Friday, August 28, 2015

PM Is Reduced to Haranguing the Rakyat

A Kadir Jasin

AS his desperation and that of the people grows, the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, has been reduced to haranguing the rakyat.

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In doing so, it shows just how distant he is to the everyday people. Decades of being a Wakil Rakyat had not appeared to bring him any closer to the masses.

On the contrary it seems to reinforce the “orang besar” character in him – of demanding loyalty and freely exercising his prerogative.

Incidentally he is one of the four “Orang Besar Berempat” (The Four Chieftains) of Pahang, carrying the title “Yang Dihormat Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar”. Little wonder, therefore, that he enjoys the singular support of the Sultan of Pahang.

Mohd Najib: Orang Besar Berempat Pahang
[In the imperial Malay nomenclature, shahdandar is the comptroller of port and, hence, the chief tax collector.]

So when Mohd Najib tries to sound like one of the rakyat, his “orang besar” character and his disconnect with the people become obvious.

First there was the infamous “bangang” label he bestowed upon his own Umno-sponsored bloggers during last year’s Umno General Assembly.

He accused them of being stupid (numskull, fat-headed, nincompoop) for allegedly attacking the party instead of the enemies. Bangang is worse than “bodoh” in the Malay language. In the proper Malay households, “bodoh” is a no-no word.

In substance, however, he was not altogether wrong. There are Umno-sponsored bloggers who deserve that label.

Bangang was followed by “jemuan” when opening the Kedah Umno Convention last March. In Kedah slang, jemuan refers to a very bad person. He said Umno should rid itself of jemuan, acknowledging that there are such people in his own party.

And most recently he warned the Malays that they would be “bangsat” if Umno loses power. Some English media had erroneously translated it as bastard.

Depending on geographical areas and usage, bangsat, according to Dewan Bahasa, can mean a type of foul-smelling bug (pepijat), a bad person, like a thief, or a very poor person. The Dewan gives it English synonyms as rascal, knave, ill-bred and despicable person.

Bangsat is hardly used these days. Like pariah it is considered offensive. In the old northern slang, a poor person who left his place of birth to seek fortune elsewhere was said to gone “membangsat”.

So in my village in Kedah back in the 1950’s and 60’s, many Kelantanese came “membangsat” during the rice harvesting season to work as farm hands and many local people left for the towns to earn a living.

But bangsat is already applicable to the Malays where it connotes poverty and destitution. And Mohd Najib should know because he is responsible for it!

Since he became Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Umno president in 2009, the lot of the Malays and other Bumiputeras had worsened compared to other Malaysians.

Never in the history of the country that income gap between the Malays and the Chinese widened so drastically than between 2009 and 2012. The last time this happened was in 1970.

There was no improvement whatsoever in the monthly income of the Malay households from time Mohd Najib became the PM in 2009 to last year compared to the Chinese.

In fact, the nominal income gap between the Malays and the Chinese had widened by as much as 53 per cent. So, economically the Malays are already “bangsat”.

Mohd Najib had also been reported to label Felda settlers who were not supportive of Umno as “haram jadah” which in English is something like bloody bastard.

Less frequently heard these days are the high-sounding words and phrases like “keterangkuman” (inclusiveness), “rakyat didahulukan” (people first), “Perdana Menteri untuk semua” (Prime Minister for all), “kesederhanaan” and “wasatiyyah” (moderate) that marked the early days of his rule.

Instead, in his desperation to be seen to be close to the people, Mohd Najib has become “celupar” (inappropriate) in his public utterances. He likes to harangue the people and launches tirades against his opponents.

So it wasn’t a big deal when a woman delegate to the recent Langkawi Umno annual general meeting accused the PM of having “kencing” the people. In the contemporary Malay street parlance, to “kencing” is to tell a lie.  



Ros ros berterbangan said...

Could you give reference to when he said felda settlers are haram jadah? Thats a new one for me. Najib the idiot strikes again. And we go again

Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk AKJ n Sahabat3 semua..

"AhJibGo - The EXclusive PM"

-He does not seem to bother about what the rakyat feels anymore..
-His survival is all that matters now..
-'AhJibGo Transformation Policy' is in final stage - From known as 'Rakyat'...we are now known as 'Bangsat'..

***Sambut merdeka dengan sedih**

"The AhJibGo Factor"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..


1. cuba . May 11, 2012 · Najib Razak Hina Peneroka. Atau baca

2. It also appears that what is "jemuan" to Mohd Najib and his loyalists are not necessarily "jemuan" to the rest of the world.

3. Interpol has rejected Malaysian police’s request to issue a red notice against Sarawak Report editor-in-chief Clare Rewcastle Brown.

A red notice is akin to an international arrest warrant where member states are informed about an individual wanted for extradition.

In a letter to UK-based NGO Fair Trials International, Interpol secretary-general Jurgen Stock confirmed that the his organisation had rejected Malaysia’s request.

“Whilst Interpol does not usually comment on specific cases or individuals, in light of the significant press interest in this case we can confirm that Interpol’s general secretariat did receive a red notice request for Clare Rewcastle Brown from Malaysian authorities.

“In line with our standard operating procedure, a review was conducted and, on Aug 9, the request for the red notice was refused,” said Stock.

Read more:
Read more:

4. The threat to sue Wall Street Journal over the expose of Mohd Najib's RM2.6 billion personal account at AmIslamic has also gone cold.

5. It is clear that all these posturings are intended to convince the uninformed and to divert attention from the real issue.

6. Slowing down Internet speed/blocking pro-Bersih websites are an act of desperation that will dim further the respect for the authority.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.

mike toyad said...

Datuk AKJ, If it's confirmed PM had done all wrongs, we ought to find the best way out. Let's work out a national mediation formula ie safe passage out for PM should he decides to retire for good, agree on a new PM acceptable to every stakeholders who would chart the way forward to a dignified, honorable and prosperous Malaysia.

Hamlet's brew said...

PM's advisors (including the orang putih who gets princely salaries) are going hither and thither trying to pick an issue to divert attention from Bersih4, and his key ministers are no help either probably all of them are simply paid, have no heart to do what they have been instructed to do or just because they are "bodoh" species as applied in your article.

Just read an article in blogger Spin Kings (Sir Wenger) has added a very interesting explanation to the ketuanan debate in relation to Najib.

He says (extracts below):

Quote "... Under Ketuanan Melayu, simply put, so long as you are Malay, you are deemed eligible and sufficiently qualified to assume leadership position. It can start right from primary school when the post of Ketua Darjah is selected based on a candidate fulfilling the criteria of Ketuanan Melayu, to a BTN Camp where the team leader must be Malay, to the workplace, to the civil service - the list is endless.

But many have been confused on what exactly this means, especially in the case of Malaysia where over 60% of the population are already Malay. What happens when both candidates are Malay and one subscribes to the ideology of Ketuanan Melayu - does the ideology suddenly fail or is there an interpretation that can still be applied

In order to illustrate the principle of Ketuanan Melayu we will have to engage in a thought experiment. With this people can be clear of what Ketuanan Melayu means and how to apply it in their daily lives..

Consider two candidates for a job or a promotion. Both are Malay, but one, called Jalil, is a kaki ampu, perasuah and bodek type, the other is a hardworking, smart, honest and industrious type. And lets also assume that the boss of this unit is a person who subscribes to the Ketuanan Melayu ideology.

Under the doctrine of Ketuanan Melayu, you have to choose Jalil the kaki ampu. The reason is because the only reason that matters is the decision of the "boss" – the Ketuanan component and the ethincity of the candidate - the Melayu component. So long as the candidate fits the Melayu criteria,, you are forced to take the worse candidate if you are indeed a bona-fide subscriber to Ketuanan Melayu.

This exemplifies Ketuanan Melayu in action because it shows that the only criteria that made him qualified was his race ("Melayu"), and your decision should not be questioned ("Ketuanan").

In this regard, ladies and gentleman, I find nothing wrong in Dato Seri Najib if he is accused of not practicing or giving enough importance to Ketuanan Melayu.

He (Najib) practices the purest form of "Ketuanan Melayu".

Dato Seri Najib has selected only those who are “yes-men” to be his advisers, senior cabinet ministers, heads of Government Departments and also heads of GLCs. The best example is the case of Emir Mavani, the current CEO of FGV who hailed from the great state of Melaka. When he was born, Emir Mavani, was not a Malay. But by constitution, Emir Mavani is a Malay as of today because he is a Muslim and he practises the customs of the Malay people.

During his leadership, FGV has lost almost 70% of its market capitalization.

Under the basic definition of the criteria of success for a Chief Executive Officer, whcih is generating wealth for shareholders, Emir Mavani is an utter and total failure. But Emir Mavani is still CEO by the decree of the Prime Minister.

He is Malay.

He sucks at the job as CEO.

But the PM still places him there.
This sir, is the magic of Ketuanan Melayu. "


End of Malaysia !

Zalman A said...


A resolution must be forced within 2-3 months.

I think Najib's selfishness is pulling the country down into a deep pit.

His govt makes less and less intelligent decisions daily.

Banning yellow shirts 12 hours before a rally does not stop a rally, but international news wires will sniff it out.

We do not want Malaysia to end up looking foolish.

The Interpol chief suggested indirectly that the govt abused the Red Notice procedure, by putting a harmless journalist at the same level as dangerous terrorists. In the case of SR, the remedy is civil and long overdue - unless of course, the plaintiff has no case because the material is true.

This knee-jerk posturing and resulting international scorn erodes our maruah as a nation.

How sad to think this, as we near our 58th birthday.

MOKHTAR said...

Salam Datuk,

Kita orang2 Melayu telah dibangsatkan oleh orang keturunan Bugis, yang keturunannya juga daripada orang yang membangsatkan diri mencari rezeki disini.. setelah menjadi orang2 besar negeri Pahang, MB dan PM,dia lupa keturunan bangsatnya..
Kita orang2 Melayu masih menyokongnya walaupun dia kata kita bodoh, bengang,haramjada, jamuan dan bermacam2 lagi. Dia tahu orang Jawa, orang Tuegku ( Acheh )orang minang akan menurut arahannya... semua mereka adalah bangsat macam dia juga..
Yang menjadi mangsa adalah orang2 Melayu dan rakyar Malaysia yang sayang negara tercinta ini..sepatutnya kita ramai2 hantar mereka pulang ke tanah asal mereka..

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Aku pon susah nak masokkan komen ke blog hang, asyiq 'offline' saja.
Aku nak tulih, imej orang Pekan ni sebagai orang besag, dgn 'pretensions' feudal, 'bearings' atau lagak orang kenamaan mungkin di pupok atau 'cultivated' dgn sengaja, mungkin untuk kabogkan atau 'ameliorate' watak sebenag sebagai alibaba dan lain-lain, yg aku malaih nak sebut.

Ariff Raub pon tulih kata lebih korang macam hang, sebab dia orang 'besag' dia korang faham masaalah rakyat ramai, sehingga berlaku 'disconnect' yg parah, menurut Ariff Raub, sampai putuih hubungan dgn 'alam nyata. Aku rasa, kalau berlaku pon, secara berpilih pilih, tapi aku lebih berat nak kata macam asap nak keliru atau 'smokescreen'. Hang ingat dak, dia kenun 'mendidih' dgn tuduhan orang lempag kad dia....? Isu haranguing tu memang baguih hang timboikan, munkin kita sembang lain kali, masaalah internet ni...

Wa sallam,


Mat Bakar said...

Sallam Datuk,

Apabila seseorang itu berada di kemuncak kemarahan dan tidak dapat dikawal perasaannya maka akan terhamburlah sumpah seranah hatta ada yang sampai ke tahap mencedera dan membunuh sasarannya. Apa yang dihadapi oleh Najib sekarang adalah ketidakpuasan hati orang orang UMNO sendiri terhadap pentadbirannya. Lebih nyata perasaan ini disampaikan secara terang dan jelas, Najib amat lebih tertekan jika perasaan mereka ini menular menjadi barah yang tak dapat di kawal di dalam UMNO.

Apakah sumpah seranah ini akan menjadikan UMNO lebih kuat ? apakah maki hamun ini mencerminkan seorang negarawan ?, hanya Najib dan loyalistnya saja yang dapat menjawab. Lagi banyak beliau merapu dan meraban lagi cepatlah beliau menghala ke pintu keluar oleh ahli UMNO yang amanah (tapi berapa banyakkah ahli UMNO yang benar benar amanah) atau setelah ekonomi negara punah ranah (izinkan saya menggunakan bahasa ini). Walau apa sekali pun lagi banyak Najib meracau dan mencece lagi cepatlah "rating"nya menurun sebagaimana bursa-bursa besar sekarang ini. Sama samalah kita tunggu dan lihat kesudahannya.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Tun Mahathir pergi ke Bersih.

Kalau ikut permikiran yang "conventional", adalah tak masuk akal Tun M akan pergi ke Bersih.

Agak terkejut dan riang gembira peserta Bersih dengan kedatangan Tun.M

Orang putih kata "desperate times calls for desperate measure"

Bukan Tun. M yang sebenarnya desperate tetapi rakyat Malaysia dengan ringgit free fall.

Kalaulah tidak ada jalan keluar lain maka terpaksa kita balik semula kepada "people power" atau kuasa rakyat yang telah menjatuhkan pemimpin zalim di Filipina, Indonesia, Tunisia, Perancis, dan lain-lain.

Tindakan Tun M sebenarnya ada logiknya, kalaulah Najib jatuh, maka sudah tentu peluang UMNO dalam pilihanraya PRU14 akan lebih cerah.

Agaknya lepas ini banyaklah akar umbi UMNO yang baju merah tukar baju kuning dalam demo Bersih akan datang.

Yang paling penting sekali, perhimpunan Bersih aman dan tidak ada insiden yang tidak baik.

Joe Black said...


As More and More UMNO Members are Starting to Harangue Najib...He in turn, increases this Haranguement of the Rakyat since he is unable to retaliate against UMNO Members for he Needs Them to Stay in Power! Such is Najib's Predicament!! Notice the increase in Decibel by Pro UMNO Bloggers led by the indomitable Dato' Rocky Bru.

Najib is not only fighting against the Man on the Street but worse still, Against His Own Party Members. Unfortunately he has nothing but a Cabal of "All Mouth and No Brains" to win back UMNO Member's Trust. His Trash Bin of "All Mouth and No Brains" is steadily piling up. His Speeches has nothing to offer but the same rhetoric totally detached from reality.

If it is true, as Tun Dr M Says that Najib is Controlled by the Shaman obsessed RM, then it should be good news for PAS's Spiritual Leader who claim to be able to talk to Ghosts, Demons and Goblins. Both Parties Should unite to Exercise this common thread... PAS's Shaman may even learn a thing or two from RM....

United Malaysians said...

On previous Bersihs, when the Chinese didn't attend, they were labelled as cowards and opportunists while the Malays were called tools of the Chinese! When the Chinese made amends by attending in full force to join fellow Malaysians of ALL races TO ERADICATE a corrupt leader, the paid pro-UMNO bloggers instigated by their masters and proUMNO news media, label them as racist! Now, ladies and gentlemen, that's what UMNO/BN is made of - pure RACIST BIGOTS!!

Hadi Awang refused permission for PAS members to attend and it was a great pity because BersihFour is an enormous humbling experience for all, that all races can get together of their own free will because the tipping point has been reached. That the PM has to go, that things must get better for Malaysia.
Why is Hadi even at this time still not with Malaysia?

Zalman A said...

Tun turned up at Bersih yesterday.

He is a master communicator. Sepuluh minit cukup.

The Orang Kepala Besar No. 1 would never deign to turun padang.

He has been sitting in an ivory tower for 6 years as the rakyat jelata suffer.

msh said...

Salam Dato.

Bila Tun M naik keatas pentas menyokong 'Bersih' ...Hishamuddin meluah kekesalan...dgn berkata...."sy kesal dgn tindakan Tun M yg...sanggup bersekongkol dgn Pembangkang.....bla bla...mahu menjatuhkan kerajaan...bla bla..".

Hah....."kesal kunon". lagi kesal dgn Hishamuddin dan semua Penjilat Tegar Haram J Presiden...yg merasa kesal kunonnya dgn tindakan Tun M.

Betapa dangkal dan jumudnya pandangan mereka.

Mereka masih tidak melihat...tidak mahu menerima dan begitu terhad atau tersekat fikiran mereka tentang semua ini....mengapa adanya 'Bersih 4'....mengapa Tun M sanggup begitu...mengapa rakyat Cina...Melayu mahu pun India dll betindak begini?

Sepatutnya mereka wajar kesal dgn sikap Presiden ini.....dan berterus terang pd diri sendiri dan berani serta menegur (bukan lagi berbisik2 ketelinga Presiden) bahawa "dia wajar berhenti saja...sebab majoriti rakyat sudah tidak mahu dia lagi".

Itulah org2 Umno....sama ada buta.. pekak atau tuli atau dibuat2...tetap berada di dlm didlm 'Sindrom denial'......Wallahmualam.

Masih tidah mahu menerima kenyataan bahawa Parti diambang kehanchuran dgn Presiden ini dan tetap mencari salah org sahaja.

Bayangkanlah jika tiada siapa selain Tun M atau Pembangkang yg membuka mulut dan menekan tambah tentang kepincangan 1MDB..dan duit RM2.6b....duit USD1.3b...dll yg telah disalah gunakan... rakyat tidak akan tahu langsung siapa sebenarnya Najib selaku PM.

Terima kasih.

Din Klang said...

dont expect the Malay to support bersih 4 when it is contaminated by the chauvavist DAPs.

and You expect Haji Hadi to support bers
ih 4 after what those chauvanist didi to Pas

we are not as bangang as Najib and we know your game very well ......


Mahathir eloklah keluar UMNO.

yana said...

Salam Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.

Selamat Hari Merdeka aka Hari Kebangsaan. Sad 'merdeka' though this time around.

Datuk, no wonder our internet at home extra slow these couple of days. Rupa-rupanya perbuatan geng kapak (cantas sana cantas sini) aka geng sang kelembai. Padan muka depa ni. Memang sah hilang respect dari rakyat jelata. Padan muka kena reject Interpol.

Semoga hari ini mengajar kita betapa berharganya pengertian merdeka yang kini sudah hilang.

Terima kasih Datuk AKJ, selamat mengenang kembali detik-detik kegemilangan kemerdekaan yang sebenar. Semoga ia kembali bertandang ke bumi bertuah insya Allah.

RD. said...

Saya rasa Dr.M hanya memperkudakan Bersih untuk memberi lebih tekanan supaya Najib letak jawatan dengan segera. Masa untuk pulihkan UMNO semakin suntuk dan mungkin itulah 'last resort'.

Jika DAP boleh memperkudakan Mat Sabu dan mereka yang kecewa dalam PAS untuk menjatuhkan UMNO dan BN, Dr.M juga bijak memperkudakan Bersih yang di taja DAP untuk menjatuhkan Najib, sambil mengekalkan kerajaan sedia-ada. Sudah tentu, semua 'penjilat' Najib mesti disingkir bersama.

Saya pasti Dr.M tidak akan setuju supaya Anwar Ibrahim dibebaskan untuk mengantikan Najib. Mana mungkin seorang yang begitu jijik tabiat dan perangai boleh diangkat sebagai ketua Negara, lebih-lebih lagi Negara yang meletakan Islam sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan.

ahmad albab said...

Assalam tuan.
Mohon izin..kalau tak silap saya Islam ugama bagi persekutuan. bukan ugama rasmi persekutuan.

Kamal said...

RD saya fikir awak ni daya fikiran lemah.Mana mungkin Mahadir mahu Anwar ganti Najib.Kamu janganlah fitnah sebab kamu pun buka bijak macam mana pun. Tun nak selamat malaysia denga Ku Li mengganti najib dengan syarat Anwar dibebaskan, sebab penghakiman Anwar adalah penghakiman politik. Ini nak selamatkan Malaysia, tiada kena mengena dengan Anwar, tapi kamu kena ingat tanpa bantuan Anwar Malaysia akan hancur dimusnahkan oleh Najib yang terang2 melanggar undang2 negara ini. Sebab tulah undi tak percaya kepada najib perlu di Parlimen dengan bantuan MP Pakatan.

pahit manis said...

D Scribe,

Satu macam perasaan hari ini. Tak macam sambutan banyak tahun dulu. Kalau dulu saya akan turun ke Dataran Merdeka dengan kamera dan azam kuat nak sambut merdeka. Letak kereta jauh2 dan menapak ke Dataran. Kali ni, memadailah tengok TV tapi itu pun sambil cuba hantar komen ke dalam blog Datuk. Beberapa perkara yang berlaku dalam negara akhir-akhir ini menyebabkan ra,ai yang tak begitu selesa. Politik sudah menguasai sebahagian besar pemikiran kita dalam hampir semua bidang. Dah tak jadi seronok. Minum teh dan makan roti bakar di kopitiam pun orang bercerita fasal politik. Negara kita makin banyak masalah. Dan sebahagian besar masalah itu berpunca dari pentadbiran negara yang goyah. Banyak keputusan yang tidak konsisten. Cakap lain, buat lain. Banyak juga keputusan yang dibuat disaat2 akhir, menyebabkan keadaan jadi kelamkabut. Hari ini juga ramai orang memuji anak Lee Kuan Yew buat ucapan dalam Bahasa Melayu kira2 dua minggu lepas. Semua jadi bahan perbandingan. Kata mereka Lee Hsien Loong berucapa dengan baik, dengan nada yang bersahaja tanpa suara tinggi seolah2 menjerit. Hari ini ramai orang mencari kesalahan kita. Dan dalam banyak hal;, memang kita sendiri yang tak peka dan buat karenah sendiri. Orang tengok kita dan kata "padan muka."

Saya lihat D Scribe tidak komen tentang kehadiran Dr M di Dataran Merdeka pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad...

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Tahniah Kadiag pasai ramai hak sumbang komen kad blog hang kira ada standard punya, dan Terima kasih terutama pada:
1. Taipan Jnr
2. Hamlet Brew
3. Zed 85
4. Mat Bakar
5. Joe Black
6. United Malaysians
7. Zalman A
8. msh
9. Yana

Semuga teruih menyumbang buah pikiran yg baik2 demi menegakkan yg ma'ruf, mencegah munkar....


Aku said...

Ahmad Albab lebih betui dari segi undang2, sila ambil perhatian En RD. Komen 'penghakiman politik' olih Kamal juga munkin lebih munasabah, dan telah di 'amalkan sejak purbakala. Sila rujuk suroh Yusuf.




Apa yang anda paham dari surah 12?

Kita paham ada batas hukum raja dan kita juga paham diatas yang berilmu ada yang lebih alim dan sabar itu pakaian nabi Yusuf dan ayahnya; tetapi kita taklah arif kalau raja Mesir itu muslim.

Siapa pandai baca makna mimpi kalau tuhan tak izin; dan kenapatah Yakkub sedih kalau dia tahu saperti apa yang dikatakannya. Chedet tahu?

Maaf tetapi ulama dan ustaz bukan tuhan yang beri rezeki inikan pula makhluk yang jahil saperti kita.

abdul majid said...

Salam Datuk...

Harangue-Haranguing :- Saya mencari makna tepat perkataan tersebut untuk bandingkan apa kaitannya terhadap sikap Najib. Tak banyak info dalam kamus yang saya mampu ada, then kena la cari dalam Google.

Memang agak tepat 'Haranguing' ini pada cara kerja & cara berucap/bercakap Bangsawan Najib sejak berada dipuncak pemerintahan negara. Makin hari makin mendesak, memaksa rakyat terima apa sahaja dari diri beliau till terpacul bahasa kesat dari bibir merahnya dalam majlis umum.

Berterusan mengatakan beliau telah berkerja keras melakukan ini, melakukan itu demi untuk rakyat but penghujungnya, almost apa pun tarak yang jelas & nyata. Tun M dalam masa awal 6 tahun jadi PM, Tun telah terjemahkan Proton, yang hingga kini masih kekal jelas dimata kita.

Najib pula, asyik bermain dengan menyatakan angka-angka sahaja. Lihat sahaja ilham Najib tentang FGV. IPO kedua terbesar dunia masa dilancarkan, apa nilai FGV now? Dalam keadaan agak nazak but masih nak kaburi peneroka dengan 'Cash is King' even keuntungan tahunan merosot.

Saya cuba mencari info tentang Bangsawan ini, baca juga sejarah lama. Bangsawan ini lebih kepada 'orang mewah/berada'. Tak kata siapa yang Bangsawan ini then they sangat hebat dalam segala-segi. Tetapi, saya memang kena terima hakikat Bangsawan dulu-kala ini hebat pada zamannya. Kini, zaman sudah berbeza jauh, pengutip barang lusuh pun mampu jadi bangsawan (orang berada) jika rajin & kerja keras. So, bangsawan kini diukur dari sudut apa...?

Najib sudak terlalu kerap 'Harangue' = mendesak rakyat untuk terima apa sahaja kehendak beliau. Selama ini & untuk sekelian kalinya, rakyat telah pun mendengar then akur. Kini rakyat sudah tahap penat & sakit otak. Boleh tak kali ini Najib pula mendengar suara & kehendak rakyat...???????

Pakcik said...

Yg terbaru Najib panggil rakyatnya sendiri seperti haiwan dgn panggilan 'sekor sekor'...teruk benar dah PM Malaysia nie..

Tessa M Sen said...


Kadang2 I tak faham Bersih ini, mula2 kata nak demand Najib turun, lepas tu ada pulak agenda tambahan. My pendapat buat apa nak keluarkan Anwar, biarlah dia kat dalam. Kalau Najib masuk dalam, ada teman main guli, dam, seremban, teng teng, tak la lonely nanti. With regard to Tun M, Tun kata to be with rakyat nak turunkan Najib. I don't think Tun ada intention lain.

RD. said...

Minta maaf.

Saya bermatian tidak akan percaya bahawa Anwar didapati bersalah atas sebab "penghakiman politik". Bukan sekali, tapi dua. Ini tidak termasuk adegan membalun Chinadoll. Saya sama sekali tidak percaya bahawa Tun Dr.M tergamak mengena Anwar dengan tuduhan yang sebegitu jijik. Mana mungkin ia adalah "penghakiman politik" jika Ummi Hafilda, adik kepada Azmin Ali, sanggup menulis surat-layang menuduh adik-iparnya mempunyai hubungan sulit dengan bekas TPM itu. Oleh sebab itu, Karpal Singh dan Mat Sabu menuduh pula Anwar seorang peliwat, di Parliament, 1997. Malah Mat Sabu adalah orang pertama yang mengelar beliau sebagai Al-J**uri.

Hanya orang seperti Kamal yang mempunyai pemikiran lemah akan mudah percaya pada lakonan ahli politik yang membawa watak alim dan warak. Atau kamu pun sama seperti ahli kabinet penjilat Najib, sebaliknya kamu jilat Anwar.

"...... tanpa bantuan Anwar Malaysia akan hancur dimusnahkan oleh Najib yang terang2 melanggar undang2 negara ini".

Jangan jadi bangang sehingga merumuskan sudah tiada orang lain yang boleh menganti Najib, selain Anwar dan Ku Li. Saya tidak sokong 'undi tidak percaya' jika UMNO terpaksa mengadai prinsip perjuangan yang jujur demi bangsa jika terpaksa berpakat dengan MP pembangkang untuk menjatuhkan Najib. Saya berpegang kepada perinsip bahawa UMNO sendiri masih mampu menjatuhkan Najib.

Sesiapa pun dalam kepimpinan tertinggi UMNO boleh jadi PM jika dilantik 'Council of Elders' untuk membantu tadbir Negara.

adzzam adzzam said...

Sayangnya, kenapa org Melayu tak buat sendiri Bersih ni
Kenapa nak joint dgn DAP yg mmg ada agenda sampingn selain nak turunkan Najib
Harap org2 Melayu kita satu hati buat rapat umum sendiri
Tukar tajuk jadi Turun

RD. said...

Saya setuju dengan pendapat Saudara adzzam adzzam.

Nampak-gayanya, Tun Dr.M dan Tun Dr.Asmah telah berjaya 'hijacked' atau memperkudakan Bersih 4 demi kepentingan UMNO dengan desakan untuk menurunkan Najib.

Sebaliknya DAP yang menerima kesan negatif apabila PAS berkeras mahu mereka minta maaf atas tindakan penyokong DAP memijak gambar Haji Haji yang telah diedit, bersama Najib. Sekarang baru PAS sedar siapa yang lebih jujur bila 'berkawan' dalam politik. Terserlah kebecian mereka kepada Parti Islam itu. Sekurang-kurangnya orang UNBO tidak pernah pijak potret Haji Hadi, bila beliau mengkafirkan UMNO dulu.

jat said...

addzam adzzam Orang Melayu make up more than half of the organizers of Bersih. tengok fakta dahulu

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