Thursday, August 13, 2015

Khairy: A Chance To Be A Hero

A Kadir Jasin

OR would he choose to be a zero?

I have been many a time condemned for suggesting that Khairy Jamaluddin is the future leader of Umno and the country. There are many KJ haters and sceptics out there.

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I am no KJ’s admirer, but I have say that, given the dearth of promising young leaders in the party, KJ shines like a distant star in the dark void of space.

I have not met him for years now. All that I know about him is from the media and from the people who dislike him.

But no matter how hard I try, I could not seem to find another equally visible candidate to take over Umno in the years to come, assuming that the party survives the current leadership crisis, witch hunt, vendetta and MAD (mutually assured destruction).

Although I have ceased to be associated with Umno since June last, I still think it has a good chance of surviving – if not as a ruling party at least as a strong opposition.

If the latter should be the case, KJ could be a good candidate for Ketua Pembangkang Parlimen (Parliamentary Opposition Leader).

At the rate Umno is going down the chute under (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak and his merry men and women, the latter is a distinct possibility.

Back in 2008 I wrote in this blog an article entitled “KJ: Daripada Shooting Star kepada Underdog” to which his mother, whom I know rather well, took serious umbrage. KJ had described himself as shooting star and tall poppy to explain widespread resentment against his meteoric rise under the patronage of (Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

I contended that in the Malay language, shooting star is called “tahi bintang” which I literally translated as the excrement of the star – a burning asteroid plunging down to earth. Read here if you wish.

Is KJ Saying PM Is A Goner?

In recent months KJ has been in dilemma - not knowing exactly how to protect his own flank without being seen to be disloyal to his beleaguered party president and Prime Minister.

He has been alternating between dithering, hedging and pontificating.

But his latest statement is brave, pointed and damning. Speaking at the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 9 he said the government needs to immediately deal with its trust deficit and the crisis of confidence it faces to stem the free fall of the ringgit.

He was also quoted as saying that the party, meaning Umno, is bigger than one man (read Mohd Najib).

The Youth and Sports Minister said the lack of confidence and trust in the government also caused investors to take their money out of Malaysia.

“No one trusts the message or the messenger. This crisis in confidence is why the ringgit is in free fall and investors are taking their money elsewhere.
“The more the ringgit falls, the more expensive things are,” Khairy was quoted telling the summit.

Like many in Umno KJ knows that Mohd Najib is a goner in as far as public confidence and trust are concerned.

Many of the more educated and independent Umno leaders, including in the party’s supreme council and the Cabinet, know that for as long as Mohd Najib remains the PM, public confidence and trust will remain dismal.

So for KJ to say that the country is suffering from trust deficit and the crisis of confidence is nothing out of the ordinary. What would be out of the ordinary is his solution to the problem.

Would he dare to lead the charge of the light brigade to topple Mohd Najib and rebuild public trust and confidence? Or would he continue to dither, waver, vacillate, falter and hesitate?

As for the economy and the ringgit, that is what we have been saying for months. The fall of the ringgit to below RM4 to a US dollar on Aug 12 was the ultimate proof of that.

If KJ does nothing beyond speaking, he will go down in history as an Umno Youth Leader who misses the opportunity to do something good for his party and great for his country.

The young people in front of whom he made the statement would remember what he said for a long time to come. They would have shared what he said with their online friends.

Where does he stand and what is his feature in all the formulations and permutations concerning the future leadership of the country in the post-Najib era?

He could seize that occasion to prove that he dares to walk the talk or to affirm that he is yet another self-serving, sweet-talking fake pejuang.

FOOTNOTE: The PKR could have fallen into the PM’s trap when it filed a civil suit against him for allegedly committing electoral offences. The suit could render debate on Mohd Najib’s multi-billion ringgit political “donations” sub judice.



Donplaypuks® said...

Dato, your earlier instincts were spot on. This so-called 'Great Brown Hope' appears to be a much tainted character.

He has still not answered LKS's taunt in Parliament that he was the "richest unemployed (man) in the world"!! Refer This was in reference to corruption, $4 billion sale of Telekom shares to Temasik, alleged $80 million commission, a company called ECM Libra and Ethos Consulting.

The situation today in Malaysia is a replica of that in Korea, Taiwan and Japan in recent years. The incumbents have been in power too long, so much so that they care nothing about the Rakyat or transparency and accountability, but only enriching themselves by plundering the national coffers.

BN/UMNO must be cleaned out lock, stock and barrel and completely new, clean, leaders found.

And they are already there. We only have to look and we shall find. No one is indispensable, certainly not the current PM or his (IKEA wooden)cabinet colleagues and party stooges!

adzzam adzzam said...

Nauzubillah min zalik....harap2 tak mnjadi, perangai sebijik Anwar, kaki cantas dan tebang, semua dia redah, tak kira siapa yg brdarah said...

Salam dato,

The nation needs a strong PM, character wise as well as policies wise.

Strong is not equal to cruel, but `authoritive', knows his policies in and out, and very ready to `retreat' or stop the implimentation of any of those policies if not appropriate or found later that grossly wrong at conception.

So far all our PMs started good and ended bad!, how comes they like become one?.

AT EVERY `angkat sumpah' event, they all look `promising' compared to the predecessors, but halfway through,every one of them turn bad, and some are worse!.

Was that ` angkat sumpah' silap baca jadi `kena sumpah' ka?.

EVERY PM so far has added nation debts, the nation only once has a balance badget during the last 57 yrears or so, if i am not mistaken.

The present PM is very brilliant and excellence, if only he stays at home and stop becomes one..

His `high talks' some times sounded like hallucinations, at other times sound like delusions. I do hope he is not parroting the words that he hears when other are not.

He must vacate his office to stop further rots of this beautiful nation, maruah negara dah lah tercemar,maruah PM office is also tercemar, his policies looks no better than anything-goes, his contributuion to the nation building is minus at best, or destructive in plain language.

He has succesfully tranformed this nation from low/moderate income nation to HIGH
hutang nation, weak currency nation to weaker currency nation, few taxes nation to taxed everything nation, glocal has becomes goblok, 1 malaysia becomes fragmented malaysia, proud of becomes malaysia become malu malaysia.

Bolehland has becomes Scamland under his watch.

THE MOST IMPORTANT, he is either penipu atau propagandist bila dia selalu sebut antirasuah....yang dia buat kat bank tu bukan kategori tersebut?.

Or he means dia anti orang lain rasuah?.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

pemikir said...

As Salam dato AKJ

I am not a fan of KJ. For sure i dislike him on his robust interference leadership during Pak Lah regime.

KJ has no guts.

Actually, Pemuda UMNO should politically lead in this situation.

What do they need to do is clearly to speak and pressure on the following matters:-

1. Why Najib dropped Muhyiddin and acted like dictator? UMNO has decided that Presiden and Deputy president of UMNO should be the PM and DPM. Even it was Najib pregovative, Pemuda UMNO should say No to the expulsion for the sake of Umno members mandate and UMNO integrity.

2. To let Najib sacked Muhyiddin is the turning point of a winning side to Najib. Pemuda again must make noise instead of agreeing to Najib's action.

3. Donation of 2.6b seems alright to Pemuda UMNO if credited to Najib personal account. Is KJ mad of allowing this considering none of UMNO hierachy hasno clue to it?

4. When AG was forced to resign, again there was no voice from Pemuda UMNO.

5. Pemuda need to block Najib from interfering on the investigation of 1MDB and money credited to Najib account.

That some fews reason as to why you cannot believed KJ and even pray he should not be in our UMNO leadrship. He is also have no idea what to do. I think he is a kind of photostate leader.

For what I belived, PM and President UMNO are the same person. You all get confused when you said that was his pregerotive to do this and that. We the members of UMNO has trusted him on our well being and not to rob money.

What else can you do if any doing was in the name of the Government.

UMNO put him there. He is answerable to UMNO.

The pathetic scenario was UMNO leadership in MKT, in Division have no fighter. They allow Najib to cheat even they know this coming election they would loose.

Are we going to shout of another May13th in this coming election similar to when we lost Penang to DAP? It was too late.

Thank you Dato. Have a nice coffee and goreng pisang.

buah kerdas said...

KJ is just like Najib, rose to UMNO supreme position using father's (in-law) influence; but he is more willing and aggressive. Also, it was the entrenched culture of political corruption in UMNO that helped KJ to his present position in the party. I strongly believe that it is a great mistake to allow this man to premiership. Forget not, KJ without any prominent party position played decisive role as "Budak Tingkat Empat" during Pak Lah reign, what more if he was the PM. He had shown his true color and don't let his present camouflage blinds us. Smart politicians do not necessarily make good leader for the nation, honest and clever politicians do.

Say NO to KJ.

Zura taib baba said...

Dear Sir, i dont think i would want KJ to stick around. He is a people pleaser and seriously a Lalang. I dont think he dares to do what is right for the nation. He only thinks on how to make himself popular among the kids. But umno is in dire need of new set of leaders. Perhaps we all have to skim through the whole umno youth and puteri to find those quiet but honest and responsible new faces to lead UMNO.

Wrongright? said...

If KJ is the future leader of Malaysia, he will not hesitate now.

Lachs Evandryl said...

In Indonesia, President Joko Widodo has appointed two experienced technocrats as Ministers in a Cabinet reshuffle.

Darmin Nasution (Bank Indonesia governor 2010-2013, doctorate fro the Sorbonne in Paris) is the new Chief Economic Minister.

Thomas Lembong (Harvard graduate, chief executive of Singapore-based private equity firm Quvat Management) is the new Trade Minister.

Able young Malaysian Malay professionals and technocrats do not want to get involved in politics or join Umno.

So where is Umno going to find the fresh new talent to rejuvenate itself and to provide credible alternatives to the electorate and foreign investors?

You may not like the PAP in Singapore, but it takes talent spotting and party rejuvenation very seriously.

Like persuading Saktiandi Supaat (Executive Vice-President & Head of Foreign Exchange Research in Maybank) to stand as a PAP candidate in the coming Singapore general election.

Daniel Noor said...

Slm Datuk,

' No one trust the message nor the messenger '. Thats what KJ said. But did he get the support or an overwhelming support fom the audience ?.

KJ can be outspoken and he can be direct. He can even say that he is putting his job at stake.

So far to my knowkedge after that speech he made, no body from the Pemuda UMNO has openly show their support for him. Lest fm any of the senior UMNO members.

At this point of time, I believed its a wadte of time to write or maje fiery speeches to send the message to Najib that his time is up.

The only that I can think of 1. Vote of no confidence within UMNO. 2. Vote of confidence in Parliarment. 3. Taking to the streets. 4. Royal intervention ( which I doubt it can happened. The Royalties just want to symphatise with the conditions of their Subjects only. Period.)

adion said...


you forgot the event on how he win the ketua pemuda umno post against mukhriz.... the longest vote counting process in the world..And Najib remember it very well...

Stephen Doss said...

At this stage it does not matter anymore who steps up to remove DS Najib for the good of the country, whether it be Dr M, Ku Li or even KJ. I notice though there is no mention of Mukriz, no calling to account, not the way in which KJ is often called to account. I wonder why?

Pompuan said...

Saya setuju dengan adzzam adzzam. Tak maulah hero saya KJ jadi macam si Peliwat tu. See where he ended up. Takde siapa lagi kawan dia, semua dah cabut lari.
Takkan DAKJ nak KJ jadi macam tu. Biarlah jadi zero for the time being. Suffice for that rather brazen statement. Kena ingat Najib tu macam daddy dia. Takkanlah nak buat kurang ajar over. Kita orang Melayu ada had batasan kurang ajar. Tentu ibunya aunty Rahmah tak mahu his only son to be ingrate. Mereka dari keluarga baik-baik. Cukup lah apa yang kita buat kat father-in-law KJ. Don't we feel guilty now what we did to him. Instant karma. Allah nak tunjuk kat kita. Uncle Lah has the last laugh. Ahem faham-fahamlah sapa yg buat dia dulu all are sufffering in guilt now. Dosa dia tak lah sehebat mana.
Jadi jangan lah kita mengadu-dumba KJ pulak. Cukuplah tohmahan tak bertempat dulu sampai tak berkulit dia.

Orang kampung said...

The guy is an idiot. I want a father figure for my leader not some guy or kid who has no stance and is eager to be viewed as "cool" and the "in crowd". This guy is useless and is an opportunist. And he is half hearted at that. He will backtrack on the comment of "bigger than one man". Umno's problem main problem is the kampung in umno cant be taken out. You can take umno out from the kampung but the kampung mentality is deep rooted despite this umno being umno baru.

ymase said...


Seriously Dato'?

In all humility based on what previously came out of his mouth, I am utterly convinced that nanti serupa lari dari mulut buaya masuk mulut naga. And a fire breathing dragon at that!

Iman bukan diwarisi. I have mentioned it before: a person's education or upbringing does not necessarily reflect his real character. We are seeing one destructive example with the serially lying, in-denial NR and there are many, many more opportunists bent on saving their temolok. Satu gunung MYR$ tak cukup, nak balun/tibai semua.

Sorry to say la but mereka memalukan emak bapak mereka. Tapi anak-bini, adik-beradik relax saja asal life style tak terjejas. What a wimp ish, ish.

Nauzubillah semuga dijauhkan dari fitnah dajal dan kubur.

Mohd Sufian said...

I doubt it myself but agree he is smarter than others or he is just an opportunist. I were told he first courted Nurul and suddenly he banged his car behind Nori. I would rather think otherwise and even though it's not wise now to think, I would throw my support to MM. We better have someone who is seen not smart enough but possess good moral value, good work ethics and good Muslim. InsyaAllaj..

Anonymous said...

He had been found guilty of money politics but no action was taken against him. In fact he was given the leadership role for UMNO youth. What are his achievements?

As Minister for Sports, Malaysia has deteriorated, with scandals spreading. Zilch.

He never spoke sincerely - in fact he seems to be a spokesman for another nation. We suspect he had been given inside info by his supporters (including foreigners).

So you still think he's the man?

If you dig deeper, there are unpolished diamonds within UMNO youth - those talents suppressed by deadwoods and fatcats (Kunan??)

albi said...

The thing is he is young and he has time on his side. So for him what's the hurry? He also knows that he has no other serious competitor. That's why he can choose to play safe.

ymase said...


Overheard tonite : Loyalty is a lost virtue.

Ramai so-called loyalist waiting in bated breath for the baton to be passed to any of them. Menanam tebu di pinggir bibir, tapi hampas.

Rukun Negara pun tak boleh nak fahami dan hormati, ada hati nak pegang kuasa.

They have made a mockery of 30mil citizens notwithstanding telah menelanjangkan rupa sebenar mereka for all and sundry to see.

Ngilu dan pilu mengenangkan masa hadapan.

p/s I could have multiply my ciput savings at xchange rate $2.99 to now ~$4.00 all within 8 mth

zack said...

KJ is tainted with money politics, lavish, arrogant, immature, publicity seeker, no brainer and only good at talking. He has all the right ingredients to lead us to total destruction. You still have hopes on him?

Pushing KJ up is like trying to mop the dirty floor with a dirty mop. When will umno ever learned? Why keep shoving all these dirty politicians down our throats? Umno needs to be cleaned up, real clean up that it needs crime scene cleaners not just ordinary cleaner... there's shit, blood, corpes and carcasses everywhere!!!

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Saya tak mau gaduh dengan tok nujum .. Saya takut Tok nujum banyak kisah purba JKKK..

Tok saya takut tok gojang kisahkan rakan rakan..
Tok " you stop said lie about me.. N. I stop said the truth about me"

Masing nak jaga tengkok tok



Bumped into the ever smiling, cynical (Tun) Musa Hitam at the Khazanah Raya Open House today.

He wanted me to tell (Tun) Dr Mahathir (as if my business is carrying messages to the former PM) something.

I tested Musa’s message with two very important corporate figures and a newly appointed deputy minister. One of the businessmen said, given the current development I should publish what Musa had said.

The former DPM said: “The chicken has outwitted the old fox.”

We may not have to wait long to see if Musa gets it right on this one time.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Pakcik said...

Tak paham la

The fox and the hare said...

KJ waffles, bends like the bamboo stalks, does he have what we want of a future leader of this country? Time and again, he talks, but does not walk the talk. For the most important time in his life, he must stand up and show us the stuff he's made off. Otherwise he will just be a passing shadow in the current events.

AMiR Adlan said...

Pelik mengapa hanya KJ yang diserang? Tengok comments di sini sickening lah. Mengapa hanya KJ berani bersuara? Mana Zambry, Shabery, Mukhriz dan lain lain?

Saya sbg anak muda lihat KJ sbg pemimpin generasi muda Malaysia, bukan hanya Melayu, tapi he's a Malaysian leader. He delivered his job well. Orang Malaysia dahagakan kepimpinan yang adil kepada semua. And I think he's fit to be the Prime Minister.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

KJ bukanlah ketua yg boleh diharap untuk menjaga bangsa dan ugama.

Sbgai ketua pemuda...pun kita boleh menilai kualiti org ini. Dia cuma seorg oportunis yg berjaya meletak diri dlm kedudukan diri dlm parti hingga dpt menjadi menteri dibawah Najib.

Kalau kita lihat betul2....apakah kejayaan dia sbgai Menteri dan apa yg hebatnya dia sbgai Ketua Pemuda?

Jika jawapan pd kedua2 soalan itu...cuma Hampas sahaja....ertinya kita jgn buang masa menyokong org ini.....dia bukanlah hebat sngat cuma pandai bercakap sahaja....umpama tong kosong yg memang kuat gemanya.

Serupa Anwar sahaja.

Sy setuju...bila ada pembahas berkata...jika KJ betul2 jujur dia tentu mendesak Najib melepas jawatan dan MEMPROTES dgn pemecatan Muhyiddin....atas alasan Parti lebih diutamakan dari Presiden yg mengarut dan menyalah guna kuasa (kerana semua ahli MT...pun tahu hakikat ini) ....tetapi kerana dia pun kaki jilat dan survival diri yg dia utamakan juga.

Dlm perkara ini...kita wajar menilai KJ dari perbuatan dan aksi bukan dari cakap2 dia.....bak kata org putih "action speaks louder than words'.

Fikirlah mcm mana dia dan Najib mengenepikan Mukhriz pun kita boleh lihat ...siapa KJ.

Ketua yg kaki belit mcm Najib memang suka org yg mcm ini ....serupa dgn Zahid juga....cakap saja kuat tapi hampas saja yg keluar dari mulut.

Dato....bagi sy dan smpai bila2 pun...KJ..bukanlah org yg boleh diharap memimpin bangsa.

Lihat Anwar pun kita tahu....memang ada persamaan.

Kuat dan petah bercakap....tetapi kosong....bahaya buat bangsa fan ugama.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

Bagi orang bukan politik macam keluarga kami - I asked my daughters what they thought of mr. KJ. The elder (age 23) said "he's allright mom", the other (18) said "cut my throat first". I won't say my younger one is wiser than her elder sister - kakak dok tunggu konvo, adik baru masuk.

Moral of my story - even we have heard stories about mr. KJ - and no doubt he is popular with the girls for his good looks - he's actually quite a promising star (nampaknya dari jauh). So for now we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Terima kasih Datuk. Hari ni dah masuk Jumaat, semoga semua niat kita yang baik-baik sahaja.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Sekali pandang mcm itulah...apa yg Musa kata....jika maksudnya (Najib telah mengalahkan/memperdayakan Tun M).
Tetapi masih belum pasti....sebab ini bukan lagi masalah Tun M....ini masalah Parti dan negara....yg telah dipermainkan Najib....Tun M telah melakukan apa yg dia harus lakukan....walau pun Pembankang telah juga bercerita tentang salahlaku penasihat 1MDB ini...tetapi suara Tun lebih kuat dan diterima ramai rakyat...bilamana dia telah membongkar dgn terpeinci...jika tidak perkara ini cuma samar2 dan tidak smpai ketahap ini.Hendak harap org dari dlm Umno....memang tidak mungkin terjadi.

Bagi sy 'Game is still not over...still in progress...and the chicken is still not safe yet'.

Memang kita tidak perlu tunggu lama untuk melihat Musa betul tentang ini.

Musa pun ada sejarah dia dgn Tun M....dan sy tidak begitu yakin dgn org seperti dia menjaga kepentingan bangsa dan ugama jika dia menjadi PM negara.

Faham sajalah.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

1. Dalam sejarah tamadun dunia, pemimpin baik dan berjasa ada sejarah perjuangan yg jelas dan boleh dibanggakan sejak pemimpin itu belia lagi.

Si budak KJ ni, selain drpd dia menantu AAB, cuba cerita apa kelebihan dia dalam perjuangan nasib rakyat termasuk rakyat Baling?

2. Kalau setakat lulusan Oxford ramai anak muda Melayu tak kurang pandainya dalam UMNO sendiri yg terhege2 tapi diketepikan.

3. Nak jadi org baik bukan terjadi dgn tiba2. Seseorang itu mesti telah melalui dan lulus pengalaman pahit maung hidup.

Dan terpenting org itu Melayu se Melayu2nya.

Tun Razak Melayu dan berjiwa Melayu.

Tapi saya tak fikir Najib berjiwa Melayu.

Kalau dah membesar di luar negara.

Ada pemimpin Melayu UMNO, menjadikan arak , rasuah dan zina tu perkara biasa.

4. Saya berdoa Allah selamatkan Msia drpd org macam KJ.

Tapi kalau org muda macam RAFIZI dan NIK NAZMI saya sangat setuju.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

About PKR move to bring Najib to court and the issue of "sub-judice".

There were other high profile cases before, and people will not stop thinking and talking about it.

We had given the "system" a chance to score goals but when the striker made an attempt to score, the referee had been replaced and players had been given red cards.

Lets give PKR a chance this time to score.

About KJ.

TSMY is the one that really has the balls to make things right. Now there are two side. In my opinion Khairy Jamaluddin is positioning himself in the middle.

A lot of people are disappointed in him. Between Zero and Hero, I think still zero.

buah kerdas said...

To get a real good leader from UMNO is as hard as eradicating UMNO from cancerous corruption practice that is plaguing it now. No politician will survive from party disease. Once there was a fresh dentist with no bad record appointed as Menteri Besar and after about a decade he had to be replaced and ended with a waiting jail term. That's it. No matter how we love UMNO, the party needs to review its constitution so that there will be no chance for corruption to creep in.

The question is, can it be done? If yes, how?

AZAM anak Sarawak said...

Salam Tok AKJ

If UMNO has only KJ as its "promising star", the demise of UMNO is totally unavoidable.

One "superstar" in a lousy team filled with lousy players cannot win any tournament...
Could Malaysia football team ever hope to even win any meaningful tournament (outside ASEAN) even IF they have the likes of Neymar or Messy or Suarez or Cristiano Ronaldo or any of those highly talented individuals playing for them?

One person cannot win the tournament in a team event. Likewise for the government.

Najib's criteria for his cabinet ministers, as reported, is BLIND LOYALTY... not brains or guts to do what is right...

In any case, I do not trust KJ... He maybe smart, MAYBE handsome (to some), maybe macho... bottomline... I do not trust KJ...

AZAM anak Sarawak

albi said...

To me Tun Musa is not a great leader. He may have been our DPM once but he quitted half way. After he was defeated in 1987 together with TR he disappeared from the scene. His grudge against Tun Mahathir is still evident. So though he himself could not outwit the old fox he takes delight when there are others in his eyes who could. But I think his own biasness could have clouded his judgement. A chicken is a chicken. He can run for a while but he's no match for the grand old fox! Let's see what the outcome will be. But I would love to see Tengku Razaleigh take over. There's no other person more capable than him to help clear all the mess that Najib had heaped. He will be well accepted by BN and opposition alike. His experience in economic matters will on great help to steer the country through tough times that we can see ahead of us with the US dollar rising and oil prices dropping.

Daniel Noor said...

Maybe manya has forgotten. Immediately after Anwar Ibrahim was rekeased, it was KJ who delivered Anwar international passport to his house. One must not forget that Anwar and Pak Lah are more or less related abd coming fm the same kampong. During Pak Lah tenure as PM, Anwar was not critical nor vociferous of the Gment.

Yes, maybe KJ is an opputunist and like playing to the gallery. But I do hope by now he reakised that the Rakyat and the country is more important than UMNO itself.

If he is to respected and maybe to be loved by all, then he should not bow to everything that Najib wants. If he can be as little as 20%-30% of Tun M, that will be a good start.

Nobody is perfect. But if KJ prioritise the Rakyat and country, that is already a good start. KJ too should always remind himself that UMNO is too corrupted now. Therefore he must be careful choosing his running mates and those that will work with him

To mention Mukhriz now is a sensitive issue as the current stupid PM is never comfortable with the M word.

panglimo potaseh said...

Saya melihat tiada siapa pun dalam UMNO mahupun BN sekarang ini yang boleh pakai. Siapa saja daripada kerabat dan kalangan mereka yang diberi kuasa, maka macam macam akal akan dibuatnya. Mereka akan mula beselogan, mencipta projek-projek baru mengantikan yang lama. Contohnya kita ambil sektor pendidikan, muncul saja menteri baru segala dasar dari segi bentuk peperiksaan, buku dan peralatan akan diolah (bukan ganti) dengan yang baru, yang lazimnya memakan berbiliyon liyon. Kita yang agak pandai mengira sikit, kira saja lah berapa yang masyuk ... Sudah tentu Zahid sedang berkira-kira (Raja dalam rumah buat kira kira) berapa boleh masyuk jika bawa masuk 1.6 juta Bangla itu jadi kenyataan. Slogan yang berirama "Melayu Pemalas", "Melayu Memilih" sedang dimasukkan intronya.

Saya melihat dari fakta sejarah bagaimana sesuatu tamadun besar dijelmakan hasil melalui pembersihan pimpinan terdahulu bersekali dengan kolompok dan kerabatnya. Lihat zaman keadaan peralihan sebelum menjelmanya empayer agung Islam, pimpinan baru muncul sementara pimpinan lama besekali dengan kerabatnya akan di dakwa, ditangkap dan dihukum ... dan memastikan perlakuan pimpinan lama dilenyapkan sama sekali, ... maka abunya juga dibuang dilaut ... mungkin sangat ekstrem bunyinya, tapi itulah sejrah dan itulah kosnya.

Begitu juga dengan keadaan negara German dan Jepun ... pimpinan yang baru secuci anak dara muncul setelah negara mereka lunyai. Lihat pimpinan baru tadi telah membentuk kedua negara tersebut sebagai peneraju utama ekonomi dunia. Begitu juga dengan beberapa negara maju yang lain pimpinan bersekali dengan kerabatnya akan bertukar pada setiap empat atau paling lama sembilan tahun.

Bayangan saya pada pimpinan baru kelak adalah akan muncul satu pimpinan yang dapat memajukan kaum Melayu ia itu kaum terbesar dinegara ini yang pada dasarnya masih tertindas dan tercicir dari segi ekonomi, sosial dan minda. Kaum Melayu yang perlu diberi perhatian ini mestilah yang benar benar memerlukan, bukan macam sekarang ini, ia itu mengkayakan Melayu yang dah kaya, atau Melayu kaya memasang proksi untuk mendapat sebanyak projek yang boleh. Untuk tujuan ini, kaum Melayu yang kaya tidak lagi diberi keistimewaan, contohnya diskaun untuk beli rumah, mereka perlu bersaing dengan kaum lain bukan bersaing dengan Melayu miskin.

RD. said...

Saya sependapat dengan Saudara Msh.

"Dato....bagi sy dan smpai bila2 pun...KJ..bukanlah org yg boleh diharap memimpin bangsa.

Lihat Anwar pun kita tahu....memang ada persamaan."

Ya, kedua-dua mereka amat bijak dalam berkata-kata, dalam bahasa Kebangsaan ataupun Omputih, demi meraih popularity. Bezanya, Anwar banyak bercakap guna bahas berbunga-bunga dan kerap mengaitkan gurauan 'dalam kelabu' atau lebih tepat lagi, buat lawak berunsurkan sex. Dan yang paling ketara, Khairy setakat yang diketahui, tiada langsung kecederungan dalam aktiviti.........faham-faham saja lah.

Jika tidak kerana 'sejarah silam' beliau di Tingkat 4, saya teramat setuju dengan pandangan Dato AKJ, bahawa;

"...... given the dearth of promising young leaders in the party, KJ shines like a distant star in the dark void of space."

Juga, pada PAU 2009, Khairy di boo dengan pekikan, 'Rasuah, Rasuah, Rasuah' oleh hampir keseluruhan Perwakilan di PWTC. Bagaimana beliau boleh dipilih semula pada PAU selepas itu, lebih menghairankan.

Pada saya, Mukhriz nampak lebh 'Bersih' dari Khairy.

Praxis said...

I think leaders should be blameless, i.e their loyalty should be to God first, or the pubic realm completely. From this follows a high-level long term view of the totality of dynamics.

Our problems is good governance, and I think in our bones we know what it is but our ethnic loyalties compound the problem of discerning who is righteous if we are not mature.

I believe there many with good leadership potential and without any sins.

We can only pray God will give broad space to them. At least Paul Low and Nazir Razak seem to know where their loyalties are.

ADUHAI said...

AZAM anak Sarawak,

History has proven that Arwah Mokhtar Dahari smashed Arsenal 2-0 ! hahahahahah

ADUHAI said...

I think UMNO/BN should be ready and restructure herself to become a good opposition. That's the best option.

Joe black said...


I agree that KJ being an opportunist will be a good indicator of how the wind is blowing in UMNO (more of a weather vane). Beyond that, like all opportunists he will amount to nothing.

He's capitalised on his connection with Pak Lah but has really run out of juice with Najib. Najib knows his game and KJ has truly run out of juice with Najib. His only chance of survival is if Najib is outted.


The Scribe

Who Has The Right To Barakah of Allah?
(the angels awaits the command of their lord)

The barakah is for the Mukminiin.

Mohd Najib will not resign as Presiden UMNO is most obvious; and KJ is just enjoying the show - PM by 42.

Nevertheless, the UMNO Negeri Sabah, Kedah, Terengganu, Perak and Johor has still to decide. I am sure their leaders in the MT will come up with a good ground plan to win the PRU14. Economics will be key to keeping BN in power and a great MoF.

The main question now should be is the devaluation of the Ringgit and the Yuan more boon than a bane? Oil will be trading at around USD50 in the mid future should be a main consideration and the PRU14 wont be till next 2018.

The UMNO Negeri Sabah, Kedah, Terengganu, Perak and Johor needs to decide. Till then let see how Mohd Najib deals with the China Recession.

The barakah is almost gone from Malaysia as is in the Arab world. ISIS is the prove Muslims have become like the Jews - sell the Deen for the love of Dunya.

Salam Hormat.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Affin bank beli tanah dari IMDB.

Affin Bank milik Melayu sebab dia dipunyai oleh LTAT.

Tak mungkin Affin beli murah2.

Kalau murah2 mesti lanun2 UMNO dan kawan bukan Melayu dah kebas beli dulu.

Pusingan pertama Melayu TH pun IMDB perbodoh.

Sekarang gerombolan penyamun di IMDB diketuai penasihat mereka sedang tenang2 duit GLC mana lagi yg mereka nak tibai.

Bukan semua tahu bahawa di kalangan 8 bank perdagangan tempatan Affin bank la yg paling lemah dan kecil.

Kerajaan tak kesian ke dgn Melayu2 tentera yg menabung dalam LTAT.

Maybank , RHB , Exim bank , EPF, KWAP, TH dan kini LTAT dibuli oleh lanun2.

Satu persamaan dulu kini dan selamanya adalah semua peristiwa yg menyusahkan rakyat adalah di juarai oleh lanun UMNO dgn kroni bukan Melayu mereka.

Yg terima bala adalah majoritinya kaum Melayu.

Macam mana Dakj masih ada hati nak taruh harapan masa depan Melayu di tangan KJ.

Ada yg sah baik macam Anwar, Dakj sendiri spt tak perkenan.

Maaf saya keliru dgn sikap Dakj yg menurut saya tak konsisten .

Terakhir. Dengar cerita TDM dan KU LI sedang bergabung untuk pecat PM.

Boleh DAKJ beri komen.

Kalau benar saya harap pembangkang akan sokong . Moga2 antara syaratnya adalah ada kuasa ajaib bebaskan Anwar.

Vagrant John said...

There are glaring fundamental issues
Conflict of interests, Corruption, MACC reports to PMO apa ni, AG reports to PM, KPN reports to? No one dares to step up and do the right thing.

Don't have to look further just see how Singapore do it, so many things we can right it, but we opt not to.
Public service office holders should be compensated competitively, merit base reward, non performing ones to let go, eliminate sense of entitlement

Economy, educations, unemployed graduates, crime, wage level, currency, sports,race relationship, corruption, inflation these are not being tackled, while the PM is busy holding on to power, how can the nation move forward.

You want to run else where also cannot because your degree is not recognized elsewhere, and you can't communicate well in English.

Our kitchen cabinet, and these are our leader, how not to move backwards, almost impossible.

Malaysians deserve better.

This is just the beginning, more to come, when you vote on to the corrupt political party, and let the PM stay on for another 2-3 terms.

Geng Mamak said...

I doubt it or shall I say no way. KJ is indebted to Najib for bringing him back into limelight with a position in the Cabinet. Remember that he was almost a goner after Tun AAB's time. So KJ will not do it. In fact no one in the Cabinet, SC and BN council have the guts to do it. No one !

Zalman A said...

"The former DPM said: “The chicken has outwitted the old fox.”

No wit was involved, merely a "gelabah biawak" reaction to an impending legal charge (one hears on good and un-leaked authority.)

In just a few days, the nation's integrity was tarnished, and has continued to be.

This damage was not worth sustaining even for saving a good, competent leader.

And we do not even have that.

Hence it was not worth it at all, for the chicken to survive.

It may yet be chopped. We shall wait and see.

The rakyat's relief will be palpable, and if the remains are made into rendang ayam, no-one will touch it.

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

So Tun Musa thinks that Tun M has been outwitted. The fact that DSN is still in office even after so many rumours, may suggest that he is right. I would like to think that something is actually working behind the current lull but I am afraid that we may all be left disappointed at the end.

About young potential UMNO leaders, I would have put more hope in the 3 who were previously in the PAC than on Khairy. But as we saw them quietly accepting the minty ministerial jobs recently, they are obviously no better than him.

I would admit though that Khairy has the ability to charm the rakyat, especially the younger generation, but many still remember what he did when his father in law was in power.

Pakcik Atan said...

he cant even improve kementerian belia dan sukan...

pahit manis said...

D Scribe,

Sdra KJ ni muda dan ramai juga pengikut. Dalam banyak hal, mungkin dia dilihat ada potensi. Tapi, dari komen2 pembaca sebelum saya, KJ ada legasi negatuf yang perlu diatasi. Ini bukan mudah. Imej KJ sebagai anak muda yang dilihat begitu berpengaruh di zaman pentadbiran Pak Lah masih menghantui anak muda ini. Ini sesuatu yang KJ perlu atasi suoaya dia boleh pergi jauh dalam politik tanahair. Pendedahan KJ seperti yang D Scribe belum tentu akan membawa KJ ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi. KJ mesti ada rakan2 lain yang boleh berganding bahu dengannya. Saya faham maksud D Scribe menonjolkan dia dalam tulisan kali ini. Kalau KJ merasa diri dia ditonjol atau dijolok suoaya lebih agresif dalam usaha membawa perubahan politik tanahair, KJ akan menunjukkan kecenderungan ini dalam kata2nya di masa terdekat. Namun begitu, sebagai Ketua Pemuda, KJ patut menunjukkan pendirian yang lebih jelas dan nyata. Saya nampak KJ ada menunjukkan yang dia mahu melihat perubahan. Mungkin dia menunggu waktu dan ketika untuk bertindak dengan lebih jelas dan tepat..

pahit manis

akaz said...

Not an ordinary chicken.

RD. said...

Ingat lagi bagaimana Nizar 'berbakti' kepada orang Melayu Perak selama 11 bulan, sambil diapit Sepupu Nga dan Ngeh, dia beri hak-milik tanah 999tahun?

Kalau orang gila sex tu dibenarkan keluar dan menganti Najib sebagai PM, lagi haru-biru lah Malaysia di buatnya. Dia juga bekas banduan 'Salah-guna kuasa Polis'. Bapa Rasuah Politik ketika bersama UMNO.
Minta simpang malaikat 44.

Mat Sabu sebagai penganti, tak cukup hebat kah?
Dia ni pun ada banyak 'tegkorak dalam almari'.

raja2u said...


YBhg Dato' dan Pembahas yang saya hormati. Nampaknya derama yang berlaku sekrang akan berakhir tidak lama lagi kerana pemain-pemainnya adalah dari satu kumpulan yang sama. Mereka akan sedar mereka ibarat terkena sihir dan benci membenci sesama sendiri yang kesudahannya semua rugi dengan tiada terkecuali.Sekerip yang digunakan dahulu tidak berguna lagi kerana orang sudah tahu jalan ceritanya. Jika dahulu tindakan menjatuh pemimpin berjaya kali ini pihak yang mengulangi perkara tersebut pula tersingkir.Halatuju dahulu yang cuma menghendaki maklumat bersabit perjalanan 1 MDB dan pelan yang diperlukan untuk mengatasi hutang sudah jauh terpesong dan masa akan menentukan kesudahannya termasuk pendapat Mantan TPM.Yang pentingnya ini perlu menjadi pengajaran kepada generasi akan datang.

Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mohammad Dain,
Pencetus Strategik Vision,
Petaling Jaya




adzzam adzzam said...

Selam dalam2 dan bertanya...pemimpin, memimpin, terpimpin baru jadi kepimpinan hebat berwibawa

Umar Abdul Aziz said...


Sekali lagi siblogger bonggok bernama RD menunjukkan dirinya bonggok.

Melihat gayanya , RD berbangga pulak menayangkan kebonggokkannya.

Cerita fitnah Nizar beri pajakan tanah tu rakyat dengar sebelah pihak drpd MAP sumber maklumat RD.

Kalau RD boleh kemuka bukti perbuatan yg bagi saya khianat Nizar maka saya akan tarik balik tuduhan bonggok terhadap RD dalam kes Nizar ni.

Berkenaan tuduhan RD terhadap Mat Sabu mengenali tabung Memali saya masih tertunggu laporan polis oleh RD.

Berkenaan nasib Anwar yg bos2 RD fitnah , cukuplah saya katakan peguam2 dan wakil2 hak asasi manusia seluruh dunia yg terus merayu dan mengutuk perbuatan kehakiman Msia yg dicucuk hidung.


Pesanan untuk RD saja.

Berhentilah naik motosikal derma drpd bos2 RD atau hasil berblog tu.

Sebab tak baik untuk kesihatan kerana mungkin otak RD yg selalu terhentak2 ketika naik motorsikal tu hanya menghasilkan komen2 mengarut.

Awang selamat said...

Mohd Najib 'Saya terima DERMAnya....'

OKJ said...

Salam Dato Kadir

Bagi sayalah, tiada apa yg boleh kembalikan keyakinan orang Melayu terhadap UMNO buat masa ini dgn apa yg telah dilakukan oleh presiden parti. Total damage has been done. Cuba Dato’ tanya dekat orang Melayu berapa ramai yg percaya duit RM2,600,000,000.00 adalah duit derma selain Nazri dan Rahman Dahlan. Mad Maslan pun dah senyap sekarang bila dulu dia kata hanya orang bodoh je yg akan masuk duit dalam akaun sendiri. Tup! Tup!!! terkena pada muka sendiri. Padan muka.

Jadinya, bagi sayalah, bukan masa yg sesuai utk Sdr KJ nak menonjol menjadi hero kpd Orang Melayu masa ini. PRU 14 nanti, amat besar kemungkinan UMNO dan BN akan kalah. Dan mungkin itu saja caranya utk menukar kepimpinan UMNO sekarang jika pemilihan parti masih ditangguhkan, timbalan presiden yg dipilih ahli pun dipecat, peguam negara diberhentikan serta merta, siasatan keatas MACC yg sepatutnya orang lain yg disiasat (kata Tun Mahathir) dan sebagainya.

Akhir kata, strategi dan perancangan yg betul amat diperlukan w/pun mungkin ada pengorbanan besar yg perlu dilakukan. Ingat Dato’, jangan sesekali memandang rendah kepada orang-orang muda UMNO, Sdr KJ dan kawan-kawannya. , Dato’ juga kena ingat, tok nenek kita ada berkata “undur selangkah bukan bererti menyerah kalah”. Insyaallah, pemuda Melayu akan bangkit kembali suatu hari nanti. Sekian TQ.

ibrahim darus said...

Sdr Lachs
I am afraid that efforts to recruit young and talented technocrats into politics in Malaysia may not be successful due to the low remuneration received by politicians. Even if they join politics and become Wakil Rakyat they will soon turn corrupt due to the demands of the office and tee low income received. I remember what members of PAS told Anwar - if you join UMNO its like jumping into a dung pit, you will not be able to clean it but will instead be tainted.
Another reason the young look down on the politicians is that the politicians (especially UMNO) is because they are all perceived to be liars, cheats, corrupt, unreliable and all other unsavoury features (although not all are tainted).
Perhaps if SPR can introduce a clause which permits only ' clean' politicians to be Wakil Rakyat then perhaps a new breed of political leaders may emerge.

Zalman A said...

@ jumbeaux

Based on today's breaking news, it seems they have been accepting quite a lot, quietly.

I will say no more.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Do not judge a book by its cover. Without prejudice to Tun M or anyone. Just because KJ is son in law of Badawi does not mean he has to carry his sins if actually there were any to this country. KJ is young and like it or not the young people feel comfortable with his presence. Like it or not he is sensitive to their voices. He listens to their grudges even small trivial complaints.

If KJ is willing to reflect on all that's happened today, truly reflect and collect himself, he could be Umno's point of turning for reform. No doubt there are other young promising leaders, reaching even to those in the oppositions, like Rafizi or even Tony Pua. Dynamic future leaders do not as a rule must come only from one single party, community or race. This is a fact we tend to forget when we get so immersed in our own belief we deny all other flesh n blood, even when the price we have to pay is the ruin of our own people, race, religion.

I am no smart alec like most of your other commentators Datuk. But instead of forever finger pointing and finding faults in everyone (except the current premier of course) I want to be able to see who which people could be capable to save the country not only for now but for years to come.

Thanks Datuk A. Kadir. Have a restful weekend.

RD. said...

Saya bukan seorang 'blogger'. Hanya seorang pengomen dalam comment section blog orang. Saya tidak dibayar oleh sesiapa. Jaddi saya tidak bertuan kepada sesiapa. Saya guna nama yang sama dimana-mana saja, bila saya beri komen.

Hairan saya dengan seekor Troll nih, tak pulak saya 'jumpa' guna nama yang sama di tempat lain. Tuan kamu suruh 'bertapa' di blog Dato AKJ saja ke?
Kamu ni, RBA dari Komtar atau Wenworth Hotel?
Kamu ditugaskan untuk menyamar guna nama 'Khalifah' untuk memecah-belahkan orang Melayu ke?

"........ peguam2 dan wakil2 hak asasi manusia seluruh dunia yg terus merayu dan mengutuk perbuatan kehakiman Msia yg dicucuk hidung."

Jangan jadi bangang. 'Manusia seluruh dunia' terutama Omputih, berpendapat bahawa 'main-pungkoq' tidak merupakan satu jenayah. Atasa sebab itu dan juga demi cita-cita politik puak Evangelist, mereka sokong Anwar Ibrahim. Oleh itu mereka ambil kesempatan kerana bagi mereka, homosexual bukan menjadi satu kesalahan. Karpal Singh pun pernah lontarkan pendapat bahawa ia bukan kes 'liwat-secara-paksa' tetapi 'suka-sama-suka'. Maknanya, seluruh dunia tahu bahawa Anwar memang kaki-main-pungkoq. Beza, cuma di Malaysia ia menjadi kesalahan. Di India pun sama.
Lebih menjadi kesalahan, bila mangsa liwat adalah orang bawah (tukang bancuh kopi) kepada seorang ahli politik yang berpengaruh dan terkenal. Jika diambil kira rekod lama, lebih terserlah 'kejahatan' beliau. Dalam Sodomy I, ketiga-tiga hakim merekodkan bahawa kejadian liwat ada berlaku tetapi oleh kerana bercanggah tarikh dan waktu. maka Anwar terpaksa dilepaskan.

Saya pelik sunggoh!
Mengapa seorang yang menyamar sebagai 'Khalifah' sangat mendambakan seorang sodom sebagai Ketua Negara Islam. Kalau sokong Najib sebagai ketua, saya tak rasa pelik sangat. Maklumlah, Najib berkuasa dan ada banyak WANG untuk di'tabur'.

Jangan-jangan, kamu pun sama species atau ada hubungan sulit dengan dia tak?

Hairudin Ab Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

RD si bonggok tak perlu melalut.

Masyarakat civil bersatu mengkritik seluruh perbicaraan itu sendiri.

Tiada kena mengena dgn sodomi itu halal tidaknya di barat.

Tu la. Jangan naik motor murah upah dari bos.

Carilah rezeki halal.

Hairudin Ab Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

RD si bonggok tak perlu melalut.

Masyarakat civil bersatu mengkritik seluruh perbicaraan itu sendiri.

Tiada kena mengena dgn sodomi itu halal tidaknya di barat.

Tu la. Jangan naik motor murah upah dari bos.

Carilah rezeki halal.

INDIGO said...

Khairy aka Dirty Hairy is a zero.

Hati sedih dengar Dirty Hairy kata yang faham kita duit RM2.6 billion bukan money laundering oleh Najib. Nilai Ketua Pemuda UMNO sama dengan si jahil tiada moral tiada kenal halal haram. Biarlah duduk sama Satem Kucing. Jual agama dengan harga murah. Seronoknya Ketua Menteri sendiri mahu isytihar salah guna kalimah Allah.

Kalau beginilah Majoriti UMNO elok saja hancur UMNO. Alim-alim kucing.

RD. said...

Ait... RBA mana pulak nih.
Adik beradik Khalifah Umar ke?

Umar sudah tersalah guna ID kot?
Makalumlah, lain tempat guna ID berlainan?
RBA dari Komtar atau Wenworth Hotel?

Mana tahu rezeki saya halal atau tidak?

RD. said...

Mengapa RBA hina orang naik motor murah?
Kamu mahu semua orang kaya-raya macam dalam DAP ke?

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Khairy must walk the talk. He must prove that he is indeed a leader for the young people of today the leaders of tomorrow. If he continues to play safe now he would be no different from the other cling-ons of DSN. His potentials would be short lived to the era of DSN. A true leader is one who would soak and burn under the cruelest weather to care for the people. Khairy has the chance to prove this today. If only he could see beyond tomorrow.

Thanks Datuk A. Kadir. Goodnight Datuk.

INDIGO said...

Ironis apa yang sedang berlaku di Pahang sekarang. Ada peneroka Felda tukar kerjaya sudah jadi pelombong haram. Jual tanah.

PM borek, rakyat rintik.
Malaysia dah hancur.

IdrisMdIsa said...

Askm Datuk Scribe...with due respect, in my naive opinion, you have a very poor assessment pedigree vis-a-vis KJ. Assessment of his quality as a leader must be based on his achievement, if any, as the UMNO Youth Chief & Minister of Youth and Sports. What has he achieved? Nothing! Our sports remain in the doldrums [I don't care, though, as I'm a sports hater; the competitive type which I consider as baseness glorified but I do care about the colossal sums spent on the sports garbage]. Where is he taking our youths to? To hell, most likely. As a young man, his passions are, just like any typical youngster, sports and entertainments. That's what he's feeding our youths with.
From the Islamic perspective, he's ignorant, misguided and lost.
From moral perspective, he's reputedly a womanizer.
From the political/ethical perspective, he was once touted as the world's richest young unemployed. Did he, like najib, receive mega generous donations?
You still think will take Malaysia to glory one day?

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