Friday, October 09, 2015

It’s SRCI And Not 1MDB

A Kadir Jasin
سْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful"

I BELIEVED many rakyat were confused and angry at the statement by the Attorney General Chamber (AGC) rejecting Bank Negara’s recommendations for action against 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) “after finding no wrongdoing”.

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My understanding is, the AGC was referring to a wrongdoing specific to Bank Negara’s complaints but its statement gave the impression that the investigations against 1MDB had been completed and no wrongdoing was established.

Also the statement was issued in the name of the AGC and not the Attorney General, (Tan Sri) Mohamed Apandi Ali, himself.

Give Mohamed Apandi benefit of the doubt
I would not speculate that the statement was in response to the instruction (titah) by the Malay Rulers on Oct 6, urging the government "to complete investigations relating to 1MDB as soon as possible and take appropriate stern action against those found to be implicated".

Indeed the ACG’s statement had confused the people forcing it to issue a follow-up statement on Oct 8 stating “that the special task force formed to investigate 1MDB has never been dissolved or disbanded.” (Read here)

Mohamed Apandi may be new in the job but I believe he knows what the Malay Rulers know about the scandal engulfing 1MDB that implicates the Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Matti­mung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak.

We should give him the benefit of the doubt that despite coming through from the Umno background, he would act without fear and favour to uphold the rule of law and justice.

It would be delusional for a public servant as import as Mohamed Apandi to assume that the Malay Rulers are uninformed about the development surrounding 1MDB and the alleged complicity of the Prime Minister.

It would be an insult to the Rulers to think they issued a baseless statement just before the formal sitting of the Rulers Council on Oct 7.

Criminal Action

As for the reported criminal action against the Prime Minister, the general understanding is it concerns not 1MDB but another Finance Ministry company called SRC International Sdn Bhd (SCRI).

According to media reports, Mohd Najib and another person linked to SCRI were supposed to have been charged last July with misusing the company’s money amounting to RM42 million but did not take place when then Attorney General, (Tan Sri) Abdul Gani Patail, was removed supposedly hours before the case was brought to court. His term was prematurely terminated on July 28 on ground of poor health.

SCRI is a wholly-owned company of the Ministry of Finance of which Mohd Najib is the minister. It started life as a subsidiary of 1MDB but was placed directly under the Finance Ministry in February 2012.

It had taken a government-backed loan of RM4-billion from the civil service pension fund, the Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAP).

The alleged corruption case has nothing to do with the 1MDB RM42-billion debt or the RM2.6-billion “donation” that went into Mohd Najib’s personal accounts at AmBank – at least not yet.

A Global Investigation 

The investigations into 1MDB affairs and the Prime Minister’s RM2.6-billion personal accounts are ongoing in Malaysia and in several sovereign jurisdictions like Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the USA and Switzerland.

As such, even if the investigations in Malaysia were to be deliberately stalled or terminated, and the recommendations by the various investigating agencies were rejected, the investigations abroad are likely to continue.

Any about turn by Malaysia authorities might even strengthen the resolve of foreign investigators to uncover 1MDB’s money trails and their links to the Prime Minister and his associates.

Already several overseas bank accounts belonging to or associating with 1MDB have been frozen. To unfreeze these accounts, 1MDB and parties linked to it have to prove to that their money is clean.

Then there is the issue of the people wanted by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) who had absconded from the country. To a layperson, these people have something grave to hide that they are willing to behave like fugitives and hiding in foreign lands.

Lawyer Nik Faisal "wanted" by MACC
 If they have nothing to hide or if they are afraid of being charged, they should cooperate with the MACC and ask to become prosecution’s witnesses. But if they keep hiding and refusing to meet MACC, the impression will be created that they are hiding something or that they are guilty.

Jho Low: 1MDB's dealmaker
Three persons that MACC is interested to speak to are 1MDB’s dealmaker, Jho Low, lawyer Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil bin Nik Othman Ariff Kamil and civil service retiree, (Datuk) Suboh Mohd Yassin. The latter two are said to be hiding in Indonesia.

Suboh believes to be in Indonesia
Hopefully the AG and his charges would take the royal decree seriously or risk being accused of committing an act of "derhaka" (disloyalty).



Fat Hope said...

fat hope, further investigations into the scandal ain't going to happen.

Labu8455 said...

I see two possible things 1) it is a desperate act to protect Najib from facing the law 2) it is also a desperate act to made Najib look very stupid and bring him to shame worldwide.

Zalman A said...


I read with interest from the NYT:

"One case against Mr. Najib focuses on a transfer of 27 million ringgit, around $6 million, into his account last year. Documents produced by investigators indicate that the money originated with SRC International, which was set up as a subsidiary of the sovereign wealth fund and is now owned by the Ministry of Finance. The case is particularly contentious because SRC received financing from a state pension fund.

Rohaizad bin Yaakob, the communications director for the anticorruption commission, said that the case remained open but that investigators could not proceed without the cooperation of Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, a man they describe as the manager of Mr. Najib’s accounts.

Immigration records show that Mr. Nik Faisal left the country, but his whereabouts is unknown, Mr. Rohaizad said.

“We have documents, but who is going to talk?” Mr. Rohaizad asked.

The government crackdown has centered on the anticorruption commission, ostensibly to find the sources of leaked documents in the case. The homes of three investigators, as well as the commission’s main office, were raided in August."


Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil - free to travel

Govt critics - banned from travel

More than 1 month ago, the MACC said they would travel to meet Nik Faisal and Suboh Mohd Yassin. And Jho Low, in fact.

What has happened to that?

Zalman A said...

Why would BNM ask for a review of the AGC's decision?

Basically, BNM found wrongdoing in their report, saw it being swept under the carpet, asked the AGC: "why are you sweeping it under the carpet?".....and then got the second complaint swept under the carpet as well.

I do not think TS Zeti was wrong in reporting that there was wrongdoing. And to ask for a review, indicates this even more strongly.

At one stage, BNM were themselves looking for two suspects:

Neither person has been found, or come forward to clear their names.

The New York Times has revealed that its journalists have tracked down Jasmine Loo to an apartment in East 22nd Street, purchased in 2014 for an impressive $4.5 million.

PDRM has tried and failed twice to get Interpol to arrest Clare Rewcastle, but these two have never been sought by police, even though it is BNM who needed their help.


Between MACC and BNM, no fewer than 4 crucial witnesses are now on the run and in hiding.

We all know how MACC was hampered by transfers, arrests and so on.

Was all this accidental?

Zalman A said...

It is claimed now that the Task Force was never dismantled.

Yet, read this carefully, from 5th August:

"KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 — The special taskforce that was probing the state-owned firm 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) is no longer needed, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said today.

The commission said this was communicated to it by Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali, the government’s newly-appointed Attorney-General, prior to the press statement it sent on Monday on the RM2.6 billion in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s accounts.

It explained that the statement, which confirmed that the funds had come from donors and not 1MDB as previously suspected, was issued without the endorsement of the taskforce’s other members — the Royal Malaysian Police and Bank Negara Malaysia — on Mohamed Apandi’s advice.

“On questions why MACC issued a press statement on August 3, 2015 without the involvement of the Royal Malaysia Police and Bank Negara Malaysia, (we) wish to explain that MACC made the announcement without going through the Special Taskforce after being advised by the Attorney-General of Malaysia, that there is no longer a need for the Special Taskforce."

Thus this "clearance" by MACC bypassed both the Royal Malaysia Police and Bank Negara Malaysia, on the grounds that "that there is no longer a need for the Special Taskforce."

Pelik, kan?

Zalman A said...

Good comment seen elsewhere:

'The investigation papers submitted by Bank Negara and the contents therein are their property.

They recommended certain actions against 1MDB officials or even the company itself. The Public Prosecutor's job is to study the evidences compiled in the investigation papers and determine whether the evidence had disclosed any criminal offences as pointed out by BNM or not. BNM has their own lawyers and they are more well versed in Banking matters than the DPPs in the AG Chambers. I tend to believe the recommendations put forth by BNM more than those half-past six DPPs or Federal Counsels who have scant knowledge of banking laws compared to BNM's experts.

In this case, Apandi doesn't agree with BNM's recommendation and everybody knows why. He was appointed by Najib, and is there to protect Najib.

What can BNM do?

 For one thing, Bank Negara could disclose publicly the result of their investigations and the recommendations that they put forth to the AG's chambers. And they could also disclose the reasons why they ask for the review of the original decision. And further, they could get a second opinion from other corporate lawyers who are well versed in banking laws to debunk the AG's decision. The AG's or Apandi's decision shld not be accepted at face value without being challenged and thoroughly scrutinized.

If the MACC is smart, and to pre-empt any 'NFA' decision by Apandi on their investigation on Najib, they should publicly make a statement to the following effect, " that they have completed their investigation on the money trail from SRC Int'l, and they have sufficient evidence to prove a corruption charge & they have made recommendations to that effect. The investigation paper had been submitted to the AG for them to issue the consent to prosecute". Then Apandi will think twice about classifying the investigation as 'No Further Action"(NFA).

And if he did so, he himself is committing a criminal offence of harboring a criminal.'

Also remember that TS Zeti can (and must) answer every answer posed to her in a PAC hearing.

And I think she will gladly do so.

Zalman A said...

What can be done?

Their Majesties, to protect the rakyat and restore our institutions, can call for an RCI with a 6-month reporting window.

This MUST comprise confidential reports to the Conference Of Rulers from the previous Task Force including TS Gani, TS Zeti and TS Abu Kassim.

Their Majesties should be given an understanding of how badly the investigations have already been derailed.

And it should be given direct from BNM, MACC and former A-G.

Only then can it be made clear that current investigations are worthless.

We need an RCI, with independent members, Final Report to Parliament and Conference Of Rulers.

Let us not forget one thing:

The fact that FINMA (Switzerland) and the MAS (Singapore) have frozen accounts, that the FBI and DOJ are on the case, and that almost every major big name in the world media has carried the reports - WSJ, FT, Forbes, CNBC, NYT, BBC, you name it - means that all the carpets in the world cannot cover-up the continuing, damaging presence of Sang Kelembai dan makhluk2 lain yg sewaktunya.

They lurk in plain view in Putrajaya.

We need an RCI.

Daulat Tuanku.

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,


Malaysian citizen said...

The Rulers' decree must not be ignored, disrespected, or placated. The intention of the Rulers is clear and specific, get going with the 1MDB investigation, be fully transparent in the process, hide nothing, go after the wrongdoers without fear or favour, ensuring separation of powers are fully observed. Let no one subvert this at their risk. else the Rulers may take further action.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam HORMAT kepada semua PTD

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Dato,

Did not see u at Mesjid Negara today. Pls look after yr health.

MAAC can always get Interpol to trace these plunderes and bring them back to face justice. But I am sure they will not do it.

Apparently this Apandi either he lack knowledge in Islamic laws or he look upon Najib as above Allah swt.

If that is the case, all issues relating to 1MDB will conclude ' Not guilty '

TJ Revs said...

Hmmm...tak tau apa nak cakap, kejab ada kejab tak ada, bila titah keluar, yang kata tak ada dulu tiba2 ada balik. Wah macam magik gitu. Dah hilang boleh timbul semula.

1MDB pula masih tak berubah, dulu, kini dan selamanya, pasal menjawab bagi je kat mereka, tanya sepatah jawabnya sepuluh patah. Tak manis tak ada silu langsung. Tak ada kerja ke orang2 kat sana tu!

Unknown said...

Salam Dato,
antara banyak-banyak calon AG yg tersenarai untuk ganti TS Gani, adakah TS Apandi sorang saje yg sanggup/merelakan diri untuk jadi tukang cover tahap dewa DS Najib untuk semua tuduhan berkaitan SRC/1MDB? Dia ni sorang je ke yg paling sanggup buat muka toya?Maaf kalau tak betul, sekadar pandangan..terima kasih.

joe black said...


Whilst it is No longer Possible to Change the Ways of Those Entrapped in the 1MDB, For Everyone Else Take Note:

I Mean It

For those Currently Entrapped Take Note On the Reality of, "YES YOU DID"
If you have the slightest question as to whether or not you are RESPONSIBLE for a WRONGDOING....You Are.

As Soon as you Think "Ï Really didn't Do It"---YOU DID.

Come to this Conclusion early, Act to Correct it, and live a lot longer.

Come to it late, Act To Correct It and live a little Longer.

And Here is The Crunch....Don't Come To It At All (Seriously, Mr Najib?}, Never Act To Correct It (18 months have passed!), And.....How Are You feeling NOW Mr Najib?


Alhamdulillah, Kadir.

Kenapa tak dimulakan trail in absentia untuk SRCI, Kadir?

Kenapa tak saman AGC kerana wilful dereliction of duty, Kadir?

Kenapa tak saman OAG Switzerland kerana beku rm2.6b suit UMNO?

Kenapa Muhyiddin Yassin masih 'slow'? Tak ada peguam cekap dan amanah kah?
Belum habis bersidang UMNO Johor Darul Takzim? Kalau itulah ceritanya elok MYassin pencen politik dan H2O tunduk pada Dirty Hairy Rembau.

Bila PAU? Anda kena tanya MYassin, Kadir. Tetapi mahukah anda bertanya?

Salam hormat.

Pecat Apandi said...

Latuk, press release dalam bahasa inggeris oleh Pejabat Peguam Negara adalah satu insult kepada institusi Di Raja. Pecat saja si Apandi ni..

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Dari komen2 diatas...ramai yg berpandangan Bugis Mangpadulung Mangtimmung ini tidak akan akur dgn titah Raja2....dan kalau akur pun akan tetap mencari pelbagai helah untuk melepaskan diri.

Dia kini berada didlm kedudukan yg cukup panas dan genting dan cuma ada 3 pilihan sahaja;

i) Mengaku dapat 'safe passage'.
ii)Terus can dgn kerja2 'Cover up or go for the broke'....ibarat kata.."alang2 selok pekasam...biar hingga kepangkal lengan".
iii) Cabut lari senyap2.

Tetapi sy rasa dia akan terus dgn pilihan kedua....Teruskan dgn kerja2 'cover up' yg telah dia lakukan sekian lama.

Jika ini pilihan dia...Raja2 dan dan Umno terutama Mahyuddin dan Pembesar2 Umno yg lain termasuk Tun M wajar bekerjasama dan mencari jln untuk memecat dia dgn apa cara sekali pun.

Dari titah yg dikeluarkan oleh Raja2...seperti kata Dato...ia menjelaskan betapa...Raja2 tidak lah sebodoh yg rakyat sangka...dan telah merasau betapa rakyat telah dipermaikan dgn Bugis ini.

Harapnya Raja2 akan terus menerus membuat pematauan dan membuat 'follow up' dgn serius titah mereka.


LaM said...

The Macc has so many very experienced Deputy Public Prosecutors who are well versed and knowledgeable in corruption laws. They are more proficient in dealing with corruption cases than Apandi or any of the officers in the AG's Chambers. You can say that they are specialist in corruption cases whilst the DPPs in the AG's chambers are generalist, more proficient in dealing with police cases. The same thing can be said of Bank Negara. They are the specialist in banking laws compared to the generalist in the AG's Chamber. So who do you believe. The specialist or the generalist.

As to the SCR's case, the fact that RM42 million has gone into Najib's account is beyond doubt and that the monies was related to the RM4billion Pension Fund loan to SCR. The Macc I think has a number of choices if they were to prefer charges. They could either charge the offender under s.165 of the Penal Code, the same section u/d which Khir Toyo was charged and convicted or under the Macc Act of receiving bribes for official acts done or for using public office for your own interest. If the SCR witnesses had absconded and could not be compelled to give evidence, then the easier way out is to prefer a charge u/d s.165. This is the easiest of the lot in all corruption charges. The only thing is whether Macc has the guts in dealing with Apandi to promote the interest of the nation. He is the stumbling block.

pemerhati setia said...

Masalahnya apabila kita ambil hakim dah nak bersara sangat2 sebagai AG. Jadi perasanlah dia buat keputusan macam masa dia jadi hakim. Malulah kat Allah sikit kalau pun bukan kepada Majlis Raja2 atau tak pun macam kita orang yg hina ni - malu sesama manusia. Apalah salahnya bawak je pergi mahkamah (bukan mak-mah), biarkan mahkamah putuskan. Airmuka AG akan lebih bermaruah andai kalah, pulangkan semula bola tanggung kat BNM dan katakan kat BNM, tu la kamu nak sangat dakwa, kan sekarang dah kalah.. Ini barulah kalah sebagai seorang perwira, bukan peneman pahlawan yang cabut lari dari medan tempur.

Foo said...

Who is AGC actually? Nobody to be held responsible, just like the MACC's statement some time back?

Mat Bakar said...

Sallam Dato'

Saya cadangkan Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu tubuhkan sebuah pasukan khas terdiri dari anggota komando untuk menjejaki saksi-saksi penting ini untuk dibawa balik ke Malaysia sebagai saksi penting berkaitan penyelewengan ini (by hook or by crook. Saya pasti kerajaan asing akan memberi kerjasama untuk menjejaki mereka ini.Saya juga pasti beberapa pegawai atasan PDRM boleh menyampaikan maklumat tentang mereka ini. Anggota yang terlibat dalam misi ini hendaklah diberi kekebalan oleh MRRM seandainya mereka terpaksa membunuh penghalang-penghalang tugasan mereka, sesungguhnya keutamaan kita adalah Negara. Lagi lama menunggu lagi punahlah Negara ini.

Kepada mereka yang masih setia kepada Najib, ingatlah balasan Allah terlalu perit jika tidak kepada kita ia akan menimpa anak cucu kita dan ketika itu kita tak dapat berbuat apa-apa lagi.

Ya Allah tunjukkanlah mereka jalan kebenaran, bukalah hati mereka untuk kembali ke jalan Mu.

Pompuan said...

Najib senyap je. Reporters tak tanya ke? Yang bercakap cuma Zahid Hamidi, Hisham dan Rahman Dahlan.
Mr PM kenalah jawab bab SRCI tu yang dikatakan oleh Zeti.


Saudari dan saudara pembahas sekalian,

1. Terlalu awal dan belum cukup bukti untuk menghukum Mohamed Apandi sebagai membelakangi undang-undang dan kepentingan negara demi menyelamatkan Mohd Najib.

2. Lagi pun, saya amat yakin Peguam Negara AG) baru itu tahu lebih banyak rahsia 1MDB dan kedudukan Mohd Najib daripada yang beliau berani mengaku atau berani beri tahu Mohd Najib.

3. Beliau mesti tahu (melainkan beliau bertapa dalam gua batu) Raja-Raja Melayu mana dan pakar-pakar undang-undang mana yang terlibat meneliti kes 1MDB dan pembabitan Mohd Najib.

4. Mohamed Apandi tentu sedar bahawa kepakaran dan pengalaman pakar-pakar yang menasihati Raja-Raja Melayu itu jauh mengatasi kepakaran dan pengalaman beliau sendiri.

4. Jadi eloklah beliau dan kita semua berguru dengan yang berilmu, pelajar daripada yang pakar dan bertanya kepada yang tahu.

5. Datuk nenek kita memberi kata dua:

Pergi memburu di padang datar
Dapat rusa belang kaki
Kalau berguru kepalang ajar
Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Competente said...


After the Rulers' instructions, came BNM's revocation of their permission to 1MDB. So what is next?

After all, it is only to Najib that the Attoney General and Malaysian Police (is it still Royal?) adheres to.


LaM said...

Baguslah kalau Apandi bolih dipercayai untuk menjalankan tugas2nya sebagai Pendakwa Raya untuk kepentingan Negara. PendakwaRaya atau Public Prosecutor menjalankan tugas untuk rakyat& Negara.

Tapi yang musykilnya mengapa Apandi tak bersetuju dengan cadangan Bank Negara utk mendakwa 1MDB atau pegawai2nya kerana menipu Bank Negara dibawah Exchange Control Act. Govenor bank Negara adalah 'controller of foreign exchange' & BN adalah badan yg diberi kuasa untuk mentadbir Exchange Control. BN cakap mereka telah beri kebenaran kpd 1MDB untuk melabur diluar Negara yg melibatkan US1.8billion. Tapi kebenaran diberi kerana 1MDB memberi butiran palsu. BN hanya ingin persetujuan Apandi untuk meneruskan pendakwaan. Mengapa Apandi tak setuju???? Pendakwaan bukan dijalankan olih Apandi atau pegawai2nya tetapi olih pegawai2 undang2 BN.

BN nak menegakkan undang2 dan pengawasan exchange control utk menentukan wang Negara ni tak dibawa keluar utk tujuan yg salah. Berilah kerjasama dan sokongan. Ini untuk kepentingan negara. Biarlah Mahkamah menentukan samada bersalah atau tidak peg2 1MDB. Tak rugi pun Apandi beri persetujuan untuk mendakwa. Tak pun membuang masa dia atau pegawai2 dia. Kalau kes serupa berlaku kpd lain2 company dan bukan 1MDB, adakah Apandi akan beri persetujuan mendakwa??? Kes 1MDB, satu dunia sudah tahu.

majid smsp88 said...

Salam Datuk & rakan-rakan...

Anak-anak kita M. Nasir.

Selamatkah kita di-tangan tukang karut itu?
Selamatkah kita di-tangan dalang wayang itu?
Selamatkah kita di-tangan ahli koporat itu?
Selamatkah kita di-tangan doktor jiwa itu?
Selamatkah kita di-tangan pakar kitab itu?
Selamatkah kita di-tangan tuhan-tuhan itu?

Itu la persamaan suasana politik & pentadbiran Malaysia waktu ini. Keprcayaan & amanah itu semakin pudar bila Agama kita sendikan dari adat.

AGC kata 1MDB 'clear' but BNM masih pertikai pelaburan USD1.83B ini tidak mematuhi peraturannya. Hairan mana perginya RM1.83B ni sejak September 2009 till today...?

Sangat hairan bagaimana sukarnya untuk Nik Faisal & Suboh ini pulang ke Malaysia then menghadap SPRM. Kenapa...?

1MDB tetap menyatakan jana untung, betul sangat ke?

Then kenapa perlu bayar interest RM2.4B tiap tahun?
Kenapa perlu 'stand-by cash' RM950 juta dari kerajaan.
Kenapa perlu jual tanah?
Kenapa perlu plan rasionalisasi?

Yang berita kenyataan balas atas titah Majlis Raja-Raja ini datang dari orang no.2, kenapa yea? Mana pergi yang no.1 yang awal-awal dulu 'makan seorang' ini...?

Pakcik said...

Bila lagi Najib nak resign?

Takkan nak tunggu ekonomi negara hancur baru nak surender?
Takkan nak tunggu sampai Malaysia berlutut kat IMF minta tolong bailout?
Takkan nak tunggu Umno kalah pilihanraya dan masuk muzium?
Takkan nak tunggu sampai rakyat merusuh dan ditembak mati?
Takkan nak tunggu bom meletup di KLCC?
Takkan nak tunggu Tuhan sendiri turunkan bala?


1. SPRM tahu di mana Nik Faisal dan Suboh "bersembunyi".

2. Orang yang tahu, tahu siapa melindungi mereka dan di mana.

3. SPRM dan orang yang tahu, tahu siapa menarik tali boneka.

4. Seorang Tan Sri Cina yang kenal keluarga Jho Low berkata, kalau disiasat Jho Low akan "menyanyi" macam burung kenari (sings like a canary).

5. Hatta kalau kes SRCI dan 1MDB tidak dibawa ke mahkamah sekali pun, Raja-Raja Melayu, pegawai SPRM, Pejabat Peguam Negera, PDRM dan Bank Negara sudah tahu ceritanya.

6. Bukan itu saja. Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) sudah tahu. Wall Street Journal dan New York Times pun sudah tahu.

7. Sudah dilondeh dan dibogelkan seantero dunia. Masakan Mohamed Apandi tak tahu?

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Saja saja... said...
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Saja saja... said...
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Saja saja... said...
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Zalman A said...

"SPRM tahu di mana Nik Faisal dan Suboh "bersembunyi". Orang yang tahu, tahu siapa melindungi mereka dan di mana."


I note with interest that over a month ago, SPRM indicated their willingness to make an overseas trip to interview Nik Faisal, Suboh and Jho.

Hence your conclusion must be right - "SPRM tahu di mana Nik Faisal dan Suboh "bersembunyi".

I hope that TS Abu Kassim takes his cue from TS Zeti.

Be brave, do your duty. Only the truth matters.

The time for cover-ups is past.

If both SPRM and BNM are clear about their findings, then the efforts of the AGC and "hidden hands" will not be tolerable.

All goes back to the conscience of Umno.

Can you stand back, enjoy the "rezeki", and silently watch the nation being defrauded?



1. Tuanku Raja-Raja Melayu juga dimohon memberi perhatian kepada maladi-maladi lain yang kini mengancam negara dan rakyat jelata.

2. Sebenarnya “malady” (penyakit) kita lebih teruk daripada konspirasi menyembunyikan dan seleweng fakta, menimbus bangkai gajah dan menipu rakyat jelata.

3. Malady kita bermula daripada peringkat perancangan dengan niat (nawaitu) yang tidak baik dan tidak ikhlas.

4. Bukan Mohd Najib saja yang perlu dibebani tanggungjawab dan tuduhan, malah pihak-pihak yang mencadang dan melaksanakan idea-idea seperti 1MDB dan Private Financing Initiatives (Inisiatif pembiayaan persendirian) wajib dipersalahkan juga.

5. PFI adalah satu lagi pemesongan. Ia bukan inisiatif persendirian. Kalau ia inisiatif pembiayaan persendirian, mengapakah duit GLIC dan tabung pencen yang digunakan dan mengapa kerajaan terbabit menaja syarikat dan projek PFI?

6. Misalnya, kita belum lagi mendalami pinjaman lebih RM20 bilion yang diambil daripada Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (EPF) oleh Pembinaan PFI Sdn Bhd. Macam 1MDB dan SRC International, Pembinaan PFI juga milik penuh Kementerian Kewangan.

7. Apa yang persendirian atau “private” mengeni PFI apabila inisiatif dirangka oleh kerajaan, syarikat ditubuhkan oleh kerajaan dan modal datang daripada tabung-tabung pelaburan berkaitan kerajaan (GLIC)?

8. Malangnya modal kebanyakan GLIC ini – KWSP, KWAP, Tabung Haji dan PNB – adalah daripada pekerja dan rakyat jelata.

9. Siapa yang beri idea ini kepada Mohd Najib wajib turut bertanggungjawab ke atas risiko yang kini dibebani oleh pencarum KWSP, penerima pencen KWAP, penyimpan Tabung Haji dan pelabur Amanah Saham PNB.

10. Orang macam Abdul Wahid Omar dan Idris Jala faham hal ini. Justeru itu, mereka wajib dipersalahkan kalau nasi tumpah ke bumi. Kalau jadi bubur masih boleh dimakan.

Wallahuaklam. Terima kasih.

Saja saja... said...
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Saja saja... said...
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Saja saja... said...
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Pakcik said...


Mungkin mulai sekrg (mungkin dato dah fikir) kita kena fikir bagaimana kalau..

1. AG tak buat kerja dgn betul dan amanah..
2. IGP tak buat kerja dgn adil dan telus..
3. Ketua SPRM tidak lagi berani mencari kebenaran dan mendedahkan penyelewengan..
4. Dan lain lain pegawai kanan kerajaan yg diberi amanah

Apa yg kita sebagai rakyat boleh buat supaya mereka juga boleh dihukum, dilepaskan jawatan dan sebagainya. ..

Unknown said...

Adoi Dato
Kenapalah saya terbukak posting ni.
Saya baru saja bertempur di blog putramerdeka dan dr.mim.
Sakit hati tak habis lagi.

Ada tak jalan paling selamat dan cepat utk kita 'halau' Najib ni dari jawatan Pee Mmnya?

Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk Maestro & Sahabat3 Semua2..

"AhJibGO - The EXclusive PM (Prime Munafiq)"

"Malaysia - Daulat Tuanku!"

-Syukur Alhamdu'Lillah, Our Beloved King & Our Cherished Conference of Malay Rulers HAVE DECREED...

-But as we "rejoice the moment" & "analyze the situation".. It seems some of the "King's Men" have the cheeks to do the utmost damning thing.. They CHOOSE to 'make comment@distort' on 'Our Royal Highnesses Official Statement'..

-That 'Royal Official Statement' does not need any more "add-ons".. The statement is "as clear as daylight".. But some of these politicans CHOOSE to put THEIR OWN 'interpretations' and somehow manage to "spell-bind" the obvious..

-Surprising when our 'major mainstream medias' CHOOSE not to "put it in printing"... And also CHOOSE not to "put it on air"..

-These actions DOES "sounds/looks" like 'TREASON'...isn't it ?

-DYMM SPB YDP Agong IS Our Nation's "Head of State"...Still IS & Still AM..

-May Allah SWT saves Our King & Our Royal Highnesses from harm...


"Malaysia - The 4 Horsemen"

-If we are serious in saving Our Nation.. We have to "dismiss" these culprits.. There is no other way..

-The PM (AhJibGO & BigRosy), The Speaker (Dewan Rakyat), The IGP, & The AG (Attorney General)...

-ITS OBVIOUS NOW...The PM "grips" our 'Executive Branch', The Speaker "grips" our 'Parliament', The IGP "grips" our 'Law & Order', and lastly The AG "grips" our 'Judiciary Branch'..

-These are the "Persons of Decadence" that is steadily destroying Our Nation's Foundations & putting all of us at risk.. Don't have to say more on this.. EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS what these people are obviously capable of doing..

-We must put a stop to this.. The sooner the better.. For us and our future generations..

-May Allah SWT grants us all the strength to "march forward"...


"The Malaysian Deception"

-Remember about the "Malaysia Favouring TPPA" statement given out by PutraJaya?

-THE TRUTH is we the MAJORITY detest to it.. TPPA is POISONOUS to us.. Imagine Our Nation "Post-TPPA".. Life will never be the same again!

-Our own Economists are saying it.. Our own Activists are saying it.. It seems now that EVERYONE is also "saying it".. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh!

-No more 'Generic-Medicine' for the needy.. Our Nation will be "flooded" by Imports (more Junks most probably).. And "Our Nation's Policies" WILL BE HEAVILY INFLUENCED by 'The Outsiders'..

-What will happen to 'Our Sovereignty' at that time? Will there be any left?

-In the end...ONLY God Almighty Knows Best..

"Fight The Battle AND Win The War...Insy'Allah"

***May Allah AWJ bless & protects us all from Iblis & Dajjal**


"The AhJibGO Factor"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

P/S: Be vigilant everyone..."Malaysia - Dangerous Times"

AZAM anak Sarawak said...
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Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Nampak hang marah sakan sekim 'private finance initiative' (atau pfi) ni dan marah hang ni aku perati dah lama dah. Dia juga macam lebih sikit dari apa depa kata 'outsourcing', dimana projek kerajaan di bagi pada sektor koporat (kenun kenun), tapi tidak macam konsep asai, duit depa ambik dari tabung awam. Mata mata lani kata 'modus operandi' ka apa ka... Sekali dengan tiga beradik benama korupsi, kolusi dan kroni, selengkoh tu jadi terok habih. Tapi aku rasa la...macam satu irama saja dengan cara depa selengkoh Dasag Ekonomi Baru (DEB) bepuloh puloh tahun. Dah jadi ngam habih atau 'symbiotic', dari kalangan elit politik melayu dengan tauke2 cina dan india/sri lanka dgn pasar tawanan atau 'hinterland' yg terdiri dari puak2 'gerombolan' yg turut dapat sikit habuan, baik dari kalangan kakitangan kerajaan mau pon dari kalangan 'warlord' dan rakyat yg kebanyakkannya munkin tunjok kepada miskin ilmu dan penghayatan Islam.

Kalu hang ikut aliran pikiran ni, munkin hang akan paham pasai apa depa lemah nak cekup lagi cina kawan baik anak tiri yg bakai bersiul macam burung kenari tu. Ikut basa orang dolu2 dari Chicago ka apa ka...

Apa apa yg lemah dlm tuhlisan ni, dari aku, maghap no.

Saja saja... said...
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berasiam said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ

Salah satu kaedah menumbangkan kerajaan ialah dengan menggagalkan kelulusan Bajet. Jika usul undi tidak percaya dibuat, boleh ditepis oleh Yang DiPertua Dewan Rakyat. Jika Yang DiPertua lepaskan usul pun, ada kemungkinan undi belah bahagi akan menggagalkan usul berkenaan. Andai berjaya sekalipun memaksa Najib undur melalui undi tidak percaya, kerajaan selepas ini terhutang budi kepada Yang Berhormat dari pembangkang. Belum apa-apa lagi mereka telah menuntut pembentukan Kerajaan Campuran. Oleh yang demikian, kaedah menggagalkan kelulusan Bajet 2016 adalah kaedah alternatif yang lebih mudah. Sebahagian Yang Berhormat BN hanya perlu menguzurkan diri pada masa pengundian Bajet 2016. Sejarah membuktikan perkara sedemikian hampir berlaku tidak lama dahulu hingga para Yang Berhormat BN dipaksa datang ke Parlimen pada saat akhir. Pandikar akan hilang ilmu silatnya, pembangkang juga tidaklah menanam budi yang besar. Yang penting hayat Najib sebagai Ketua Kerajaan berakhir dengan kegagalan Bajet yang dibentangkan kerana tewas bilangan undi yang menyokong. Bagi Yang Berhormat BN yang bersetuju untuk menguzurkan diri bolehlah berangan untuk dilantik dalam kabinet baru kerajaan BN selepas ini. Bila kabinet terbubar, TPM pun kosong sehingga budi bicara PM seterusnya untuk mwlantik timbalan. Amat jelas Zahid tiada peluang untuk maju menjadi PM sebagaimana yang dibimbangi banyak pihak. Tidak perlu kerajaan campuran atau Unity Government seperti yang dituntut oleh pembangkang. Untuk kali pertama dalam sejarah negara, kita menuntut supaya Yang Berhormat BN tidak melaksanakan tugas hakiki mereka pada hari pengundian Bajet 2016 nanti. Siapa yang tidak hadir itulah wira sebenar rakyat.

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