Friday, August 21, 2015

Sang Kelembai Is Threatening Systemic Failure

A Kadir Jasin 

UPDATE, Aug 24 – Mohd Najib's Sang Kelembai aka 1MDB is now threatening Switzerland and the country is fighting back.

Firstly, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) said on August 19 that it would check with some of the country’s banks on whether they carried out any business with 1MDB and whether fishy transactions were involved.

Secondly, the Swiss Attorney General’s Office confirmed on August 22 that it had opened criminal proceedings against two entities of 1MDB as well as against an unknown person and would investigate Swiss banks and businesses over their role in the scandal. (Details here)


THE SangKelembai effects of 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s affair continue to claim victims.

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1. The task force investigating 1MDB had been effectively disbanded. The three main agencies - the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency, the Bank Negara and the police - appear to be working separately.

2. The second high-ranking executive of Aabar,  Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny, is exiting the company. Aabar is the subsidiary of Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC). Al-Husseiny will leave the company on Aug 24. He is the second most important person at the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund to leave. Media reports say his departure is another strong signal that there are major concerns in the Gulf state over being drawn into Malaysia’s escalating financial and political scandals. Al-Husseiny’s departure followed that of Aabar Chairman, Khadem al Qubassi in April.

3. Over in Thailand, Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo was sentenced to a three-year imprisonment on Aug 17 for blackmailing his former employer, PSI over information linking the company to a joint venture with 1MDB.

4. While the Arabs and the Thais had taken actions against their people allegedly involved in the 1MDB scandal – directly and indirectly - here in Malaysia government servants who are tasked with investigating the affair are being harassed, punished, transferred, cold-stored and prematurely retired. The institutions they work for are being undermined.

Towards A Failed State?

So it is hard, in this situation, to believe the Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, when he recently said that Malaysia is not a failed state.

Maybe not yet but it could happen if the escalating political and economic crises are not quickly and amicably addressed.

But can Mohd Najib do this when he is the cause of the problem?

Malaysia is among the most successful post-colonial nations in the world. That cannot be denied. But what the people are saying lately is, at the rate we are going we could end up being a failed state.

The signs are already there for everybody to see, provided they understand economy.

Economic growth has tapered off. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by an average of 5.7% between 2009 and last year – the period that Mohd Najib is the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance. This was only a shade better than the post-Asian Financial Crisis (1997/98) average of 5.5% and way off the 8.7-per cent average between 1990 and 1997.

Yes a maturing economy grows at a slower rate but it is evident that Mohd Najib’s transformational, expansionary economic policy has yet to show results apart from ballooning government debt and budget deficit.

Instead, in more recent times many key economic indicators suggest that we are doing a lot worse. Consider the following:

1. The ringgit has fallen below the 1998 peg of RM3.80 and had breached the RM4 of the psychological barrier. Today the ringgit is among the weakest Asian currencies.

2. Bank Negara external reserves, which help provide strength to the ringgit, have fallen to below US100 billion, the lowest in almost five years.

3. Government debt is at an all time high - about 54% of the GDP. When government-backed loans or contingent liabilities – including those it gave to 1MDB - are taken into account, the total debt exposure rose to about 65 per cent of GDP last year.

4. Stagnating income and rising cost of living are forcing the people to borrow thus worsening the household debt. It touched a new record of 86.8% of GDP at end-2013. This worrisome development incidentally started in 2009 when Mohd Najib became Prime Minister and Finance Minister. Malaysia today has the household-debt-to-income levels greater than the U.S. had before its recent financial crisis.

5. While the GDP is stagnating, wealth distribution is becoming worse. The income gap between the rich and the poor is widening past the pre-NEP level. In recent years, as a result of falling profits and low share prices, even the rich are getting poorer.

Addressing Trust Deficit

So unless we do something to regain the confidence of investors and consumers, and to overcome trust deficit that the Mohd Najib is suffering, we could end up, as Idris Jala said in 2010, like Greece.

He then said, unless the government reduced subsidy substantially, the country could go bankrupt. Since then Mohd Najib had removed or reduced many types of subsidies and raised taxation by introducing GST. But the economy gets progressively worse instead of better.

Greece is the latest example of a failed state. If that happens to us, it would be worse. At least Greece has a big brother to bail her out - Germany. Who is going to bail us – China, Singapore?

Mohd Najib’s record as Prime Minister and Finance Minister is dismal. Since he took over the two top jobs in 2009, the country’s economy and government finances have worsened.

The country's sovereign ratings had either been downgraded or had not enjoyed major improvements. And in more recent times, capital - local and foreign - had taken flight.

MIDF Equities Research estimated that cumulative net foreign outflow from Malaysian equities rose to RM11.7 billion in the first seven months of this year, surpassing the RM6.9b outflow for the whole of last year. That’s one of the reasons for the massive fall in value of the ringgit.

Yes, we are not a failed state. But is there a guarantee that we will not be going down that path given the present political and economic quagmire?

The above question is not addressed to Mohd Najib or the “budak cerdik” Ahmad Maslan but to all concerned Malaysians.



Unknown said...

Dear Dato

Majority are indebted to UMNO
1. education, some despite not making the cut, able to get in due to quota, not base on merit
2. now, minister plans Low Yat 2 mall solely for bumi
3. various schemes out there to assist the bumi, the privileged one, base on race but not need
4. senses on entitlement built up
5. you don't bite the hand that feeds you
6. we have the best whistle blowing policy in the world, we investigate the whistle blower, investigate the investigator
7. most are tolerant, tak apa, everything still ok
8. donation of RM2.6B is ok
9. USD to RM4
10. How do we express our displeasure, the street
11. stage 4 now, best is to migrate, what more the minister encourages

ymase said...


When all this is over, NR, his entourage and cohorts (but not their loots)can sail the unused submarine into the horizon. Better yet attach the sub to a jet and fire it into space.

Hopefully they never step on Malaysia soil again. I'll definitely not miss them. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

nothing to hide said...


i believe this stupid bugis doesnt know what a failed state is.

he is too proud to solicit advise from people like daim. this idiot thinks he is smart when staring at him is the result of his stupidity.

but of course being stupid he cannot see his failure. said...

Salam dato,

Sudah `ditutup' semua pilihan pilihan yang praktikal dan lazim untuk negara diterajui olih seorang pemimpin baharu,TETAPI semua gagal sehingga kini.

Kelihatan, PM ini akan kearah, `kalau hampa susahkan aku, akau juga akan susahkan hampa'..

I will be gone,but before that i will make sure that you all will be goner before me lah!.

Elok juga Dato menulis bagaiman Greece dapat `blessings' dari Germany dan IMF @aka USA.

Elok juga ditulis bagaimana Iran telunkup selepas shah iran...

Elok juga ditulis bagaimana Shanghai dan Hong Kong di `dera' sekarang.

Elok juga Dato selidik bagaimana ` singapura' akan jadi ibu negara malaysia yang akan datang.

Abu Bakar Ab Rahman

Awang dari Pendang said...

Salam datuk,

Nak komen sikit tentang isu hutang negara yang Datuk tulih : "Government debt is at an all time high - about 54% of the GDP". Sebeneranya, "all-time high" kita adalah pada tahun 1986, iaitu 103% dari GDP.

Tapi kalau kita tengok 20 tahun lepas, kadar sekarang adalah yang tertinggi.

Lagi satu, dulu bila ekonomi berkembang, kita kurangkan hutang negara. Contoh, kita turunkan hutang negara dari 103% pada 1986 kepada 32% pada 1996. Tapi la nie, ekonomi berkembang, tapi hutang bertambah, dari 40% pada 2006 kepada 54% sekarang nie.


Thank you Sdr Daniel Nor. Yes I was at the National Mosque. I am sorry I can't publish you comment. Please remove reference to murder and I will publish it. Apologies. Thank You.

Tok Buntar said...

All this mess started with Tun M. Begitu ghairah nak DSN ganti Tun AAB. I think we should stop listening to him.

majid smsp88 said...

Salam Datuk A Kadir Jasin...

Thailand telah betindak tehadap Justo. Aabar telah bertindak terhadap pengerusinya Khadem al-Qubassi. Internasional Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) juga telah bertindak terhadap Chief Executive Officer Mohamad Badawy al-Husseiny. Bravo to them...

In Malaysia, lain pula berlaku, up-side down. Rasanya belum ada lagi pihak2 yang terbabit dalam isu 1MDB dipanggil oleh PAC, belum ada lagi yang didapati bersalah. Yang tak tahu apa & tak faham apa ini then bertanya sahaja, sudah digugurkan dari kabinet. Pada yang ditugaskan untuk jalankan siasatan ini pula, sudah ditukar jabatan, sudah disarakan awal dari tarikh kontrak mereka. Subhanaallah....

Awal urusan 1MDB ini ialah dengan Petrosaudi melalui Khadem al-Qubassi yang ditaja oleh Jho Low. Persolan sekarang ini, kedua-dua orang ini sudah tiada dalam Petrosaudi. So, apa cerita seterusnya tentang duit USD2 billion pinjaman dari 1MDB ini...?

Mohamad Badawy al-Husseiny juga telah tiada dalam IPIC. Sedangkan 1MDB ada deal pinjaman/cagaran USD3 billion. Sebahagian jumlah USD1.4 billion telah diambil oleh 1MDB Jun lepas jika tak silap. Apakah cerita seterusnya dari mereka ini...?

Berkenaan nilai Ringgit & Bursa KL ini pula, memang jelas telah berlaku pertembungan antara Fundamental vs Perception. Kedua-dua faktor itu memang penting, tetapi yang paling penting adalah faktor Perception cos Financial kita beracukan Capitalism. Saya lebih arahkan ianya pada judi/gamble.

Jika fundamental kukuh macam mana sekali pun, ianya tetap bergerak pada angka-angka sahaja atau lebih mudah faham, pelabur hanya nampak angka sahaja.

Perception ini nampak jelas dimata, telinga & akal pelabur. Maka ketidak-tentuan or tidak pasti ini yang perlu diselesaikan dengan cepat. Lain yang lebih penting patut untuk dibuat, lain pula yang PM & kabinetnya buat.

panglimo potaseh said...

Dalam hidup saya ini saya dah lalui 2 gawat besar iaitu pada tahun 1986-88 dan 1997-99. Kedua gawat ini mempunyai latarbelakang yang berlainan dari segi ekonomi dan ada persamaan dalam politik.

Gawat 86-88 berlaku akibat kejatuhan harga komoditi dan terdapat krisis diantara dua jagoan UMNO iaitu pertembongan diantara Chedet dengan Ku Li. Suasana ekonomi dan politik pada masa itu sangat bercelaru kita boleh lihat ramai graduan mengganggur, keadaannya seakan macam lepas perang.

Gawat 97-99 berlaku setelah Malaysia menikmati suasana ekonomi luar biasa selama 8 tahun. Punca gawat disebabkan krisis matawang. Menurut PM Chedet pada masa itu, katanya beliau sedang berhadapan musuh yang sentiasa bergerak dan sangat susah untuk dipukul atau menembaknya. Hakikatnya dari segi ketahanan ekonomi Malaysia agak kukuh hasil daripada kemajuan seperti yang disebutkan. Dalam masa gawat ini berlaku kemelut politik diantara PM Chedet dengan Anwar. Bagaimana pun usaha Chedet dengan pasukannya berjaya merintangi segala onak dan duri semasa itu dan berjaya mengeluarkan Malaysia daripada kemelut tersebut.

Kemelut kali ini agak berlainan sama sekali. Tulisan Pak Kadir membuatkan saya runsing dengan susana ekonomi yang akan kita akan hadapi kelak. Tak ada apa yang sedap untuk dijanjikan, semuanya kearah jalan yang buntu. Kalau ada pun usaha daripada pihak kerajaan untuk memulihkan suasana, ianya semacam olok-olok sahaja, hari ini cakap lain esok cakap lain.

Pada pandangan saya kita sedang berlawan dengan gergasi berkepala dua satu kepala nampak baik dan satu lagi kepala nampak jahat, tak tahu kepala mana yang nak diketuk dahulu.

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

I bet Najib will not resign. He needs all the time to make good.

He is hoping and praying from today till the next GE, the economy will improves, Ringgit improves, oil price will hit 100 per barrel, etc.

That is why he decided The Divide and Rule policies. All the UMNO Ministers are already inside his pocket. Personnels from the various Government Depts that he thinks will create problems has been removed or transferred.

He knows that the moment he step down or resign, he will be charged and produced in court for crimes such as Corruption , Embezzlement , CBT ,Money laundering ,etc. Hence he wants to stay put as the PM.

Najib at the moment is like a player in a casino. He continues to up his stakes hoping for the Jackpot. A jackpot with a value of not less than 42 billion. Then he can announced to the world that the 42 billion that he has invested got a big Returns. That will of course shut the mouth of the dissenters and bloggers that have been calling him to resign.

But show me one Gambler who really become rich by being in the casino.

The only one can force him to quit is :

1. Vote of No Confidence in the Parliament
2. Intervention of the King ( which I doubt it will happen)
3. Peaceful mass demonstrations regularly. This can cripple the economy temporarily just to make him vacate the PM post.

UMNO MPs if they intelligent enough should start from now becoming as an Independent. So for the next 21/2 years they can service and attend to their consituencies as Independent. Nobody can remove them as they got that position via election.

I say this because i am very sure if the situation in this country continues without any improvement, no UMNO MPs will win in their respective Kawasan. But if one stands as Independent, chances are they will win. No need for them to join any Opposition parties..just be an Independent Wakil Rakyat. ( period )


LaM said...

" government servants who are tasked with investigating the affair are being harassed, punished, transferred, cold-stored and prematurely retired "

These are not directly done by Najib but by stupid senior civil servants themselves who have become political servants and now taking instructions from a suspect corrupt criminal who is under Macc investigations. That makes them accomplices to the corrupt criminal.

Under our Fed Const, neither the PM or for that matter the Cabinet has power to harass, punish, transfer, cold-storing or prematurely retiring any civil or public servants. Najib did all these by using the compliant Chief Secretary, the nincoompop Khalid Twitter and the newly appointed AG 'doggie' Apandi. It is these groups of civil/public servants who holds power. Like the Macc transfer case, if these senior civil servants stood their ground, there is nothing Najib could do. The Macc Chief has not consented to the transfer. As such the transfer was hastily cancelled citing dubious reasons.

Najib intended to interfere with the Macc investigation on him. He used Khalid Twitter to obstruct the Macc investigation. The police had to use a false accusation u/d s.124 Penal Code that the activities of some Macc officers are tantamount to activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

The fact is this: the Macc as a public investigating agency who investigates corrupt offences on behalf of the public at large has a statutory duty to inform the public at large the findings of their investigations including the recovery of large amounts of cash or monies hidden in cupboards or bank a/cs. And that is what Police investigators always do when they busted drugs syndicates or money laundering activities or murder/extortion/kidnap cases. They display to the world at large all these exhibits for public consumption and inform the public of the progress of their investigation. And this is what is statutorily required u/d s.107A of the Criminal Procedure report on the status of an investigation of national interest and in Najib's case to the Malaysian public at large. And it also the duty of the public investigators to inform the public at the conclusion of their investigation whether the evidences uncovered by them are sufficient to prefer a charge or charges and their proposed action against the suspected corrupt offender. So what was published by WSJ/SR including the draft charge are not in violation of any law and should have been made public by the Macc to the world at large. And it shld have been published by our national dailies and not some foreign news agency. The bottom line is this; in public investigations of criminal offences, there is nothing secret. The public has a right to be informed of the progress of the investigation including the recovery of monies or weapons and the actions to be taken against the suspected criminal. I think this is the action expected from the Macc with regard, first to their investigation of the RM42 million paid by SCR to Najib in consideration of the RM4billion Pension Fund loan.

So you see how Najib uses compliant senior civil servants to protect himself from being apprehended by the law. All his actions are not only criminal but is also corrupt in nature. He misuses or abuses his public office for his offence u/d s.23 Macc Act with the senior civil servants being his accomplices or abettors.

Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... YBhg Datuk AKJ n Sahabat3 sekalian..

"Inilah yg kita dapat bilamana pemimpin2 kita tidak amanah"

"Sabda Rasulullah SAW... 'Manusia Munafik' ada 3 ciri2.."
- Bila bercakap ia berbohong
- Bila berjanji ia tidak tepati
- Bila diberi amanah ia khianat

"The AhJibGo Factor"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..


The Scribe

The Other Face Of The Coin
(justice is blind)

YES, you could look at the situation that the nation is facing now - a probability of becoming a failed state.

The question is, from my point of view, is whether the YABhg Tun Mahathir or his peer is in the right frame of mind to speak to Tuanku and venture a pragmatic line of thought that must warrant the analysis of the truthful reports be made and considered. Of course the could be various form of reports going around. How can there be a failed state, and what are the factors contributing directly?

Surely HRH YDPA is well informed that it is a matter of interpretation as the is no precedent for this, is there and such all evidences and proofs must be brought before him and HM's advisors.

There is nothing yet to date to deem that this cannot be done. Only perjury is durhaka. Then, that would be a weighty matter but not a constitutional crisis, would it, Scribe?


Salam hormat.

adion said...

Didalam Umno, yang ramai adalah pemimpin yang pandai tetapi yang bijak boleh di bilang.

Praxis said...

I fear our complacency is going to help drive it down to a failed state.

There are grounds for charging officers for abuse of office yet leaders seem blind.

How has our ethnic loyalties interfered with our loyalty to God and confused the issue?

RIIAM said...

pakatan should proceed with the no confidence vote. If the motion is adopted najibwill be gone and we welcome 2 party system with open arms. If the motion is defeated UMNO and BN will lose big time in next election. Rakyat will write them off for defending the corrupt and corrupting najib.

we hope the pandikar will not block the motion using the usual mantra " it is of public interest, it is important BUT it is not urgent".

We will wait and see. Hopefully it would NOT be a slow death for UMNO.

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Salam tok...
" saya amat bersetuju dengan YAB PERDANA MENTERI ... Beliau berkata kepada saya..:" zainal ...people's believed what's the messenger said People's don't ever care what the message is all about"

I support Najib

Anonymous said...

Tunku always envisaged Singapore to be the new york of Malaysia

Aku said...

Kadiag, salaam.

Mola2 aku nak terima kasih banyak2 kad hang pasai entri hang yg terbaru. Jenuh isu2 yg hang bawak.

Antara lain, Hang telah bawak istilah 'failed state' yg mungkin duduknya antara 'a fragile state' dan 'a rogue state' dimana institusi pemerintah sangat lemah, disalahguna atau memangsakan rakyat (dan kalangan apparat jugak jika tidak bulih di tundukkan, mungkin keh Datuk Amid, seken bos SB, bulih jadi contoh) semau maunya.

Sentohan hang pada tesis Derih Jala tu cukup baik. Kalau rakyat tidak dinafikan sikit sikit sabsidi (banding dgn sabsidi skala melampau pada Penjana Letrik swasta, syarikat kroni tol, dsb.) dan cukai cukai baru tidak dikenakan, maka Malaya akan jadi muflih kenun, macam Greece kenun. Lani, macam macam sabsidi dah pon di tarik balik, sampai satu menteri tu kata ( lebih korang ) sabsidi harga gula di tarik balik, kerana nak biag harga gula naik dan rakyat akan korang makan gula, nak elak rakyat kena kencing manih, takut takut kena potong kaki macam al Marhum Sg. Limau. Hang ingat dak..? Tak salah aku, kumudian depa agih agih gula pada rega seringgit se kilo masa dok kempen PRK tu.

Macam hang tulih, sabsidi macam macam depa dah tarik balik, dan sistem cukai yg sangat 'regressive' dan 'repressive', yg sangat menekan hingga rakyat banyak hidup dalam keadaan terpukui dan sengsara atau 'quiet desperation' telah pon dilaksanakan. Tapi semoa orang bulih tengok, Malaya semakin papa kedana, hutang mencacak naik, nilai ringgit jatuh mendadak, inflasi naik sampai 30% buat sesetengah barang...ubat, tambang baih...huihhh. Dengag kata duit Malaya, pengurup wang di Hongkong tak mau tengok sebelah mata, lani di Saudi pulak.

Kerana tu, aku ingat hang pakai kata 'dismal' untuk nak sebut cara depa uruih ekonomi mungkin korang tepat. Aku ingat la, mungkin perkataan toksid, ( toxic ) lagi tepat.

Last sekali, Kadiag, saja la nak bagitau, Islam dah lama dan banyak kali cerita mungkin jenih orang macam ni. Antara lain, kod la, hadith macam di bawah ni (itu pon kalau hang belom jumpa).

Ruwaibidhah : Manusia Jahil Di Angkat Jadi Ulama’ -

Wallahua'lam, kalu ada salah silap, maghap no... Wa sallam.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

I watched a spy movie, Mission Impossible last week.

In this movie, a large amount of money was transferred to an espionage group called the Syndicate.

The amount of money transferred was US 50 million dollars to a private account.

I thought to myself, US50 million versus US700 million dollars (RM2.6 Billion) that goes to a private account.

The I remember. in Malaysia, there is mission possible.(Malaysia boleh).

Who knows, the next Mission Impossible movie will be shooting in Malaysia. There is a new pinewood film studio recently built in Nusajaya.

Hanezam said...


Bagus jugak kalau Sang Kelembai (yang betul-betul punya) ni mangkit dan belai Najib. Selesai fasa pertama masalah negara. Tak payah susah-susah nak usul undi tak percaya.

Sang Kelembai ni baik. Menurut cerita Mak saya, dulu-dulu Sang Kelembai ni banyak pinggan mangkuk. Kalau orang nak kenduri-kendara orang pinjam pinggan mangkuk Sang Kelembai. Tapi orang kampung tak pulangkan balik pinggan mangkuk dia, jadi Sang Kelembai jadi marah. Itu sebab dia kenakan sumpahan, sapa kena sentuh dengan dia jadi batu. Dalam minda saya sebagai budak kecik dulu-dulu, saya bayangkan Sang Kelembai ni dok dalam gua kat Guar Kepayang dan simpan pinggan mangkuk tu dalam gua tu. Dalam bayangan saya lagi, muka Sang Kelembai ni sikit nak macam muka Ku Nan. Ha ha .. Efek sumpahan Kelembai ni tidaklah sistemik. Sapa yang kena sentuh ja yang jadi kematu.

Tapi kesan Sang Kelembai moden atas ekonomi negara ni memang sistemik dan berantai. Tadi saya berurusan dengan sorang perempuan. Nama dia Puan M. Dia biasa bagi anak-anak makan lauk ikan bilis dengan telur ja. Tapi itu dulu, zaman pra-1MDB. Hujung tahun ni kontrak Pn M dengan majikan tamat. Suami Pn M pulak dah pi belajar agama kat Terengganu tak balik-balik. Laki jenis macam ni pun ada, no ? Saya pun dok pikiag, apa pula mata pencarian Pn M selepas ini. Dengan sentuhan Sang Kelembai moden ni ni ke atas ekonomi Malaysia hari ini, tentu hidup dia anak-beranak lebih perit lagi. Saya menulis ayat yang ini dengan penuh rasa insaf.

Atau, kita saja yang riuh rendah cerita pasai ekonomi, Orang macam Pn M, mereka tidak sedarpun ekonomi gawat ke tidak, sebab mereka sentiasa dalam gawat. Ringgit merudum ke tidak. Foreign reserve menyusut ke tidak. Hutang negara bertambah ke tidak. Itu semua tak tercapai dek akal mereka. Ke arah negara berpendapatan tinggi konon ! Ekonomi yang tidak dapat membayar setimpal tenaga buruh yang dibekal adalah sebuah ekonomi yang gagal. Mana tidaknya, duit yang patut diguna untuk membina nusa, diguna buat bayar hutang Sang Kelembai yang tu lah !

Unknown said...

starglow said..BNM latest reserves showed we have been spending about US$2 billion every two weeks defending our currency. At this rate Bank Negara reserves going down at US$4 billion per month. At this rate, in June 2016 we would be in a dangerous position at US$50 billion> country get fash into deep trouble and maybe a fail state. once economy is in deep serious troube, hard to town it around

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Sekadar perbandingan.

Penganjur Bersih, Maria Chin berbangga kerana berjaya mengumpul jumlah yang besar iaitu RM1.2 juta dalam masa 10 hari sahaja.

Kalau RM1.2 juta ---- > 10 hari


Mengikut ilmu Matematik Menengah 5,

Jumlah hari untuknya mencapai sasaran derma RM2,600 juta adalah,

RM 1.2 juta ------> 10 hari
RM 2600 juta ------> (2600/1.2) x 10

= 21,667 hari

Kalau kita tukarkan unitnya ke tahun

= 21,667/365
= 59.4 Tahun

Maria Chin akan mengambil masa hampir 60 tahun untuk mencapai tahap derma Rm2.6B, dengan kadar pungutan derma Rm1.2 juta dalam 10 hari.

Kesimpulannya, sekiranya diletakkan kayu pengukur, (point of reference) kepada derma RM2.6B, maka Maria Chin tewas dalam kebolehannya untuk mengumpul derma.

Joe Black said...


After Claiming Victory over his Visit to Johor, The New TPM now claims that God is on his Side (Divine Intervention!) in giving him the TPM Post!

Stay clear of those who MISINTERPRETED GOD's WISHES - for they may only Lead to Divine Trouble.

Better to Play it safe and Avoid such People. The Danger in Hanging Around them is that God may be tired of listening to them Misrepresenting Him and decide to Revert to His old bad tempered tricks with plagues, locusts and floods. Of course, this being the 21st Century, He may have refined His arsenal so that He can pick off only the offenders and leave the rest of us unharmed (in this case avoid flying with them in helicopters). Having said that, however, I would not count on this....

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

"Ya Allah kuat kan lah Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak dengan Rahul Qudus "

Unknown said...

Till today, WSJ has not been sued for disclosure of RM 2.6 bil into Najib's personal account. Many people have expected him to chicken out, and he actually did.
Another thing is why the MACC has not called Najib for interrogation yet, as announced by the anti graft body when issuing statement purporting that the money was donation from Middle East.
And what has happened to the Joker who has published two videos implicating Tony Pua of meeting Justo in Spore? Where is part 3 of the video? Kantoi?

Zalman A said...

@ 10.13pm:

"…we hope the pandikar will not block the motion using the usual mantra "it is of public interest, it is important BUT it is not urgent".

That will most assuredly happen.

In order to protect the good name and impartiality of DYMM YDPA and the Rulers, and to act fully in line with the Federal Constitution, the best way is for 125 SDs to be presented to Tuanku; in line with the Federal Constitution it would be incumbent to appoint a candidate who had majority support in the legislative chamber.

This would block off any of the inevitable kurang Mulia tactics in the chamber.

I would suggest to the Oppo that they convene with Tun etc soonest possible on his suggestion, and thrash out a way of BN retaining control of the govt, but in a loose coalition. I think even PAS will support Ku Li as a solution. In my view, TS Adenan Satem would be an excellent DPM, based on how he has brought Sarawakians together.

Adenan is man not afraid to admit mistakes, and to look for solutions.

I think the Ku Li - Adenan team is a steady & experienced one, and although some thuggish and self-serving current ambitions will be dashed, it will be good for the country.

Zalman A said...

@ Joe Black

I think neither Allah SWT nor His Majesty the Sultan are on that man's side.

Yet he has no shame in enlisting both.


Kelmarin bersalaman dengan Tun Dr Mahathir di Masjid Negara
Saya kata, genggaman Tun harus lebih bertenaga
Katanya lemah kerana sudah tua
Tun tidak tua, minda mu sentiasa muda
Usia mu sekadar hutungan masa
Anugerah suci Allah Maha Kuasa
Saya kata, jangan lepaskan genggaman itu
Seperti kata pepatah Melayu
Ganggam bara biar sampai jadi abu
Perjuangan kita belum selesai
Perjalanan kita masih jauh.

Wallahuklam. Terima kasih.


Semalam saya juga berjumpa wanita berani bernama Anina
Suaranya manifestasi jiwa muda yang gelora
Melihat negara dan bangsa diperalat, dinodoa
Oleh manusia-manusia yang menggelar diri pembela.

(Di Masjid Negara,
Solah di belakang seorang terkemuka
Di belakang bajunya tertera cogan kata "Pembela"
Siapa yang dibelanya (dipertahan)?
Atau yang yang dia bela (diberi makan)?
Atau adakah dia orang belaan?)

Saya katakan kepada Anina dan rakan-rakannya,
Umno perjuangan sudah mati
Umno untuk bangsa, agama dan negara
Sudah tidak ada lagi
Dibunuh oleh kuasa dan harta berguni
Umno hari ini,
Demi kuasa dan kesenangan
Berpaksikan pemujaan dan kesetiaan
Bukan demi perjuangan
Bukan demi ahli yang kononya berjuta
Dan bukan juga demi rakyat jelata
Tetapi demi seorang ketua dan konco-konconya.

Maka kalau Anina masih sayangkan bangsa
Ubah Umno atau biarkan ia binasa
Di atas runtuhannya kita bina aspirasi baru
Berpaksikan perjuangan orang dulu-dulu.

Terima kasih.

matpenang said...

Salam dato,

Kalau kapal berlubang, reput di tengah lautan bergelora..mana ada orang baiki dah. Terjun lagi naya. Cari kapal lain, walaupun tak sebesar kapal lama..walau tak sehebat kapal lama...asal sampai tujuan.

Zalman A said...

The opposition could agree to Mahathir's suggestion under the following conditions:

1. A unity government to be installed as an interim until the next GE, which should be called within 18 months.

2. The prime minister of the interim government should be from any party that commands the majority.

3. The entire current cabinet be replaced with a new team to reflect the unity government.

4. The Election Commission (EC) should be made a totally independent commission answerable only to Parliament.

4. The current inspector-general of police, attorney-general (AG), Bank Negara governor, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) commissioner and all the other various key government agencies including the chief secretary, director-general of the civil service and others to be replaced with more professionally-minded and independent people of integrity.

5. The same measures should be undertaken at state level.

6. The interim government's work should go unhindered without interference from any quarters.

This will include correcting all the wrongs done by the previous administrations.

Zalman A said...

"Kelmarin bersalaman dengan Tun Dr Mahathir di Masjid Negara
Saya kata, genggaman Tun harus lebih bertenaga
Katanya lemah kerana sudah tua
Tun tidak tua, minda mu sentiasa muda
Usia mu sekadar hutungan masa
Anugerah suci Allah Maha Kuasa
Saya kata, jangan lepaskan genggaman itu
Seperti kata pepatah Melayu
Ganggam bara biar sampai jadi abu
Perjuangan kita belum selesai
Perjalanan kita masih jauh...."


Konar abidin besoooo said...

This is akin to a forest fire. The land will be fertile after this idiot gets his way.
A special message to zainal: polish up bro. No apostrophes are needed in some of the words. With guys like you supporting najib, is it any wonder us from the other boat who know how to use apostrophes dislike you guys?

Shhhh and quit it with the doa bro. You make me churn (please refer to dictionary or lexicon of your choice for the meaning of churn)

Tq zainal.

Zed-85 said...

Saudara Joe Black,

If you analyzed what these people were saying recently, you will be able to notice that they recycling again-again on three variables, race, royalty and religion.

Of course, when they repeat this again and again, people will be able to notice.

People in the kampong and heartland however are innocent about these kind of things and they might be easily duped.

I believe, these kind of statements are actually meant for them.

msh said...

Salan sdra Zalman.

Org ini tiada tahu malu lagi.

Hati dia busuk dan durjana....tindak tanduk dia dan konco2....cuma pd survival diri dan duniawi.

Perjuangan asal...yg nenek moyang juangkan termasuk ayah dia sendiri....kini dirobak robekan.

Lihat sahaja tindak tanduk dia...kita tentu faham bahawa bangsa dan ugama diketepikan begitu sahaja...tanpa rasa bersalah mahu pun malu.
Mencuri sudah...berbohong pula yg mesti dilakukan.

Bangsa dan ugama cuma dibibir sahaja.


Bukan Jebat said...

DAKJ, Salam.

Last night Wall Street market crashed 500 points. Influenced by global market termoil. As market experts predicted the frequency market depression will be sooner than previous once and will more devastating. 

In my life time I have seen depressions in 1998, 2008 and 2015!??? If the market prophecy is true, then another one will be around 2020. The year Malaysia planned to be developed nation.

Unfortunately with current political scenario leaves much to be desired. With only new political landscape can Malaysia brace itself from current economy storm and hopefully without too much damage before the next bigger storm.

Even personality like Tun M being has offered an olive leaves to PR. It seems to be well received. Now the ball is in sensibility of other MP members to take brave steps.  

Is the new political landscape will materialize for the sake of the nation and its children? I am hopeful but pessimism remains for now.

bat8 said...

MACC calling Najib to answer questions on 1MDB and on donations is indeed a lethal dan destructive weapon. It has to be used at an appropriate timing and situarion else it wud be a stupid waste..

hang_nadim2 said...

Salam Datuk dan Salam Semua,

Bendasarkan politik sekarang dan pengamatan saya, berpandukan kepada pembahas-pembahas di blog datuk, saya ada sedikit pendangan yang berbeza.

Bagi saya, dalam sebuah Negara itu ada dua jenis pembangunan. Satu pembangunan ekonomi dan pembangunan manusia. Dua-dua pembangunan itu tidak boleh di pisahkan, ibarat seperti lagu dan irama.

Saya berpendapat, kita gagal dalam pembangunan manusia, menyebabkan timbul seribu penyakit masyarakat, yang akhirnya kita gawat dalam politik, ekonomi, pentadbiran dan sebagainya termasuk juga dalam bidang sukan.

Masa berubah, keadaan berubah, cara pembangunan manusia pun perlu berubah, saya tidak dapat menerangkan lebih lanjut bagaimana pembangunan manusia di Negara kita kerana melibatkan soal politik dan dasar-dasar kerajaan. Ingin saya memberitahu juga, undang-undang adalah pilihan terakhir dalam pembangunan manusia.

Akhir sekali, saya sedih kerana pemimpin dating dan pergi tapi sikap orang melayu masih di takuk lama lagi.

Bagi saya, sebenarnya orang islam lemah, kerana lemahnya akidah dan akhlak.

Sekkian Terima Kasih
Harap Maaf

Dari Allah kita datang
Dari Allah kita kembali.

Mat Bakar said...

1Ada Pak Menteri kata kejatuhan nilai mata wang ringgit hanya sementara saja, sementara tu berapa lama ? sebulan ? setahun ? atau sepuluh tahun ? Peniaga peniaga kecil di sempadan Kedah/Perlis - Thailand mengeluh panjang kerana ringgit enggan diterima oleh peniaga Thailand. Rata rata peniaga kecil ini dalah orang Melayu yang punya tanggung jawab sendiri, pelajaran anak-anak yang serba naik (makan/minum)tidak termasuk bahan rujukan dan tuisyen tambahan. kalau scenario ini berterusan untuk jangka panjang, percayalah banyak anak melayu kita akan bungkus kerana ibu bapa semua gulung tikar (bangkrap)

I Spy said...

DKJ You write this if you want.
An ex Minister's aid has stop watching National News both in Printed and electronic.
Saya rasa di perbodohkan olih pihak yg memerintah dgn sacking UMNO Top guns, evading 1 MDB issues. Delaying tactics by promoting PAC Members. 24 hrs transfer of MACC Officers. Ex AG short lived.
Are Malaysians that stupid to swallow and listen to what ever the Govt says?
Even if Najib comes with projects after projects and so call for the Rakyat. .its to late Najib. As a Muslim are you not god fearing? May I advise sesat di hujung jalan balik lah ke pangkal jalan.
I will not vote for PR neither I will waste my time voting for BN

Pakcik said...

Selain Anina dan beberapa org, rakyat kebanyakan sebenarnya tiada keberanian dan sudah hilang semangat juang..pemerintah sedia ada menyedarinya dan ianya satu kelebihan kpd mereka..

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Trend sekarang menunjukkan ramai golongan wanita yang memainkan peranan dalam hal semasa.

Saudari Anina di utara dan juga seorang ahli UMNO wanita di Johor yang menghantar memo kepada PM supaya berehat sementara.

Ini perkembangan yang baik. Graduan wanita pun sekarang lebih banyak dari lelaki.

Boleh jadi, golongan lelaki lebih aktif pada musin PAU, slogan "anak jantan" lebih kerap ketika itu.

Apa pun kita iktiraf keberanian golongan seperti Anina dan juga pemimpin seperti TSMY yang tidak takut untuk bersuara kerana benar.

samurai melayu said...



Due to the daily 'devaluation' of the Ringgit it is now 'Price less'
POA..Price on Application

'Kepala Agung' dah tak ada Nilai nasib baik masih ada harga..???

We would apprciate DAKJ comments on this issue

Thank you

Alfatihah, aamiin

yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ,

Saya dan keluarga antara yang turut terhimpit dan amat tertekan oleh 6% gst. Semua perbelanjaan mingguan harian ada extra extra. Dan extra extra ini bukannya sedikit. Stationery kena gst, fotostat naik harga kerana gst, makan kat restoran biasa yg kenakan servis caj 10% servis caj ini pun kena gst! Takda yang bagusnya kerajaan bawah DSN aka Umno BN sekarang, udah lah senang-senang je berhentikan pegawai yang sudah banyak berjasa kepada Umno, dah berumur, kemudian dikikis lagi dengan cukai 6%. Kenapa tak start dengan 2% atau 3% dulu, takut tak cukup bayar hutang 1MDB dan bayar gaji menteri?

Negara sudah menuju ke arah failed state bakal menjadi failed state KALAU KITA TIDAK BUAT SESUATU SEKARANG UNTUK TUKAR PEMIMPIN UBAH KERAJAAN. Sekarang kita masih boleh kata masih okay lagi.. tapi anak cucu kita nanti? I hope to die with peace in my mind that my children will not have to suffer the sins of their forefathers.

Thank you Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Sekadar perbandingan,

Apa yang terjadi dalam negara kita kadangkala mirip apa yang terjadi di negara lain.

Saya ambil contoh, di Indonesia.

Setelah Presiden Habibie berhenti, Abdul Rahman Wahid ambil alih menjadi Presiden Indonesia dan berakhirnya pemerintahah parti Golkar begitu lama.

Sebelum itu Presiden Habibie banyak membawa perubahan (reforms) di Indonesia, antaranya tidak mengenakan lagi sekatan untuk menubuh parti politik. Sebelum itu, hanya 3 parti politik dibenarkan iaitu Golkar, Parti Demokratik Indonesia (PDI) dan Parti Pembangunan.

Semasa pemerintahan Abdul Rahman Wahid,(Gus Dur), ada tuduhan rasuah yang dinamakan "BruneiGate" dimana Gus Dur dikatakan terima wang dari Brunei.

Siasatan dijalankan tetapi Gus Dur tidak memberikan kerjasama. Antara persoalan yang timbul adalah ke mana wang dari Brunei sebanyak US 2 juta digunakan dan mengapa cukai tidak dibayar.

Gus Dur akhirnya mengatakan bahawa wang dari Brunei sebanyak US 2 juta adalah "derma" dari Brunei dan oleh itu tidak perlu dimasukkan dalam budget negara.

Terdapat permintaan dari anggota kabinet supaya Gus Dur berundur. Gus Dur pecat mereka dan bertekad untuk kekal dalam kerajaan.

Akhirnya Amien Rais sebangai ketua MPR (Majlis Permeshuaratan Rakyat) iaitu badan kuasa yang tertinggi di Indonesia mengadakan "impeachment" iaitu membatalkan Presiden Gus Dur digantikan Megawati.

Tinta Hitam said...

Pimpinan negara sekarang mmg bersalah secara langsung diatas kemelut yang ada sekarang..Tetapi siapa yang melantik mereka menjadi pimpinan UMNO,siapa pula yang mengundi mereka didlm PRU..Mereka inilah yang sebenarnya bersalah dan wajar dipersalahkan..Mereka akan berterusan menyokong pimpinan pimpinan tidak berkualiti demi seratus dua yang masuk kedalam poket setiap PAU dan PAU..

Jika golongan ini tidak berubah dan lebih bermoral tinggi dan berintegriti didlm pemilihan pimpinan tiada apa yang dapat mengubah negara ini..Hari ini mungkin Najib bersikap begitu.Esok,lusa akan ada lebih banyak lagi pimpinan sebegitu.Melayu ni hanya asyik perasan mereka tak makan babi dan pegang anjing seolah olah itu sudah cukup untuk menjadikan mereka bangsa mulia..Sedangskn melayu tidak mengkaji sejarah Nabi bagaimana Saidina Abu Bakar selepas wafatnya Nabi SAW,beliau terus memanggil mesyuarat Kabinet Nabi dan berbincang untuk melantik pengganti pimpinan negara.Beliau menyerahkan urusan urusan jenazah Baginda Nabi SAW keluarga terdekatnya.Sedangkan dialah orang yang paling sayang kepada Nabi SAW.Apa yang saya nak sampaikan disini ialah pemerintahan negara adalah amat penting kepada kesinambungan sesuatu negara atau umat..Tak boleh nak main main.

Apa yang kita lihat umat melayu bermain main dgn masa depan negara.Inilah akibatnya dengan sokongan taksub mereka keapda UMNO.Selagi mana UMNO/BN memerintah selagi itu negara akan berterusan merudum.Bagi sesiapa yang sayang pd UMNO,UMNO perlu kalah dulu didlm PRU agar dapat dibersihkan luar dalam.J

Fendi Ahmad said...

Kalau sewaktu PRU2008 dan 2013 pun amat teruk undia generasi kelahiran lewat 1970an dan 1980an kepada Barisan, kalau PRU Dibuat dalam masa 2 tahun inipun keputusan akan jadi lebih teruk.

IMEJ DATUK NAJIB sudah rosak seteruknya dan adalah MISSION IMPOSSIBLE untuk dipulihkan.

Unknown said...

ramai yang berkeluh keluh dengan implikasi gst
cuba pikir pikirkan
kalau bendehara negara jimat belanja, pandai urus rizab negara
perlukah gst?
mana pergi nya uang uang?

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Datuk,

Assuming Najib refused to step down even if there are proofs and evidences that he has abused his powers, and continue to be the PM till the next GE, then let it be.

The rakyat should not expect the King to intervene which I had said many times before not to hope and pray for that. He is comfortable in his ivory tower.

Bersih and whatever groups that planned to have nass demonstrations may not be ffective due to the Police clamping it down. Then accept it without being voilent.

So the only solution that I can think of is, for every Kawasan that UMNO and BN put up their candidates, then an Independent candidate should contest too. I am very sure majority of the voters will pick the Independent candidates. More so if the candidate has integrity, clean and really wanting to work for the rakyat.


yana said...

Salam Datuk AKJ.

Saya setuju dengan pembahas Tinta Hitam "Umno perlu kalah dulu PRU agar dapat dibersihkan luar dan dalam".

Umno kini terlalu megah dan angkuh kerana tampuk kuasa di tangan mereka semenjak merdeka tak pernah beralih tangan hanya berkongsi dengan bangsa yang dikatakan 'pendatang' (cina, india) di dalam BN, sedangkan bangsa melayu juga berasal usul daripada tanah-tanah seberang yang berdekatan (suka atau tidak).

Selagi Umno taksub dengan kemuliaan diri sendiri selagi itulah mereka tidak dapat menerima orang lain tanpa memikirkan bahawa mereka sahajalah yang benar. Sebab itu bila pentadbiran negara sudah teruk haru biru pun Umno masih sombong sebab kuasa di tangan Umno.

Umno perlu mendapat pengajaran sewajarnya perlu merasa dahulu kalah dalam PRU kalah di bumi sendiri agar keterkejutan itu dapat memuhasabahkan Umno dan dapat dicuci dibersihkan luar dan dalam. Selepas itu mungkin dapat bangkit semula, atau pun mungkin hidup segan mati tak mahu menanti berkubur, wallahuaklam, terserah pada yang maha Esa serta usaha Umno sendiri.

Terima kasih Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.


The Scribe

Twelve Months Ahead
(laa hawla wa laa quata illa billahilazizilhakiim)

Alhamdulillah; and if one may say it is indeed a work of art deserving well earned praises when Tun Mahathir and his team are done at treating a malady threathening the good name of the Melayu Totok of UMNO.

Subhanallah. The Presiden UMNO has been outwitted, outmanoeuvred and checkmated; and sadly Mohd Najib knows it now. It will be a honorable matter which one hopes that he would be dragged to the courts and be sentenced to imprisonment and left penniless. He thought he could get away with his dastardly act of breaching the trust of the people.

Hopefully, UMNO will come up with a procedure that will prevent of a similar nature from happening again.

Alaah swt merahmati The Scribe dan salam takzim.

DenverJohn said...


Gulf Times reports "Switzerland could turn the scales in 1MDB scam"

"In the 1MDB case, the whereabouts of $1.8bn of its funds are unknown. A probe found that around $680mn made their way on a private bank account of Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, who denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the money was a “donor” from Saudi Arabia, meant as of appreciation to Malaysia for “championing Islam” and fighting militant group ISIS.

However, unease is growing in the Middle East over the issue. The Saudi government is reportedly not amused about making in into the headlines in the 1MDB case, and at Falcon Private Bank’s parent, Aabar Investment, which is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-government-owned International Petroleum Investment Company, two top executives, Chairman Khadem al Qubassi and CEO Mohamed al Husseiny, have been shown the door."

Aku said...

Izinkan komen atas tulisan Sdr Tinta Hitam. Memang ada aliran pendapat untuk menyalahkan sesetengah pengundi yg mungkin telah buat pilihan kurang tepat. Yg di kampong2, ulu ulu sungai, estet2, tanah rancangan, yg lanjut usia, kurang pendidikkan formal atau ilmu agama, miskin atau sosioekonomi yg rendah, banyak bergantung pada tv3 dan seumpamanya untuk maklumat dan pendapat, untuk tempoh masa yg panjang, sogokkan dan sebagainya, sekiranya mengundi dgn pilihan yg kurang tepat, maka ia bolih diwajarkan atau difahammi,

Namun sebahagian besar sokongan adalah dari towkay2 besar, kepala2 kementerian, kehakiman, pihak berunifom, prof2 university2, dll yg rata rata berpendidikkan tinggi dan mempunyai 'access' kepada sistem maklumat yg canggih. Dikatakan mereka ini terikat olih sedikit sumbangan duniawi, wang dan pangkat, dan infrastruktur sokongan atau 'value system' yg capek.

Lantaran, ianya bolih di atasi dgn fakta yg tepat, mungkin juga untuk satu tempoh yg lama. Maka pembelajaran dan penyebaran ilmu secara meluas perlu diatur dan dilaksanakan, yg mungkin turut memakan masa yg panjang, dan kesobaran tahap tinggi, sebelum berlakunya 'a sea change' dikalangan penduduk, baik di desa2 mau pun dibandar2. Wallahua'lam.

Suara ahli UMNO said...

“Saya pilih perkataan orang Melayu akan terbangsat kalau UMNO hilang kuasa. Terbangsat…tidak ada perkataan yang boleh menggambarkan untung nasib yang cukup tertekan, hilang segala-galanya, hilang kuasa, hilang maruah dan hilang masa depan,” ... kata-kata bakal mantan PM Terbangsat.

Sejujurnya seumur hidup saya tidak pernah sebut perkataan BANGSAT. Bagi saya itu perkataan keji yang tak patut diucap kepada sesiapapun. Tapi hari ini saya cukup malu kerana bakal digelar terbangsat??!!

Kenapa bangsaku yang dibangsatkan?!! Kamulah wahai bakal Mantan PM BANGSAT penyebabnya semua ini terjadi! UMNO hilang kuasa kerana orang seperti kamu yang mungkir janji dan amanah yang dipertanggungjawabkan.

Shame on you Najib! said...

Y.Bhg Dato',
Perkataan "bangsat" biasanya dirujuk kepada orang luar yang datang merantau sehelai sepinggang mengharapkan kesian belas orang lain untuk mendapat perlindungan.

2. Semasa saya masih diperingkat sekolah rendah sekitar tahun enampuluhan, beberapa keluarga dari luar datang merantau kekampong saya, di pendalaman Baling kerana tarikan harga getah yang agak tinggi. Kehidupan mereka sangat susah dan orang kampong panggil kumpulan ini sebagai "bangsat".Mereka mengambil upah menoreh getah dan dalam masa yang sama mereka membuka kawasan hutan untuk menanam getah.

3. Oleh kerana mereka rajin bekerja, ramai yang berjaya memiliki kebun dan berjaya memberi pelajaran kepada anak-anak mereka sehingga ada yang berjaya keperingkat University. Mereka berjaya meruntuhkan putaran kemiskinan dan mengatasi penduduk asal kampong yang malas, sombong dan bongkak.

4. Kemungkinan sekiranya UMNO tewas PR 14, ramai Melayu akan jadi bangsat tetapi kesedaran semasa kehilangan kuasa akan mengubah sikap untuk menjadi bangsa yang lebih kuat jati diri mereka.

5. Bangsa yang selesa, bongkak dan sombong akan mundur kebelakang. Bangsa yang pernah bertaraf status bangsat akan berubah menjadi kuat dan maju.

6. Kita jangan rasa terhina sekiranya kita "bangsat" tetapi hendaklah diperkuatkan azam untuk membuat perubahan dalam semua aspek untuk menjadi bangsa yang maju.

7.Kita tinggalkan pemimpin yang bongkak, sombong dan rasuah. Biar mereka berada dalam kemewahan tetapi akhirnya mereka akan merana selepas kemewahan mereka yang boleh hilang sekelip mata.


Joe Black said...


DS Najib is now loudly espousing "Loyalty" to his Party Members. Being the Protected Nobleman (spoiled brat being a better term) that he was...he shall gradually learn about the virtue of Loyalty that can never be achieved. Maybe not until there is no one left around him to cater for his whims and fancies.

Sooner or Later, in big things or small, everybody betrays everybody. Teuku Adnan and Lim Kok Wing betrayed Tun Dr M in the same way that Muhyideen and Shafie betrayed Najib. It is not done out of Malice, simply because loyalty runs counter to our makeup.

Know that the mere assertion of loyalty is often enough to signal betrayal. One of the weakness of loyalty is that, unlike friendship, it requires some outward demonstration or declaration and so invites insincerity. Perhaps that is how the New TPM was picked, being the Best "Outward Demonstrator".

Loyalty is also, by implication, unconditional and suggests that although you do not agree with the person or institution to which you are expected to stick, you will do so anyway. As we have seen in the latest "Transfers to the PM's Office"...All this practically gurantees Treason.

So DS Najib is now surrounded by those people "famous" for loyalty (kudos to you Mr Rahman Dahlan, Maslan Pontian, Mr Ayam, Mr Crud and Mr Shell), but they are often loyal to a fault, and a supposed virtue becomes pathetic, stupid and sometimes Criminal.

Perhaps DS Najib should now use the Newly Minted SB to spot those likely to be disloyal (see below):

1) Anyone who feels underappreciated and makes a lot of noise about is. Remember the guy who complained that he does not have his own toilet in Parlimen.
2) Anyone who feels inadequate in his or her position, high or low, and fears exposure.
3) Anyone who writes a Newspaper or Blog Column (look at what happened to Apanama and Jebat Must Die...)
4) Anyone who wants to..
5) Anyone who spends a good deal of time reading travel brochures or in a Mercedes Showroom (don't think that opposition has no money).
6) Anyone whose name contains a vowel.
7) Anyone else..

Buah Kerdas said...

Kemelut atau lebih tepat lagi, skandal 1MDB adalah penyebab kepada lunturnya kepercayaan masyarakat dunia kepada Malaysia hari ini. Ini adalah krisis kepercayaan dan sememangnya boleh diubati. Vektor virus pembawa penyakit ini mesti disekat dan dineutralkan.

Kalau benar-benar ahli UMNO mahu menyelamatkan bangsanya, datanglah sehingga 426000 orang tunjuk perasaan minta ketua virus ini dinyahkan. Masakan hanya Mat Sabu, Hishamuddin Rais, Tian Chua saja yang saban kali turun padang...

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Baru-baru ini sudah mula kedengaran, perkataan bangsat, bangsa yahudi dan lain-lain.

Dalam media ada yang mengatakan UMNO menentang yahudi.

Bersih dan DAP ditaja oleh yahudi.

Goldman Sach yang diberikan komisen yang terlampau tinggi oleh 1MDB bukankah syarikat yang diasaskan oleh Yahudi?

Msrcus Goldman, pengasas syarikat Goldman Sach adalah orang yahudi yang berasal dari Jerman dan berhijrah ke Amerika. Samuel Sachs juga adalah orang yahudi di Amerika.

ADUHAI said...

Pelik tapi benar;
1. Petro Saudi yang terlibat dengan 1MDB tidak hilang hatta satu sen pun telah memecat 2 orang pegawai tertinggi mereka, manakala
2. 1MDB yang telah kehilangan (kerugian) berbillion dollar US tidak memecat barang seorang pun pegawai-pegawai tertinggi.....

Oh, Malaysia Tanah Air Ku


The Scribe

Bolehtah kita diberi sedikit penjelasan dengan wang sebanyak RM2juta yang telah dimasukkan ke akaun isteri Presiden UMNO? Ke akuan AM Bank kalau tak sila kita.
Apakah MACC sudah keluarkan laporan siasatan penuh yang dibuat keatasnya?
Kita hairan kenapa perkara ini tiba-tiba senyap sahaja.

Salam hormat

Bukan Jebat said...

DAKJ. Salam

While most Malaysians fixating on scandals in Malaysia and local politicians busy defending/debating, Asian markets tumbling this morning with China Shanghai tumbling  with > 8 % down. Malaysia RM is now RM 3 against Singapore dollars. It seems this country being run by headless leaders and without rudder.

With GST most Malaysians have already feeling the pinch, one would be dreaded to see the impact with the latest twist of event on global economy. Even the next BR1M most likely to be cut unless using domestic squeeze to take money from its citizens depleting savings.

God save us from your stupidness and blinded arrogance. Not pursuing the truth and righteousness in this land of plenty. Nauzu billahi min zalik

mad said...

sembang banyak tak guna. demi masa depan anak cucu saya akan turun bersih 29 ogos ini. ini sajalah usaha kecil yg mampu saya lakukan.

Unknown said...

It's RM4.25 to 1USD, RM3 to SGD. KLCI is in freefall and FGV drops to RM1.21.

You do reap what you sow.

When BN was selling out Felda, the little resistance from ANAK was quashed by their own, with help from home grown Felda gangsters. Don't forget also the contributions of Blongangs back then.

Today FGV closed at RM1.21. Practically free for any outside country to grab and get thousands of hectares of our homeland for practically a millennium.

Congratulations. We managed to screw one of the best achievement this country had. And we sold out our nation for cheap. That's why this year's Merdeka is so festive. (&^*&%.

Zulupower said...

I think Singapore will be the small but successful brother bailing out big and stupid brother Malaysia.

Zed-85 said...

Sallam Dato'

Baru-baru ini, Khazanah Reserch institut (KRI) melaporkan kajian bahawa harga rumah di Malaysia di luar kemampuan "severely unaffordable".

Kuala Lumpur yang paling tinggi iaitu 5.4 kali ganda harga median pendapatan. (Sepatutnya tidak lebih dari 3 kali ganda)

Harga rumah di KL puratanya adalah hampir setengah juta manakala Selangor RM300,000.

Bilamana orang melayu tidak lagi mampu hendak beli rumah, tak payah lagi cerita pasal bab yang lain.

Pak Malau said...

Dulu kita berbangga Mahathir membeli Sime Darby. Sekarang giliran anak cucu LKY pula membeli FGV.


Banks On The Run
(chineses have singapore hong kong and beijing)

What would a systemic failure in the Malaysian economy look like; and what would most probably happen when there really is systemic failure in the economy?

What would cause a system failure in the Malaysian economy?

We do hope these questions would not be too hard for you, Scribe. We do know Presiden UMNO has thought of it, however.

Are you, Scribe, prepared to write about this systemic failure and how the Melayu Totok should go about to survive it and get through it? I can't say with much certainty but the non-Malays are prepared by the looks of how Bersih4 is being organised.

Maaf but we do need to read Sun Tze again.

Salam hormat

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