Sunday, October 04, 2015

Lessons From Zimbabwe, the Philippines and Togo

A Kadir Jasin

سْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful".

UPDATE, Oct 6 – Bernama reported a while ago that the Malay Rulers want the government to complete investigations relating to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) as soon as possible and take appropriate stern action against those found to be implicated.

In a statement, the Rulers stressed that all concerned should extend "real and sincere" cooperation in order for the investigation to achieve its objectives.

"The findings of the investigation must be reported comprehensively and in a transparent manner so that the people will be convinced of the sincerity of the government which shall not at all conceal facts and the truth," they said.

The statement was released by the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal, Datuk Seri Syed Danial Syed Ahmad, after the pre-council meeting of the Conference of Rulers at Istana Negara today. The 239th meeting of the Conference of Rulers is scheduled for two days from tomorrow.

The statement said: "The failure to give convincing clarifications and answers is feared to have resulted in a crisis of confidence.


A EUROPEAN Union (EU) diplomat, who proudly told me that he “attended” both the Yellow and the Red Shirts demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur recently, thought I was joking when I said Malaysia could be heading in the direction of Zimbabwe or, worse, Togo.

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That struck the cord immediately with him because before being posted to Malaysia, he spent several years in Zimbabwe. He ought to know much more than I do about Zimbabwe. My only trip to that land-locked east African nation was way back in the 1980’s to report on the Non Alliance Conference.

Then its leader, President Robert Mugabe was still celebrated as a hero and a nation builder. By our standard, Zimbabwe was poor but by African standard it was not. It was one of the best-developed post-colonial nations in Africa.

Today, Mugabe is 91 years old. He has been in power for 35 years – first as Prime Minister and later President. He is tyrannical. Zimbabwe’s economy has literally collapsed. It no longer has its own currency. The war that Mugabe helped to perpetuate killed as many as 30,000 of his own people and displacing many more.

The Zimbabwean dollar became a junk currency. Last June it was withdrawn from circulation because even Zimbabweans did not want it. Today the government’s official currency is the US dollar while South African rand, Indian rupee and Chinese yuan are widely used. Chinese yuan is accepted because China is Zimbabwe’s big brother while the US dollar is preferred because Zimbabwe’s trade is large denominated in that currency. Some say its is because many big men water land (orang besar tanah air) of Zimbabwe keep their haul in US dollar.

The worthless Zimbabwean currency
(Datuk Seri) Idris Jala, when he was a minister, warned that Malaysia could become like Greece if subsidy was not gradually phased out. Many people were upset with him. Then things were not as bad as today.

His warning proved prophetic. If the present political and economic crises are not immediately solved, we could become like Greece or worse like Zimbabwe and Togo.

A Spooked PM Won’t Not Go

The Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Matti­mung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak refuses to resign, confidence in the economy is declining, the ringgit is plunging, cost of living is rising, capital is fleeing, the people are seething, Umno is fracturing and the Barisan Nasional is dying.

When Mohd Najib took power as Prime Minister and Finance Minister in 2009 the ringgit was doing well after Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi removed the peg in 2005. RM rose steadily to around 3.30 from 2011 to the middle of last year. Since a year ago, however, it had fallen to as low a 4.70.

There is so much that we can blame the external factors for our predicament. We are suffering a major confidence crisis and trust deficit. Our strong economic fundamentals are being ignored by investors because they do not have confidence in our government.

It is for the above reasons that I had braved the possibility of being condemned by suggesting that we should allow him safe passage. I am saying it again. Let’s give him a safe passage. Let's make it easier for him to leave.

We have to ask ourselves, which is more important - putting him on trial for alleged corruption or saving the country?

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad wasn’t stating anything new when he said, Mohd Najib won’t leave because he is afraid of being arrested and charged, and that the ringgit would recover if he resigns.

Want To Be Like Zimbabwe?

Do we want him to do the Mugabe by staying on at whatever cost while the economy heads towards the abyss? Or we allow him a safe passage?

Let us put aside our thirst for his blood and set our focus on saving our country from ruin. The longer the current situation persists, the worse it is for us.

Mohd Najib needs executive protection
We all know that he would do all he could to stay put. He may be putting a brave face at home and abroad but deep in his heart he knows the moment he resigns or losses control of the AG’s Chamber, the police, the MACC and Bank Negara, he would be arrested and charged.

We see that in his desperation to be accepted, he is trying to sound in sync with the rakyat. Take his most recent statement in New York that 1MDB’s business model was too idealistic and it went into heavy debt financing. That’s what we have been saying all along. With the ringgit in free fall, 1MDB’s debt could have risen way about the reported RM42 billion.

We will all be damned by the future generations if we do nothing to stop this rot. We should be gravely concerned about our present and about the future of our children and grandchildren.

We can wait for the next general elections in 2017 or 2018 to force him out. Even that is not a sure thing. He might still win and by then it might be too late for the country.

Look at our neighbour the Philippines. It used to be better than us. It took only one bad leader and his wife to ruin it. Marco had long gone but the Philippines has never really recovered from what he and his wife did.

The singing couple Marcos and Emelda: They ruined the Philippines
 Marcos and his free-spending wife, Emelda would not have left on that night of Feb 25, 1986 had the US not guaranteed them their safety and President Corazon Aquino had not allowed them free passage.

Or our country could become like Togo. The west African country is the 26th poorest country in the world. But in April, less than a month after the UNDP issued a report stating that the people of Togo were the least happy people in the world, its President, Faure Gnassingbe, was re-elected for a third term. His family has been in power for 48 years. His father, Gnassingbe Eyadema, took power in a coup in 1967. All over the world bad leaders get re-elected by enslaving the people and manipulating the electoral process.

Akhirulqalam: Let me categorically state that not all people around Mohd Najib are bad and rude. Yes, some are very bad and extremely rude. But most are decent men and women who themselves are not in total agreement with him. I met a couple of them at a wedding reception in Putrajaya on Oct 3. Special thank to (Datuk) Rohana Mahmood.

Historical anecdote from the Philippines: Prime Minister Cesar Virata contacted President Cory Aquino by phone. Mr. Virata informed Mrs. Aquino that he had just gotten a phone message from the Americans requesting him to be the "honest broker" in negotiating the departure of Mr. Marcos "in safety" from the Palace. Malacañang was already besieged by angry crowd. Virata asked President Aquino if she wanted to impose any "conditions". Mrs. Aquino replied, "Tell him it's okay to go - my only condition is that he leave the country."

Footnote: If you have time, watch the movie “Turks and Caicos” on Astro’s Cinemax. It is about unscrupulous American contractors who conspired with a rogue British spy to overcharge the British Government, laundered their loot in Turks and Caicos, and set up a secret fund for the British Prime Minister who has the ambition of becoming an international statesman. Like Caymen Islands, Turk and Caicos is an offshore financial centre or tax haven.



Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Dato,

Najib n Rosmah can leave this country safely BUT he is not allowed to take anyrhing that is not his or his wife.

This include properties, bank deposits, et, etc as this part of the RM42 billion owned by the RAKYAT.

The same goes to his faithful Ball polishers.

Unknown said...

may i know if Najib leaves, who is the right person to lead malaysia?

Anwar? Hadi Awang? Lim Kiat Siat? Rafizi Ramli? Azmin Ali? Wan Azizah? Nurul Izzah? KJ? Muhiyidin? Mahathir??

not many are leadership material. most of politicians just securing their hide. somehow, all just thinking about the next election instead of the next generation.

i think we give politicians too much attention and expectation that they the only ones that can make this country strong. real people, real malaysian make this country.

Zalman A said...


Some interesting trivia.

In early 2004, the German anti-corruption NGO Transparency International released a list of what it believes to be the ten most self-enriching leaders in the past two decades. In order of amounts allegedly stolen in USD, they were:

Former Indonesian President Suharto ($15 billion – $35 billion)

Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos (at least $10 billion by 1986, equivalent to about $21.6 billion in 2014 dollars)

Former Congolese President Mobutu Sese Seko ($5 billion)

Former Nigerian Head of State Sani Abacha ($2 billion – $5 billion)

Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milošević ($1 billion)

Former Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier ("Baby Doc") ($300 million – $800 million)

Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori ($600 million)

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko ($114 million – $200 million)

Former Nicaraguan President Arnoldo Alemán ($100 million)

Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada ($78 million – $80 million)

We may one day know where the Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Matti­mung Karaeng Sanrobone ranks in this illustrious company.

With our football team sliding faster than the Zimbabwean currency, at least we can break into the top 6-7 global ranking in the specialised field of corruption.

PS: Kalo tambah various defence deals from Mappadulung Daeng Matti­mung Karaeng Sanrobone's previous posting, Slobodan Milošević & Jean-Claude Duvalier kalah jugak, 5 is within reach!)

Zalman A said...

Dengan izin, Datuk - I seem to have a trivia bug tonight!

Little history detour into the Philippines:

These are my favourite bits of the article (you may have others):

“Five months later they would also buy the three adjoining apartments, paying a total of $4,000,000.00 for the four and using Antonio Floirendo’s company, The Aventures Limited in Hong Kong, as front for these purchases.

Marcos fled the Philippines leaving behind a foreign debt of $27 billion and a bureaucracy gone mad. “Cash advances” for the elections from the national treasury amounted to Php 3.12 billion ($150 million).

Imelda charged off most of her spending sprees to the PNB or Philippine National Bank which creatively wrote off her debts as “unresponded transfers”

These losses were primarily due to cronyism – giving loans to cronies that had little or no collateral, whose corporations were undercapitalized, whose loan proceeds were not used for the avowed purpose, and where the practice of corporate layering was common, i.e. using two or more companies with the same incorporators and officers, whereby one company which gives the loan owns the company which obtains the loan, or similar arrangements.

Because of the free rides taken by Imelda, Marcos and the cronies, the Philippine Airlines was in debt by $13.8 billion.

Inside were thirty-five suitcases secured with locks and tape. They contained a treasure trove of documents about Swiss bank accounts, New York real estate, foundations in Vaduz, and some notepaper on which Marcos had practiced his “William Saunders” signature.

Questioned by Philippine and US lawyers about his hidden wealth, Marcos took the Fifth Amendment 197 times. Imelda followed suit – 200 times.

By 1986, the number of Filipinos living below the poverty line doubled from 18 million in 1965 to 35 million. And the ecological balance of the country had degraded from 75 % to 27% forest cover remaining – with 39 million acres of forest falling victim to rampant logging.

Meritorious officers in the armed forces experienced low morale due to Marcos’ penchant for promoting friends over more deserving officers.

Marcos was found guilty of violating the human rights of 10,000 victims.”

If you see amazing similarities to home, well -

- you may be right.

Now the question of how we can avoid our national predicament from reaching these levels.

We are dangerously close already.

panglimo potaseh said...

Untuk selamatkan Malaysia dari malapetaka ekonomi maka kita perlu juga menyelamatkan pelaku, ibu pada segala rasuah lepas bebas dari segala dakwaan.

Ini adalah dilema dan lebih hebat lagi satu konflik .. tapi kalau ianya benar-benar berlaku ia bukanlah kali pertama. Ia seperti menutup sebelah mata. Itulah yang berlaku selama ini. Banyak kes seperti ini digunakan atas nama bumiputera .. kunonnya untuk memajukan Melayu .. saya pernah melihat usahawan melayu dapat projek bina berbelas kampus universiti sekali gus .. walhal dalam masa yang sama ramai kontrektor bumiputera kelas A yang dah bertahun tak dapat projek.

Pada 1998 kompeni China yang saya bekerja terpaksa berkongsi untung (yang buat kerja 100% adalah kompeni China) dengan syarikat bumiputera yang telah dianugerahkan projek bina 1,000 makmal komputer dibawah Kementerian Pendidikan masa itu (cuba teka siapa Menteri Pendidikan masa itu). Walhal pada masa itu gawat dan ramai kontrektor kelas F tak de kerja.

Saya kira perkara sebegini dah sampai masanya diberikan noktah. Alang menyeluk pekasam biar sampai pangkal lengan. Peluang dah diberi .. lagi diberi ia semakin menjadi-jadi.

adion said...

Since you were once one of the key person during one of the past leader era, I have a question and hope you will answer honestly.

When an adviser or a key person who are being appointed and highly paid legally by a leader of govt of the day, do you think you will give your best advise or opinion based on the interest of the leader or Malaysia or your own well being.

Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk AKJ & Sahabat3 Semua2..

"AhJibGO - The EXclusive PM (Pemimpin Munafiq)"

"Malaysia - Lessons Learnt"

-What we have seen so far is that if "too much power" is given to a certain leader, chances of that leader abusing such powers are there.. Such is the case of Zimbabwe, the Philippines, & Togo.. And also any other 'similar-case/related' countries..

-Its high time that Malaysia "empowers" its Parliament & make it more "Free & Transparent"... So as to maintain "Check & Balance" within the 'Executive Branch'..

-We should never allow our politicians to 'corrupt' "Our Governance System" like what is happening now.. Its time to put a stop to that.. 'Forever' if possible..

"Malaysia - Present & Future"

-So far, even school-kids now knows that "a country's stability" is somehow "connected" to the country's "current well-being"...

-That if a certain country's fundamentals is "not quite well".. Then that country's competitiveness will "reflect the truth" of the situation.. No matter what the politicians try to "paint a different picture"..

-Maybe its time that we Malaysians "breed" a 'new-kind' of politicians - Responsive Politicians.. Where Our Nation's well-being is the utmost important.. A "Self-less Leader" that genuinely cares for its people..

-Is that really possible??? God Almighty knows best... Perhaps time will tell..

"The Malaysian Dilemma"

-How to give "safe-passage" to a leader who seems oblivious to reality... A leader that knows no shame or remorse..

-Who seems insensitive to the plight of his people... At home or Abroad..

-To do the "utmost unthinkable" proves to be quite "challenging".. Especially to the laymen (a.k.a "people on the streets").. Where having "billions of savings" are beyond their 'agenda/imagination'..

-If only things were not as "complicated" as it is now... IF ONLY AhJibGO would choose to do "the right thing" voluntarily..

-May God Almighty "opens-up" his heart & mind... For Our Nation's sake..

"Fight The Battle AND Win The War...Insy'Allah"

***May Allah AWJ bless & protects us all from Iblis & Dajjal**


"The AhJibGO Factor"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

P/S: Another great piece...Touché Maestro! :-)

Saja saja... said...

"Tell him it's okay to go....."

Saja saja... said...

1. Tun M to take over as interim PM.
2. PRU14 not later than 2016.
3. Tun M to dissolve BN.
4. PRU14 only to use individual party symbol.
5. Future UNITY government after PRU14, where,
- Future PM from President of largest majority, irrespective of race and religion
- Future Deputy PM from President of 2nd largest majority, irrespective of race and religion.
- The separation of PM from Finance portfolio.
- Full autonomy (not devolution or empowerment) for Sabah, where English schools must be returned and fully-funded. Curriculum to be based on British/Commonwealth Education System, the best in the world.
- restore the independence of key institutions in line with Westminster system of governance. No second guessing as our existing is corrupted to the core and unreliable.

Saja saja... said...

1- Allow equal airtime to all parties to be heard and seen in all rakyat(government)-controlled media.
2- Ban all form of advertisements above and below the line.
3- Transparent political funding and audited for submission to Parliament.
4- Government vehicles cannot be used for political campaign.

Unknown said...

Are you sure our strong economic fundamental? May be in the short term. But in the long term it is any body's guess. If rm is still diving it will definitely affect our economy.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Semalam sy bersembang dgn kawan2 tentang Khir Toyo yg dihukum penjara bersabit rasuah tanah RM3j (harga pasaran RM6j ..tetapi dibeli dgn harga RM3j).

Ada juga sy terbaca tentang konstabel polis yg ditangkap kerana rasuah RM50 dipenjara 6 bulan...ada juga cerita tentang bekas pengarah imigresen yg makan rasuah RM30ribu kena penjara 15 bulan dsb.

Kalau Pahlawan seperti ini yg balun duit RM2.6b disabit kesalahan....rasa2nya berapa tahun kita nak jelkan dia.

'Last2' bila sy dan kawan2 kira berlandaskan kes Toyo...jadi 'precedent'...yg kena 1 tahun penjara atas rasuah RM3j....Pahlawan ini akan kena penjara paling kurang 850 tahun.

850 tahun memang lama ...tetapi sebab fakta umur ..kira mati didlm jel lah.

Bila mengenangkan sikap ketua2 Melayu seperti ini....hilang rasa belas kasihan...jika dia dipenjara 2000 tahun sekali pun.

Eloklah beri dia 'safe package' sebelum negara ini jadi Zimbawi dan RM10b nanti lesap tambah.

"Minyak dan air tidak bercampur"...ini yg dikatakan Islam cara Melayu Umno.

A Hamid's East of the West said...

Ya, Datuk, biar najib pegi untuk selama than negara, bagaimana pula dengan orang2' seperti menter2, penjawat awam yang bersekongkol dengan Najib? Bagaimana dengan ketua2 bahagian yg knianat itu?

joe black said...


Many, especially Tun Abdullah Badawi's supporters could not figure out why he went ahead to "Boo Himself Off the Stage" when he was accused of just Sleeping on the Job.

"Booing Yourself Off The Stage" happens on one or two occassions in your life when you do something not up to your usual high standard (having a "standard", in his life, is one of many issues which Najib truly needs to reflect on).

In "Booing himself off the stage", Tun Abdullah Badawi managed to deprive others of the satisfaction of his embarrasment.

A Total Stranger, attending a local wedding admitted he was repulsed, whenever he sees Najib's Image on the TV screen (seems a bit extreme but true). He is the victim of "NajibPhobia", a new slow creeping phenomena sweeping the country. For how long will this phenomena lasts depends on when Najib is willing to "Boo himself off the Stage".

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Hang guna ungkapan "our strong economic fundamentals"... masyaAllåh Kadiag, sebijik macam apa anak Ungku Aziz dan geng sewaktu dia selalu sebut2....

Dengan izin, aku nak beza sikit...'strong economic fundamentals' sikit2 nya kena tertegak ataih :-

1. 'Good governance' ~ sistem pemerintahan yg responsif, representatif, amanah...yg tertegak pulak ataih 'kontrak sosial' dan sistem undang2 dan sistem pelaksana yg 'adil,

2. Matawang yg kukuh, sistem ekonomi yg maknusiawi dan sistem kontrak yg 'adil.

Kalu benda2 ni takdak, aku rasa tak kena kalu kita dok ungkit2 'strong economic fundamentals'....

Macam mana pon, terima kasih sekali lagi kak hang dan jugak kpd En Zalman A kerana sumbang banyak maklumat, semoga pengalaman dolu2 dapat pandu kita buat keputusan yg baik, InsyaAllåh.


pemerhati setia said...

Salam Dato,
Secara peribadi saya amat bersetuju dengan saranan dato untuk najib dan keluarganya meletak jawatan dan berhijrah keluar dari Malaysia. Saya amat yakin kita mampu bangkit kembali dalam bidang ekonomi dengan hanya menggunakan sumber dalaman negara. Apalah sangat kalau setakat 50 bilion ringgit isu 1mdb terbenam, insha Allah ia boleh ditampung hanya beberapa bulan. Biarlah najib keluar, apa yg dah berlalu jadikan pengajaran untuk pemimpin berikutnya. Tun M seharusnya mula suarakan option ini dan amat yakin, dia (Tun M) boleh kembalikan situasi genting ini. Tun M tahu bagaimana langkah2 seterusnya untuk Malaysia.

Foo said...

What is the ACTUAL current debt of 1MDB? RM 42 billion was based on $1 : RM 3.3, with the current exchange of RM 4.47, shouldn't the sum be AT LEAST 30% higher?

Kampong man said...

You have only three best optios to oust Najib.

1.Secure a vote of no confidence in Parliament if you may.I doubt so you can because the opposition just do not have the numbers. Remember Pas will never agree to it after DAP squabbles with them.They respect GE results.

2.Najib proven guilty of corruption in court.Not yet or will never be because so far it is NONE.MACC cleared him.

3.Majority UMNO members vote him out.But unlike other parties majority of UMNO members are solidly behind Najib following UMNO realistic political transformation.My simple analysis is that Najib remains as our PM,period.

Tun M is no longer relevent politically. He should retire gracefully.He has done enough to oust many past PM.This time he will fail.

There is not enough basis to replace mandated Najib for once lets respect the GE results.We do not need further Malay split.Cheers...

Saja saja... said...

1. Transition government, Interim PM (largest majority), 1st DPM (2nd largest majority) and 2nd DPM (3rd largest majority), irrespective of race and religion.

2. After PRU14, the largest majority party must seek its partner/s to form UNITY GOVERNMENT, within 30 days, for Agong's approval.

3. National issues such as Education must go to people by referendum, not along political lines.

4. Abolish official religion. Free to practice any religion.

5. Tuan Yang Terutama (TYT) for Sabah should be elected, not appointed, on 3 years two terms.

6. Sabah to abolish and ban usage of all forms of State titles. Her citizens can still use such title/s outside Sabah.


1.I wrote: “The Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Matti¬mung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak refuses to resign, confidence in the economy is declining, the ringgit is plunging, cost of living is rising, capital is fleeing, the people are seething, Umno is fracturing and the Barisan Nasional is dying.”

2.On capital flight, he is another piece of bad news: KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian unit trust investors, in their search for yield, are increasingly looking at options outside of Malaysia and are eyeing markets such as Japan and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific.

A survey by Eastspring Investments Bhd showed that the majority of investments continue to stay within Malaysia but some outflow can be expected with home allocation potentially dropping from 70% to 59% in the second half of 2015. (

3.It means the yield/return from Malaysian investment is declining and can no longer meet the expectation of unit holders. In short, Malaysian investors have to “membangsat” (migrate) abroad to earn profits. It also means that the good economic fundamentals and sound monetary and fiscal systems on claimed by the likes of (Datuk Seri) Abdul Wahid Omar, (Tan Sri) Zeti Akhtar Aziz and Idris Jala do not convinced investors.

4. Debater adion, among other things, said: “When an adviser or a key person who are being appointed and highly paid legally by a leader of govt of the day, do you think you will give your best advise or opinion based on the interest of the leader or Malaysia or your own well being."

5. All past PMs also had advisers, official and unofficial. But certainly not as many and as uninspiring as Mohd Najib has. Tun Dr Mahathir employed only a couple of advisers, mostly consecutively – people like late Tan Sri Ali Abul Hasan and Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop. Others were “operators” - like Tun Daim, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, Tan Sri Megat Junid and Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin. These people were not yes men. They were men of their own and were qualified in their respective fields.

5. Mohd Najib created a whole new record by surrounding himself with scores of advisors, consultants and special officers from within the country and abroad. Many of them are unknown and their fields of expertise are suspect. There is one chap whom, to my knowledge, knows nothing about media and journalism but is said to be most feared person in the media. He could order and bully editors of mainstream media. To me, most of them are more apt at adding vice (add vice sir?) than giving him sound advice.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Kawanbaru said...

Alhamdulillah, kebenaran akhirnya terbongkar. Bukan yang PM Najib buat salah. Yahudi puji sikap mesra beliau dengan PM Israel. Saya baca dalm MI, akhbar Yahudi, the Times of Israel memuji Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak kerana dikatakan bercakap positif tentang agama Yahudi dan mengiktiraf negara itu sebagai "teman bicara sah" semasa Perhimpunan Agung Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) di New York, Amerika Syarikat, baru-baru ini.

Menurut akhbar tersebut, sebelum ini pendahulu-pendahulu Najib tidak mesra terhadap negara Israel dan agama Yahudi.

"Walaupun Najib melemparkan kritikan, agak ketara pemimpin Malaysia itu bercakap positif mengenai agama Yahudi dan mengiktiraf Israel sebagai 'teman bicara sah'.

"Malaysia secara formalnya merupakan negara Islam dan beberapa pendahulu Najib tidak mesra kepada Israel dan Yahudi," tulis akhbar itu dalam artikel bertajuk "Malaysian PM calls for ‘new dawn’ in Muslim-Jewish relations".

Menurut The Times Of Israel, Najib mahu "fajar baru" dalam hubungan di antara umat Islam dan Yahudi. (

Sokongan Israel adalah bermakna kerana Israel adalah sekutu Amerika dan PM kita adalah sekutu Amerika. Salam.

nothing to hide said...

let him off the hook? i hope you are still compos mantis.

Zalman A said...

"There is not enough basis to replace mandated Najib"

Who "mandated" him to harass, intimidate, transfer and retire people into silence who were investigating his wrongdoings?

You don't respect democracy, democracy doesn't have to respect you.

"...majority of UMNO members are solidly behind Najib following UMNO realistic political transformation."

It has realistically been transformed, into a vehicle for extreme self-enrichment and corruption, yes.

"Majority of UMNO members are solidly behind Najib?"

Do not mistake the antics of the cium-tangan bodek squad as the voice of the majority.

Pompuan said...

Salam 1 Melayu DAKJ
Macam manalah Datuk nak suruh Najib berhenti. Lagi bertambah hebat. Balik dari NYC and Milanpun orang buat rombongan Cik Kiah ke KLIA. Macam balik berjihad Y'all. Yang kutuk mengutukpun datang. Hahaha. Lawak sungguh.
Why do you want Najib to go and be a free man? Sebijik macam Tun Mahathir. Like you all have hidden agenda. Desperate sangat. Macam cuma tak suka dia bukan kerana dia 'curi' duit IMDB. I am totally against that.
I prefer him to stay and if he is found guilty, off to jail he goes. Let him be shamed world-wide
So until then, I said repeatedly, he must stay on. If not he can tell the world, he is unceremoniously, unjustly removed. No case to answer. Duit pun tak dapat balik.
He can fight in court and win.
And on a lighter note, if he is Mugabe, then aunt Rosie is Grace Mugabe. Daily Mail of London has said she is ready take hubby's place.
So is our aunt. She can contest hubby's seat and win. Then she is our PM. After all she has lots of practice running the gomen. Trust me she will be a better Premier than Najib.
Don't laugh. This can happemed. She is Shakespeare' s shrew.
As for jadi Marcos and Imelda or Shah of Iran, takdelah Amerika nak take them for political asylum. Obama's term is ending. Hillary Clinton or Trump will not accept them.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

This one is a true bully. By allowing a safe passage we are not helping him set his path right. We spoil the brat more, and we also ruin the country - we set a precedent for future corrupt leaders, our principles and values would definitely go down the drain. Future leaders especially the one holding the highest office would not be afraid to commit wrongs like corruption and power abuse because there is already a precedent set. Why must we allow safe passage to dislodge the bully - though it may look like it's the easiest way out to save our beloved country but the consequences to us in the long run would be far far greater - we probably will not be around to witness the real consequences of our acts today but our children, grandchildren will definitely have to endure and suffer the mistakes that we have made.

Ditelan mati emak diluah mati bapak - tetapi jalan yang terbaik untuk penyelesaian jangka panjang kepada negara kita tidak semestinya jalan yang termudah dan tercepat, Datuk. We may have to endure and choose the hard way before we finally triumph. Lessons are hard learned, but lessons learnt will always lead us back on the right track.

Terima kasih Datuk A. Kadir. Take good care.

sawachikaeri said...

maaf cakap....

Apakah wajar cadangan ini dipersetujui?setelah duit rakyat dibalun sesuka hati....rakyat dihenyak dengan pelbagai cukai...rakan ditatang dengan penuh kasih sayang...kita nak lepas dia begitu sahaja.

kalau macam tu seronoklah jadi pemimpin.songap duit banyak-banyak...buat sesuka hati...bila orang tak suka...mereka beri lesen kita melepaskan diri.

kita bukan negara filipina...kita bukan negara zimbawe..kita negara yang 50%rakyatnya islam...tidakkah maruah islam lagi tercemar setelah maruah agama ini dirobek oleh najib dengan perbuatan yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Adalah lebih baik kita berkumpul solat hajat agar Allah melaknatnya jija benar beliau bersalah..

lagi pun jangan salahkan beliau sahaja yang merosakkan negara ini.ramai lagi pemimipin yang merestuinya.begitu juga pengundi di felda....di kampung kampung...trmasuk penyokong baju merah.

Dan hari ini ..mlebih seribu macai nodoh menyambutnya..habis kita jak buat apa...?ramai lagi kalangan rakyat yang bodoh dan boleh ditipunya...jadi apa keperluan beliau nak terima gagasan atau cadangan ini...

yeop_sepet said...

Salam dato.if najib were to give safe passage,our nation problem won't able to be solved. And I don't think the likes of Arul kanda,jho low will allowed themself to take najib blunder on their shoulder,and of course rosmah will not let her son incriminate too. Najib have to be brought down by force,enforcement that is. If he were to give safe passage, he will go together with the money he had stolen, and we have to pay for it.i don't believe that a good idea,desperate times need for desperate measures.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Serupa Khir Toyo mohon diringankan hukuman ke community service. Najib juga kalau boleh mahu trade kebebasannya dengan safe passage. Apa gunanya rule of law kita dan apa akibatnya tindakan kita pada hari ini berbanding masa hadapan sebuah negara yang boleh menjangkau teguh dengan berpegang kepada prinsip dan nilai? Mungkin kita boleh terus merangka strategi memulih ekonomi negara dan sebagainya apabila Najib di'lepaskan', tetapi mahukah kita kalau ada harga yang terpaksa kita bayar untuk tindakan yang ini, memang bukan sekarang tetapi bertahun-tahun kemudian, kerana kita yang mengubah sejarah, yang sedihnya kepada yang lebih kelam dan celaru.

Walau pun demikian Datuk, jika sudah tiada jalan lain lagi, pertimbangkanlah juga perasaan rakyat, yang mungkin hanya setuju jika laluan selamat ini bersyarat ie. si dia tinggalkan negara ini dan semua hartanya disita (walaupun dalam proses semua hartanya harus dibekukan segera). Itu pun selepas dia terbukti bersalah oleh proses undang-undang. In other words we cannot run away from invoking the law. Justice to both him and the people.

Thanks Datuk. Just my one sen opinion.

LaM said...

The country is burning and Najib is not resigning. What is the Agong doing? Is he not doing anything? Malaysia is not a republic like Zimbabwe or Philipines. We are a constitutional monarchy. We have the Agong who is the executive authority of the Federation unlike Zimbabwe and Philipines. We have also the Conference of rulers who can give advices to the government of the day.

The oath of office of the Agong reads: "Wallahi, Wabillahi and Watallahi...We shall justly and faithfully perform our duties in the administration of Malaysia in accordance with the law...solemly and truly declare that we shall..uphold the rules of law and order in the country...". As such it is his duty to see that the country is not burning and going down the Zimbabwe way.

The PM of the country is corrupt. The PM of the country has interfered with the rule of law and order. In subverting a corrupt investigation against him he had removed the AG who is about to prefer a charge against him & and had asked the police to interfere with the Macc investigation. The AG is also the legal advisor to the Agong by virtue of Art 145(2). How can a corrupt person advise the Agong to remove his legal advisor???

Obviously the Agong, has the power to ask his corrupt PM to take leave of absence and let the rule of law to take its course. If he is not capable of doing it alone, he could always convene the conference of rulers who could advise the PM to take his leave of absence pending resolution of his cases in a court of law. Art 38(2) says..the Conference of Rulers may deliberate on questions of national policy...and any other matter that it thinks fit.

In Malaysia, the rule of law should be respected and uphold. Najib should be advised to take leave of absence by either the Agong or the Conference of Rulers until his cases in a court of law with regard to the receipt of the RM2.6 billion so-called donation and of the RM42million from the Pension Fund loan are resolved in court. Msia do not have an Agong or Conference of Rulers for nothing. Instead of allowing the country to go along the Zimbabwe or Philipines way, they have to perform their constitutional role & do something to address the matter.

Syed Akbar Ali said...

Salam Dato.

I believe they will leave. Why? Because they can. They have the means to live very well overseas.

They will NOT leave unless the situation becomes really unhealthy for them.

Marcos did not leave until AFTER Corazon had won the elections. Until the last minute, Marcos felt that he could still win the elections and remain.

If Najib loses in 2018 he will leave in a hurry.

Or if the situation becomes too unbearable he and wifey will leave in a hurry.

If they think they can jail, throw out, replace, transfer and get rid of people opposed to them, then they will stay. It is actually up to them.

They have the option to leave any time they wish. In other words it is really not up to us to give Najib a safe passage to leave. They can leave safely anytime they wish. They have an airplane ready.

What can or should make Najib step down quicker are assurances that he will not be prosecuted after he steps down. But no one can give him that assurance. The law is the law.

Syed Akbar Ali

Pompuan said...

Precisely Kampung Man. The Malays need to be united. That explains my salutations of Salam 1 Melayu. We are now split if compared to the Chinese and Indians who are one for the DAP.
Sad that even in the Red-shirts issue, so many Malays are condemning them and are siding with the Chinese. We are siding with Bersih who is definitely pro-DAP.
Liberal sangat konon when The Nons are not. Proud that Chinese are applauding us for our so-called non-racist stance. You don't hear any nons praising what the government had done for them. Only Malays are racists. They are not.
We are so divided by PKR, PAS, the new Harapan whatever party. UMNO especially should be united especially with Najib. Not trying to undermine his leadership.
DAKJ, tell us sincerely can UMNO or the government be better without Najib?.Who is your choice as PM - Muhyiddin or Zahid?
And who is to say Dr Mahathir will also not find fault with either of them. The way I see it Tun wants the PM to continue what he did. Why can't he just accept that different leaders have different styles of leadership. There can be only one Mahathir.
It's really sad that Dollah Badawi is unceremoniously dumped just because he is alleged to be sleeping on the job. His crime is not even a smidgen of the allegations of Jibba pocketing RM2.6 billion. Sampai ni tak betegur-sapa. Besar sangat ke dosa Pak Lah sampai tak boleh dimaafkan.
Ini Najb pula pesona non-grata. Sampai bila nak jadi macam ni?

Malindo said...

Salam.Saya hanya senyum baca laporan ini beberapa minggu yg lalu:Rombongan DPR-RI(Ahli ahli Parlimen Indonesia)yg di ketuai oleh Setya Novanto Ketua Parlimen Indonesia jumpa Donald Trump(Calon kuat Presiden US).Jika Obama di ganti Trump maka Indonesia geng Trump.Malaysia masih geng Obama?

Ummu Aiman said...

Assalamualaikum Dato AKJ yang saya hormati

Saya seorang surirumah sepenuh masa yang sangat prihatin dengan isu semasa melalui pembacaan dan pemerhatian. Kecut perut setiap kali saya baca setiap pendedahan apa yang berlaku di sebalik tabir 1MDB. Lagi pedih hati bila Dato mencadangkan ' a safe passage' untuk PM walaupun saya nampak rasionalnya ada untuk memujuk PM turun.

Soalan saya adakah PM mahu pergi tanpa membawa harta rompakannya sekali? Mahukah dia lepaskan semuanya walaupun ada jaminan tiada tindakan undang- undang akan dikenakan jika dia disuruh pergi dengan tangan kosong? Semua pemimpin korup dunia lari dengan membawa kekayaan yang dihimpun bertahun-tahun. Saya yakin PM hanya akan setuju tawaran 'a safe passage' mengikut 'terms and condition' yang dia sendiri tentukan. Kalau dia setuju pun saya yakin isterinya tidak akan setuju. Ini hanya pandangan peribadi saya sebab saya rasa usul Dato sepatutnya dikemukakan terus pada isteri PM.

Saya mohon boleh tak Dato komen satu lagi isu yang menyesakkan nafas rakyat Malaysia iaitu TPPA yang sudah nyata dipersetujui oleh Malaysia. Terima kasih Dato selama ini banyak ilmu dan maklumat yang dato kongsikan kepada kami. Semoga Allah memberkati hidup Dato kerana berani mengatakan yang benar.

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Pompuan,

Sekarang ini sudahpun 1US:RM4.35, and there is no sign of reversal from the freefall.

Harga Iphone dan Ipad pun dah naik. Kereta Toyota pun dah announce nak naikkan harga.

So, the big question now is not about Najib but do we have a problem?
What is the cause of the problem?

Our malay rural folks at kampong will not be able to foresee if there is a problem with the economy until the roof had fallen to their heads.

If there is a problem, then somebody have to explain to the people and get rid of the root cause of the problem.

Politicians are all expendable; it is the political party that should be the priority. I am not an UMNO member but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that UMNO would be better if Najib resign.

I agree with DAKJ, that Najib should be given a safe passage to retire. He can retire with his menantu at Kazastan, while a new leader should be appointed to steer the economy to the right path. Najib do not get to keep the RM billions that is in his account, he has to return it of course.

After that we will have to reform the system so that this should never happen again like what happened in Philipines and Indonesia. No head of state should be given the mandate for more than 2 terms. In Philipines, only one 6 year term for the President after Marcos left the country.

I believe that any problem that happened in our country already happened in other parts of the world because we are all human and the same human problems persist such as greed, corruption and etc.

In Indonesia, there was a leadership stalemate in one of the main political party, Parti Demokratik Indonesia. So, they created a new party, Parti Demokratik Indonesia, Perjuangan. PDI-P, headed by Megawati and now the current Presiden is from this party. The original PDI no longer exist.

Nothing is impossible.

Joe Black said...


Semakin Giat Najib, TPM dan Teuku Adnan bercakap serta bertindak keras, semakin ramai rakyat termasuk Ahli Ahli UMNO mengidap penyakit "NajibPhobia"....

Mujahid said...

Once again you make a call for a compromise and once again I strongly reject it.

You gave the example of the Philippines. You ask, what would have happened if Marcos and wife had not been given save passage? You insinuate the answer as being, the Philippines would have been stuck with the Marcoses for a while yet.

No, Dato. In the example you just gave, if the Marcoses had still stuck to their guns and were not given safe passage out, they would have gone the way of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Somebody should be thanking God that we don't have the death penalty for corruption here, unlike China. But corrupt politicians, no matter who they might be, must be taught a stern lesson, once and for all.

Absolutely no amnesty.

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam once again. I tend to agree with what LaM 5.41pm wrote and proposed. For too long this option has been gingerly but mostly sidestepped, perhaps for fear of the sedition act, leste majesty or whatever. On the other hand, however, inaction, I suspect can be construed as colloboration, dereliction. Thanks.


1.The King and his brother Rulers had spoken. Menjunjung kasih tuanku. Will the Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM)take heed?

2. Lagos (AFP) - Nigeria on Monday confirmed the arrest in London of former oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke on suspicion of bribery and money laundering. More at

3.The same type of allegation involving Mohd Najib is also being investigated in the UK.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Saja saja... said...

Salam bahagia Dato.

"2.On capital flight, he is another piece of bad news: KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian unit trust investors, in their search for yield, are increasingly looking at options outside of Malaysia and are eyeing markets such as Japan and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific.

- Millions of Bumiputras, mostly in low income category, depend on ASB in these difficult economic situations. Millions of Muslims have savings in Tabung Haji. For most Bumiputras and Muslims, these are our main source of income and comfort in the old age.
- It is a small sacrifice for me. Please arrange for his "safe passage".

- Interim UNITY Government: Interim PM (Tun M), 1stDPM(DAP), 2ndDPM(PKR). Main aim is to set PRU14, latest by 2016.

- Please give back the mandate to the people. That is my right.

- Ban all forms of above and below the line advertisements during campaign to save money, but, give equal time in mass media for all political parties and allow political rallies.

Zalman A said...

"The King and his brother Rulers had spoken. Menjunjung kasih tuanku. Will the Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) take heed?"

The Conference of Rulers should request confidential reports from (former) taskforce members - TS Zeti, TS Gani & TS Abu Kassim.

The full extent of the cover-up contagion must be known. And the sabotage.

Then an RCI to be set up, 6 months time frame, final report to Parliament (not the A-G, please.)

That should take care of further sabotage.

We have seen too much sabotage already.

Penanya said...

Memang bagus kita belajar daripada pengalaman Filipina atau Zimbabwe. Tapi sebagai orang Muslim, lebih bagus kita belajar daripada kisah Rasulullah sendiri. Seingat saya ada hadis yang tegaskan bahawa Rasulullah sendiri berikrar akan bagi hukuman setimpal macam orang lain kepada anak kesayangannya sendiri Fatimah kalau anaknya itu buat salah. Baginda sendiri tak bagi safe passage pada anaknya atas sebab nak jaga nama baik Baginda atau nak elakkan agama Islam jatuh. Memanglah dalam sejarah, dikisahkan Fatimah tak ada dihukum macam sebat dan lain2 sebab memang dia tak ada buat salah yang perlukan hukuman sebegitu. Tapi kalau adalah kesalahan besar sebegitu, tanpa ragu2, saya yakin Rasulullah akan hukum macam orang lain juga. Jadi belajarlah dari kisah Rasulullah juga. Jangan buat sesuatu yang mirip macam matlamat menghalalkan cara. Nak "selamat" negara, bagi lepas penjenayah. Dan nak bagi kemaafan pun ada syaratnya. Orang tu mesti bertaubat dan terima hukuman. Kalau dah bagi safe passage, boleh bertaubat ke orang tu?

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