes, the ringgit goes down further.

4. People with billion of US dollars in their personal accounts would be happy if the ringgit falls further. They will get more ringgit when converting their USD.

5. Who is the potential replacement? Anybody of her calibre in Bank Negara?

6. What about outsiders? Abdul Wahid Omar was a potential candidate until his reputation is damage by joining Mohd Najib's cabinet.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Saja saja... said...
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Unknown said...


This is a UMONO Malay first post?

JMS said...

There's a talk Awang Adek will be brought back from Washington to replace TSZ. He is a former Assistant (Deputy?)BNM Governor, an UMNO man and more importantly a Najib's loyalist.

Saja saja... said...
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Saja saja... said...
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Orang Kampung said...

Salam Dato,

Sejauh ingatan saya hubungan orang Melayu dahulu kala secara sentimental nya dengan anjing sangat rapat , saya kira. Sebab itu lahirlah beberapa peribahasa Melayu yang ada hubung kait dengan anjing .

Antara yang masih saya ingat ialah peribahasa seperti anjing dengan bayang-bayang iaitu merujuk kepada orang yang tamak ; seperti anjing menyalak bukit merujuk kepada ketidakberkesanan orang tidak ada kuasa untuk mensihati orang yang ada kuasa ; seperti menolong anjing tersepit merujuk kepada memberi pertolongan kepada orang yang tidak tahu mengenang budi . Saya rasa ada lagi tapi saya tidak ingat. Jika yang saya nukil ini tidak tepat harap Dato perbetulkan . Terima kasih .

Zalman A said...

"It would be irresponsible for TS Zeti to go now. It is an act of betrayal if she is sacked or pressured to go."


You are right on both counts.

However, Najib has parked aside morality permanently.

He has benefited from placing puppets in Parliament, EC, AGC and PDRM - now, he wants the full set by taking over BNM, so that they can preside over Malaysia's downfall at leisure.

TS Zeti is making an indirect allusion to PetroSaudi. That is clear. Hence she must be silenced.

However, 5 months before retirement, she should go down with her honour intact. Publish the evidence. Rebut the A-G. Seek a royal audience if the truth is not heard. I hear MACC has much to say. They will also be swept away by the forces of darkness.

An RCI will bring closure.

Zeti & Abu Kassim will have those willing to help.

They need to get help, so that they can help us, the suffering 30 million.

Zeti must stay said...

Dato, agree with you if Zeti resigns, it will be an act of betrayal to us all.
Awang, Wahid are non-contenders, they do not have the personal integrity to stand on their own feet, and besides the grey matter up there is sadly lacking.

LaM said...

Majib is seen to be powerful because of his lapdogs in the public service, who is ever ready to do his bidding. Let's pray to Allah SWT, The Al Mighty that he is kicked out either through the motion of no-confidence votes or if that fails to see the light of day through the MPs rejecting his 2016 budget. Malaysia needs a new stewardship, free from corruption scandals.


Apatah perbicaraan Sdr Khairuddin Batu Kawan dan Sdr M Chang akan tidak lama, Kadir?

Harapnya Zeti letakjawatan secepat mungkin.

Harapnya Sdri Anina Langkawi 'will have her glorious day in Court'.

Harapnya MYassin segera mula usaha untuk mendapatkan duit UMNO RM2.6b secepat mungkin.

Apatah China akan devalue Yuan? Apakah Yellen akan naikan interest rate Disember ini dan Ringgit terus didagangkan RM4.2 - 4.44 sehingga 2018?✴

Minyak sawit? Minyak mentah?

Harapnya Kerajaan takeover syarikat lebuhraya.

Tekimyom diomyeh.

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,

Anjing sebagai binatang,kita dah tahu perangainya.. tetapi anjing pada manusia, memang susah nak tahu perangainya kecuali is makan bangkai2 yang diberi oleh tuannya...

mzradiance said...

Why do you refer to the PM as "Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Matti­mung Karaeng Sanrobone"?

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