Thursday, August 06, 2015

Commit A Wrong Unto Others and Therefore Unto Yourself

A Kadir Jasin

UPDATE, Aug. 7 - The haunting of Putrajaya continues. The frightened occupants are seeing aberrations everywhere. From The Star online: "MACC directors Bahri Mohd Zin and Rohaizad Yaakob have been transferred to the Prime Minister's Department with immediate effect." They don't even trust civil servants anymore.


WE HAVE established beyond a shadow doubt that, with the right knowledge and perseverance, we could use the line to catch ikan belida – bronze leatherback.

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It has also been established that Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, once had RM2.6 billion in his personal account at AmIslamic Berhad.

It was further established, albeit some doubt, that the US$700-million was not  from 1MDB.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission claimed that the money was “sourced from donations”.

Unfortunately not many people here in Malaysia and abroad believed the donation story.

Yet to be determined

1. The identity of the generous donor, who some speculated was a wealthy Arab royal or a hugely successful camel trader. There could be more than one and not necessarily an Arab or a Muslim.

2. Whether it is legal for the Prime Minister to secretly accept US$700 million in donations, which were credited into his personal account.

3. What did he used the money for? His spin-doctors are flogging the lore that it was used to fund Umno/BN and for the 2013 election campaign.

2013 GE: Did the "donations" pay for this poster?
 4. If indeed the mind-boggling RM2.6-billion donations were used to fund Umno/BN and for the 2013 election campaign, would this be legal?

5. If the RM2.6 billion was distributed evenly among the 222 parliamentary seats, each should have received RM11.72 million.

6. Has all the RM2.6 billion been spent or has part of it been siphoned off and kept somewhere in one of the many offshore financial centers?

Burn the House to Smoke Out the Mosquito

In their zeal to defend their boss, the PM’s “tukang cerita” (“tukang karut” in the Dikir Barat tradition) together with the “meanstream media” (yes, they are mean) and the “bangang” bloggers have gone absolutely off the rocker.

They are demonizing all and sundry who they think are a threat to or deemed to be a threat to Mohd Najib. They don’t give a hoot if they destroy state institutions like the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC), the Attorney General’s Chamber and Bank Negara. They have succeeded in discrediting, demoralizing and fracturing the AG's Chamber, the MACC and the police. Now they are attacking Bank Negara.

Yet by demonizing these institutions and their leaders, these spin-doctors acknowledge that these personalities and institutions are more credible and trustworthy than the government led by Mohd Najib.

Their slash and burn tactics affirms their suicidal temperament. To them, if Mohd Najib does not survive then nobody should – not even the country.

The Sang Kelembai Touch Continues

Post-GST nasi lemak bungkus in Kelana Jaya. Compare with the spoon and my ancient Nokia

In the meantime, all indicators point towards the growing contagion of 1MDB, aka the Sang Kelembai effects, and of a weak government:

1. The ringgit is in freefall – declining to a 17-year low against US Dollar on Aug 3.

2. The Bank Negara foreign reserves had declined by more than US$40 billion to just over US$100 billion - the lowest in 5 years – partly in support of the ringgit. That amount could have been better-spent pre-paying debts. Lower debts mean stronger ringgit.

3. Capital flight in full swing. Locals and foreigners are taking their money out. For 14 consecutive weeks foreign capital flowed out of Bursa Malaysia. Last week alone foreign fund managers sold RM845-million worth of Malaysian stocks. So far this year an estimated RM11.7 billion had departed the Bursa compared to RM6.9 billion for the whole of last year.

5. GST, the falling ringgit and weak commodity prices are playing havoc with the livelihood of the people. Household income of palm oil and rubber smallholders falls, prices of good and services have gone up and inflation is on the rise.

6. And the empire is striking back as typified by the holding of a nationwide special prayer (solat sunat hajat) by the MACC officer, seeking Allah’s guidance and blessings. MACC has been the target of intimidation for its unflinching investigations into the 1MDB affairs and the Prime Minister’s RM2.6-billion private account. At the MACC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, the prayer was led by former MACC deputy chief commissioner (Management and Professionalism), (Datuk Seri) Zakaria Jaffar and was attended by some 100 staff members.

MACC staffs sought devine guidance
And about crime and punishment, poet Kahlil Gibran, in part, wrote:

“It is when your spirit goes wandering upon the wind,
That you, alone and unguarded, commit a wrong unto others and therefore unto yourself.
And for that wrong committed must you knock and wait a while unheeded at the gate of the blessed...”

Do we look like a blessed country now?

Dan Sejarah Saksiku

24. Sebagai langkah proaktif, demi meningkatkan ketelusan dan keyakinan rakyat terhadap pertubuhan-pertubuhan politik di negara ini, kerajaan akan memperkenalkan satu lagi inisiatif di bawah GTP yang bagi tujuan mengawal “political financing”. Inisiatif ini akan beri penekanan bahawa setiap sumbangan yang ingin diberikan kepada mana-mana parti politik sama ada di peringkat pusat atau negeri hendaklah disalurkan melalui akuan rasmi parti. Ini bagi mengelakkan ahli-ahli politik menyalahgunakan nama parti untuk meminta atau menerima apa-apa sumbangan yang kemudiannya diselewengkan untuk kepentingan persendirian.

25. Setiap sumbangan yang dihulurkan perlulah dikemukakan resit penerimaan dan dimasukkan ke dalam akaun parti. Menerusi rekod penerimaan yang teratur ia boleh diaudit pada tiap-tiap akhir tahun kewangan. Kerajaan percaya inisiatif seumpama ini akan mengelakkan sebarang bentuk perbuatan rasuah dan penyelewengan di peringkat akar umbi dan manfaat kepada sumbangan dapat disampaikan kepada segenap peringkat parti dan seterusnya rakyat.

Mohd Najib speech at Program Pegawai Integriti Bertauliah, Putrajaya, 27-02-2012.




Daniel Noor said...

Have you ever received emails or facebook messengers from a stranger? Who claimed that he was a Malaysian/Swedish or Malaysian/African or Malaysian/Timur Leste descendant? Then he told you that he had problems withdrawing the large amount of money in his late father or late mother's bank account? That he needed your bank account to channel the money out? That he would give you a handsome share of the money if it was successfully withdrawn? But then you blocked him, right? Serve you right! That was the man. He had sent out thousands of emails to Malaysians but only ONE person responded. So don't ask how that person got his RM2.6 billion while you didn't. Serve you right!!!


msh said...

Salam Dato.

Bila dia sudah hilang 'plot'...dlm kerja2 memerintah negara....dia sudah tidak memperdulikan apa2 lagi....'come what may'.....janji tengkuk dia selamat.

Bila dia dah 'gambuih harta negara..hak rakyat...dan kantoi'...dia kenalah cepat2 kambuih semua lubang2 ini....DAN JGN SIAPA2 NAK CUBA HALANG DIA...baik Muhyiddin yg Timb Presiden Parti sekali atau Tun M sekali pun.

Darah jahat dan kotor dlm badan sudah tidak endah atau takut lagi....baik bertentangan dgn aqidah sekali pun.

Itulah sial dan dajalnya manusia bila sudah rakus dgn kuasa dan tamak...berbohong dan menipu menjadi perkara biasada....tiada lagi takut pd Tuhan.

Tak lama lah Dato....dia akan tumbang juga.

nothing to hide said...

umno top brass says najib is important. the country the people the economy the ringgit can go to hell.

Tebing Tinggi said...

Can NGOs and opposition political parties also receive donations and contributions from foreign parties?

If US$700 million can be be explained away, why should NGOs and opposition parties be constrained from accepting donations from anyone (local and foreign)? said...

Salam Dato,

Kalau tak mahu beritahu `donor/donors' pun tidak mengapa.

Rakyat tentu mahu tahu `donation' tersebut `diagihkan' kepada
siapa atau institusi mana dinegara ini.

Tentu ada `paper trails' didalam segala urusan `resmi' dinegara ini
dan dinegara lain, berkaitan dengan duit sebanyak itu.

Gabenor bank negara akan `memberitahu' semuanya apabila masanya tiba nanti,
tetapi gabenor bank negara yang mana? yang lama atau yang baru?.

DI MAHKAMAH MANA kita belum tahu lagi.

TETAPI saya amat meragui alasan `donation' itu,jika itu sebenarnya.

Secara rambang didunia ini, negara barat mahu islam lemah dan didominasi.Dan ini diketuai olih USA dan eropah.

Islam pula di dominasi olih iran dan arab saudi, kedua negara itu menjadi `leaders'
untuk mendominasikan islam didunia melalui perspekpif yang berbeza..tetapi secara kekerasan juga dihujungnya.

Jikalau saya diminta `meneka' penderma yang sanagt baik hati itu, saya akan katakan mereka adalah dari Us/eropah, iran atau saudi...

Yang paling sangat`memeningkan kepala' ialah, apa rancangan rancanngan `perderma tersebut YANG TELAH DIJANJIKAN OLIH PM?.

TIDAK KAH ada yang sedang berfikir, dengan kedudukan nilai ringgit sekarang,kedudukan `reserve' bank negara sekarang, KLSE sell off sekarang, keruntuhan ekonomi domestik akaibat GST dll sekarang ini ADA BERKAITAN dengan `donation' ini, lebih kuat momentum nya selepas ada banduan baru di penjara sungai buloh.

There is something called `organised economy destruction'.

Adakah tidak mungkin PM ini adalah `agen' dari salah satu negra negara tersebut didalam `a bigger picture' mengenai kedudukan negara dan arah politik akan datang.

In summary, PM has bitten the BAIT!.


Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Patutlah arwah bapa saya tak benarkan anak2 beliau jadi polis.

Katanya takut terdedah kpd perkara dan gaji tak bersih.


1. Police VS MACC, a classic case of divide and rule.

2. There's no love lost between the police and MACC.

3. The most number of offenders "cekup" by the MACC are members of the police force.

4. Letting the police loose ob the MACC is like a K9 german shephard being let loose on a prison escapee.

5. The 1MDB curse is tearing the nation apart and is destroying the administrative institutions.

6. Until such a time that the Arab swears by the Quran and show the US$700 million bank-in slip nobody really believes the donation spin. The suspicion is still on 1MDB and SRC International.

7. The smaller SRC International's "donation" could have been the reason for the hasty "sackings" of Abdul Gani and Muhyiddin and the subsequent assault on the MACC.


Hussein Hakim said...

Najib is creating a historical achievement for the capitalism system..too many blackhole in the system itself..najib is not the one to be blame though..welcome to malaysia example of how to dig ur own grave..bravo PM..we all love u because you were so good in sourcing donation..WHAT A GODLIKE DONATION

ZakiahSaffiya said...

Jangan harap aku akan SEDEKAHKAN fatihah bila kau mati nanti...

Hussein Hakim said...

What a historical achievement by malaysia..what a GODLIKE donation to an individual acc...the system had shielded him so well..bravo najib u still act as a norm in public

Lachs Evandryl said...

The Arabs? Let's see where the big Arab bucks are.

The big Arab oil and gas producers are Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

Would their tycoons put up such large donations, individually or as a group?

Could it be one of the big Arab sovereign wealth funds?

In any case, why not be upfront about it?

And how was the US$700 million routed without triggering attention from the financial watchdogs and the anti-terrorism/anti-money laundering protocols that have been set up post 9/11?

Did the US Federal Reserve know about this funds movement, seeing as it was in US Dollars? If the Fed knew about it (including the source and origin of the funds and the identity of the recipient, it stands to reason that the US intelligence apparatus knew about it also.

What does the US government know about this that it has not made public?

And if it has chosen not to do so, why?

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Point no 3,

Sekiranya RM2600 Juta dibahagikan kepada 222 kerusi parlimen maka satu kawasan mendapat RM11.72 Juta.

Ada had dalam undang-undang setahu saya tidak boleh lebih had tertentu untuk perbelanjaan pilihanraya.

Blog Che Det ada nyatakan had perbelanjaan untuk pilihanraya dalam topik "Akaun Peribadi".

Kita gunakan sistem dari British. Di UK pilhanraya lepas (2015), had perbelanjaan untuk satu kawasan tidak boleh lebehi £30,700 pound sterling. Bersamaan dengan lebih kurang RM188,000.

Had yang ada dalam perbelanjaan pilihanraya adalah untuk mengelakkan "politik wang".

LMa said...

To be fair to the Macc, they only said the RM2.6 billion did not come from 1MDB but from other 'donors'. Generally 'donors' give 'donation'. At no time did they clear najib of any corrupt intent or dealing. The Macc knew that u/d their Macc Act ie sect.3 read together with sect.50, a corrupt gratification includes 'donation' and when a public officer receives such donation, the corruption law presumes that the so-called donation was received corruptly and with corrupt intent until the contrary is proven. As it stands now, Najib has received a corrupt gratification of Rm2.6 billion from middle east people,who may have dealings with the Malaysian Govt either now or in the future.

Why does the corruption law defines gratification as including donation, gifts or loan. This was because of the fact that the almost all the corrupt offenders when caught with sums of monies in their possession would offer a defence that the monies were received as a donation, gifts or loans. To counter this, the law includes provision that gratification includes donation and if it was received in suspicious circumstances or received secretly, more so when it is found in your account, then the law will assume that the donation received is a corrupt gratification.

The Macc also knew that in Malaysia, businessmen and companies made corrupt payments to public officers and camouflaged them as 'donation'. These corrupt payments are documented as 'payment of donations to ...' in their payment voucher, ledger entry and journals. If they had stated the true purpose of the payment, they themselves wld be liable for giving corrupt payments to public officers.

A donation received clandestinely and secretly and deposited into a personal a/c without anyone's knowledge is irresistibly and beyond reasonable doubt a corrupt payment. it would be a gargantuan task for Najib to rebut the legal presumption that it was received corruptly. More so when he kept quite all this while and to the extent of denying receiving such amount.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

As-Salam Bro DAKJ.., just sharing a link stating that Dato Shahrir Samad saying MT have no knowledge of d donation..,heheh.., wat else can I say..,

another thingy is a an article by Mathias Chang which is really an interesting read that insinuate d 2.6bil rgt donation is laundered money..,$700MillionFrom1MDBToPetroSaudiHoldings.pdf

Wonder wat next.., a CBT n Corruption charges waiting for...,
apo nakdikato..,heheh..,(,")

kampong lad said...

'The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission claimed that the money was “sourced from donations”'

salam tok kadiaq, name of remitter among other mandatory info is indicated on the electronic remittance i.e. swift. depa jgn dok pusing2.


Debater lMA, plese note, make correction and resend. Riza Aziz is not Mohd Najib's SIL (son-in-law) as you put it. He is Mohd Najib's stepson. Thank you.

nothing to hide said...

ampubodek ku nan wants najib to be given a chance. after 7 years. another chance. 2MDB coming soon.

Othaman Ahmad said...

I started a joke
Which started the whole world crying
But I didn't see
That the joke was on me
Oh no ... that the joke was on me.

“Mesti pandai membohong.
Mesti pandai temberang.
Tetapi jgn sampai.. Hai pecah tembelang”.

Tembelang dah pecahpun…bila SPRM mengesahkan RM2.6 bilion ada masuk ke dalam akaun peribadi Najib. Akhirnya Najib mengaku tapi beliau tidak menggunakannya untuk peribadi tapi untuk parti UMNO. Si Khairy pula kata duit itu adalah derma dari penyokong UMNO. Dulu si Mamat Mazlan “bijak pandai” kata hanya orang bodoh saja yang akan simpan duit berbilion ke dalam akaun peribadi.

Soalnya sekarang…sebelum misteri ini terbongkar, Kenapa MT UMNO selama ini tidak tahu kewujudan duit derma tersebut, termasuk Timb Presiden?Kenapa Najib kemut sorang2 dan tidak diserahkan kpd bendahari?

Nampak gaya PM kita akan berubah waktu jadi AM (perdana menteri akan maut). Najib Razak dah jadi Najis Nazak..!!!

vasantha said...

Dear Dato,
Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one sees it. Accountability and transparency goes hand in hand when we deal with public funds. I do not have much sympathy for Zeti Aziz because she has been a silent bystander, letting things come to such a catastrophe . Her indifference is really unforgivable. What good is wealth and accolades if you had failed to do the task entrusted to you. How self-serving can one become. All I can remember of her is a silly lady telling Malaysians not to have any worries about the economy because our fundamentals were strong.
Expose after expose! Nothing changes! We have elevated the wrong people to high office. It is time, we look to a new dawn where people are recognized on merit and not on other factors.

i-souqa said...


Setiap pemimpin mahu tinggalkan legasi. Malah Hassan Malek pun pernah lancar buku dia sendiri Legasi Pemimpin Berjiwa Rakyat.

Pastinya Legasi Najib Razak adalah dot dot dot..

vasantha said...

Daniel Noor, you have a great sense of humour.

Fendi Ahmad said...

MT Umno tak tahu, Kabinet tak tahu .. Jadi adakah negara ini ditadbir secara sendirian oleh DS Mohd Najib? Atau ditadbir secara regu dengan isterinya? Atau ditadbir dengan bantuan pasukan penasihatnya sahaja? Kalau MT sama Kabinetpun tidak dimaklum pasal urusan Berbilion RM, maka apa perlunya Kabibet Transformasi Najib ada lebih daripada 30 Menteri? US SAMA UK pon kalah !

Tessa M Sen said...


I just dropped by to say hello. Nice article. :)

jumbeaux said...

Salam Datuk

Kali ini saya cuma ada satu soalan.

Di mana perginya orang UMNO? Kalau setakat bercakap sahaja tidak berguna. Ingatlah, masa depan bangsa dan negara ditangan anda.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...


Saya pernah kata bahawa Zeti patut letak jawatan.

Kalau beliau buat dua bulan lepas mungkin nama beliau tetap harum dalam sejarah.

Sekarang rasanya sudah terlalu lambat untuk ketak jawatan.

Tambahan pulak bila beliau sendiri dikhabarkan sedang disiasat.

Terbaik beliau tunggu je NR buang dia. Bab ni yg NR pening sebab tak buang Zeti pun ringgit dah jatuh teruk.

Jawatan tu bukan ada pencen pun.
.EPF Zeti tentu berjuta.

Ada kebenaran bila Zeti ulang2 fundamental ekonomi kita baik.Beliau tak silap.

Samalah jugak dgn fungsi BNM dgn kuasa yg ada , mereka jaga dasar monetari.

Tapi kalau kerajaan hampas punya dasar fiskal yg hampas , bagaimana pulak BNM nak di persalah?

Cuma takkan la dia sebagai penjawat awam nak sebut pulak ahli politik UBN kita hampas dan penyamun.

Saya yakin Zeti tak pernah jadi barua kerajaan hingga sanggup sekongkol zalimi pd rakyat macam sesetengah ketua polis , pendakwa atau hakim di bolehland.

Gimana pun itulah harga yg perlu dibayar bila dah tak tahan dgn ketua mahazalim walaupun dah bertugas dan berjasa untuk negara sebagai Gobenor BNM selama 15 tahun.

Apalah beza dgn penyingkiran org berjasa kpd UMNO spt mantan Musa Hassan , Gani Patail, Muhyiddin dan Shafie Afdal.

Tapi Zeti org bersih tak terpalit skandal langsung.

Yg selamat adalah tim presiden spt Musa Hitam dan bekas naib presiden UMNO Ku Li.

Lawan acah2.

Yg betul2 lawan macam Anwar setakat ni belum ada tandingan.

Saya yakin kalau TSMY lawan acah2, beliau tak akan dilanyak hingga lumat dan akan hidup senang lenang.

Rakyat gimana?

tebing tinggi said...

I am just getting lost ,now .

Zalman A said...


The battle lines are drawn clearly.

It is Najib and a circle of self-serving kaki bodek, on one side.

Against them, 30 million Malaysians' right to proper governance.

Only one can win.

If we lose, we are finished.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Agree with you that with the right knowledge and perseverance, we will manage to catch the ikan belida.

Someone told me that, if 100,000 thousand people all jump together to the river, that fish will have no chance.

Refer to the picture you posted, true enough Nasi Lemak is getting smaller, Roti Canai also.

bat8 said...

Fed Reserves knew the movement of tis fund since they regulate any movement of US in tis world.....they knew who is the benificiary, who is the sender, origin of the fund and purpose of transfer need to be stated too!

samurai melayu said...



Ada kemungkinan kah sumpahan 1MDB akan meletakan 1 Malaysia Dalam Bahaya..???


Alfatihah, aamiin

aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Apa macam...? Bertenaga tulihsan hang. 'Slash and burn' ada, 'saudagag unta' ada...macam macam ada. Yg lebih terang benderang, 'crucial' dan 'plain to see' ialah seperti nilai ringgit dok melongsog, rizab Bank Negara merudum 40 biliun dolar amerika, naiknya kos sara hidup, pelag punya GST....semua ada. Terima kasih banyak.

Yg best juga ialah orang yg sambut tulihsan hang. Ada yg timboi 'spin', putag pasai 'derma' kenun kenun, kalu betoi, pasai apa Sharir JB yg ligat kipaih tu taktau...dari sudut undang undang pilihanraya, dari segi tagrip Akta pencegah risyuah dan macam macam lagi. Yg macam bisu pulak adalah syarikat penagrafan hutang macam Fitch dgn yg seangkatan.

Ada jugak pengkomen timboikan agenda politik tukang hulog. Tapi antara yg top aku ingat ialah komen ringkaih dan padat olih En.'Nothing to Hide.' Mat Salih kata 'It's been educational'...terima kasih.

Dlm berita tv Austolia (7hb Ogos 2015), Clare SARAWAK REPORT kata waran 'Arrest' dia tujuan nak menakutkan...'to intimidate' dan dia tak terketag pon 'not impressed'....dia kata.

Tapi yg peliknya, kata la apa hampa nak kata, depa nampaknya teruih tebag kemungkaran...macam depa akan hidop selama lamanya. Na'uzubillah. Mungkin jugak stratigi depa kod nak bagi orang jemuih sampai 'innalillah...'

Aku kali ni nak habih kata macam dlm lirik satu lagu lama...

'it's a strange, strange world we live in, master jack,
you taught me all I know and I'll never look back,
it's a very strange world and I thank you, master jack.'

Terima kasih Kadiag, jaga diri. Hang nampak kuruih kedekiang. Ikat tali pinggang tuuu.
Wa sallam.

harris abdullah said...

Dear Dato',
I cannot but agree with all that you've said. Thank you for clearing up the many obfuscations laid out by our dear, dear ministers.

Josefharrys said...

Salam Datuk

Komen dari Datuk Shahrir Samad selaku org lama dlm mt umno jelas menunjukkan seluroh anggota mt umno tak tahu menahu ttg wang derma ini apatah lagi kabinet dan yg mushkilnya penyaluran wang ini berlaku dua tahun lepas dan jika pihak WSJ dan SR tidak mendedahkan berita ini agak2 kemana pergi duit ini sdgkan najib bilang ia tak gunakan utk peribadi sdgkan dana utk kempen pilihanraya 2013 saya yakin Umno mmg ada duit dan peruntukan begitu juga lain2 parti komponen dan utk BN mendapatkan sponsor dlm negeri mmg takde masaalah pun hanya picit jer handphone ahli2 perniagaan dan hartawan dlm malaysia ni anytime dpt. Persoalannya skrg kemana pergi wang itu setelah akaun nya ditutup adakah wang ini pergi Cayman ataupun Labuan ataupun di proxykan? Saya yakin ada beberapa lagi adviser najib yg terlibat tak mungkin he can do alone to manage this huge sum tanpa org2 dipercayai cuma dia silap mungkin org dia juga yg pecah lobang dan saya yakin ianya bukan org Umno atau kabinet kerana dari apa yg dpt kita lihat byk percanggahan dlm parti dan agensi kerajaan sendiri jadi jika Najib bilang ada yg ingin menjatuhkan kerajaan sebenarnya dia lah yg menjatuhkan kerajaan sendiri dan memalukan sistem perlembagaan dan kerajaan Malaysia.


Thank you to all debaters. Thank for your doa and well wishes.

1. We should continue to focus on 1MDB and its links to Mohd Najib. The 1MDB spectre remains key to the investigation.

2. But the 1MDB investigation is huge and complex. It takes time. Attempts to stall and sabotage it at the highest level have been successful. We can consider it comatose for now.

3. Then there is the smaller and simpler case involving SRC International, which most observers believed has more or less been completed and ready for charging. It is here that attempts are believed being made to stop further progress. This could be the reason for the pressure and harassment against the holdouts in MACC. The MACC must have the files.

4. Our sources believed that they have identified the people behind the purge of MACC. They believed the the police are mere tools. These people are believed be outside the government but with links to Umno. They are the same "operators" who are believed to be responsible for manipulating the "meanstream" media and for directing the pro-Najib bloggers.

5. I pray to Allah that they are wrong. But if it is true, then the government has allowed itself to be hijacked by outsiders, which is against the law and is highly dangerous. This could be worse than the 4th Floor Boys of Tun Abdullah's era.

6. We pray for and stand by the God-fearing officers of the MACC and the good policemen and women who are resisting this outside interference and who still believe in truth and justice.

7. Insya-Allah they will be protected and blessed.

Thank you.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Semoga Allah pelihara kesihatan Dakj dgn mengambil oats bagi menganti nasi.

Sejak tujuh lapan ni ringgit berbanding dollar US dan jatuh kira2 22%.

Kejatuhan ini menyebabkan rakyat menjadi semakin miskin semata2 kerana kerajaan tidak pandai mengendali pentadbiran termasuk aspek ekonomi.

Bil untuk import makanan kalau dulu cuma rm40b kini bertambah srbanyak rm 8.8b menjadi rm48.8b.

Ini bererti inflasi terhadap kos makanan.

Kalau rm500b saja drpd semua hutang negara dan syarikat Msia diambil dalam nilai USD maka bayaran balik hutang tu dah menjadi rm610b iaitu pertambahan rm110b.

Ini semua menyebabkan inflasi dalam negara.

Inflasi juga terasa dalam pembelian barangan lain yg penting spt kenderaan alat ganti, alat berkaitan infrastruktur, baja, dll yg mahu tak mahu akan menaikkan kos hidup rakyat.

Bagi ketua2 bahgian UNNO yg selalu dapat duit derma dan dapat macam2 kontrek kerajaan mereka tak akan faham erti inflasi.

Takkan la Najib tak faham bahawa pelabur asing sangat sensitif dgn persepsi buruk.

Ambil contoh Singapore. Oleh kerana mereka terkenal mempunyai kerajaan yg bersih , hormat undang2 dan tak rasuah maka pelabur luar tak mudah cabut lari . Malah kalau ada krisis ekonomi dunia pelabur akan berebut parking wang mereka di Singapore.

Agensi kerajaan kita terhege2 nak tarik FDI.

Kesian kpd pegawai2 tu yg cuba promosi kerajaan busuk.

Pada masa yg sama perangai buruk PM dan ketua2 UBN menghambat pelabur asing.

Nak jadi negara maju 2020?

Tolong jangan berangan. Kalau beginilah perangai bangsat ketua2 UBN curi harta rakyat.

Terakhir penyumbang kepada kejatuhan ringgit tentulah termasuk kroni dan ketua2 UBN yg selama ini telah pun menyorokkan wang mereka di bank2 luar negara .

Joe black said...


The problem with muslims is that they fail to realise, god will not help those that support evil deeds. Pray though you may, do not forget that ALL egyptians were smitten with all sorts of disasters and plagues for not helping those persecuted by the Firaun. Only when his own son was killed during god's punishment leading to the death of egyptian children did the Firaun relent and allowed the persecuted to leave.

Dill Pickles said...

Bank Negara should ask the US Federal Reserve if it had detected this funds movement and identified it's origin and recipient.

Can Zeti do this at least?

And if the RMP are digging into "information leaks", shouldn't they also be asking their counterparts in the US law enforcement apparatus (such as the FBI) if they had logged this funds movement?

The RMP has a forensic accounting unit. It has the expertise to trace the movement of these funds.

It should do so in the interests of openness and transparency and because the rakyat deserve nothing less!

vasantha said...

Umar Abdul Aziz,
"Penjawat awam" works without fear or favour. He or she is a professional who is not a political appointee. As such, the civil servant has a duty to uphold high standards of moral and ethicts. Quality service begin with a quality man. Unfortunately Zeti has seen fit to "I see nothing", "I hear nothing", "I say nothing". Oftentimes, the greatest sin is for the good person to not do anything. For them, it is better to look the other way. We must always do God's work.
No offence Encik Umar Abdul Aziz, just something to ponder on.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...


Kita bukan duduk di Australia atau di UK.

Kita duduk diboleh land yg penuh dgn pemimpin UBN hampas.

Dulu Anwar konon nak ubah UMNO dari dalam..

Beliau ada peluang berjuang dari luar negeri dgn suaka politik.

Apa jadi dgn beliau

Inikan pulak setakat taraf Zeti

Vasantha sepatutnya dah tahu pegangan hidup saya berdasar tulisan saya.

Kita tak sempurna termasuk Zeti dan Vasantha.

Lebih baik habiskan waktu dan tenaga lawan musuh bersama yg tiada maaf bagi mereka.


With thanks to Dr Chandra Muzaffar. Let us all ponder on this.

By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar

No other episode in recent times has underscored the significance of that ancient adage cherished in all cultures, religions and civilizations — HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY — than the deposition of 2.6 billion ringgit into the personal bank account of Dato Sri Mohd Najib by a donor from the Middle East.

When the existence of this huge quantum of money in Mohd Najib’s personal account was first exposed by a foreign newspaper in early July 2015, he should have told the world the whole truth about the donation. He should have been honest and open with his people. Though it was his personal account, the donation was being made to an individual who is the Prime Minister of a sovereign, independent nation. That fact alone raises a number of critical moral issues.

One, did Prime Minister Najib inform others about the donation? Did he inform his wife and family, his colleagues in the Cabinet, in the UMNO-Barisan Nasional leadership, about receiving such a large sum of money from the Middle East? Was Bank Negara privy to this transaction? Was the Ministry of Finance aware of this? Was the information shared with the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) and did the LHDN impose a tax upon the recipient?

Two, since the Prime Minister has said that the money was not used for “personal gain”, who actually benefited from it? Was it used for the 13th General Election, given that the money was transferred into his account a few weeks before the Election? Or was it used for purposes of charity and for humanitarian causes? Or did people close to the Najib — as it is alleged in certain quarters — use part of the bounty for their own private interests?

Three, it is equally pertinent to ask, why did the donor — a foreigner — make the donation? Was it a mark of his friendship with Najib? Or, was there some other motive behind it, related to bilateral ties, or foreign policy, or the economy?

The Prime Minster should reveal everything in a formal statement to the people. Malaysian citizens have a right to know. It was foreign money transferred into the bank account of their Prime Minister.

A public statement will also make it easier for both the Prime Minister and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) when the latter questions the former about the money in his account . In this regard, the MACC should continue to probe the deposition of 2.6 billion ringgit into the Prime Minister’s bank account and to investigate the 4 billion ringgit involving SRC International, 1MDB’s former subsidiary. The MACC should be commended and supported by all Malaysians who value integrity and honesty in public life for trying its very best to carry out its responsibilities in an increasingly difficult situation. This is what Amanah ( fulfilling trust) is all about. It is a shame that so far seven individuals associated with the MACC have been detained by the police and their statements recorded. MACC offices have been raided. Important documents have been removed. The MACC’s Chief Commissioner, Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed is on leave. The Acting Chief Commissioner, Datuk Mustafar Ali, has said that police investigations on some of MACC’s personnel in relation to the alleged leakage of classified documents could affect its probe on SRC International.

The police should realize that it is not those who reveal wrongdoings who are a threat to national security but those who commit wrongdoings and then go all out to undermine any attempt to establish the truth and to punish the culprits.

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar.

Kuala Lumpur.

6 August 2015.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Sebenarnya saya rasa dalam UMNO sendiri, ramai juga yang tahu ada banyak perkara yang tak betul tetapi tidak tahu apa hendak buat.

PAU sudah ditangguhkan.

Orang seperti ini perlu insentif dan sokongan untuk bersuara dalam UMNO.

Saya tabik Muhyidin kerana berani.

Anak Muhyidin pandai juga menyanyi dan gubah lagu untuk Malaysia.

Lagu Najwa Mahiaddin, (Anak Muhyidin)

Bukan Jebat said...


Sang Kelebai ni tak banyak tapi ada. Buat bising ibarat tin kosong.

Terbaru Sang Kelabai buat PC mempersoal Gov Zeti kenapa senyap. Sang Kelabai dari Miacci salah sasar. Patut soalan tu tanya ke Finance Minister. Sang Kelebai ini karacter ramai dah tahu. Al maklum tengah mintak nyawa. Banyak newspaper kata company Sang Kelebai dah nak lingkup. Kisah Sang Kelebai ni dah banyak  Dato bercerita dalam blog nie.

Mahadzir Ahmad said...

Salam all. Datuk Kadir, please let me add a bit on the Dan Sejarah Saksiku section:

All that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth glorify Allah, and He is the Mighty, the Wise. O you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say that which you do not do (Quran, 61:1-3)

On 27-02-2012, Najib said all donations to any political party, whether at the central or state level, must be channelled through the official bank account of the party. But in March 2013, Najib took the “donation” into his personal account. Najib clearly has already earned Allah's anger by doing a most hateful thing.

Unless Najib repents openly, may Allah send more guidance to him. May Allah also strengthen the hearts of those who uphold the truth and desire justice. Say: Amin.


Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Ada rakyat menangis sambil sebut rasa syukur pd Najib atau UBN bila terima sedekah dalam bentuk BRIM tak berapa ringgit pun.

Rupa2nya Najib sendiri pun gaji tak cukup hingga terpaksa di beri sedekah atau derma.

Bezanya ialah berbillion BRIM dikongsi berjuta rakyat dan dicanang2kan satu dunia.

Tapi rm2.6b sedekah pd Najib terus disorokkan. Bnm dan bank pun dilarang lapur.

Mulai sekarang segala kes rasuah pegawai awam terpaksa dibatalkan oleh SPRM atas alasan itu bukan rasuah tapi derma ikhlas oleh pemberi.

Dan hendaknya kerajaan UBN tutup je SPRM agar tak perhabis beras.

Macam2 ada dibolehland.

Pemimpin bangsat adalah cerminan rakyatnya sendiri.

Sedih sedih.

LaM said...

So it is now confirmed, that from the remittance slip prepared by the donor, the money US681million sent to Najib is not a donation after all. It is a 'payment' for something. Both the donor and Najib had to share the remittance charges for the amount sent. so it cld not be a donation.

It is clear it is a corrupt payment for some consideration. This is very dangerous. What is it that the foreign payer wants to 'purchase' from Najib and Malaysia. As it is a corrupt payment, no wonder nobody in Msia knew about the RM2.6bill, consonant with the 1Malaysia slogan. In Malaysia, only 1 person knows about it. Najib.

Joe black said...


We should request that those people in the right places should investigate the background of Arul Kanda the current CEO of 1MDB. Those that knows him should also come forward to give informstion on this character. If a person has no qualms in deceiving the public about the company he is leading he will generally have done so or done something worse previously elsewhere.

pahit manis said...

D Scribe,

Kita tidak pernah melihat situasi seperti yang wujud hari ini. Pasukan Khas yang ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat dakwaan terhadap akaun yang disebut sebagai akaun peribadi PM sudah dipotong stim, ikut kata orang sekarang. Ketua pasukan asal AG TS Ghani dan dulucutkan jawatan dan SPRM sedang disiasat. SPRM oulak pulang paku buah keras dan siasat orang2 tertentu dalam PDRM. Sejak beberapa hari yang lalu keluar pulak cerita akaun luar negara keluarga Zeti. Jadi macam mana masyarakat tak geleng kepala dan nak percaya dengan kerajaan dan agensi2 kerajaan. Dalam hal ini, PM sendiri kata kerajaan kena kerja keras dan tingkatkan usaha untuk mengembalikan kepercayaan rakyat kepada kerajaan. Saya tak tau apa formula yang boleh digunapakai dalam hal ini...

Jom ngail D Scribe..

Akbar said...

Where the money go after najib close his account??? The money go to someone else account or go to umno account???

Bank Negara need to clarified money trail.

Holy.Driver said...

Hari ni Ustaz Mustapha Ong tak bagi tazkirah ke?
Cubalah tanya2 kat ustaz Mus tu mungkin dia kenal ke dengan operator yg Dato maksudkan. Pasal dulu dengarnya Omar Ong tu bekas operator thinktanker kerajaan jugak. Tapi tak pastilah sama ada menolong atau menjahanamkan.
Sekarang orang banyak menggunakan islam utk menghancur dan sabotaj org lain.

nothing to hide said...

so much for transformasi. more like nazi gestapo.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Raja dan keluarga diraja negara Saudi sehari dua ni baru sedar ada org bergelar ISIL berani lawan mereka.

Kalau tidak merekalah satu2 nya samseng di sana.

Jangan ingat mereka ada polis, ada askar, ada hakim, ada pendakwa ada pengawal semua rakyat Saudi akan takut pd mereka.

Bila lagi pemimpin jahat mahu belajar?

Zed-85 said...

Saudara LaM,

You have a point,

It was declared "donation" about 1 week ago.

But in year 2013, in the swift code for the money transfer of about US 680M, it was stated as "payment" based on the copies of documents that was uploaded by WSJ.

If it is a donation, then why declare it as payment in year 2013?

Payment and donation are two very different thing.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Harapan rakyat berkecai.

Dulu dijajah British beratus tahun.

Apalah nasib.

Dijajah pulak geng UBN .

Kecuali berlaku keajaiban rasanya beratus tahun jugak.

Kecuali Melayu tiba2 tak layu.

Jom migrate atau hijrah.

Paling tidak hijrah minda.

Dyan said...

The PM, 1MDB And Off-Shore Accounts
Bank Governor Zeti Aziz credibility was brought into question following her family’s involvement in several offshore entities housed in the tax haven of the British Virgin Isles.

Despite the striking expose that multiple bank accounts were held and controlled by Zeti’s family members, there has been no explicit reply or denial from Zeti Aziz.

Attempts to the contact the family to afford them a right of reply was similarly met with utter silence.

Given that the database put up by the International Consortium Of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is open for public access and that the information put forth in the expose is easily verified as true, the complete silence from Zeti Aziz comes as no surprise.

In an effort to mask the fact that true ownership in the companies Iron Rhapsody Limited and Glittering Snow international ltd is held by members of Zeti Aziz’s family, multiple layers of BVI shell companies were used.

Source: The PM, 1MDB And Off-Shore Accounts, The Recounter
Najib Razak has publicly admitted he is spending a ton of public money on recruiting “cyber-troopers” to manipulate public perceptions in his favour.

These operations have always involved vilifying those he wishes to undermine, which for now apparently includes all members of the official task forces looking into 1MDB, which he has so personally mismanaged.

The Governor of the central Bank Negara is therefore on the list, as this attack from one of Najib’s newest vehicles shows.

However, money has not bought convincing journalism. In this article Zeti stands accused of having family members with off-shore bank accounts.

So what?

One may disagree with the secrecy of these institutions – Sarawak Report does certainly – but for now they are entirely legal and therefore widely used.

Didn’t 1MDB place all its alleged RM2.3 billion profit from PetroSaudi in an off-shore account in the Caymans?

Did the Prime Minister not receive his own US$680 million ‘donation’ from Tanore Finance, based off-shore in BVI?

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Kalau benar Zeti tak clean sebagai Gobenor BNM, saya dan anak2 saya adalah di antara yg paling kecewa.

Tapi pendakwa dan hakim pun mesti kena bersih.

Dalam situasi sekarang aaya lebih percaya pendakwa dan hakim yg kotor.

Othaman Ahmad said...

Who runs and owns the Fed Reserves? Both UK & USA govts are under their control. In the first place why Najib allied himself to these evil New World Order? It takes a bravehearted man like Tun Mahathir who dare to oppose these wicked illuminati. But sadly, Najib opt to disregard Tun Mahathir and allow himself to fell into the Zionist trap with their heavy ridden debt.

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Obviously PM is in total control but in so doing things have become out of control. He has freaked out since his secrets have been revealed openly. Gone beserk almost in his defence. Thus all the deviation from the norms that we see now his administration is doing.

So if he deviates from the norms Datuk why cannot we all the rakyat also deviate from the norms come together all and do something that could really dislodge the son of a gun (guns n roses)?

His transferring the two SPRM officers/pengarah to the PMO with immediate effect is just too much boast of his ego and temberang.

Thanks Datuk. May Allah guide us all.

Apa nak jadi said...

Putrajaya sudah ada banyak orang berhantu looooooo

Lahuma said...


Klimak segala yang berpunca dari 1MDB terus merebak .
PM Najib patutnya turunlah dari jawatan PM demi kebaikan negara.
Rakyat sudah hilang keyakinan pada kerajaan UMNo dan BN.
Kemuncak kepada amalan politik wang dalam umno dan kerajaan.
Negara akan menuju kegelapan.
Akhirnya Umno akan manjadi sebuah NGO selepas kalah pilihanraya nanti,

PM Najib wajib turun secara terhormat.

Terima kasih Dato.

Hantu Gigi Jarang said...

Ini semua kerja orang yang sudah lemas. Sudah tidak boleh fikir rasional. Macam pencuri, orang macam ini mungkin satu hari terjun bagunan kerana hendak menyelamatkan diri. Jangan underestimate harapan dan doa orang teranaiya yang membaca Surah Yasin.

Umar Abdul Aziz said...

Aslkum Dakj.

Sudah tiba masanya Dakj mengambil langkah sangat berhati2 dalam setiap langkah.

Terutama berhati2 dgn org yg datang dgn pelbagai info sensitif. Takut nanti Dakj pulak kena siasat cuba nak tumbang kerajaan.

Kalau Dakj ada lesen pistol, tenguk2 lesen tu masih hidup kah. Pistol tu tersimpan selamat kah. Bilangan peluru yg tersimpan adakah mengikut yg dibenarkan dsb.

Dulu dan sekarang pun saya selalu kutuk Mahathir.

Rupa2nya dgn Sang Kelembai saya belum tenguk the worst.

Majlis Tertinggi UMNO banyak tak tahu pasal pentadbiran negara sebagaimana diluahkan penyokong tegar Sang Kelembai sendiri iaitu TS SHAHRIL SAMAD.

Menghairan ialah org yg mengaku pejuang Melayu dalam UMNO spt SHAHRIL SAMAD tiada rasa bersalah langsung kerana membenar diri menjadi lembu . Dah berpuluh2 jadi anggota MT dia tido ke?

Apalah beza dgn berpuluh2 lagi anggota MT yg ada tu.

Cuma TSMY dan DSSA berani bersuara?

Hampas betul la bangsa ini kalau mempunyai terlalu sedikit org yg berani menentang kemungkaran.

Negara dan bangsa ini ada harapan di selamatkan jika semua ahli MT dan ketua Bahgian UMNO bersatu dgn satu suara buang Sang Kelembai drpd jawatan presiden UMNO.

Joe black said...


Najib Razak has brilliantly succeeded in burying UMNO once and for all. Those UMNO leaders under his beck and call are simply delusional in thinking that life will go on as in the Pre1MDB days. To them (and this includes the pussy Muhyideen) we say.....Dream On. To those (including Najib and His Head Honcho Misslan) who disputed Tun Dr M's warning that there will be not enough time to turn things around, things WILL ONLY GET WORSE. Forget about turning things around..the only time he has is to keep sweeping his mess into the PM's Dept. EVERYTHING Nasty is heading his way (latest being the dispute with the French on be followed by whatever muck that the French can rake on previous scandals...and that can't be swept into the PM's office).

matpenang said...

Bermula dari penjajahan sehingga kini, kita hanya mampu melihat sistem Islam di dalam kitab-kitab fekah sahaja tanpa mampu dilihat ia terlaksana di atas bumi yang nyata walaupun kegagalan demi kegagalan ideologi dan sistem ciptaan manusia dalam menyelesaikan pelbagai masalah sosial terutama yang semakin berat seperti penagihan dadah, kecurian, perzinaan, perkosaan, rasuah, pecah amanah, namun para pemimpin lebih rela mencari sistem yang rapuh dan reput seperti sarang labah-labah daripada memberi peluang kepada Islam untuk dilaksanakan.

Keadilan dan kehebatan perlembagaan serta perundangan Islam pernah dirasa oleh masyarakat China, India  dan melayu ketika islam menguasai negara-negara ini selama beratus tahun (dahulu).  Oleh itu, jika kita satukan semua bangsa di negara ini dengan semangat kebangsaan, maka ia adalah berbahaya kerana setiap bangsa akan menjaga kepentingan dan menuntut hak masing-masing sebagai warganegara. Setiap bangsa sama ada Melayu, Cina dan India akan bersaing sesame mereka dalam mencari kuasa politik dan ekonomi di mana bangsa yang berjaya menguasai perkara tersebut akan berjaya menguasai bangsa lain.

Jumlah umat Islam makin bertambah tetapi pada hakikatnya tidak berperanan sebagai seorang muslim, ditambah lagi (dengan) tipisnya pegangan agama, maka kedudukan kita berdasarkan bangsa adalah semakin lemah.

Sebelum terlambat maka yakinlah kita bahawa dengan menjadikan islam sebagai asas perpaduan maka kita akan aman di mana islam boleh dianuti oleh semua bangsa (sedangkan bangsa seseorang tidak boleh bertukar atau dianut). Manakala orang bukan Islam yang tidak mahu memeluk Islam turut dapat merasai keadilan dan keindahan Islam di mana perkara ini tidak terdapat dalam agama mereka. Dengan ini lama-kelamaan mereka juga akan tertarik kepada Islam sama ada mereka memeluk Islam ataupun sekurang-kurangnya mereka tidak melawan Islam setelah merasai keindahan Islam sebenar.

Ingatlah, bahawa kita bangsa Melayu dimuliakan oleh Allah dengan Islam dan bangsa Melayu akan hina kerana meninggalkan cara hidup Islam.

👆 petikan teks khutbah aidil fitri negeri perak 2015

Malindo said...

KRONOLOGI CICAK VS BUAYA(DI INDONESIA KPK/KOMISI PEMBERANTASAN KORUPSI VS POLISI,DI MALAYSIA SPRM VS POLIS):Sama saja Malaysia dan Indonesia.Dan waktunya juga hampir sama,hanya Malaysia kemudian setahun.Saya jadi garu kepala,kerana nilai RUPIAH jatuh begitu juga RINGGIT akibat 'TANGAN2 AJAIB BERMAIN',SOALAN SAYA?adakah ini dari 'Magic power dari Negara Jauh?'untuk wilayah kita ini?Adakah ini utk 2 Negara Islam rantau Asean?entahlah.saya hanya insan kerdil yg kurang faham hal politik dan kewangan,sebab sekolah tak 'Tinggi'.

ymase said...


This brings to my mind : A father-figure rapist got away instead the rape victim's credibilty was torn to shreds and case thrown out while the samaritan trying to get justice for the victim was 'arrested'.

For the longest time the same scenario is happening to our nation. The rakyat are being rape&sodomised. The complainants are made to look like 'whiner' and ungrateful while the rest are feeling delirious at being raped$sodomised over and over and over.

Does the curent generation(tua, muda, remaja dan semua sewaktu dengannya) has got what it takes to understand faith, moral and empathy (iman,akhlak dan ihsan). Now is already Generation C- Content tapi for some masing-masing jiwa kosong. It is reflected by the actions that they take.

Mak bapak nak ceramah pada anak-anak tentang solat, puasa tapi perkara yang lebih mustahak seperti balasan kepada perbuatan baik dan buruk tidak ditekankan - amanah, tanggungjawab, keikhlasan, belas kasihan dan bahawa individu itu sendiri yang menentukan bukan di pengaruhi oleh kuasa luar.

Bukan salah ibu mengandung.
We did this to ourselves - only we can stop the perpetrators.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Org ini pernah berkata kpd Tun M...."Cash is King".

Dan BRIM adalah contoh jelas bagaimana dia mengumpan 'rakyat miskin' dgn duit 'Cash' BRIM..Dan sy percaya ramai...terutama org2 Melayu yg termakan dgn umpanan tersebut agar berterusan 'menyayangi' dia.

Lepas itu... tanpa memperdulikan semua...dia mengenakan GST...dan dlm 2 bulan pertama sahaja GST telah mengutip sbnyk RM7bilion ....erti kata 1 bulan sahaja RM3.5b....bayangkanlah kutipan 1 tahun yg bakal dikumpul negara.....lebih dari cukup untuk BRIM berterusan.

Tetapi kepayahan yg rakyat harungi kerana GST...disamping kenaikan harga petrol dan kejatuhan ringgit yg berpunca dari 'kebodohan' dia mengurus kewangan negara...yg BRIM pun tidak boleh menolong ..bagaimana pula?.

Kini...rakyat sudah maklum....betapa kuat dia berbohong dan berkerja keras tetapi bukan untuk kebaikan atau kesejahteraan negara tetapi mahu menutup lubang2 dan bukti2 kukuh tentang kesalahan yg dia lakukan....spt lontaran Dato diatas.

Dato dia kini telah bertukar sifat dan menjadi seorg 'Drakula' yg dahaga darah.

Bayangkan sahaja apa yg telah dia lakukan...selain Muhyiddin Timb Presiden Parti...Shafie Afdal dan Tun M.. dilanggar sudah....juga penjawat2 awam seperti Zeti...Abu Kassim (MACC)...DG...pegawai2 tertinggi polis dan penyiasat2 MACC dll telah pantau... disekat..dan dibuang semata2 untuk memasti survival diri dari dituduh rasuah atau 'CBT'.

Ini tidak diambil kira dgn PAC...dimana siasatan telah dibantutkan dgn sengaja bila org2 PAC dijadikan Timb Menteri...walau pun alasan menunda penyiasatan sngat lemah(dan dia pun tahu)...tetapi dia peduli apa semua ini.

Moral atau MALU bukan isu lagi buat dia....kerana semua ini mesti dilakukan dgn apa cara sekali

Paling lekeh bila ada Penjilat2 Tegar...Ketua2 Bahgian Parti yg Haram J serta MT dan 2 naib Presiden yg masih melekat....Penasihat2 setia...yg melekat mcm plaster pd diri dia.....menyokong dan bersetuju dgn semua yg telah dia lakukan.

Tetapi....faham2 lah 'Cash is King' kuasa dan survival diri diutamakan walau pun mesti penyokong ketua seperti dia.

Lihat sahajalah....kelibat TPM yg baru dilantik......walau pun baru 2 hari selepas Muhyiddin dipecat.....dia begitu bersemangat sekali...bercerita tentang 'rezeki' serta mcm tidak percaya pula telah dilantik menjadi TPM....dan akan menjalankanan tugas dgn adil.....bla bla....

Huh....cukup 'phoney' sekali kelibat dia.
Demikian jugalah dgn kelibat 4 org Melayu dari PAC yg telah dilantik menjadi Timb Menteri..dan seorg dari Sarawak dan Johor sbg Menteri.....walau pun dgn cara yg tiba2....mereka tetap berbesar hati dan bersemangat sekali.

Apa pun 'Cash is King'....buat ketua ini. Semua boleh dibeli belaka....Moral atau Malu bukan isunya.

Tetapi sy percaya...Allah Maha Berkuasa.....dan dia akan tumbang juga...InshAllah.

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I was born in 1947 in Kedah. I came from a rice farming family. I have been a journalist since 1969. I am the Editor-in-Chief of magazine publishing company, Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. I was Group Editor NST Sdn Bhd and Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP Bhd between 1988 and 2000. I write fortnightly column “Other Thots” in the Malaysian Business magazine, Kunta Kinte Original in Berita Harian and A Kadir Jasin Bercerita in Dewan Masyarakat. Books: Biar Putih Tulang (1998), Other Thots – Opinions & Observations 1992-2001 (2001), The Wings of an Eagle (2003), Mencari Dugalia Huso (2006), Damned That Thots (2006), Blogger (2006), PRU 2008-Rakyat Sahut Cabaran (2008), Komedi & Tragedi-Latest in Contemporary Malaysian Politics (2009) and Membangun Bangsa dengan Pena (2009).