Saturday, August 15, 2015

Who Would It Be: Zahid, Muhyiddin or Ku Li?

A Kadir Jasin

UPDATE, Aug. 17 – Gerik: Umno presidency must be defended at all times if the party is to overcome crises, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said defending the presidency was not about protecting the individual who is the president but more about looking after the sanctity of the institution. – The Star.

Footnote from history: 1951 the presidency of (Datuk) Onn Jaafar was rejected for wanting to open Umno to all races. 1969 the presidency of Tunku Abdul Rahman was usurped by (Tun) Abdul Razak and 2009 the presidency of (Tun) Abdullah was challenged by (Tun) Mahathir and Muhyiddin. Did Mohd Najib defend him? No, he played safe and finally played Abdullah out.


ONE thing is sure - the country needs a change of Leader.

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What is less sure is who will it be. Three possibilities are being mentioned: the sacked former Deputy Prime Minister  (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin Yassin, his replacement (Datuk Seri) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the former Finance Minister, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah aka Ku Li.

Depending on which source you get your information and who is making the analysis, the front-runner keeps changing.

According to Pak Belalang (the protagonist in the P. Ramlee movie “Nujum Pak Belalang”), if the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak has his way, he would want Ahmad Zahid to be his successor.

Having sacked Muhyiddin for criticising him and for supporting the investigations into the 1MDB affairs, surely the Prime Minister would not want Muhyiddin to succeed him. Allowing Muhyiddin to become PM is as good as signing his own death warrant.

Ahmad Zahid looks like a safer bet. He has been Mohd Najib’s ally for a long time and is the strongest and the most popular of the three elected Umno vice-presidents.

The second elected VP, (Datuk Seri) Shafie Apdal of Sabah had been done away with. He was dropped from the Cabinet together with Muhyiddin. The third VP is Mohd Najib’s own cousin, (Datuk Seri) Hishammuddin Hussien, who was the front-runner before the 1MDB scandal surfaced.

In recent months, Hishammudin has adopted a more neutral stance towards his cousin by urging for an open and transparent investigation into the 1MDB affairs. That automatically makes him a less reliable. Still he is being touted as the DPM candidate should Ahmad Zahid gets promoted.

The problem is how would Ahmad Zahid overcome the question of having Muhyiddin at the top of him in the Umno hierarchy? Muhyiddin is Deputy President and his image as the defender of the party and the voice of the ordinary rakyat has catapulted following his July 28 sacking. He now enjoys considerable sympathy from Umno members and Malaysians in general.

Picture tells a thousand words: Sultan Ibrahim Johor, Johor MB, Zahid and Muhyiddin

For Ahmad Zahid, Muhyiddin is a necessary ally. Little wonder that when the two of them were photographed laughing away in the presence of the Sultan of Johor on Aug 11 the rumour mill went into overdrive.

No less significant is the emergence of the Johor Sultanate as a critic of the PM and the royal champion of the rakyat, which gives rise to yet another set of analyses. They concern the behind-the-scene involvement of some Malay rulers in seeking solution to the country’s deepening problems.

The Ku Li Solution

Then there is what could be described as the Ku Li’s solution. The veteran Umno leader and the MP for Gua Musang could very well be ahead in race to replace Mohd Najib.

Ku Li and Najib: Not a handover letter yet

The 78-year old former Finance Minister and Umno VP, who, ironically, is also Mohd Najib’s earliest mentor (in Petronas), has been actively putting together a coalition of MPs from both sides of House with the hope of democratically ousting him.

If he succeeds, he stands out as the most likely successor to Mohd Najib and, would introduce a whole new equation to contemporary Malaysian politics i.e the formation of a national unity government in which Umno could be in the minority.

However, in spite of widespread rumours that Ku Li has received the blessing of the former PM (and his nemesis) (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he faces an uphill task to coax at least half of the 222 members of the Dewan Rakyat (the House of Representatives) to join him.

The opposition is badly fractured following the ouster of the non-religious faction from PAS. The clerical PAS may not be inclined to join Ku Li. But the PAS professionals who now called themselves Gerakan Harapan Baru (New Hope Movement) may break rank and side with the Kelantan prince. The DAP and PKR are likely to be amenable to the idea of a unity government under Ku Li provided one of their members is made the DPM.

Still Ku Li would not have enough members to topple the PM unless he is able to get the support of upward of 45 BN members. If PAS members are not with him, he would need more BN defectors. And could not rely on mere promises. He has to get a legally valid assurance from each of them.

From the governing point of view, Ku Li is perhaps the best candidate to rescue the economy because, despite his shortcomings and missteps in the past, he is highly experienced and knowledgeable in economic matters. More than anything else it is the economy that needs mending and Ku Li beats all other contenders in that aspect.

In recent months, Dr Mahathir, Ku Li and another former Finance Minister, (Tun) Daim Zainuddin, appeared to have set aside their differences and are having regular conversations about politics and the economy.

FOOTNOTE: Met (Tun) Musa Hitam again on Friday (at Sime Darby’s open house). He told me (in front of one or two staunchest supporters of the PM) that plot has changed yet again. Now the old fox is having the upper hand over the chicken.



zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Zahid hamidi dan khairi jammaluddun

Praxis said...

Problem is good governance versus bad governance and we seem to have a feasible option, which should get the support of the royalty.

Anonymous said...

When election come it is all about future leaders. Tun M had transformed Malaysia into industrial based country. The younger leader should focus on clean no nonsense and tranform the country into a place where corruption will be zero tolerated.

akaz said...

Terbaik la kalu old fox has the upper hand than the chicken. Ingat kan the chicken still ouwitted the old fox.

albi said...

I agree that Tengku Razaleigh is the best of the 3 options. Not only for his economic credentials but also I think he will the one most acceptable to the opposition.

I think PKR will support although whether only Azmin group or both Azmin and Azizah group remains to be seen. That depends on whether there is agreement on the fate of Anwar. Maybe 15 out of the 30 PKR seats.

DAP will fully support. What has they got to lose in the unity government? It will only strengthen them further. That is another 38 seats.

I am inclined to think that both factions in PAS will give support. But lets assume that Hadi’s group will not support and we get 10 seats. So far about 63 seats.

So need another 112-73 = 49 seat from Umno / BN for a simple majority of 112 seats. That doesn’t seem too far fetched. Umno alone have 88 seats and the rest of BN 45. The fence sitters in unmo will start to swing away from Najib. So too are the other members of BN. They have been waiting all this while to see which way it will swing. If Najib is losing ground they will start to swing away.

If this unity government becomes a reality it will be a very significant change to our political landscape. Its very difficult to predict what lies ahead. But it would be a golden opportunity to start steering away from race or religion based politics and political parties. That will be a significant progress to our political evolution. This will be the best moment to seize it.

Zalman A said...


Your first line is 100% correct:

"ONE thing is sure - the country needs a change of Leader."

We are now in a post-political situation where the very fabric of the country may collapse under corruption and repression.

The exposures today that the "donation" was "re-donated" to Umno leaders and the balance then sent back overseas into private accounts surprised nobody. I personally was only surprised that the alleged "re-donated"amounts were so small, only a million or two. Perhaps there were more before and after.

People with a financial interest in the status quo have no right to speak. They are self-serving, indeed they are part of the problem.

Clearly Umno cannot close ranks now, nor should it.

Anyone with morals, ethics or honesty left, knows what to do.

Are there any?

LaM said...

When the 1MDB and Najib corruption scandals break out, a lot of malay Ministers make stupid comments. Stupid comments are always naturally made by stupid people. With 30million people in the country, and more than 60% are malays, it is an embarrassment to the malays as a whole, when we have not so intelligent malays becoming members of the Malaysian Cabinet...representing the country both nationally and internationally. It is indeed an embarrassment to have corrupt malay ministers serving in the cabinet more so when he is the PM.

Today another malay minister, the so-called DPM, makes another stupid comment. There is now an ongoing effort to get sufficient MPs to support a motion of a vote of no-confidence against the corruption laden PM. And this idiot is saying that there is now a plot led by an Umno leader to topple the government. Which school or University did he attended, in saying that the PM is the Government of Malaysia..,and that a constitutional act of removing the PM through a no condfidence motion amounted to a plot to topple the Government of Malaysia. When a Home Minister made such stupid statement, the not so-intelligent police chief will jump on it and arrest all these MPs whom he also believes is trying to topple the 'government'. That is what he did to people who assemble for the Tangkap Najib Rally. You must have pea- nuts brain if you are going to say that asking the authorities ie Macc or Police to arrest a suspected corrupt criminal, notwithstanding his position in the government, is an act detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

In Msia, the PM appointed not so intelligent malays to be his Ministers and Heads of Civil Institutions like the AG, Police Chief, chief Secretary and DG Civil Service. Both the later were involved in the transfer of Macc's officers, seemingly following the instructions of Najib. There is hardly any precedents for them to take such action...nor any law for them to base their actions. Macc officers are appointed u/d the Macc Act and under the Act all actions, duties and movement of Macc officers are u/d the sole control, supervision and direction of their Head, ie Chief Commissioner.

Zalman A said...

The non-support of PAS is not decisive in a vote of confidence.

They have a mere 21 MPs, only half of which will prop up Najib.

Tun Mahathir has maintained good relations with Sarawak. That is more critical than PAS. And even more important than that, Johor, Kedah, Sabah, Terengganu and even Pahang UMNO are (shall we say), "interesting".

Hence "...the old fox is having the upper hand over the chicken."

In my view, the chicken's position is now untenable.

Investors are fleeing.

Zahid is little more than a thug. Leave him behind in UMNO Baru Lama. As gardeners all know, a vigorous pruning of a plant leads to better and lusher growth later. Hence A Ku Li-Muhyiddin team would be best, to both save the country and to regenerate UMNO from its fundamental values. There is no real fear of working with the Opposition - if we are brutally honest, the majority of the smater, younger and more professional leaders are there, not in BN.

But there must be a firm agreement of "no politicking" for at least 12 months while the country's bleeding is halted. Later on, GE14 can happen, and whatever rearrangements of Malaysian politics will happen, can happen. It is less important than Malaysia's well-being. Politicians come and go, but our institutions and democracy must remain strong. Our people must not suffer due to the greed of a few.

It is time to reverse our decay, before it becomes terminal.

Mohd Sufian said...

Aku yakin ngan Ar Rahman.. Ar Rahim.. Yang maha pengasih Yang maha penyayang. Tunku lead perhaps now Tengku...

ARazakRahmat said...

Kalau PM kalah motion of no confidence, dia boleh dapat kebenaran Agong untuk bubar parlimen. Biar dia tersingkir sebagai nakhoda, janji satu kapal karam.

Tak semudah analisa Datuk Kadir. Muhyiddin akan pertimbangkan semua itu.

Tai.pan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk AKJ n Sahabat3 sekalian..

"The Malaysian Dilemma"

Tiba2 terasa dejavu pulak.. Filem P.Ramlee tajuknya 'Labu-Labi' kot?.. Nyanyian si Manisa anaknya si Haji Bakhil bin Haji Kedekut..

"Yang mana satu idaman daku..."

Habis "Tunggang-Langgang" hidup kita3 semua.. AhJibGo ni betul2 menyusahkan Negara.. Tapi dia masih buat 'selamber derkk' je..

***Semua sila tepuk dahi**

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

Din Klang said...

should include 1 or 2 younger and sincere leader as well but definately not KJ the opportunist...

btw Zahid already mention about Ku li plan at umno meeting.

Unknown said...

in the end it will be umno again. does it really matter??

adzzam adzzam said...

Terbaru Zahid cuba alih isu 1MDB dan derma 2.6b dgn konspirasi mnjatuhkan Najib dan kerajaan
Zahid berharap dapat pengaruhi perwakilan Umno dr mnyentuh 2 isu besar yg membelit Najib.
Perwakilan diharap akan pantas membahas dan berhujah mncari dalang konspirasi
Dengan mngguna kuasa sbgai boss KDN, Zahid sebenarnya dilihat cuba mempercepatkan lagi 'perjalanan' politik Najib
Atau adakah Zahid melihat peluang telah pun berada dalam ribanya?
Rakyat hanya mahu Najib undur dan tidak sesekali mnyebut mengguling kerajaam kecuali di pihak pembangkang
Nampaknya sudah terang lagi bersuluh , siapa yg akan menunjukkan tangga keluar untuk Najib
Drama yg cukup mudah dan kolot plotnya

Bryan Wong said...

The Kingmakers may well turn out to be the Lallangs-as it were-that has been bending hithereto to whichever side the political winds has blown stronger thus far. But the way things are goin and whats happening in the country -DPM-AG-BNM Governor. With reverberations from grassroots up being felt
Somehow,these Lallang factions or powerful individuals cannot afford to "wait and see" much longer. And they may well be the ones that will tilt the scales to whichever side- if there is a deadlock.

Pompuan said...

If you ask me, status quo will remain. Najib will still be our PM. Until and unless, the IMDB probe finds him guilty. And I maintain my former comments he wil be cleared of any charges. Only or two token person will be charged.
Even if you want to change PM, hard to get the declaration or surat sumpah needed (or oath). Which UMNO MP is willing to risk his neck to rid the President as PM.?Gelap masa depan.
And why must have unity Gomen with opposition? For short-term benefit, cantik nampak. Long term huru-hara. DAP dah tentu nak orangnya jadi DPM. Dan PKR mesti nak Nuat dibebaskan.
Ayoyo, tak naklah tengok si Rafizi ke, nenek kipas ke, anak dia ke or Tian Chua jadi menteri.Marahlah orang UMNO.
Nanti riot pulak. Nak buang Najib tapi negara musnah.
Lagi pun takkan Zahid Hamidi nak belot kepada Najib. They go baack long ways. Dan Ku Lipun dah ganyut nak jadi PM.
Baik tunggu iMDB probe selesai or pemilihan perhimpunan agung UMNO. The only viable platform to remove Najib. Zahid dan Muhyiddin boleh tanding for President.
For the mean time, can dream on.
Zahidpun unequivocally nak stop this back-door overthrow of Najib. He challenged the ring-leader to come out in the open. Will there be arrestts made?

Kamal said...

salam Tok,

Walaupun KuLi terbaik waktu kini, ramai yang lupa sebenarnya peranan Anwar Ibrahim juga berada disini. tanpa sokongan Anwar, Malaysia hanya boleh mimpi sahaja sehingga najib dan umno terjun dengan labunya. Disini saya memohon agar rakyat Malaysia jangan ingat pembangkang ni jahat saja kerjanya.Kami yang menyokong pembangakan adalah lebih patriotik dari umno atau dari melayu lainnya. Saya berharap selepas ini tiada lagi kata nista yang di lemparkan kepada pembangakang seperti kata-kata pembangkang komunis, agen yahudi dan lain-lainnya. Sedarnya wahai melayu semuanya, kami juga sayang negara kami. Apa yang kami lawan sebelum ini adalah kesalahan yang di buat oleh kerajaan BN sejak sekian lama.Apa kesalahan yang dibuat dahulu tiada bezanya yang di buat kerajaan BN masa kini. Cuma sekarang hanya pemimpin tertinggi gila kuasa dan hilang kewarasan untuk dia tidak mahu meletak jawatan.

Saya percaya pembangkang bila-bila masa boleh disandarkan kepada mereka, kerana mereka juga kelompok yang tidak mahu negara ini di musnahkan oleh pemimpin umno seperti najib yang kuat menipu atau kaki kencing rakyat.


The Scribe

Dirgahayu Tuanku
(all roads lead to johor darul takzim)

Let the plot thicken I say
Let the UMNO bigshots have their shot
Let the Dollar the Euro and the Yuan call thier day
Let me my day in the Siamese court as Justo plot

So sad the poor King of Saudi Arabia
So sad the poor King of Jordan
So sad the poor lords og the Gulf Countries
Once they were mighty but now so sad
Oil by the barrels as cheap as the desert sand
Soon bartered away by the merchants of Tel Aviv

Viva the Malay King!
Viva the Malay Prince!
Viva the Malay Regiments!

As I sit to listen to Justo's laments
For the love of justice done
And let there be peace in this land

Salam Hormat

Mustapha Ong said...

UMNO is not in a political mess but it is under political stress in changing its leadership, whose political career is now under siege. I think the survival of UMNO as the leading political partner in BN is more important and crucial if BN is to continue ruling this country. Indeed DS Najib' s political future is now coming to the end of the tunnel. It is hope that for the sake of the Malays, who has been given the mandate to govern this country, the current President of UMNO needs to sacrifice his own political future. I believe looking at the current political situation, it is better to lose a leader like DS Najib, rather than to lose UMNO's political power that has been ruling this country since 1946. UMNO and it's political allies have done well in the governance of this country and nobody should deny this fact that UMNO today needs absolute support from its 3.4 million members. No other BN component party has been given the political mandate to rule this country, except UMNO. In the question of succession, it is felt that DS Najib should be allowed to serve his current term in office until the next UMNO party election in 2018. We need to give an assurance to the people that UMNO/BN is a responsible government and will ensure that whoever is identify by the UMNO leadership will ensure the country will still remain in the hands of the Malays. The current batch of UMNO leaders are all capable to take over from DS Najib, if he decides the save the party and sacrifice his own political career. Ideally, Najib's successor should be DS Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, if the plan is to ask TS Muhyiddin to sacrifice his own political career for the sake of UMNO and the Malays. I would discount KuLi as he is already in his late seventies and he has already lost his opportunity to be the PM in the late 1980s due to his own political outburst in trying to destroy UMNO, which resulted in the deregistration of the party. If the changes in UMNO leadership comes true, I predict that Datuk Hishammuddin should be elected as the new Deputy President of UMNO and be appointed as the DPM to assist DS Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. The rest if history and given this scenario, Khairy Jamaluddin political future to be Malaysia's youngest PM will become a reality in 10 years time.

RD. said...

Dah semakin cerah nampaknya, harapan untuk menyelamatkan Negara dari malapertaka jika pemerintahan Negara jatuh ketangan Pembangkang, PRU 14 nanti. Maklumlah, Pembangkang dipenuhi ahli politik yang punyai muslihat tersembunyi atau niat yang tidak baik dan mereka saling memperdaya antara mereka dalam satu Pakatan.

Lebih mengerunkan, jika pertembungan terbuka terjadi antara PAS dan DAP. PAS yang sudah diketahui terdiri dari puak agama Islam yang ortodok, manakala DAP yang kebanyakannya ahli politik tertingginya adalah penganut Evangelist. PAS sudah tentu marah jika mengetahui bahawa PASMA, dan kemudiannya GHB, dibiayai oleh DAP. Jika Rakyat Malaysia dapat tahu siapa yang biayai DAP pula, lagi kita akan terbeliak biji mata. PKR kita sudah tahu siapa yang biayai mereka.

Harap Ku Li berjaya. Tapi jangan gelojoh buat 16 Sept., macam Anwar sudah lah. Sampai ke Taiwan di kejarnya pemimpin UMNO untuk dirasuah dengan janji jawatan ataupun WANG. Di heboh seluruh dunia sehingga lawan sempat ambil tindakan untuk menyekat.

jab sp said...

Agaknya ada nama tertinggal dalam catatan DAKJ, itupun kalau tak silap saya la.
Mungkin 1 dan bolih jadi 2.
Penyelesaian tanpa bicara kes saman TSKI pada Saifudin bukan dibuat kerana semangat Syawal semata, tapi ianya ada makna lain yang tersembunyi.Itulah andaian saya.
Somoga dari Milan membawa cahaya.
Salam DAKJ.

Zed-85 said...

Saudari Pompuan,

Saya tengok filem Hollywood, House of Cards lakonan Kevin Spacey, nak buat perubahan politik dalam sistem demokrasi, kena ada "traction".

Sekarang ini, dah ada "traction" yang banyak, mungkin tak cukup lagi tapi kalau dengan kemungkaran yang ada, kita "spread the word" kepada ramai, barulah boleh berubah.

Dengan adanya masalah ekonomi yang sedia ada, sekarang ini US1.00:>RM4.00 , rakyat boleh membuat kaitan antara ekonomi dan pentadbiran.

Tapi kalau kita nak tunggu sampai PAU atau PRU14 lagi 2 tahun lagi, maka 1MDB pun orang dah tidak ingat lagi.

Pada pandangan saya, itu yang pentadbiran yang sekarang ini mahukan. Setakat ini, banyak yang ditangguhkan, penyiasatan 1MDB, pelantikkan ketua PAC dan PAU.

Kalaulah PAU boleh ditangguhkan 20 tahun lagi, agaknya ditangguhkan 20 tahun lagi.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Sekarang lanun bugis betul2 dah kantoi.

Wang derma masuk USD700jt.

Yg di pindahkan ke akaun mistri di Spore adalah USD 650jt.

Bererti cuma USD50jt dibelanja di Msia mungkin untuk sedekah2 setiap lima tahun sekali kpd ketua2 cawangan UMNO untuk pasang bendera dll.

Apa2 pun ada org makan lebih drpd wang derma USD700jt tu

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Sdr Hairudin Ab Aziz.

Saya berterima kasih kerana sokong dalam menghentam sdr RD.

Cuma harapan saya sdr tak perlulah tiru cara dan gaya saya.

Takut macam2 ada.

Kerempengen Keledeng said...

Kalau tak nak letak jawatan PM pun sekurang-kurangnya lepaskanlah portfolio Menteri Kewangan tu. Janganlah buat kitaorang macam ni. Janganlah terus-terusan menyiksa kami. Orang luar pun dah tak percaya kat ekonomi kita. Tiada lagi keyakinan dan kepercayaan. Semuanya telah musnah. Ringgit terus jatuh, inflasi meningkat, puluhan ribu graduan keluar universiti tiada pekerjaan, ekonomi makin gawat. Pelabur asing pun dah lari. Rakyat makin tersepit.

Keyakinan rakyat dan pelabur perlu dipulihkan segera. Janganlah pentingkan diri sendiri. Kalau orang tak nak tu kenapa terhegeh-hegeh lagi. Ini bukan soal nak menjatuhkan kerajaan. Ini soal kebajikan rakyat dan negara. Politikus wujud kerana adanya rakyat. Dalam negara yang mengamalkan prinsip demokrasi, pemimpin dipilih oleh rakyat. Rakyat memilih pemimpin untuk memperjuangkan kebajikan mereka, untuk membangunkan negara mereka dan membantu mereka ketika dalam kesusahan. Bukannya terus-terusan buat endah tak endah sebegini seolah-olah tiada apa yang berlaku.

Apa gunanya duduk di kerusi kuasa yang empuk yang dilimpahi dengan segala kesenangan, kesedapan dan kemewahan sedangkan rakyat di bawah seringkali menghulur tangan meminta-minta agar diberikan sedikit bantuan agar diri dan keluarga dapat meneruskan kehidupan. Rakyat yang seringkali gusar dan khuatir akan nasib dan masa depan anak-anak dan cucunya jika keadaan terumbang-ambing ini berterusan. Bagaimanakah nasib mereka andai bumi bertuah ini tidak lagi mampu memberikan kemewahan dan kenikmatan sebagaimana keadaan di zamanku dulu di mana kekayaan negara melimpah-ruah sehingga dapat dinikmati dirasakan oleh rakyat yang paling bawah.

Ya Allah ya tuhanku, negaraku ini dilimpahkan rahmat-Mu penuh dengan kekayaan sumber alam dan kau juga telah anugerahkan para pemimpin yang bijak dan berjiwa rakyat. Sudah 58 tahun tanah ini merdeka, mengapakah kini rahmat-Mu seakan-akan telah terputus? Mengapa tanah ini selalu berlaku bencana sejak kebelakangan ini? Ini mengingatkanku kepada bait-bait puitis lagu Berita Untuk Kawan nyanyian penyanyi dari seberang Ebiet G. Ade:

Perjalanan ini
Terasa sangat menyedihkan
Sayang engkau tak duduk
Disampingku kawan

Banyak cerita
Yang mestinya kau saksikan
Di tanah kering bebatuan

Tubuhku terguncang
Dihempas batu jalanan
Hati tergetar menatap kering rerumputan

Perjalanan ini pun
Seperti jadi saksi
Gembala kecil
Menangis sedih

Kawan coba dengar apa jawabnya
Ketika di ku tanya mengapa
Bapak ibunya tlah lama mati
Ditelan bencana tanah ini

Sesampainya di laut
Kukabarkan semuanya
Kepada karang kepada ombak
Kepada matahari

Tetapi semua diam
Tetapi semua bisu
Tinggal aku sendiri
Terpaku menatap langit

Barangkali di sana ada jawabnya

Mengapa di tanahku terjadi bencana

Mungkin Tuhan mulai bosan
Melihat tingkah kita
Yang selalu salah dan bangga dengan dosa-dosa

Atau alam mulai enggan
Bersahabat dengan kita
Coba kita bertanya pada
Rumput yang bergoyang

Zalman A said...

"Zahid hamidi dan khairi jammaluddun"?

Have you ever heard Zahid make any intelligent, rational comment about the economy, governance, education, or any other national issue of importance? He cannot even make rational or accurate comments on legal issues that are within his purview.

Jabbing your index finger in the air is not a qualification for the highest office in the land.

He is completely unqualified, in every way.

abdullahngah said...

perdana menteri, timbalan perdana menteri, menteri menteri, hakim hakim dan rakyat jelata mana dia singa, mana dia srigala, mana dia anjing dan mana dia kambing.

Maksud hadia, suatu masa nanti pemerintah adalah singa adalah srigala adalah anjing dan rakyat jelata adalah kambing.

Saya tak tahu status hadis ini, sama ada shahih atau palsu. Harap ada yang boleh beri jawapan status hadis ini.



None of them..Najib will hemoi his way until the next election which he will lose.

Then DSAI will be PM who would put Najib in dramatic..keh keh keh.

They deserve each other..sick.

ibrahim darus said...

Sdr Mustapha
Saya setuju dengan pandangan saudara tentang banyak perkara yang saudara utarakan tetapi tidak setuju dengan cadangan untuk menaikkan Hishamudin sebagai TPM. Hishamudin datang dari golongan yang sama dengan Najib yang tidak pernah merasai kesusahan hidup rakyat. Sejak menjadi menteri saya juga tidak nampak apa apa yang istimewa yang beliau lakukan. Malahan ketika menjadi Menteri Dalam Negeri Hishamudin telah gagal dalam menangani isu pencerobohan orang Suluk dari Filipina. Zahid telah dapat menyelamatkan keadaan. Ketika memangku jawatan Menteri Pengangkutan semasa MH370 jatuh di Lautan Hindi, Hisham juga ' blur '. Nasib baik ada Ketua Pengarah JPA menyelamat keadaan.
Dengan lain lain perkataan Hishamudin ni sama macam Najib. Incapable !
Jangan pisang berbuah dua kali. Kata pepatah Inggeris - once is enough.

adzzam adzzam said...

Pemuda Tampin lulus usul suruh Najib letak jawatan
Hari ini, Zahid di Tampin rasmi bahagian
Semasa di Lumut, KJ bagi green light kpd akar umbi utk nyatakan pendirian dan isi hati.

Ketua bahagian Tampin, Datuk Shaziman, bekas menteri, biru muka gamaknya sbb dengar khabar Najib baru tarik masuk sebagai penasihat kpd PM

anon said...

how to prove Najib and 1mdb mismanagement when there are invisible hand keep on disturbing the AG Bank negara and sprm investigation and breaking up the PAC commitee and the postponement of some many thing and the missing of so many witness being protected by somebody close friend in neighbouring country.... Najib forever

Pompuan said...

You got that right. Traction menang ada. But as I said above how many UMNO MPs are willing to see through the Parliamentary motion. That's the only legal way. Tapi takkanlah tak kenal orang UMNO. Flesh is strong but spirit is weak. Tak jadi punyalah usul tu. That's why I said just wait for coming polls. Najib of course lebih maklum hal ni. Delay delay supaya orang lupa. Kita manusia nipun forgetful. Unlike elephants. Najib janji from 6 months 5 months problem IMDB selesai. Kita tunggulah. Lepas tu kitapun akan dapat habuan lagi macamn BR1Mkitapun syok. Rakan Cina kitapun dapat carrots but they take and will not vote BN
Macam-macam political equation politik akan timbul since party sinun tu lagi teruk krisis dia. Yg kita nak Najib selesaikan IMDB dan orang like Zahid, Hisham and Ku Lipun buatlah gentlemen agrerment dengan Jib must not contest next poll. Itu cara orang Melayu buang pemimpin. Graceful exit. Usahakan Tun M berbaik semula dengan Najib ( saya nak ni since Day One) since he's losing out. Sungguh sedih dan incensed i dengan TV3 all-out to demean him. Fox outwitted by chicken lah, DAKJ.
Mustapha Ong.
I agrere with what you said. UMNO is still THE party. Zahid and Muhyi must contest deputy president's post. Infact can work on a best solution betwrern them on who should be PM and DPM. I suka cara Zahid. Taklah berapa pandai tetapi political diplomacy first class. Tengok macam mana dia handle Tuanku Sultan Johor dengan Muhyiddin. Kalau Nuar tu hegh konfrontasi lah jawabnya.
Betul RD cakap pasal Taiwan and Muar's botched plan. Susah orang gopoh and power crazy.
Saya bantah sepenuhnya your take on Anwar. He's gone fotr good. Chief problemo. Everything that's happened in Malaysia all began with him. Tak perlulah menjaja dia. Kalau tokoh pembankang lain boleh kita terima termasuk DAP. Walaupun racist tak memudaratkan negara. Before Anwar there was calm. After Anwar there was chaos. The UMNO battle-cry if ever his proxy wanna be the next PM.

RD. said...

Hairudin Ab.Aziz dan Umar Abdul Aziz adalah orang yang sama.
Cara dan gaya tulisan sama. Beri salam tulis 'Aslkum', pun sama.

Ops... dia sudah tersilap guna ID pada posting Dato AKJ yang lepas. Maklumlah, RBA guna banyak ID. Setiap blog yang mana dia ditugaskan, dia guna ID berlainan.

'Khalifah Umar' berkerja dari Komtar atau Wenworth Hotel?

RD. said...

Ada troll aka RBA yang sangat marah kepada saya hingga tersalah guna ID.

Saya suda muala rasa seronok kerana tentangan terhadap Najib sudah mula meningkat dari akar-umbi. Jika mereka terus mendiamkan diri, Ketua mereka akan lebih besar-kepala sambil menjilat Najib.
Mereka mesti ingat. Menolak Najib, tidak bermakna kita tak sayangkan UMNO dan Konsep BN.

Disebelah Pakatan pula, Geng pembelot GHB, mungkin atas 'nasihat' Kit Suang dan Anak, masih mahu Anwar sebagai bakal penganti Najib. Hairan juga. Mat Sabu tak layak ke?
Kalau dah begitu, mengapa sanggup diperkudakan sedemikian rupa?
Money is King, juga ke? Ingatkan Najib saja yang gunakan pendekatan Politik sedemikian.
DAP pun sama juga.

Em...DAP masih mahu Anwar. Nampak-gayanya, macam 'menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba' lah. Nak dibebaskan, lagi 3 tahun. Lepas tu kena tunggu lagi 5 tahun untuk layak bertanding kerusi Parlimen. Umur pun dah lanjut.
Sekarang jelas niat mereka. Mereka akan membelakangkan undang-undang sebaik saja menang PRU14. Mereka lepaskan seorang banduan dari penjara untuk dilantik sebagai PM.

Saya berani bertaruh, jika DAP berbuat demikian, Negara akan huru-hara. Mana mungkin Rakyat yang waras boleh menerima seorang bekas-banduan yang terbukti bersalah meliwat dan salah-guna-kuasa, menjadi Ketua Negara.

Kawanlama said...

Terima kasih DAKJ, saya dapati dua penulisan fiksyen ini lebih terarah kepada pandangan Tun Musa nampaknya.

Apa dah jadi?

Anonymous said...

Mustapha Ong,

Sudah lu memang kali bodek dan macam lalang. Lu punya anak Omar Ong sudah sapu duit berpuloh puloh juta lu lagi mau cakap banyak ka?

Lu dudok rumah main sama cucu cukup la. Jangan mau pandai2 bagi pendapat bodoh lu!!!!

Kawanlama said...

Juga DAKJ terlupa ambilkira tentang PM akan datang juga berminat nak tengok fail2 lama TDM, TunDaim & KuLi...

Pusing2 begitulah jalan ceritanya....nak jaga kepentingan sendiri atas kononnya kepentingan negara.

Talhah72 said...

Dato. Asslamualikum

Kalau tidak silap saya rasanya KU LI ada pergeseran dengan Tuanku Kelantan berkenaan isu takhta Kerajaan Kelantan. Dan tak silap saya juga YDPA seterusnya ialah giliran Kelantan. Ada apa-apa masalah di sini jika KU LI menjadi PM jika masalah ini benar?

Daniel Noor said...

The question of Najib resigning now or sooner , the answer is ' NO'. I am very sure he will continue to be the PM until the next GE. What he will be going is to suppresed and try to quieten those who are agaibst him I am very sure a lot more mobey will be promised to those supporting him. Meantime he too will be seeking advice far and wide how to make majority Msians support him again. Maybe getting big time investors coming into this country. And I sm vety sureca year before the GE, he will do away with the GST, reduce loan interests,etc,etc.

What Msians should do is to continue pressuring and harassing him. Try to dig old stories duch as scandals, etc to get him more streesed up and confused.

Msians should start a weekly night virgil or peacefull demonstrations nationwide

Posters asking him to step down lije in Johor should be put up all over the country

Ladt but not least get UMNO members who feels what Najib is doing is wrong to voice their disagreement. UMNO members who love the Party vety much should not care so much for One person. They must care for the future generations. If they really indeed love the Party..the Bangsa and the Country.

We do not wish the World laughing at us and worst still making fun of the Malays that can easily be bought.

Dato Moktar said...

An Umno division leader has claimed that the RM2.6 billion deposited into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's personal bank account originated from Saudi Arabia.

"It was an appreciation to Malaysia for championing Islam and for practising Sunni Islam (Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah)," Kuantan Umno division chief Wan Adnan Wan Mamat was quoted as saying in a Sinar Harian report today.

The report added that the money was also a sign of appreciation for Malaysia's efforts in combating the Islamic State (IS).

Wan Adnan said this was told to 146 Umno division leaders in a meeting with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak last Wednesday.

"Not only Malaysia received the donation from Saudi Arabia, two or three more countries also received them including the Muslim community in the Philippines and (Southern) Thailand, he was quoted as saying.

Ini satu pembohogan Oleh Najib.
Memang betul King Salman berjanji untok memberi kapada Malayisia $1 billion riyal untok membantu me lawan pengaroh Shiah dan IS.
Pengakuan ini di buat sawaktu Najib Melawat Saudi Arabia awal tahun ini.

Tapi wang US$700m masok account Najib bulan Mei 2013.
Waktu itu Raja Saudi King Abdullah

Anonymous said...

Long Live Jib. Long Live Jib!

I believe you catch my drift

RD. said...

Troll dah kantoi.
Siap terima kasih dan ingatkan diri sendiri, supaya tukar gaya penulisan, setiap kali guna ID yang berlainan. Boss beri satu laptop saja ke? Atau pun kerana terlalu marah pada RD, sampai buat silap.

Bila penyamaran sudah terdedah, kurang lah sedikit elaun.
Dulu angkat-bakul, kata dia lah yang paling cerdik beri pendapat.
Orang lain terutama saya, bodoh dan bonggok.
Mentang-mentang dia banyak duit jadi RBA, dia hina orang pakai motosikal murah dan dituduh kita pula yang terima bayaran untuk beri komen.

Penyokong Pembangkang dan kebanyakan ahli Politik Pembangkang memang kaki-fitnah. Lihat saja bagaimana mereka memfitnah TS Khalid Ibrahim sehingga hilang jawatan MB Selangor. Saifuddin Nasution, bagi pihak PKR dan Pakatan telah mohon maaf daripada TS Khalid.

Kalau nak tahu lebih banyak mengenai tabiat dan bagaimana Pakatan dan apparatus mereka menabur fitnah, sila pergi ke blog Helen Ang.

Najib dan pejilat beliau sudah 'penuh-tangan' mempertahankan jawatan mereka hingga tidak ada masa untuk melawan fitnah Pembangkang.

adion said...


it seem that Najib advisor trying to kill 2 bird with 1 stone.

first they create rumours that there are umno leader trying to topple Najib through an "undemocratic" ways so that the VP and MT and all ketua bahagian will echo it during the current ongoing Umno meetings

then with this rumours going around with help of MSM, they will see how Zahid and IGP will react @ to see their loyalty towards Najib...

nothing to hide said...

muhyiddin will have a better chance of leading bn to victory. others will also lead. to the graveyard.

buah kerdas said...

The other day, somehow and somewhere, I did read some kind of report, or maybe just a naughty response from a keyboard warrior in someone blog that the current DPM made promise to UMNO members that he'll bring in 1.5 million Indonesians to vote for UMNO in the next GE. Well, I hope that is not true although the current DPM is proud to link his ancestry to Indonesian Ponorogo the like his boss does with his ancestry to Indonesian Bugis.


The Scribe

@Dato Moktar is spot on.
Things will be a bit bad for Malaysia when a foreign press picks up the enigmatic admission of a Pahang UMNO Divison Ketua Wan Adnan. It could be a precursor for an international enquiry into a probable money laundering activities for terrorists in the middle east from possible unscrupulous party. WSJ could have a field day; and Sarawak Report will be vindicated.

I do hope Johor UMNO will not be carried away with this hubris of Singaporean kiatsu and hopefully Hishamuddin H2O will be of bersih cekap dan amanah UMNO. UMNO members must be united rational and the MT pragmatic when the party wishes to be the backbone to the ruling coalition in Parliament.

Salam Takzim

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,

Macam opera Cina.. sekarang ini musim Opera.. aktor2 yang sama, penipu,pencuri, pembelit...perasuah... semuanya bermula degan huruf 'P' termasuk peliwat..mereka hanya tukar peranan sahaja.
we must look beyond them for the future.


The Scribe
Sallam was Salaam

Bersih Cekap Amanah
(a do'a of a muslim my lord ahad)

A PM who is bersih cekap dan amanah
A MoF that is bersih cekap dan amanah
A KDN that is bersih cekap dan amanah
A SPRM that is bersih cekap dan amanah
A Judiciary that is bersih cekap dan amanah

A nation santun tatasusila berani kerana benar
A dream of a Wawasan2020 come true

For my King
For my People
For my family

Until the last day of a muslim
My Lord Ar-Rahmaanir-Rahiim


Salam takzim

24.hour.unparty-people! said...

Syeikh Mustapha dah keluar fatwa. Apapahal pun nama KJ mesti naik ah uncle. Senang sikit mau tagteam sama Omar. The return of 4th floor spykids.
You punya writing nampak mcm pandai uncle tapi you punya orang mmg ada agenda punya. Org boleh baca mah.
You ada baca ke itu Dap punya pamphlet itu cina sanggup masuk Islam utk jatuhkan org melayu dari dalam? Cuba you pandang uncle hari ni, berapa banyak bisnes dan projek hasil org melayu cina kasi potong? Apapasal cina banyak dengki sama usaha org melayu? Jangan jadikan persaingan sbg alasan.
Kasi tulis karangan satu kita mau tau.


1. YES, I agree with some debaters that I could be totally wrong in my assessment, analysis and expectation. But this the best I can do as a writer. If you are provoked to think and react I consider my work done. After all I am just a scribe. But not to do anything is worse than getting wrong.

2. I am willing to propose and speculate only those actions that are within the law. A PM and/or an elected government can and should only be toppled through democratic process. The military should be in the battlefields or the barracks, not in Putrajaya.

3. But that avenue for a democratic change may be closed because the Speaker of the House is a government man. He is not independent. He is beholden to the PM for putting him there.

4. But if there are enough members who want to propose a vote of no confidence against the PM, he may not be able to turn it down forever. Or those members who are committed to saving the country can just walk across the floor.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Zalman A said...


Your point 3 above is correct.

The vote will be blocked.

Hence, I believe that if DYMM YDPA has viewed prima facie proof that the current PM has lost confidence, then Tuanku may direct a special sitting of Parliament for the vote to be made "official".

That will neutralise the Speaker, but will not neutralise the billions in cash that will be thrown freely by the incumbent, in sheer terror.

Do our MPs have a love for country or for cash?

Zalman A said...

Apapasal cina banyak dengki sama usaha org melayu? Sbb cuma org melayu yg mampu dapat derma 2.6 billion, 2 million, 1 million dan 50,000 ringgit.

adzzam adzzam said...

Jangan bertaruh bnyak sgt bro

Perenggan akhir tu tak berapa 'lunak'

Kata2 DAP nak lantik Anwar jadi PM jika pakatan raba2 memerintah hanya utk tarik undi Melayu.
Bagi aku perkara pertama yg akan dibuat ialah melemahkan perlembagaan yg ada

star glow said...

First Najib said tunggu for Taskforce. kemudian he fired taskforce. also said tunggu for PAC. after that he dismantle PAC. Prime Minister ini tak boleh trust. Cuma mahu belit and spin and buying time and drag things out. In the meantime Malaysians suffer, ringgit gone to Hell. What kind of government and Prime Minister is this. Sad to say the smarter and more educated Ministers like KJ and Hisham continue to play lalang ministers game. Shame on you.

Signed Berani Kerana Benar ! Rakyat sudah muaat with the game by PM

Meleis said...

It is funny when Najib used the mantra "toppling the government" when he was asked to resign. If he put it that way, then his rise to premiership was a result of "toppling Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi government".

Pak Lah was asked by many quarters back then (including Najib himself) to resign due to his incompetency in managing the country. Pak Lah knowing he has lost popularity, magnanimously resigned from his position within the party and handed the premiership to Najib.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Sy sudah tidak begitu faham lagi dgn ketua2 Melayu Umno yg tidak sanggup menerima hakikat bahawa Muhyiddin telah dipecat secara tergopoh2 semata2 kerana BERCAKAP BENAR.


Pndgan Dato tentang siapa yg layak tidak untuk didebat tidak mnjdi apa2 hal.

Presiden berterusan berkata "sy dipilih secara demokratik"....tetapi tindak tanduk dia tidak pula mencerminkan demokratik bila dia memecat Muhyiddin.

Jika dilihat...Muhyiddin memang layak mnjadi PM jika Presiden meletak jawatan.

Zahid cuma pilihan yg dia buat secara terburu2 dan tidak demokratik..dan bila berkata2 tentang keupayaan Zahid...umum pun tahu siapa org ini.

Bagi sy..Zahid cuma kuat bercakap atau retorik....tetapi kebolehan menjalankan tanggung jwb sbgai Menteri agak meragukan....malah yg lepas2 pun dia bnyak mengundang kontroversi..
bagaimana pula jika dia menjadi PM?

Pilihan yg dibuat presiden yg bercelaru selalunya ada celanya...fikirlah.

Parti Umno milik org Melayu bukan milik Presiden dgn 'Yes Men' dia.

Malah dari apa yg sy lihat..
Zahid telah lupa bahawa diamasih naib Presiden Parti dan Muhyiddin masih Timb Presiden Parti....dan ini pilihan ahli.

Terima kasih.

matpenang said...

Salam dato,

Ku Li??

Mmm....sudah laa

LaM said...

Now it is easy to pass a vote of confidence against any MB or for that matter the PM of Malaysia. You don't need the Speaker to convene a State Assy sitting or a Parliament sitting. So the Speaker, Pandikar Mulia is not important. The Federal Court said so in the case of Nizar Jamalludin v Zamberi, during the Perak crisis case.

Now all you need for the Agong to sack Najib or ask him to relinquish office, is to show to him that more than 122 MPs have lost confidence in him. During the Perak crisis, 32 state Assy together with Najib met the Sultan at his residence and showed to him that the majority of the members has lost confidence on Nizar. The court said, this show of support in the Palace compound is enough to convince the Sultan that the MB no longer enjoys majority support.

So if anyone is convinced of the susceptibility of Pandikar Amin Mulia, rest assured that you don't need him to pass a vote of confidence on Najib. Show proof to the Agong or Conference of Rulers that he no longer enjoys majority support. The Fed Crt precedent was followed in the removal or resignation of Khalid Ibrahim, the then Sgor MB.

pemikir said...

"FOOTNOTE: Met (Tun) Musa Hitam again on Friday (at Sime Darby’s open house). He told me (in front of one or two staunchest supporters of the PM) that plot has changed yet again. Now the old fox is having the upper hand over the chicken."

Very eager to know what its mean?

For Malaysia's sake said...

LaM 12.39 is correct.

Based on the precedent established during the Perak state govt crisis, no need to move a vote of no-confidence in Parliament.
Just get the necessary signatures and prove to the Agong that the majority of MPs having lost confidence in Najib, now support a change in the person holding the PM's chair.


Just in case Ahmad Zahid is not sure who he is and what he should be doing, the following is the guide:

1. He is the DPM, the no 2 in the government. He should behave and act like a DPM and spend more time running the country.

2. He is Umno VP. He is no 3 in the party hierarchy. The number two is Muhyiddin Yassin. Muhyiddin must spend his time fully on Umno because he has no other task. He has been sacked from the government.

3. Ahmad Zahid must resist the temptation to behave like a “kaki pukul” just because he is the most powerful person in the Cabinet – DPM plus Home Ministry.

4. Ahmad Zahid said the person trying to overthrow the government would meet Najib at 6pm yesterday. No news that such a meeting took place. Then he was reported saying the plotter is “an old man”. If he meant Dr Mahathir or Ku Li, he should be man enough to identify the person. Then again Ahmad Zahid knows that Dr Mahathir knows a lot about him.

5. If Umno and the BN are to have a hope of surviving the next GE, their leaders must go back to defending the party and caring for the people. Stop insulting the rakyat with the lies and deceits. Nobody believes the “donation” spin, the Arab kings and sheiks, the IS and Malaysia being the flag bearer of Islam.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

Azman said...

Y.Bhg Datuk AKJ,

Presidency is greater than any one man, including the President himself. It is a concept / philosophy to defend, among other things the standard, policy(s), and ultimately, the power of the President from being misused, exploited or worst being corrupted.

This concept is to protect the stature and honor of any Presidents, be it the current one or his successors afterwards; from being tarnished or demeaned.

In other words, the Presidency is to be protected from any bad things, at all costs. It is to keep the elevated highest post to its true nature, if i may -- Noble.

Now, if a President is seen as "not maintaining the standard", or "being exploited" or worst "corrupt and being corrupted", that Man must be replaced! He has no business to be the President.

I truly found it totally absurd when the PM said such a thing, as if he is equating himself with his Presidency to simultaneously noble.

Please la Mr PM, don't insult the intelligence of the people!!

Thank you Datuk.

Azman Mohd Isa

Zed-85 said...

Saudari Pompuan,

Referring to your comment,

Zahid, Hisham and Ku Li to negotiate with Najib for graceful exit, is the best way to solve this in the next PAU.

They have to first convince Najib to step down. Najib said he got 3 million members of UMNO support him.

So far, one UMNO member have gone viral in the internet, she said, kena kencing. (Habislah kain baju kawan tu bau hancing.)

If enough UMNO members shouts loud enough, only then those people can approach the PM to step down.

That is why, in my opinion, being silent is not an option.

There is a saying, orang melayu mudah pelupa.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato’

I think comparatively, between Hishamuddin and Zahid, a lot of people were impressed with Hishamuddin handling of the MAS crisis last year. It was a very difficult situation. It was a test for him and he did well despite of everything.

It is these kinds of traits that we are looking for as a leader. Someone who can talk to the people.

Behavior like “kaki pukul” we can find in abundance from the crowds at Low Yat Plaza incidence last month.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Pencerahan yg baik.

Ini cerita perihal;
1..Naib Presiden Parti telah berkhayalan yg dia org No 2 terkuat dan maha berkuasa kerana dia kini Timb PM negara...walau pun Timb Presiden Parti masih memegang jawatan didlm Parti...(tetapi telah dibuang dari kabinet....kerana bercakap benar).

2..Presiden berkata dia demokratik..tetapi kelakuan sebaliknya.

3.. Kelibat Presiden dan Naib Presiden selaku PM dan Timb PM telah tidak menghormati 'decorum' Parti tetapi berapi2 berkata mereka demokratik.

4..Mana mungkin Umno boleh bertahan lama atau hingga ke GE14 dgn kelibat 2 org Ketua ini yg jelas sekali.... bercakap dan berbuat sesuka hati mereka setelah menghukum dan mengenepikan Timb Presiden Parti dan seorg Naib Presiden Parti.

5..Mereka berdua telah lupa atau sengaja buat2 lupa....bahawa ahli akar umbi dan org2 Melayu yg melihat telah memendam rasa ...hatta...tidaklah sebodoh yg mereka sangka.

6..BETUL DAN SAH...majoriti org Melayu dan majoriti rakyat TIDAK PERCAYA 'DONATION SPIN'.....yg ditelah direka dgn begitu lemah dan memalukan semata2 hendak menutup lubang....(dlm Utusan hari ini...Tekiu Nan menambah cerita lagi dgn berkata bahawa dia memang tahu pasal 'derma' dari Arab ini dan selalu bercakap mengenai perkara ini dgn Husni dari awal2 lagi....ha ha lucu pula...bila Timb Presiden sendiri tidak tahu menahu.

7..Dgn kelakuan yg sebegini rupa...layak kah Zahid menjadi PM negara?.

Terima kasih.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Why must we choose Ku Li if we can choose Tun Mahathir to fix the situation that has befallen our country.

As for Zahid Hamidi he would not be able to secure any respect let alone love from the rakyat. His attitude and character are self explanatory. His forever fiery talk and using the index finger to point at his audience are outrageously grose. People are more frightened than respectful of him. Premier Zahid, anyone?

TSMY should be the one to receive the throne if ever there were to be a handover of leadership. He is an experienced government officer, he is not too old, his person and character are well known to all as deserving of our respect and hope. He may not look as military as Zahid or Hishamuddin but mind you still water runs deep. This is the basic property in a leader as opposed to only skin deep fakes like the one leading now and his immediates.

Thank you Datuk A. Kadir. Goodnight.


And what if after all these remonstrations of disgust Mohd Najib is the sitting PM still and Presiden UMNO of the day?
What then?
Will Che Det then quit UMNO before the PRU14?
Should we now awaits eagerly the Perhimpunan UMNO or move on striving harder for our daily living halalan toyibban as the country goes to pieces?

Or will we join in the peaceful street demonstrations?
Will it escalate and turn bloody after the PRU14?
Will we know whose accounts it is and how much money therein that was frozen and stay frozen in n Singapore?

In the simple words of MCA, the party has ignored Najib; and in Brazil, they will be hosting the Summer Olympic Games next year, Scribe.


Nor Rimah said...

Bila kak Mah menitah, bang Jap hanya menurut perintah
Rakyat yang diratah, perjuangan kan patah.


The Scribe

What Is An Ahmad Zahid Hamidi?
(a political dark horse with no horse sense)

You must be entertaining non committal
a simile of a ghost of a smile salted
with a grain or two of chagrin when thoughts
of Ahmad Zahid surface to delight a short warm bask
in the lucidity of reality a bliss from the chaos
of no light in the malakut of non thought:
in the plain light of reason, when he is the fool
Zahid's money along with his honour will soon part.

O Allah! Al-Lathiiful-Hakeem!
Fafrook bainana wa baina quamil-fasikiin

Salam hormat

ps: your thots did indeed foretell
a sight we now see before us

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I was born in 1947 in Kedah. I came from a rice farming family. I have been a journalist since 1969. I am the Editor-in-Chief of magazine publishing company, Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. I was Group Editor NST Sdn Bhd and Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP Bhd between 1988 and 2000. I write fortnightly column “Other Thots” in the Malaysian Business magazine, Kunta Kinte Original in Berita Harian and A Kadir Jasin Bercerita in Dewan Masyarakat. Books: Biar Putih Tulang (1998), Other Thots – Opinions & Observations 1992-2001 (2001), The Wings of an Eagle (2003), Mencari Dugalia Huso (2006), Damned That Thots (2006), Blogger (2006), PRU 2008-Rakyat Sahut Cabaran (2008), Komedi & Tragedi-Latest in Contemporary Malaysian Politics (2009) and Membangun Bangsa dengan Pena (2009).