Sunday, August 09, 2015

Seething and Sweating in PM’s Camp

A Kadir Jasin

UPDATE, Aug 10 – The Star Online reported that Chief Secretary to the Government (Tan Sri) Dr Ali Hamsa has cancelled the transfer of the two high-ranking MACC officers to the Prime Minister’s Department. The sudden transfer of MACC directors (Datuk) Bahri Mohamad Zin and (Datuk) Rohaizad Yaakob had been widely condemned. It was seen as an act of intimidation and vengeance against the MACC for its part in the investigation into 1MDB’s and SRC International’s money trails.


RUNNING side by side in the today’s Sunday Star, separated only by a Giant supermarket advertisement, are two very interesting articles.

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On page 14 was a report headlined “Separate but mutually prospering” written by Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong. He was espousing the virtues of Singapore-Malaysia relationship. (Read here)

On Page 17 was (Datuk Seri) Wong Chun Wai’s regular column “On the beat” in which he spoke of the need to focus on the economy. (Read here)

Both persons appear to be placing their hope on the same person – the Prime Minister of Malaysia, (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak. But they could be wishing against hope.

Imbedded in PM Lee’s writing is the hope that the “mutually prospering” 50-year old Singapore-Malaysia relationship would continue long into the future. He credited Mohd Najib and Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for bringing the two countries closer together.

Lee credited Mohd Najib with improved relations
As for Chun Wai’s plea “to turn our attention back to money matters” I think we should all take it seriously. He is not just a writer like me, but he is also a businessman. He runs the Star Media Group as its group managing director and chief executive officer.

Things Are Complicated

Unfortunately for PM Lee, Chun Wai and for all of us, things are a lot more complex and complicated than mere hopes and wishes. Consider the following:

1. Mohd Najib is too preoccupied with political survival that he shows neither the interest nor the capacity to solve the country’s dire economic situation.

2. Hardly any member of the Cabinet, with the exception of (Datuk Seri) Abdul Wahid Omar, says anything comforting about the economy lately. Even Abdul Wahid could only say that the ringgit’s current decline was not as bad as in 1997/98.

3. There is no sign of any affective steps to check the ringgit’s downhill slide apart from what appears to be an ineffective Bank Negara interference that saw its external reserves falling by over US$40 billion to under US$100 billion - the first time in five years.

4. The ringgit suffers a double whammy – the weak external factors and even weaker domestic fundamentals. The contagion Sang Kelembai effects of 1MDB, the allegations of corruption against the PM and the undermining of key institutions by the PM’s spin-doctors compound the ringgit’s problem, making it the worse performing Asian currency. The ringgit is falling dangerously close to RM4 to a dollar.

5. The capital flight is in full swing. For 14 consecutive weeks until last week, foreign capital had been flowing out of Bursa Malaysia. So far this year, foreign investors had withdrawn an estimated RM11.7 billion from the Bursa compared to RM6.9 billion for the whole of last year.

6. In their attempts to prop up Mohd Najib, his supporters are destroying the very institutions that offer a semblance of respect and credibility. They are burning the house to smoke out the mosquitoes.

Mohd Najib vs the People

1.Mohd Najib’s focus is on political survival and fending off a possible criminal charge over the transfer of funds from SRC International, a Finance Ministry company, to his personal account.

2. Economic issues are important to him but he appears to have lost the credibility and moral standing to fix them. The double whammy is he is both the PM and Finance Minister.

3. This is the danger that I have been talking about since the time when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad temporarily took over the Finance Ministry in early 1990’s upon the resignation of Tun Daim Zainuddin. It has been my mantra since then that PM should not double as Finance Minister.

5. Mohd Najib has fenced himself in. From an inclusive Prime Minister for all, he has become exclusive to 300-odd Umno heads, the mainstream media and the paid bloggers.

6. The 300 or so Umno leaders, comprising Supreme Council members, state liaison chairmen and divisional chiefs, are the people who determine whether he stays or goes.

7. For now, the majority of them are either loyal or beholden to him. He gave them power and money and, in some probable instances, he knows their dirty little secrets. But there are signs of unease among many of them. Their fear and, possibly, conscience are causing them to seethe and sweat.

8. The country’s problems and the well being of the rakyat will only see hope of being attended to in a credible manner if Putrajaya enjoys the trust of the key players – the investors and consumers.

9. As it now stands, even simple consumers do not have the confidence to spend.

10. Finally, all political parties should look beyond their existing leaders – Mohd Najib, (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and (Datuk Seri) Abdul Hadi Awang. Malaysians deserve better leaders and a brighter future.



Josefharrys said...

Salam Datuk

In today's Sunday Times Singapore, Najib telah menyeru rakyat Singapura jgn percaya pada berita2 berkenaan politik diMalaysia yg menurut beliau adalah fitnah dan cuba menggugat kepimpinan beliau dan difahamkan juga Najib akan hadir dlm sambutan jubli 50 Singapore.Apa yg hendak saya katakan disini majoriti rakyat Singapura mengikut perkembangan semasa di Malaysia dan sebagaimana yg kita tahu Singapura amat prihatin ttg rasuah terutama membabitkan kakitangan kerajaan oleh itu dlm masa yg sama congratulatory note oleh Najib ini adalah satu lagi perkara yg kalau kita fahami menunjukkan he is desperate utk mendapat sokongan dari Singapore sdgkan apa yg kita tahu transaksi duit yg masuk ke dlm akaun Najib melalui Singapore oleh itu sbg pemimpin dia tak perlu memberitahu warga Singapura ttg isu2 semasa diMalaysia cukuplah hanya sekadar memberi tahniah ulangtahun kemerdekaan Singapura dan utk pengetahuan datuk org melayu Singapura juga berasa malu terhadap Najib dan para pemimpin Umno walaupun mereka bukan rakyat Malaysia tetapi sama bangsa dan bagi melayu Singapura mereka tetap berbangga menjadi warga Singapura walaupun mereka dlm gulongan minoriti dan kehidupan mereka terjamin tanpa ada pemimpin yg korup.

JohorMali said...

On your last paragraph... (10) , if only you could convey what's in your mind or to name names when looking anyone beyond the existing dinosaurs!

Zalman A said...


A sharp, well-written and incisive article. It gives much food for thought.

I think so far as Malaysia's international standing (hence, economic confidence) is concerned, we are only just beginning to see it unravel. It will get worse.

The 1MDB fiasco is a cross-border one. The Swiss A-G is now pursuing the money trail. That is in addition to UK, US and Singapore investigations which are currently ongoing. We now know that the full set of PetroSaudi documents is held by officials in both the US and UK.

Hence, there is every likelihood of the truth emerging, in a way that makes the local cover-up even more glaring.

At that point, we cannot blame international investors for avoiding Malaysia.

If a cover-up into financial irregularities is endorsed by (indeed, created at) the very highest level of government, then it follows that the entire system is largely rotten.

If we are fully honest with ourselves, that is indeed the case.

nothing to hide said...

najib is certainly the worst pm since 57.

LaM said...

Najib is mired and besmirched in the greatest corruption scandal the world had ever seen since World War 2.

1. He received a corrupt payment of Rm2.6 billion as a public officer by virtue of his position as Pm of Msia...a payment sum which he initially refused to admit to having received and which his sycophants say were all lies and libel meant to overthrow the gov't.

2. He also received a sum of RM42 million in the performance of his public duty, in which he directed the Pension's Fund to advance loan of RM4 billion to 1MDB. I wish the members of Board of Directors KWAP cld be sent to China and shot dead bf a firing squad. The RM42 mill is a percentage of the RM4billion...which means that najib devours public funds belonging to Pensioners.

The whole world knows about it Najib is the head of the Agong's cabinet comprising of ministers who advise the Agong in the performance of his duty. Art 32 says, 'the Supreme Head of the Fed is the Agong'. Art 39 says, 'the Executive Authority of the Federation shall be vested in the Agong..exercisable by him or his cabinet'. Art 42 says, " the Agong shall appoint Cabinet of Ministers to advise him in the performance of his function...and shall first appoint a PM who in his judgement shall have confidence of the majority....'

So from the above, it can be clearly seen that the Malaysian cabinet is the cabinet of the Agong who shall advise him as Head of the Executive. Now Malaysians and the whole world already knows that his PM is corrupt....and the country is burning because his PM will do anything in his power to see that he is not arrested and charged for corruption; and wld have no qualms to destroy civil institution in this country. Q. Is the Agong as Head of the Executive. Supreme Head of the Federation and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces still folds his hands and does not wink an eye to what is happening in the country. Is there nobody with stature and position in Msia to advise the Agong to take some sort of action, like advising his PM to go on leave???

I think a conference of Rulers, which will absolve the Agong of taking responsibility alone, shld be requisitioned soon as the matter of this country is of utmost urgency. The Agong shld be well advised to revoke the sacking and appointment of the AGs. Gani Patail shld be called up by the Conference of Rulers & be directed to complete his tenure of AG and any uncompleted cases with regard to the task force issues. The Rule of law shld take its course and Najib be advised to take leave pending his cases being settled in court. The only forum to clear Najib is in a court of law. Neither the Macc or the AG can clear him...and he should not take his case bf the Umno Division meeting. They can't clear him.
The Ago

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

I can't agree more with your point number 10 "all political parties should look beyond their existing leaders.. Malaysians deserve better leaders and a better future". This Datuk we all should really give a deep thought. Our choice shouldn't be limited to that being displayed (unless they're really of antique classic value). Mere tangkap muat apa yang ada could put us all in endless trial and error for the one true leader. Or is there no more true leaders these days? Sayunya.

Thanks Datuk A. Kadir. Have a restful weekend.


Tok Tok,

T. S. Eliot once said "Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity."

Unfortunately for Najib in desperation to stay in power ,instead of for the betterment his decisions will lead to destruction.

P Ramlee pun takda ilham Tok bila berserabut.

Widyan Widyorini said...

Salam Datuk,

Dont rule out that Zahid may even arrest Najib anytime given. Zahid being the Home Minister have the Police, MAAC, etc under his portfolio. He may at this time gathering all the infos before nailing Najib.

One must remember, Zahid was at one time the protege of Anwar Ibrahim. And i am very sure he still worship Anwar. Under the guidance of Anwar he learnt how to lay the game of Money to give answers to different set of audiences , etc,etc.

Once Najib is charged, he will then assume the post of PM and I am very sure a lot of Anwar's men will be brought into the Government.

Maliq Alsamani said...

Sebaris ayat pembuka kata
Utk bertanya intan baiduri
Apa guna berkata dusta
Kelak nanti memakan diri.....

budak jawa said...

Assalamualaikum DAKJ,

siapa 300 ++ pemimpin UMNO yang menyebabkan najib masih berkuasa. bolehkah diwar-warkan identiti mereka di khalayak awam terutama fb supaya rakyat dapat menyoal secara langsung mereka-mereka ini kenapa masih menyokong kepimpinan sekarang.

adakah kerana mereka sangat faham tentang isu semasa yang melingkari pemimpin negara atau tidak tahu apa-apa tapi sekadar menjaga kepentingan diri. bolehlah rakyat menentukan nasib mereka 300 ++ orang ini.

biarlah rakyat tahu. kita adakan perbicaraan awam. berani kerana benar. kalau benar dapatlah menjernihkan keruh yang sudah sekian lamanya.

budak jawa

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Setelah 7 tahun dia memegang tampok pemerintahan....dan kini sudah terpalit dgn isu2 penyalahan guna kuasa dan skandal 1MDB....disamping KELEMAHAN tidak nmpak Najib boleh lagi menjalankan tugas sbg PM negara.

Org putih kata....'damaged has been done'... .dan 'game over'.

DIA WAJAR MENGUNDUR DIRI....'there is no two way to it'.

PM Singapura mahu pun Wong Chun Wai boleh bermimpi yg terbaik sahaja dari Najib sbgai tanda setiakawan...(jika betul mereka perihatin) tetapi sy percaya komen2 mereka cuma sekadar diplomasi sahaja.

Bagi sy.. tiada lagi yg boleh diharapkan dari Najib kerana setelah 7 tahun memegang kuasa dan banyak keburukan yg dia lakukan....mana mungkin dia boleh berubah lagi.

Dgn Prestasi kerja yg buruk dan meragukan... dgn 'derma' RM2.6b yg dimasukan kedlm akaun peribadi dan skandal 1MDB....disamping wang sebanyak RM2j yg telah dimasukan kedlm akaun isteri ("hasil perniagaan/pelaburan"
.kata Menteri Penjilat tegar) ....umum boleh menilai siapa Najib sebenarnya.

Mampu lagikah dia mentadbir negara atau membetulkan semua ini atau CUMA LAYAK KEMUKA PENGADILAN SAHAJA?

Rakyat pun tahu jawapannya......'everything has to come to an end'. berkeyakinan bahawa...dia tetap jatuh juga....InshAllah.

nothing to hide said...

Datuk. ini muka tak malu pergi singapore dia ingat orang sana tak tau penipuan dia?

adion said...

Dato Onn Jaafar, presiiden umno yg paling ulung pun terpaksa akur kepada suara majoriti umno dan berundur dengan rela hati.. ..

aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Aku pelik sikit hang yg begitu kam cheng dgn Tongkang Yard mengaku tak bulih suroh dia lepaih jawatan menteri kewangan masa dia jadi PM. Tapi benda ni mat salih 'ori' kata 'water (already) under the bridge'. Mat salih Pendang pulak kata 'no meta, rice already porridge.'

Tulihsan member2(?) blog ni, En.Zalman A dan En. LaM, menarik juga. Depa tulih basa mat salih, jadi aku pon cuba cuba try no....

It is long established that there is neither free nor fair elections in Mesia especially since the ascent of the third PM. Currently there seems to be a make believe 'democracv', some sort of fantasizing, game playing at some infantile symbolism...that perhaps if it is worked at faithfully, and diligently enough etc. Mesia becomes part of the 'world order', accepted by the Great Whites of this and the century before.

With the current hoohaa, the pretences are crumbling, some garden variety dinos and their enforcers are out doing a feeble dance routine in the jurassic jungle, before crumbling to their own mortality, rather rapidly perhaps, while some others are scrambling to comprehend and make some sense of the going ons, with various degrees of success, while others fall by the wayside or head for bush country etc.

For those who keep the faith, may I volunteer, hold fast that we may yet bathe in the glory of His countenance.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam dan sembah derhaka tok.

Saya syorkan supaya umno memecat Timbalan presiden yang telah Di gugurkan Dari jawatan TIMBALAN PERDANA MENTERI .. Jika tidak umno sendiri telah menidakan serta kuasa yang Ada pada umno dan juga kuasa Timbalan presiden umno.. Dan umno Bukan lagi parti yang mendaulat agama bangsa dan Negara .. Jika Timbalan presiden parti Nya Di halau DARI jawatan kabinet ./:

Malu malaysia melayu kerna umno kianati malayu...

Mohon ampun tok sebab sembah derhaka

pahit manis said...

D Scribe,

Some people in Msia are allergic to anything Spore. More for historical reasons than anything else, I think. But these people should visit Spore when they can. They can better judge the island nation by going here to see things for themselves. Just look at everyday Spore and compare that with everyday Malaysia. Public transport is good. Public service is efficient. Some Sporeans may complain about their Govt but the number is small. The Spore PM and Govt, from what the majority of people are saying, do not have a TRUST DEFICIT problem. That is perhaps the biggest difference between them and us.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Saja sy ulangi apa yg sy pernah menulis dulu...."kalau kita terserempak ular dgn org Umno...terutama Ketua2 Bahagian Haram J Penjilat Tegar Presiden"....
.... kita jgn fikir lagi... 'katok' depa dulu.

Hah itulah...depa ni lebih bisa dari ular....kena 'katok' dulu....ada faham.

Nick Bagan said...

Assalamualaikum Datuk Scribe dan Salam sejahtera buat semua...

Setelah membuat banyak pencarian dan juga pembacaan di internet saya buat kesimpulan..

1. WSJ itu adalah seumpama 'kitab' kepada golongan kapitalis yang berkiblat di New York

2. Laporan 2 Julai oleh WSJ mengenai 'transaksi wang ke akaun peribadi DSN' pula adalah umpama 'fatwa amaran' yang ditujukan kepada golongan kapitalis yang berkiblat di New York itu supaya menjaga segala harta mereka yang berada di Malaysia serta sekitarnya kerana "DSN sudah tidak boleh diharapkan lagi dapat memberi kekayaan kepada mereka".

3. "Fatwa amaran" oleh WSJ tersebut dikeluarkan sama juga sifatnya seperti 'amaran Tsunami' iaitu menyeru agar bersedia sedia dan berbuat sesuatu sebelum datangnya "ombak gadang".

4. Faktor kenapa dikeluarkan 'fatwa amaran' oleh WSJ itu bukanlah konspirasi mahu menjatuhkan DSN tetapi kerana telah ada pun tanda-tanda 'tsunami ekonomi' bakal terjadi berpusat di Malaysia jika DSN masih terus menjadi teraju di Putrajaya.

5. Jika pada 1998 dulu tsunami kewangan yang merebak hampir ke separuh benua Asia adalah berpunca dari 'krisis Tomyam' yang tidak beramaran maka kali ini amaran dikeluarkan kerana besar kemungkinan ia akan terjadi berpunca dari 'krisis kangkung' di Malaysia pula.

6. Dengan Ringgit yang telah mencecah 3.9 dan terusan bergerak menghampiri kepada 4.0 kepada 1 USD iaitu lebih rendah lagi berbanding ketika 'krisis tomyam' dulu nampaknya memang ada kebenarannya 'fatwa amaran' itu dikeluarkan oleh WSJ.

7. Dengan ini juga bermakna hutang USD oleh 1MDB dalam nilai Ringgit bukan lagi 42 billion seperti yang selalu disebut-sebut tetapi telah pun menokok sekurang-kurang 8% menjadi 45.4 billion dalam masa hanya 3 bulan sahaja.

8. Kita sememangnya WAJIB rasa takut dengan apa yang bakal terjadi jika Ringgit berterusan merudum nilainya dengan tiada langsung sebarang pengumuman walau satu pun mengenai langkah mengatasinya oleh Menteri Kewangan kita.

9. Dengan perkhabaran kemerosotan kadar simpanan Bank Negara ditambah pula dengan desas desus yang mengatakan bahawa gabenor Bank Negara kini sedang dalam radar PDRM maka gelembung fiasco 1MDB ini kelihatan seperti tiada lagi daya penahan daripada meletup dan menghasilkan 'krisis kangkung' ekonomi kepada Malaysia.

10. Dengan DSN dan kabinet 'kayu' barunya hanya bekerja keras dalam operasi pemutihan syarikat sarat hutang tersebut dan juga peribadi DSN secara politik sahaja maka apalah lagi harapan yang dapat rakyat sandarkan kepada kerajaan untuk mengembalikan semula ketenangan hidup serta kemewahan berbelanja seperti sebelum ini...

Terima kasih

Joe black said...


Talking about Seething and sweating, a recent Statement by Teuku Adnan implies that Najib will not survive without him!....And all this while WE thought that Nanib cannot survive withoug Rosmah !

Perak's MB claims that Najib has instructed Not to Kacau Muhyideen...Well...It's understandabld that HE and NO ONE else hould have first rights to remove Muhyideen!

And the Theatrics will go on...

IT.Scheiss said...

LaM asked:-

"Q. Is the Agong as Head of the Executive. Supreme Head of the Federation and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces still folds his hands and does not wink an eye to what is happening in the country. Is there nobody with stature and position in Msia to advise the Agong to take some sort of action, like advising his PM to go on leave???"

I agree fully that the situation is bad for Malaysia but does the Agong or the Conference of Rulers have the power to tell the PM to go on leave, order reinstatement of AG Gani Patail and so forth with or without being advised?

If the Cabinet won't advise the Agong and/or Rulers who can?

Joe black said...


For the First time Someone in Utusan has stood up to State the Obvious!

Why Should UMNO be involved in it's President's PERSONAL PROBLEMS!?

For Too Long Najib has used UMNO to cover for his personal Shenanigans, its time the Table is Turned, and UMNO's Members should see to that.

Now his Tag Team Member is setting the Stage for the Mother of all Theatrics...To explain to UMNO Members why they should continue to being the Fool for Najib! The "not to be refused" sugar coated version of the 2 billion dollar mysterious "donation".

To make this work,the leading actor will have to change his tack from being his usual crass, threatening and intimidating self to a happy, benevolent, kind and deeply religious sort....Good Luck to him. We All can't wait to watch!

Daniel Noor said...

Salam Datuk,

' Should look beyond existing leaders '. For UMNO and even other parties, they has to come from the Youth Wing. Who in the UMNO Youth Wing can we say are capable leaders?. Personally I dont see anyone because those that are in the Youth Wing 'bought' their votes too. And those that lost in the contest do you think the President will promote them?.

A complete Spring ckeaning need to be done starting from the President himself and at same time hoping for a Messiah to surface.

LaM said...


Of course it cld be legally done. As to Gani Patail, he was wrongly removed by Agong on the 'bad advice' of Najib. The Agong was advised by his PM who is a suspected corrupt criminal and facing an impending arrest and charges for receiving bribe of RM42 million. The advice to Agong to remove Gani was basically to save him from arrest and prosecution. The law is very clear. An advice to the Agong must be a good and legal advice. A bad advice with criminal intent is no advice.

Of course the Agong and the Conference of Rulers on hearing Gani's story can revoke the order of his removal. Legally the removal is also unconstitutional because the Agong acting on bad advice had contravened both the provisions of Art.135 and/or 145(6) Fed Consti.

Once Gani is reinstated, he can continue his job of giving the consent to prosecute Najib for the corruption allegations. Once charged in court, it then becomes the duty of the Agong to advise his PM to go on leave. That is the only recourse one can think off. In the Westminster system of Parliamentary Democracy as practiced in England and which we replicates and practiced, if the same situation happens in UK, Queen Elizabeth would have summoned Mr Cameron and wld ask him to relinquish office by going on leave. That is the constitutional convention. U can't put the whole country at ransom because of the corrupt activity of one man, who happens to be PM of His Majesty's Cabinet.

The newly minted AG is being selected by Najib personally and is there to clean up his shit..I suppose; notwithstanding the fact that he was formerly a Federal judge. Remember the leakage of the draft charge published by SR. He came up with the nonsensical statement that the publication is an act detrimental to parliamentary democracy. What crap. Investigating and exposing Najib is an act to foster parliamentary democracy and not otherwise.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato,

Agree with you that we should look beyond the Jurassic age politicians especially in UMNO and PAS.

DAP, although Lim Kit Siang have been around for a while, he got so many young apprentices under his sleeves, even a Malay, Dyana Sofiah. Zairil another Malay is under Lim Guan Eng. There are no shortage of capable people in DAP, (not yes man). That is why they won so many seats.

Pakatan 2.0 is going to be established soon according to the media. That would be interesting.

PAS no longer in the club. So, Hadi Awang and Harun Din can say whatever they want to say.

Pakatan did quite well in their campaign strategy in PRU13.

With issues like RM2,600 million and RM42Billion, they are going to have a field day in PRU14.

KSN Bugis Thamby said...

When will Chief Secretary, Tan Sri Ali Hamsa, who is also member of the Board of Advisors of 1MDB be charged for abuse of power for the transfers and subsequent reinstatement of the 2 MACC officers?

Sufian Idrus said...


Astro Awani reported "Anak Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Mohd Naziffuddin Najib menyifatkan serangan peribadi ke atas bapanya ... boleh menyebabkan rakyat menderita."

Like father like son.

It is not "serangan peribadi".

The rakyat is questioning a leader of the nation who is supposed to work for the nation, yet he spent the taxpayers' money on his pet projects 1MDB and other doubtful projects such as Permata. The rakyat has queries on the status of the project and curious on the whereabouts of the money and the rising debts. Suddenly, there was RM2.6 billion in the father's account and RM2 million in the mother's account.

The person who hold the trust of the people, yet he and his family traveled the whole world lavishly.

A government official who is supposed to generate income for the nation, yet he only put the nation in debts. The price of goods increase, taxes rising, and currencies keep on falling.

The son does not even have any sense conscience or remorse of what the father has done to the country.

Ever since the father took over the country, what he has ever done was to travel the whole world while the nations was laden with the debt which the family (Najib & Rosmah) created.

The whole family owe the rakyat for paying for their food, clothing and shed. And yet they dare to blame the rakyat.

What a shameful act of a grandson and also a son of Prime Ministers!

Sufian Idrus

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Instructions from that one person have caused havoc and haywire in the whole system of government. The Chief Secretary is only following orders. Complete breakdown of the whole system. Damage has been done. Trust has been completely lost. Repair by that person would only cause more damage.

The only way to save the country now is the present PM must step back make way for a new leader new cabinet new government. All parasites viruses must go. PM's cabinet (the whole bunch of jurucakap macai) is responsible in causing the glitch to become worse. They ALL too must go.

Thanks Datuk A. Kadir. Take care now.

RD. said...

Dear Zed-85.

Please do not spin or is it a blatant lie, by saying that, " Zairil another Malay is under......".
Zaril's mother married Khir Johari when he was a kid. His biological father was a Singaporean Chinese. Therefore Zairil should not have used 'Khir Johari' after his name, whether or not, he had converted.

No wonder Helen Ang knows too well about DAP anf their supporters. In her latest post, she wrote the following about them.

"The oppo cybertroopers are crafty chameleons, just like their Jerusubang icons who masquerade in tudung while visiting mosques. These cyber operatives have no qualms in taking on fake Malay and Muslim IDs online."

On their 'Art of War", Helen wrote;
"I hope the Umno keyboard warriors will look and learn from the above. Realise how immeasurably sneaky they are.
Always remember that these people do not have and nor do they observe any boundaries in their action. Their capacity to fitnah and putar-belit is boundless."

On the Evangelitas, she wrote;
"They’re everywhere these camouflaged RBAs and spreading all kinds of slander and the ones creating the most insidious fitnah are the DAP evangelistas."

Joe black said...


Looks like we may not be able to see Najib's Tag Team Partner performing in the "Legitimising the 2 billion dollar" Show. After Najib's poor PreShow Performance at Pasir Gudang his Tag Team partner has decided to abandon the planned show and has now decided instead to stage what will be billed as the Show Of The Year titled "Who will be The Next Prime Minister of Malaysia"

First rehearsal has just been staged in the Non Malay Community, and He is no longer the Hardcore Native son of Indon origin potrayed earlier but rather the hardworking Chinese Stepson......After all the PM must be seen to be the PM for all Malaysians.

Don't hold your breath though for Najib may decide to jettison this fellow for planning to double cross him.

RD. said...

Dr.M too had groomed a younger man to succeed him and it was not his son like what Kit Siang and LKY did. However, it's a disgrace to Dr.M, UMNO and the people who had voted for BN then, after discovering what his protege turned out to be.

Zed-85 said...

Saudara LaM,

Article 43(5),Federal constitution states,

Subject to clause (4), Ministers other then PM shall hold office during the pleasure of the Yang di-Pertuan Agung, unless the appointment of any minister shall have been revoked by the Yang di Pertuan Agong on the advice of the PM......

I think the only way for a PM to be removed is by the vote of no confidence in the Parliament.

If Agong intervenes then, I believe there will be other constitutional issues as in a democratic country, the power suppose to lies in the hand of people/voters.

There are provisions in a democratic country that allows citizens to express disagreements to the existing government,for instance peaceful gatherings etc.

The MACC officers were reinstated due to wide criticism by the public.

There should be reforms on how things work in Malaysia, the AG should be under the Parliament and opposition should be the PAC chief as what is practice in other countries.

This will ensure that nobody shall be above the law.

So, how do we ensure that the government will the implement these reforms?

aku said...

Kadiag, tambah komen sikit pd komen LaM mengenai 'newly minted' AG....betoikan kalu aku silap...dia kata orang kuat UMNO Kelantan ni buat...'nonsensical statement that the publication of the draft charge (nak dakwa wakil Pekan) is an act detrimental to parliamentary democracy'.

Aku rasa la, paling asas lagi...depa turunkan Patail tu melalui 'due process' ka..? Depa ikut lunas2 undang2 depa ka...? Kalu Patail hadapi 'masaalah kesihatan', bukan kena ada rekomen 'medical board' ka..?

Setengah2 orang 'alim cereta, antara hikmah ayat yg dlm al Qur'an yg kata Allah S.W.T. wujudkan 'alam ini dalam enam masa, nak tunjuk kata bahwa Dia juga melalui 'due process', padahai kalu Dia nak, Dia bulih wujudkan 'alam ni dgn serta merta.

Lagu tu jugak di mahkamah Robbul Jalil...Allah S.W.T. bukan tak tau perangai makhluk Dia, tapi Dia buat jugak proses mahkamah, magnanya 'due process' tu bukan hai main2. Wallahua'lam.

Aku tak tau sangat pasai 'undeng undeng' Malaya ni.. Bagi pencerahan sikit, pasai jeni ni tak salah aku bekaih hakim mahkamah 'tinggi',dlm pandangan depa memang tera sakan kod...

Macam tulih anak raja Johok hari tu, kalu cakap dia (anak raja) pon depa buat tak heran, apalagi la cakap orang yg kaih pagi pagi....

Magnanya, kalu Kepala Pendakwa Malaya, depa bulih buat lagu tu, apalagi la kami ni..! Tak katun kaa..?

Conspiracy Theorist said...

As-Salam DAKJ..,

Spot on Widyan Widyorini.., you do have a gud analytical there., who knows wat lies next but my two cent worth is that if Najib is out so will DS Zahid n most of those Yes Man in d cabinet dapur.., wallahualam.., heheh.., wat else can I say.., (,")

Umar Abdul Aziz said...


Udah2 lah tu.

Mengalahkan perangai binatang pulak kau ni.

Hanya kau je yg bodoh sangat hingga tak boleh fikir Anwar tu di zalimi.

Jiwa pedengki.

Kau nak ada parti laki bini, bini2 org tak kisah. Cubalah buat. Org tak dengki.

. Tak siapa larang.

LKS dan LGE kau kata buat parti anak beranak. Tapi dia tak kebas duit rakyat.

Bodoh la kalau itu pun tak boleh fikir

Kalau nak kutuk pembangkang cari la modal lain.

Zed-85 said...

Saudara RD,

In Islam, we are taught by our prophet not to fear Evangelist or whatever.

We should Da'awah and engage with them, like what the GHB is doing and InsyaAllah they will convert to Islam.

Our prophet and Khalifah sent sahabah to China to Da'wah to the Chinese. We should emulate this and Da'wah to DAP.

It is possible for GHB to Da'awah and convert Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng to Islam, No?

Muslim should be strong in faith and not be afraid (lemah semangat).

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Siapa tahu.

RD sendiri boleh menjadi Helen Ang?

Apa2 pun boleh.

Tambahan pulak Najib terang2 mengaku upah blogger bangang.

Bererti RD cipta watak Helen dan RD sendiri jadikan Helen sebagai bahan atau sumber rujukan.

UMNO pujaan RD bukan saja juara rasuah tapi juara skima fitnah sodomi dan terbaru fitnah konon penyiasat IMDB nak guling kerajaan.

Rakyat nak bukti pembangkang tu kaki fitnah.

Tapi kalau UMNO , dah menang juara dunia tanpa bertanding.

Zalman A said...

Saudara RD

Thank you for your biological lecture on the origins of Zairil Khir Johari.

It was hugely irrelevant.

Perhaps you can share your wisdom with Mr Ang.

It seems quite niche.

Zalman A said...

The Najib offspring's defence of the father is somewhat misguided.

Najib has been the architect of his very own downfall in the public eye.

From the inaccurate statements about BSI Singapore funds and BNM regulations, to the panicked initial denial that he would be so stupid as to transfer funds into his own personal accounts, it has been a catalogue of poor cover-ups.

The removal of all threats investigating him, is merely the culmination of the mishandling.

Who has any sympathy for him now?

RD. said...

Umar Abdul Aziz.

Jika tampuk kuasa melingkar di kalangan ahli keluarga terdekat, bermakna sumber kewangan dapat disorok dari pengetahuan Rakyat dengan lebih selamat. Cuba tanya Kit Siang dan anak, dari mana dapat dana politik dan mengapa bantah bila usul 'istihar dana politik' di bangkitkan.

Samada Najib 'kebas duit Rakyat' atau tidak, kepala-bapak siapa pun tidak berhak menuduh membabi-buta selagi belum terbukti duit itu datang dari mana dan kemana ia dibelanjakan. Jika ada lebihan, dimana tersimpan? Untuk PRU14 akan datang ka? Dalam nilai apa? Unit juga ka?

Tiada siapa yang mengzalimi idola songsang kau. Dia yang mengzalimi diri sendiri kerana nafsu-buas yang tidak terkawal. Hanya kerana kepentingan Politik perkauman, tiada bakal PM lain yang paling sesuai dan pada masa yang sama mendatangkan sumber Harta dan Kewangan, kau tidak mahu mengaku hakikat sebenar.

Hanya pendengki yang gelar orang lain juga dengki seperti dirinya sendiri.
Jika kau dibayar, jangan pula tuduh aku juga sama.

Oh ya. Anak Kit Siang telah melantik semula mereka yang anggotai GHB, kedalam kerajaan Pulau Pinang. Adakah ini satu petanda bahawa DAP membiayai dan mengalakkan ahli politik PAS untuk mengkhianati Party mereka? Adalah jelas; WANG juga menjadi 'umpan' demi kuasa politik DAP?
DAP juga mengamalkan 'Money is King', sama seperti Najib memberi 'Rasuah untuk mendapat Undi', manakala Kit Siang dan anaknya pula memberi 'Habuan' kepada Melayu tamak yang sanggup mengadai bangsa dan agama. Kalau ikut sumpah yand geng GHB lafazkan dulu, perkawinan mereka sudah boleh dikira terbatal.

Bezanya, Najib amat bangang bila masukan 'derma politik' dalam akaun peribadi.

Joe black said...


It should be obvious that as long as Najib is the Prime Minister, 1MDB will continue to remain sacred and beyond reproach by Anyone. This company holds so much incriminating evidence against him that he can only survive as long as it is ringfenced and kept beyond reach of uncorrupted law enforcers. The ousted Ministers, Ghani Patail and those MACC operations personnel investigating SRC, (a subsidiary of 1MDB, which Ali Hamsa claimed has nothing to do with 1MDB!) was getting too close for comfort.

Latest statements by 1MDB against Tun Dr M, typifies the kind of arrogant posturing by a company that is being protected by a Prime Minister. Little do these people in 1MDB know that it is no longer about them regardless of their current and future performance. As Forbes has written, it is about the integrity and political survival of Najib. So to those planning to jv with the company, there is such a thing as "political risk".

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Sdr Zed 85.

Islam dalam silibus sekolah Islam pemahaman UMNO untuk hidangan anak sekokah.

Demi pertahan kuasa UMNO.

Tak cukup dgn itu mrreka tamvah pulak dgn Islam UMNO dalam PLKN yg dah mampus.

Yg masih bertahan adalah BIRO TATA NEGARA.

Bagi UMNO asal tahu semahyang dan baca doa, dan sokong UMNO dah lengkaplah Islam mereka.

Saya yakin RD adalah anak emas pruduk sistem srkolah UMNO yg mendewakan manusia bukan Allah.

Hasil Islam UMNO ini bila berhujah secara ilmiah tentang kebenaran Islam maka cetek sangat ilmu mereka.

Bila terhimpit dgn kepayahan ekonomi ciptaan pemerintah UMNO maka dgn mudah mereka kufur atau murtad

Sedangkan blogger bangang macam RD sanggup bermatian habis tenaga setakat ulang2 kes fitnah sodomi dan kepimpinan anak beranak je.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...


Parti UMNO pujaan RD bawah Najib yg bukan anak beranak pun dah terima rasuah atau derma berbillion.

Itu yg kita tahu je.

RD jangan habis masa bertiori. Lihat realiti rasuah dan salah guna kuasa dalam parti pujaan RD.

Kalau kerajaan UMNO bersih kenapa berdolak dalih tentang undang2 yg mengawal kutipan derma atau sumbangan kpd parti politik

Kalau UMNO nak bentang undang2 dah lama lulus.

Walaupun diandai semua pembangkang tak setuju.

Sekali lagi terserlah BODOHNYA blogger bangang UMNO bernama RD yg cuma nak salahkan pembangkang

Mungkin org bodoh saja akan lantik musuh dalam pentadbiran kerajaan di PP.

Tidak ada apa2 yg salah lantik mereka dari GHB. Mereka tetap Melayu. Cuma bukan dari PAS tapi dari GHB.

Melayu tamak yg RD dakwa sanggup gadai bangsa, agama dan negara tu rasanya ramai dalam UMNO. Dan menurut saya RD pun sama salah seorang dari mereka.

Dengan rekod cemerlang yg ada pada pemimpin GHB mana boleh RD senang2 nak gam mereka sebagai tamak dan pengadai bangsa.

Nak tanya. Adakah RD tiba2 mulai sokong PAS Hadi selepas diarah bos dalam UMNO?

Ertinya kerana duit RD sanggup diperlembu.

Zed-85 said...

Saudara LaM,

To add to more beneficial debate,

From what I know,

As what I commented earlier, the only way for a PM to be removed is via vote of no confidence in the Parliament.

BN have a new whip in Parliament, Azalina replacing Shahidan recently. She is entrusted to ensure BN MP toe the line.

Perhaps, the existing PM already taking this potential threat into account thus naming a new whip.

Second way is similar to what happened to Pak Lah. A PM resigned voluntarily.

After pressured and feeling responsible for poor result in PRU12, Pak Lah resigned.

I believe, Najib, did not felt responsible for the poor result in PRU13 but pinned it to the Chinese Tsunami.

Things might change with the 1MDB and the RM2.6billion issue political baggage that he has to carry to face the PRU14/GE14. Furthermore, the opposition are realigning themselves and purge their existing weakness to face BN.

Due to this, UMNO "might" desert the PM and he will have to resign.(I put the word "might" as the way UMNO respond to the current issues is somewhat unpredictable)

I believe, the visit by the PM to Johor recently is to gauge the sentiment on the ground there.

RD. said...

Zed-85 asked;

"It is possible for GHB to Da'awah and convert Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng to Islam, No?"

The late Nik Aziz had tried to do that before. So did Haji Hadi. In-fact, Guan Eng was once regarded as Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz. Of-course not that imposter, aka resident-troll in this comment section of Dato AKJ's blog.

PAS' tahalul-siyasi only resulted in break-up within it's ranks.

I think it's the other way around. When 'Money is King', it's the DAP who holds the trump-card. Therefore, the DAP will be the one who is going to Da'awah and convert the GHB gang, instead. When you're dependent on others for sustenance, that will be the definite outcome. If that's not the case, why do you think PASMA manifested into GHB?

matpenang said...

Salam dato,

Adik tpm dah dok congak bisnes dengan bakal 1.5 juta warga bangla yg nak mai.

Yang dok ada pun agensi penguatkuasa dah takdak idea nak kawal.

Mesti ada Masterplan di belakang.

RD. said...

Ait.. saya dituduh menyamar sebagai Helen Ang pulak.
Memang dasar pemfitnah tegas, gemar menuduh orang membabi-buta. Sengaja guna nama Khalifah: Mahu menjatuhkan imej Islam ke apa?

Untuk pengetahuan, troll dan pembahas, Helen Ang adalah penyokong tegar BN dan beliau seorang wanita yang pernah menjadi wartawan The Star. Sama seperti Dato Huan Cheng Guan, Helen Ang beragama Buddha dan amat mencurigai agenda yang dibawa oleh DAP yang dipenuhi oleh Evangelitas di kalangan kepimpinan tertinggi Party itu.

RD. said...

Nampak gayanya, berita penemuan sisa MH370, di Pulau Reunion, tidak mampu menenggelamkan isu 1MDB dari menjadi tumpuan berita dan perbualan di media cetak atau elektronik.


The Scribe

Mohd Najib vs the People
1.Mohd Najib’s focus is on political survival and fending off a possible criminal charge over the transfer of funds from SRC International, a Finance Ministry company, to his personal account...

Bagaimana Dato' kata begitu bilamana MACC kata tiada melakukan kesalahan SRC International dalam kes ini?
Harap Dato' boleh jelaskan.

Dan kita hairan kenapa di Thailand Justo hanya akan dibicarakan atas kesalahan mengugut bekas majikannya?!!

Salam Hormat

K-Dean said...

The scribe

When it needs be the giants in Malaysian Economy and Financials will say to MoF
enuff is enough.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Kalau benar berita hari ni maka bertambah ramailah mat bangla berleluasa di msia.

Kalau berita ni betul naka ada abang menteri akan kaya rm3000×1500000 org mat bangla bersamaan rm4,500,000,000 atau rm4.5 billion.

Betullah kata P Ramli. Berniaga jual org lebih untung.

Dengan kewarganegaraan segera yg ada, Suruhanjaya pun buta tak dpt kesan maka tak lama penduduk Msia boleh cecah 40 jt.

Satu lagi rekod dunia.

Dan dengan pantas org2 ini digelar Melayu demi nak tambah undi tipu.

Org macam RD sibuk tenguk lakunan seks dalam video dan hentam sesiapa yg lawan UMNO sebagai jual bangsa. Mana ada masa nak baca dan analisa berita spt ini.

Tentulah abang menteri berkenaan sedekah separuh wang rm4.5b ke dalam akaun peribadi PM atau TPM.

Itu baru sorang abang sorang menteri.

Abang menteri2 lain nak tenguk saja ka.

ADUHAI said...

RD said :
"..... tidak berhak menuduh membabi-buta selagi belum terbukti duit itu datang dari mana dan kemana ia dibelanjakan. Jika ada lebihan, dimana tersimpan? Untuk PRU14 akan datang ka? Dalam nilai apa? Unit juga ka?"...

FYI RD, Tun M ada sebut bahawa setelah akaun di AmIslamic ditutup, baki akau tersebut dipindahkan ke Singapura.... Dan Singapura telah BEKUKAN AKAUN TERSEBUT. ;-) ;-)

Malindo said...

Contoh Orang kecil berjiwa besar:Bapak Dahlan Iskan sahabat saya adalah mantan Menteri Badan Usaha Milik Negara Indonesia(Minister of State Enterprise) era SBY(Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono).Beliau dituduh korupsi oleh KPK(kat Malaysia MACC).Bpk Dahlan sendiri minta di bawa ke Pengadilan(disini disebut 'meja Hijau') untuk beliau buktikan bahawa beliau tidak bersalah dengan segala fakta,data dan bukti dari beliau(kes ini semasa beliau jadi Direktur Utama PT PLN/macam TNB)dan dituduh bila beliau jadi Menteri.Akhir sewaktu di Pra Pengadilan(Mahkamah)beliau didapati TIDAK BERSALAH setelah beliau kemukakan segala bukti,data dan fakta.Dan sahabat saya ini keluar Mahkamah dgn tenang,senyum dan bersih dan pujian dari masyarakat kerana keberanian beliau minta dibawa ke Pengadilan.(Dato'Dr.Fauzi Mohamad-Ketua Seketariat Perhimpunan Gagasan Nusantara(Coalition of Malaysia & Indonesia NGO's-Jakarta)

Malindo said...

Contoh Orang kecil berjiwa besar:Bapak Dahlan Iskan sahabat saya adalah mantan Menteri Badan Usaha Milik Negara Indonesia(Minister of State Enterprise) era SBY(Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono).Beliau dituduh korupsi oleh KPK(kat Malaysia MACC).Bpk Dahlan sendiri minta di bawa ke Pengadilan(disini disebut 'meja Hijau') untuk beliau buktikan bahawa beliau tidak bersalah dengan segala fakta,data dan bukti dari beliau(kes ini semasa beliau jadi Direktur Utama PT PLN/macam TNB)dan dituduh bila beliau jadi Menteri.Akhir sewaktu di Pra Pengadilan(Mahkamah)beliau didapati TIDAK BERSALAH setelah beliau kemukakan segala bukti,data dan fakta.Dan sahabat saya ini keluar Mahkamah dgn tenang,senyum dan bersih dan pujian dari masyarakat kerana keberanian beliau minta dibawa ke Pengadilan.(Dato'Dr.Fauzi Mohamad-Ketua Seketariat Perhimpunan Gagasan Nusantara(Coalition of Malaysia & Indonesia NGO's-Jakarta)

Umar Abdul Aziz said...


Almarhum Nik Aziz ada jugak mahu mencuba berdakwah kpd semua Cina bukan saja DAP.

Nak harap lanun2 UMNO ?

Jauh panggang la dari api.

Mereka lebih suka org lain sesat nacam mereka.

Yg Islam sendiri disedari atau tanpa disedari macam perangai RD entah2 dah murtad.

RD jangan terlalu yakin.

RD. said...

Nampaknya, walaupun dalam keadaan uzur dan bertungkus-lumus mengIslamkan DAP dan penyokong mereka sehingga ke akhir hayatnya, Nik Aziz hanya berjaya memecah-belahkan Party sendiri.

Hebat juga Party yang mengunakan nama Islam untuk meraih undi ni?

Mat Sabu bakal menganti peranan yang dipikul oleh Nik Aziz.

Bila jumpa President GHB nanti, tolong tanya dia; Apa dia buat dengan WANG yang dikutip menerusi Tabung Memali".

Jangan lupa, saya orang Baling.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...


Kau ni dah berpuluh kali sebut Tabung Memali dan salahkan Mat Sabu.

Buatla laporan polis.


Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Maaf sambungan.

Sy yakin dgn status RD org Baling tentu polis akan berlumba2 siasat laporan tu nanti.

Kalau polis pun tak nak layan maka sendiri mahu ingatlah.

Bererti RD ni tiada nilai sesen pun.

Saya tunggu berita Mat Sabu disiasat atas tuduhan Tabung Memali.

RD. said...

Anwar dah tak laku untuk diangkat sebagai bakal PM. Lim anak-beranak terpaksa kutip 'kucing-kurap' sebagai penganti bakal PM.

Zaman sebelum internet dulu, Mat Sabu terkenal di Kedah sebagai 'Mat Maki-Hamun'. Ceramah beliau, dimana saja, ribuan yang datang untuk berhibur dan ketawa sambil dengar beliau memaki-hamun sesiapa saja yang di tak suka. Zaman 'media-sosial' tabiat beliau tak lagi berani guna strategi maki-hamun.

Bukan setakat 'Tabung Memali', kes tangkap-basah pun pernah dihadapi beliau. Nasibnya baik kerana dapat pembelaan Nik Aziz.
Jangan buat-buat tak tahu pulak.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Oooo. Sekarang baru saya faham.

Yg reti pakai bahasa maki hamun tu cuma yg melawan UBN.

Org UBN tak pakai bahasa lagu tu.

Mereka biarkan MAP dan blogger bangang pakai bahasa macam RD.

Memang tak maki langsung.

Cuma bengap je

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