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Charging of 1MDB's Whistleblower and Lawyer Condemned

A Kadir Jasin

سْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

A MALAYSIAN whistle-blower and his lawyer detained for their efforts to expose allegations of corruption against the prime minister were charged Monday with attempting to "sabotage" the banking sector, according to reports.

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Prime Minister Najib Razak faces mounting calls to explain massive sums of money allegedly missing from a state-owned development company he launched, as well as the revelation in July that nearly $700 million in mysterious transfers had been made to his personal bank accounts.

Khairuddin Abu Hassan, a former member of the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), was arrested in September after launching an international campaign to expose the allegations. – Agence France Presse (More here).

Khairuddin and Chang in handcuffs.
 Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported that Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today linked arms with rival Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to condemn the use of the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) against 1MDB critic Khairuddin Abu Hassan and his lawyer Matthias Chang.

In a joint statement clearly referring to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, the BN big guns said it was “shameful” for someone accused of a wrongdoing not to defend himself but to persecute others instead.

(From Left) Shafie, Muhyiddin, Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh, Sanusi and Ong
The statement was jointly issued by the Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh, Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin, Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal, former Kedah menteri besar Sanusi Junid and former MCA presidents Ong Tee Keat and Dr Ling Liong Sik.

However, Ling was not at the press conference the others held in Putrajaya this morning.

“To the sound mind, the (Sosma arrests) show that when someone lodges a report on a wrongdoing, all laws will be used to cover-up that wrongdoing.

“Isn’t it shameful when someone who is accused of a crime does not do anything to prove his innocence, but instead the person lodging the report on the wrongdoing is arrested,” the BN big guns said. (More here).



Zalman A said...


These veteran leaders from a better era of Malaysia must be commended for their courage and their principles.

It is heart-warming to see Tun and Ku Li seated side-by-side.

They understand the critical juncture we have arrived at as a nation.

And they are right that SOSMA is being abused.

The Penal Code itself defines what "SABOTAGE" in the context of s.124 means.

It is as follows:

"....”sabotage” means

(a) an act or omission intending to cause harm:

(i) for the interests of foreign powers or foreign organizations;

(ii) to premises or utilities used for national defence or for war; or

(iii) to the maintenance of essential services; or

(b) knowingly producing defective materials, premises or utilities used for national defence or for war.”

Hence it is utterly clear that s.124 is completely inapplicable here.

A novice law student can see that.

Yet, the AGC apparently cannot.

Need I explain why?

It seems that the 24-hour replacement is already causing huge damage to the rule of law.

Pompuan said...

Sukalah Tengok Uncle Din and Shafie Afdhal akhirnya come out openly in support of Tun . Syabas. Taklah lagi menyorok.
Menyelup pekasam biarlah sampai ke pangkal lengan. Kalau yapun geng Najib tak ada sangka baik tentang mereka. Kalau nak kena pecat biarlah kerana ni. Janganlah kerana tak buat apa-apa. Tak elok buang batu sembunyi tangan. But I think Najib will not sack them. It will be suicidal for him to sack Deputy President n VP chosen by UMNO members.
But let me tell you DAKJ it will come to nought. Just for record purposes. It is already a court case. Only the govt can retract it. Not Tun M and group. If they rescind it, it will be bad for them.
So let the court case proceed. If they are lucky, they will be free without being called to defend themselves.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

salam TOK..

Sebagai Ketua Negara yang duduk di atas bukit nampak apa yang ada sebalik bukit, saya yang duduk di bawah bukit nampak ketua itu.. dan ketua itu nampak saya.. tetapi saya tak nampak apa yang ada sebalik bukit. hanya ketua negara yang nampak sebalik bukit

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Dato,

Tun M,T.Razaleigh,TSMY,Dato Shafie,Tun Ling and others can jointly condembed Najib for mismanaging the country and abusing the powers that are given onto him. But will Najib cares ?. I doubt 110% that he shivers when these veteran statesmen made that statement jointly. Najib dont give a hoot even another 100 statements are made.

He is all too powerful. He controls Everybody right down the office boys,drivers,fish selker and ex-boxer.

I still maintain that the best way to send a strong signal to him and the worls is to have peaceful street protest.

Tun M have many followers and supporters. So do T.Razalaeigh, Tun Ling,TSMY, etc,etc.

They only need to open their mouth and say ' Lets do it '.

Anwar did the sane thing at Dataran Merdeka. He just gave a nod and Azmin did the rests.

Another way is for All the ulamaks especially Dr Maza, Dato Kazim,etc to conduct a Solat Hajat simultaneously across the country.

Forget about Vote of No Confidence. It wont work because Tan Sri Pendekakal Amin take orders from Najib.

sejati said...

Alhamdulillah Dato.
This is a good development for the rakyat. Thank u so much to TunM and all the other fighters today at the press conference. They really make us proud. Am glad the Tun is in good spirit. We were worried when we heard he was not well the other day. UMNO members and MPs, pls take note. To the MPs, the reason why you got the seats in the first place is because the rakyat trust you. Please do not betray the 'amanah' . The Muslim MPs should also know that their actions will be questioned by Him in the hereafter. Takutlah dgn hari pembalasan. The country is going down the drain and it is our duty to bring back Malaysia to its beautiful days. It is the question of 'when' and not 'if' for najib to step down. Until that blissful moment comes, please know that the fighters have the rakyat's doa and support.


jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

The rakyat has been desensitized about the 1mdb/ Najib saga. Nothing shocks them anymore. Rakyat minds are all made up on the topic. No more convincing needed. All they want to see now is an actual movement and not just talk.

To those in the government, do realize that your silence is seen as consent by the rakyat. Don't think you can hide behind the 'cari makan' excuse when there is a blatant misuse of power happening in Malaysia. You are as accountable as the perpetrators. History will judge you as it will them.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

It is certainly interesting to see Tun M sitting side by side with Ku Li.

About ISA, our neighbour Singapore also has it but from my knowledge, they rarely use it to the members of the opposition or abuse it.

From what I had read, in Singapore, only the President of Singapore can approve the use of ISA and any individual detained under ISA must be allowed for representation against the ISA order within 14 days.

Sosma is meant for something and looks like it is being use for something else. Why is the need to detained Khairuddin for so long?

The purpose of Laws and policies that have been created by our lawmakers in the parliament is to benefit the citizen; instead it is being abused for the interest of certain group of people.

In my opinion, the politicians that run our country do not think in terms of what is right or wrong. What is right or wrong to our politicians are insignificant. What is important to them is whether they can win and not lose.

Therefore in order to change things and to ensure that our politicians react in the best interest of the rakyat, then the people should sent messages to these politicians that they are going to lose.

Only then they will react properly. That is the only way.

Saja saja... said...
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Saja saja... said...
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Fendi Ahmad said...

Melihat Tun Dr M dan Ku Li semeja dalam satu sidang akhbar duduk bersebelahan seperti sejuk memandang. TSMY dan Shafei usahlah mengambil cara selamat lagi, alang alang seluk pekasam biarlah ke pangkal lengan. Tun Dr Ling dan Ong Tee Keat, syabas ! Org MCA majoriti akan sokong mereka. Lagi bagus ada Chua Soi Lek dan Palanivel.

kluangman said...

Segala ruang dan peluang perlu dibuat dan jangan terlalu.memikir mikir setakat mana keberkesanannya kerana sejauhmanapun kekuatan Najb akhirya akan masuk lubang juga, sooner or later.

Tiada maaf bagi Najib, tiada pilihan kerana dia sendiri menolak peluang tersebut di peringkat awal.

Perjuangan bukan setakat Najib berundur atau tidak tetapi menempatkan Najib di tempat yang sesuai adalah matlamat perjuangan walaupun 10 tahun lagi.

Perjuangan ini bukan untuk Mahathir, Ku Li, Muhyiddin tetapi untuk anak cucu. Merekalah yang penting dan menjadi saksi sejarah.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Sy setuju dgn pndgn sdra Daniel Noor...'peaceful street protest'...adalah mesej yg terbaik untuk Najib...betapa dia tidak lagi diperlukan oleh rakyat...
selain mengadakan Sembahyang Hajat secara yg lebih terang terangan.

Tun dan semua yg terlibat didlm sidang media hari ini mengutuk Najib kerana menyalah guna Akta SOSMA terhadap Kharuddin dan Matthias....tentunya mampu melakukan atau mengerakan 'street protest' ini...kerana semua mereka adalah 'heavyweight' belaka dan mempunyai ramai penyokong2 dari semua lapisan rakyat dan dari pelbagai kaum...yg memang sudah mual...meluat..jemu dan benci dgn cara pemerintahan dia.

Sy juga percaya wang bukannya menjadi soal pd 'heavyweight' ini ..jika 'Street Protest' ini diadakan.

Ianya wajar digerakan dan dilaku sekerap yg boleh diseluruh negara 'nation wide'.

Biar dia dan Zahid sendiri melihat....bahawa mereka tidaklah hebat atau sekebal mana....tidak spt yg mereka sangkakan.

Lakukan dimerata2 negeri...tempat..juga diPutra Jaya dihadapan PMO dan dihadapan pejabat Zahid sama.

Biar mereka merasai pula apa yg mereka telah lakukan dgn 'Perarakan Baju Merah' ..oleh sibudak Jamal baru2 ini.

Terima kasih.

bakat said...

The usage of SOSMA to charge Khairudin and Mathias is also not justify or wrongly use. The report as my understanding is against 1mdb and 1mdb only. Why? Is 1mdb the only strategic investment company MOF have? Why? The company is badly run and managed. Why SOSMA? Unjustify. 1mdb is one company only. And loss making company..

joe black said...


UMNO's TOP DOWN APPROACH Seems to have touched a Sensitive Chord with UMNO Veterans (although the same people can claim to have practised it during their time!)

It is True When they Say...


Ever done that when you were Boyscouts? and Failed?

This Rule refers to the value of PROCESS, to taking the time to do things RIGHT. Few people seems to understand this these days when so many processes can be circumvented (Have Mercy on 1MDB Zeti..They just want to avoid you!) --Instant quick acquisition of riches (via donations?), instant marriage of total strangers on a TV Show or via Facebook, and the Microwaving of Dinners. Given all that, not for a moment do I imagine that this rule will be taken seriously. And if you do feel that a fire may be lit from the top, by all means MR Najib, try it. You have Salleh Keruak who will explain it all away regardless of the reasons.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander said...

Datuk, the very crimes these 2 guys are being charged with, banking sabotage and what not, can they be laid at the doors of the 1MDB Arool and his board? Well these UMNO seniors can lodge the same police reports, and throw in the latest charges (filed by 1MDB) against these stoopid people at 1MDB.

Saja saja... said...
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Unknown said...

Saya tertarik dengan ucapan perpisahan bekas Timbalan Persuruhjaya SPRM, Zakaria Jaaffar bahawa agensi penguatkuasaan itu berdepan dengan cabaran hebat untuk menyiasat orang yang paling berpengaruh. Sebagaimana yang saya faham, SPRM sekarang sedang menyiasat isu 1MDB. Jadi, siapakah orang paling berpengaruh yang dimaksudkan?

Maka akal sepuluh sen saya pun berkira-kira, apa masalahnya dengan orang yang paling berpengaruh kalau agensi penguatkuasaan diberi kebebasan untuk menjalankan amanah dan tanggungjawab? Apakah ucapan orang kanan SPRM itu mahu memberitahu rakyat bahawa mereka jangan mengharapkan sangat keupayaan SPRM kerana agensi itu berada di bawah orang yang paling berpengaruh?

Datuk, apakah keadaan kita sekarang sama dengan yang banyak dipaparkan dalam filem Tamil atau Bollywood di mana penguasa yang tidak amanah menguasai agensi penguatkuasaan untuk melepaskan dirinya? Dulu saya menganggap filem Tamil atau Bollywood sengaja memberikan persepsi buruk terhadap pemimpin mereka. Masa itu saya tidak percaya ada pemimpin yang jiwanya seburuk itu.

Tetapi kini apatah lagi selepas orang kanan SPRM berkata perkara yang sama maka eloklah kita sama-sama kembali menonton filem Bollywood sebelum ia diharamkan kerana memberikan kesan yang "buruk" kepada rakyat negara ini. Suatu yang kelakar saya baca hari ini ada seorang menteri yang berkata, hormatilah undang-undang sebagai reaksi serangan Tun M terhadap penyalahgunaan SOSMA. Alahai muluknya, seolah-olah semua pemimpin patuh kepada undang-undang.

raja2u said...


YBhg Dato dan Pembahas yang saya hormati. Sungguh menarik apa yang berlaku sekarang. Ini adalah satu percaturan antara guru dengan murid. Mereka adalah dari kumpulan yang sama pada masa dahulu. Hanya sekarang masing-masing mahu mempertahankan kedudukan.Mereka pada masa dahulu sama-sama telah memperkukuhkan kedudukan supaya tiada siapa akan dapat menjatuhkan kedudukan mereka bila diatas termasuk menukar system pentabiran masa dulu yang mengamalkan "check and balance" untuk menyekat penyelewangan.

Apa yang berlaku isu ini mula-mula dibangkitkan oleh suatu pihak. Mereka telah berjaya melibatkan pihak ketiga dan dengan itu melepaskan tangan dan memerhati apa yang berlaku sekarang.Mereka tidak perlu bersusah payah lagi kerana ada orang yang meneruskan agenda mereka.

Saya yakin perkara ini akan selesai tidak lama lagi apabila masing-masing mempersoalkan apa yang mereka perjuangkan.Syukur kita kepada Allah kerana menampakkan kepada umum buruk baiknya apa yang telah berlaku dinegara kita semenjak lima puluh tahun dahulu. Ini membolehkan kita menuju kehadapan diatas landasan yang betul bagi lima puluh tahun lagi, Insyaallah.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain,
Pencetus Strategic Vision,
Petaling Jaya.


Alhamdulillah, Kadir.
Sekarang bolehlah heboh satu negara.
Bila nak mula perbicaraan Sdr Khairuddin Batu Kawan dan M Chang?

Siapa Pendakwa membuat hujjah?

Bahaya besar bagi Bendahari UMNO dan Sdr Presiden UMNO.


Zalman A said...

The Raja2 Melayu reminded the nation recently that the Rule Of Law must be respected.

Today, the new A-G has disrespected it.

“In this regard, Section 130a of the Penal Code defines the term ‘sabotage’ to mean an act or omission intending to cause harm, among others, to the maintenance of ‘essential services’ while the term ‘essential services’ is defined to include banking and financial services,” he said during a rare press conference at the Attorney-General’s Chambers today.

This is nonsensical.

Let's see the actual definition in the Penal Code (s.124L as read with s.130):

"....”sabotage” means

(a) an act or omission intending to cause harm:

(i) for the interests of foreign powers or foreign organizations;

(ii) to premises or utilities used for national defence or for war; or

(iii) to the maintenance of essential services; or

(b) knowingly producing defective materials, premises or utilities used for national defence or for war.”

And "essential services" are defined as:

(a)water services;
(b)electricity services;
(c)public health services;
(d)banking and financial services;
(e)fire services;
(f)prison services;
(g)postal services;
(h)telecommunication services including the communication infrastructure;
(i)telegraph services;
(j)radio communication services including broadcasting and television services;
(k) port, dock and harbour services and undertakings;
(l)public transport services by land, sea or air; or
(m) bulk distribution of fuel and lubricants;

By rules of statutory construction that even a 1st year law student would know, (in Latin, "Noscitur a Sociis" or "Ejusdem Generis"), you do not suddenly give part of a law a radically different meaning from the words which surround it. They need to be read together, and in context. The words “essential services” that the AG is relying on are sandwiched between two clauses dealing with “national defence or for war”, and “materials, premises or utilities used for national defence or for war.”

Judges in all common law countries (and see Hong Leong Equipment v Liew Fook Chuan [1996] 1 MLJ 416, and many others locally) ask themselves:

“What was this law’s intention”?

Well, the answer is clear here. This law is to dissuade violent lunatics who are thinking of waging war against the state from blowing up telco towers, destroying ports, banks, hospitals, and petrol depots, breaking into jails to release prisoners, taking over TV stations, and cutting phone lines and water pipes, and so on.

That is consistent with s124 being a section about (violent) Offences Against The State.

It has nothing to do with making legal police reports against an entity. There is nothing sacred about 1MDB. It's just another MOF-owned firm. To say that reporting it is a (violent) Offence Against The State is a travesty of legal reasoning, and unsupportable.

Let’s apply this “legal reasoning” of the A-G to other “essential services” as defined above, shall we? Let’s go through the list above...

(h) if I make a police report on corruption in Maxis or Digi, I am liable to be charged under s124L and jailed 15 years.

(m) if I make a police report on corruption in Petronas, I am liable to be charged under s124L and jailed 15 years.

(b) if I make a police report on insider trading in TNB, I am liable to be charged under s124L and jailed 15 years.

(j) If I report Astro for wrongdoing, I am liable to be charged under s124L and jailed 15 years.

You see how absurd it is?

What is the causal link between making a report on 1MDB, and any effect on “BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES"? in any case?

I would have thought that ignoring BNM’s reports twice might be far more damaging to that sector?

adion said...

we will become a third world country before 2020

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Zalman,

Setuju dengan saudara, seksyen 124L adalah berhubung dengan sabotaj institusi perbankan.

Persoalannya, sefahaman saya 1MDB terlibat dalam perniagaan hartanah, penjanaan tenaga api dan setahu saya 1MDB tidak ada perniagaan perbankan dan tidak ada lesen untuk aktitiviti perbankan.

Selain dari seksyen 124L, kita ada seksyen 124B, 124C. Seksyen 124B semakin popular sekarang ini kerana ramai yang telah ditahan dan disiasat atas seksyen ini.

Seksyen 124L, 124B, 124c kesemuanya diperkenalkan di zaman DS Najib iaitu pada tahun 2012.

Undang-undang yang baru digubal di Perlimen sepatutnya adalah untuk kepentingan rakyat. Sekarang ini ramai yang mengatakan ianya disalahgunakan dan dijadikan alat untuk menghadkan kritikan kepada golongan yang sedia ada.

Saya berhadap seksyen 124B dan 124L ini sepertimana kata DS Najib, tidak membangsatkan rakyat Malaysia sendiri.

Malindo said...

Salam Dato',Kalau benarlah this 2 guys kabur ke Indonesia dan been protected by powerful hand here(Indonesia),saya rasa tak susah sangat kalau nak cari. Saya teringat kisah Nasuruddin (Bendahari Party Demokrat)Pimpinan SBY dan ketika itu SBY adalah President,dan Nasarudin adalah saksi korupsi High Profile.Nasarudin tak berani sembunyi di Indonesia dan terpaksa lari ke Singapore,Malaysia dan terakhir ke Kolombia,kena tangkap di Kolombia walau pun beliau dapat perlindungan oleh mafia kolombia(sebab dia ada banyak duit hasil korupsi)Dan yang tangkap Nasarudin adalah KPK(Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi/mcm SPRM kita)yang sewa Jet dan terbang ke Kolombia dan Dubes Indonesia di Kolombia dipanggil balik serta merta.Cara orang sini(Indonesia)kalau yg melindungi 2 orang ini dibayar misalkan US$10juta,jadi offerlah US10juta50(lebih 50 USD),pasti dia setuju.Indonesia ketika ini sedang ganas memerangi korupsi(Menteri ke,MP ke,habis kena tangkap),Dan saya rasa bukan orang yang berpengaruh(Pemerintah) yang melindungi 2 orang ini di sini.Barangkali hanya ahli perniagaan yang ada kepentingan di Malaysia.Dulu kereta buruk saya kena curi disini(Jakarta), tak sampai 5 hari,jumpa di Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTT)yang jarak 3 jam dgn pesawat udara.Tanyalah Zahrain(Dubes)kok dia tau,barangkali dia juga tak tau,cari ajalah...jumpalah nanti,atau kalau saya terjumpa dgn Pak Suboh dan Pak Nik,saya hantarlah balik ke Malaysia nanti.Salam Hormat Dato dari seberang.

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